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  • af Selahattin Sayil
    690,95 kr.

    This textbook provides readers with a comprehensive introduction to various noise sources that significantly reduce performance and reliability in nanometer-scale integrated circuits. The author covers different types of noise, such as crosstalk noise caused by signal switching of adjacent wires, power supply noise or IR voltage drop in the power line due to simultaneous buffer / gate switching events, substrate coupling noise, radiation-induced transients, thermally induced noise and noise due to process and environmental Coverages also includes the relationship between some of these noise sources, as well as compound effects, and modeling and mitigation of noise mechanisms.

  • af Selahattin Sayil
    1.047,95 kr.

    The author highlights the inherent difficulties encountered with the mechanical probe and testability design approaches for functional and internal fault testing and shows how contactless testing might resolve many of the challenges associated with conventional mechanical wafer testing.

  • af Selahattin Sayil
    767,95 - 825,95 kr.

    This book introduces readers to various radiation soft-error mechanisms such as soft delays, radiation induced clock jitter and pulses, and single event (SE) coupling induced effects.

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