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    Although measles is a preventable disease, today cases are on the rise in the United States because of falling vaccination rates. This book provides a broad introduction to this once widespread and still potentially very dangerous viral infection.Measles is a highly contagious viral infection that can cause serious, even life-threatening, complications. Although the MMR vaccine is effective at preventing measles, the rise of anti-vaccination sentiment in the United States has many experts concerned that measles may once again become a significant public health threat.What You Need to Know about Measles is part of Greenwood's Inside Diseases and Disorders series. This series profiles a variety of physical and psychological conditions, distilling and consolidating vast collections of scientific knowledge into concise, readable volumes. A list of "top 10" essential questions begins each book, providing quick-access answers to readers' most pressing concerns. The text follows a standardized, easy-to-navigate structure, with each chapter exploring a particular facet of the topic. In addition to covering such basics as causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options, books in this series delve into issues that are less commonly addressed but still critically important, such as effects on loved ones and caregivers. Case illustrations highlight key themes discussed in the book and are accompanied by insightful analyses and recommendations.

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