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  • af Simone White
    197,95 - 767,95 kr.

  • - Models of Innovative Practice and Impact
    af Simone White
    1.209,95 kr.

    This book brings together authors from United States, South Africa, United Kingdom, China, Canada and Australia to provide insights and case studies from across a range of contexts to explore the interplay between the notions of rurality, innovation and education. The book reveals a hopeful and resilient approach to innovative rural education and scholarship collectively and provides important evidence to speak against an often deficit view of rural education. Three patterns are revealed, namely: the importance of place-attentive strategies, the importance of joined up alliances to maximise resources and networks and finally, the need to utilize alternative methodologies and frameworks that have a starting point of difference rather than deficit for any rural initiative or approach. By drawing from international examples and responding in innovative ways to rural education challenges, this book provides an opportunity to share international insights into innovations, interventions and partnerships that promote and support rural education in its broadest sense.

  • - Early Career Teachers in Diverse Settings
    af Simone White, Leonie Rowan, Julianne Moss, mfl.
    792,95 - 1.022,95 kr.

  • - The Fight against Fraud and Corruption
    af Simone White
    1.617,95 kr.

  • - Action against EU Fraud
    af Constantin Stefanou, Simone White & Professor Helen (University College London) Xanthaki
    1.022,95 kr.

    This multi-disciplinary work offer a unique insight to the regulatory, operational and institutional advances of OLAF.

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