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  • - Income Taxation of Estates and Trusts
    af Stephen Brooks
    871,95 kr.

  • af Philip Corbet & Stephen Brooks
    134,54 kr.

    Dragonflies are among the most ancient of living creatures - few insect groups fascinate as much or are more immediately recognisable. This edition is produced from an original copy by William Collins.

  • - 12 Principles of Animation in Adobe Animate
    af Stephen Brooks
    440,95 kr.

  • af Stephen Brooks
    313,95 - 540,95 kr.

    "This volume locates the American political system in a comparative context, allowing us to better understand its strength and weaknesses. It should be required reading for anyone wanting a basic understanding of American politics." - B. Guy Peters, University of Pittsburgh

  • - Policy Communities and the Social Sciences
    af Stephen Brooks & Alain G. Gagnon
    824,95 kr.

    This collection explores the various dimensions of social scientists' participation in policy-making, with special emphasis on their roles within policy communities and their relationship to the state.

  • af Stephen Brooks & Alain G. Gagnon
    641,95 kr.

    This collection of original essays focuses on the relationship of social scientists to the state and public policy in the industrialized democracies.

  • af Stephen Brooks & Dorota Stasiak
    1.463,95 kr.

    The contributors to this insightful and original volume argue that across the western world in general, the political expert occupies as important a role today as at any time in the past.

  • af Stephen Brooks, J. Matthew Wilson & Douglas Koopman
    518,95 kr.

    Understanding American Politics provides a unique introduction to the contemporary political landscape of the United States by using as its core organizing feature the idea of "e;American exceptionalism,"e; a concept that is at least as old as Tocqueville's study of American democracy. The second edition of Understanding American Politics maintains the unique strengths of the first edition while offering improved coverage of political institutions. A single omnibus chapter on institutions has been reorganized and split into three separate chapters on Congress, the presidency, and the courts. A new chapter on public opinion has also been included, and the chapter on religion and politics has been completely rewritten with a deeper appreciation of religion's influential role. The book has been revised throughout, taking into account the dramatic changes that have emerged since the 2010 congressional elections and the 2012 presidential election. The text also pays close attention to what is seen as the irreversible decline in America's global influence.Visit www.utpamericanpolitics.com for additional resources.

  • - The Causes and Consequences of Foreign Perceptions of America
    af Stephen Brooks
    260,95 - 346,95 kr.

    One of the ironies of the post-Cold War world, in which the power of the United States is without rival, is that the costs of isolationism and ignorance are greater than ever. The temptation to imagine that the rest of the world matters less than before is enticing, as America basks in the triumphant glow of a world in which capitalism and democracy, under the aegis of American leadership, are thought to have vanquished all rivals. Although it is unlikely that Americans will come to pay much attention to the rest of the world anytime soon—except when their citizens are threatened or killed abroad, or when they are persuaded that the threat of foreigners doing harm at home seems real—their failure to do so cripples the ability of the United States to understand a world in which American interests, security, and prosperity are embedded to an unprecedented degree. As Others See Us investigates the causes and consequences of the world’s perceptions of America. It proceeds from the premise that the images, ideas, and information that foreign populations have of the United States and Americans come from a number of sources, most of which are mediated. Some of these sources are American, Hollywood especially. Others are located outside the country, in the media, educational, religious, and political systems through which foreign populations learn about America. Any attempt to understand the "e;what"e; and "e;why"e; of foreign perceptions of America needs to look closely at these external determinants of how the image and interpretation of the United States is constructed in different societies.

  • af Stephen Brooks & Dorota Stasiak
    410,95 kr.

    In the world of Wikipedia, blogging and citizen journalism where huge masses of information and the capability to disseminate opinions, thoughts and ideas is available at the click of a mouse what is the role and impact of political experts? The contributors to this insightful and original volume argue that across the western world in general, the political expert occupies as important a role today as at any time in the past. The ubiquity of information and the fact that the experts and the organizations to which they are affiliated may be viewed as having an ideological agenda has not diminished their role, influence or status. Governments and the media still rely on them for information and advice whilst organizations in civil society need them in order to provide the evidence, arguments and policy recommendations that are essential to having a voice in the public conversation. By examining how these policy experts and their think tanks continue to exert influence across a range of modern western democracies a better understanding of the role of policy expertise and an examination of how it may develop and evolve throughout the rest of the world is reached.

  • - 12 Principles of Animation in Adobe Animate
    af Stephen Brooks
    319,95 kr.

    Learn how to bridge the gap between the traditional animation principles and digital software.Tradigital Flash: 12 Principles of Animation in Adobe Flash brings the essentials of traditional animation and Adobe Flash together. The early masters of animationcreated a list of 12 principles which are important for anyone who wants to create interesting and believable animation. Digital animation continues to make incredible technological advancements that give animators the capability to produce visually stunning work. New technology, however, also has a tendency to create an environment where animators are so focused on adapting to the new workflow that they tend to dismiss these fundamental animation principles which often leads to poor and lifeless character animation. Tradigital Flash helps you focus on these principles while using the program's wide array of features to create believable animation, consistently. Tradigital Flash joins three other Tradigital books covering Maya, Blender, and 3ds Max. This new volume in the series approaches the topic in a different way, giving readers both a practical look at the software, and providing a theoretical understanding of the genre.a Learn a new principle in each chapter, the Flash tools most related to it and how to put it all together. A plethora of examples demonstrate the good methods which animators should use in Flash, how to avoid the bad ones and ways to create a workflow that works for you. An easy-to-follow approach with examples throughout the book that build on each other, showing how the principles act together. A companion website www.rubberonion.com/tradigital-flash features more examples, downloadable FLA resource files, video tutorials.

  • - Winning Hearts and Minds?
    af Stephen Brooks
    392,95 kr.

    Contrary to the view held by many who study American foreign policy, public diplomacy has seldom played a decisive role in the achievement of the country's foreign policy objectives. The reasons for this are not that the policies and interventions are ill-conceived or badly executed, although this is sometimes the case. Rather, the factors that limit the effectiveness of public diplomacy lie almost entirely outside the control of American policy-makers. In particular, the resistance of foreign opinion-leaders to ideas and information about American motives and actions that do not square with their pre-conceived notions of the United States and its activities in the world is an enormous and perhaps insurmountable wall that limits the impact of public diplomacy. This book does not conclude that public diplomacy has no place in the repertoire of American foreign policy. Instead, the expectations held for this soft power tool need to be more realistic. Public diplomacy should not be viewed as a substitute for hard power tools that are more likely to be correlated with actual American influence as opposed to the somewhat nebulous concept of American standing.

  • af Stephen Brooks
    428,95 kr.

    The election of President Obama in 2008 and the apparent decline of American power in the world has rekindled an old and important debate. Is the United States exceptional in its values and institutions, as well as in the role that it is destined to play in world affairs?In this book, Stephen Brooks argues that American exceptionalism has been and continues to be real. In making this argument he focuses on five aspects of American politics and society that are most crucial to an understanding of American exceptionalism today. They include the appropriate relationship between the state and citizens, religion, socio-economic mobility, America's role in the world, and ideas about the Constitution. American exceptionalism matters in domestic politics chiefly as a political narrative around which support for and opposition to certain policies, values and vision of American society coalesce. But in world affairs it is not the story but the empirical reality of American exceptionalism that matters. Although the long era of America's global economic dominance has entered what might be called a period of diminished expectations, the United States remains exceptional-the indispensable nation-in world affairs and is likely to remain so for many years to come.

  • - The Political Philosophy of Six Influential Canadians
    af Stephen Brooks, Alain-G. Gagnon & James Bickerton
    1.178,95 kr.

    Accounts of the work of six significant figures in Canadian political thought are used to examine key intellectual debates, including the national unity issue and Canada's relationship with the United States. James Bickerton, Stephen Brooks, and Alain Gagnon analyse the work and influence of George Grant, Harold Innis, Charles Taylor, and Pierre Trudeau, as well as two writers crucial to French-Canadian nationalism, Andre Laurendeau and Marcel Rioux. The authors look at the ways these individuals understood freedom, equality, and community and consider the impact they have had on Canadian political life.

  • - Between Clerisy and Vanguard
    af Stephen Brooks & Alain-G Gagnon
    1.178,95 kr.

    Social scientists have played many roles in Canadian politics since the Second World War. Stephen Brooks and Alain Gagnon examine the forms and extent of social scientists' involvement in the political process, their relationship to the state, and the complexities of their class position. The unique development of the social sciences in Quebec and their relationship to Quebec nationalism are examined and distinctions between development in this community and in the predominantly anglophone community of the rest of Canada are contrasted.

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