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  • af Ashish Singla, Ravneet Kaur & Rafia
    474,95 kr.

  • af Ravneet Kaur, Sourabh Kosey & Biplab Debnath
    286,95 kr.

  • - Why Can't You?
    af Ravneet Kaur
    76,95 kr.

    Anyone can become a tarot card reader is a book that will give you a very easy interpretation of the cards. The major and minor arcana cards are very well described in the book.You will find this book different because it will give the major crux of each card. The language is very easy and understandable . I have used a language with a thought in my mind that not everyone is well versed with difficult English words when youwill go through the book, you will find the language used is a day to day language and easily understandable. I have treid to connect numerology, crystals, colors, zodiacs, colors, zodiacs with tarot in a simple form and you can easily find the meaning of the card. The animals and birds in the tarot figures are very well explained. You can look for tarot cards and their relation with the profession, health and problems.It is a must buy book because you will hget an instant andswer to your questions. I jave jotteed down the points which I collected while doing tarot. Many of the interpretation's are my client's personal experiences after my readings for them.

  • af Ravneet Kaur
    162,95 kr.

    "A little book of big life" is a collection of 3000 inspiring and thought-provoking quotations. Drawing on maxims, memoir and the inspirational lives of others, these quotes celebrate the ever-changing wonder of living. Encouraging you to make every day count and inch closer to the success and achievement you've always wanted, this book covers 17 known and unknown aspects of human life's journey

  • - Sometimes a one day journey to an unknown destination with a stranger is enough to change your life
    af Ravneet Kaur
    97,95 kr.

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