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  • af Raghvendra Kumar, Souvik Pal & Prasant Kumar Pattnaik
    1.516,95 kr.

  • af Souvik Pal
    1.125,95 - 1.218,95 kr.

    The book discusses the evolution of future generation technologies through Internet of Things (IoT) in the scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The main focus of this volume is to bring all the related technologies in a single platform, so that undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers, academicians, and industry people can easily understand the AI algorithms, machine learning algorithms, and learning analytics in IoT-enabled technologies. This book uses data and network engineering and intelligent decision support system-by-design principles to design a reliable AI-enabled IoT ecosystem and to implement cyber-physical pervasive infrastructure solutions. This book brings together some of the top IoT-enabled AI experts throughout the world who contribute their knowledge regarding different IoT-based technology aspects. 

  • - Technologies and Protocols
    af Souvik Pal, Ton Quang Cuong & R. S. S. Nehru
    1.601,95 kr.

    Highlights the evolution of digital education related issues and effective IoT-based technologies for the teaching-learning process. Cover the concepts of IoT-based digital technologies regarding teacher and teaching education, IoT-based education, flipped learning, assessment process, and more.

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