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  • af Paul Freedman
    362,95 - 1.508,95 kr.

    This book examines the conflicting images of peasants from the post-Carolingian period to the German Peasants' War-how they were represented as subhuman yet as close to God; as contemptible yet as exemplary Christians-and how such views formed the basis for social movements.

  • - Spices and the Medieval Imagination
    af Paul Freedman
    217,95 kr.

    The demand for spices in medieval Europe was extravagant and was reflected in the pursuit of fashion, the formation of taste, and the growth of luxury trade. It inspired geographical and commercial exploration ,as traders pursued such common spices as pepper and cinnamon and rarer aromatic products, including ambergris and musk. Ultimately, the spice quest led to imperial missions that were to change world history. This engaging book explores the demand for spices: why were they so popular, and why so expensive?  Paul Freedman surveys the history, geography, economics, and culinary tastes of the Middle Ages to uncover the surprisingly varied ways that spices were put to use--in elaborate medieval cuisine, in the treatment of disease, for the promotion of well-being, and to perfume important ceremonies of the Church. Spices became symbols of beauty, affluence, taste, and grace, Freedman shows, and their expense and fragrance drove the engines of commerce and conquest at the dawn of the modern era. 

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