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  • - Hvordan modet til at være medfølende kan forandre vores liv
    af Thupten Jinpa
    145,95 - 175,95 kr.

    "Et frygtløst hjerte er en usædvanlig bog, der viser, hvordan mødet mellem kontemplativ indsigt samt praksis og moderne videnskab kan føre til muligheder, der er til gavn for alle, som interesserer sig for dybere personlig spirituel forandring. Bogen viser, hvordan en sådan praksis kan have positiv effekt i vores dagligdag. Jeg må rose min engelske oversætter gennem mange år, Thupten Jinpa, for at have skrevet denne betimelige bog om medfølelse og dens fremme." Hans Hellighed Dalai Lama ”Et frygtløst hjerte er fast forankret i de seneste videnskabelige undersøgelser og enormt inviterende og overbevisende i sin inspiration, sin argumentation, sin hjertelighed og sin vejledning i en bred vifte af kraftfulde praksisser, og jeg kender ingen anden modigere, klarere og mere engagerende bog om, hvorfor vi er nødt til at opdyrke medfølelse, og hvordan vi bringer den mere bredt og dybt ind i vores liv og ud i verden.” Jon Kabat-Zinn, grundlægger af mindfulnessbaseret stressreduktion Et frygtløst hjerte er baseret på et banebrydende otteugers kursus i medfølelsestræning, som forfatteren og tidligere munk Thupten Jinpa udviklede på Stanford University Medical School. Programmet i medfølelsestræning, der præsenteres i denne bog, viser, at en systematisk træning af vores sind og hjerte har de samme daglige, personlige fordele som mindfulness, men går skridtet videre mod at forandre vores fælles verden.

  • - The Science of the Material World
    af Thupten Jinpa & His Holiness the Dalai Lama
    223,95 kr.

    Explore the nature of our material world in a unique sourcebook, conceived by the Dalai Lama, collecting the scientific observations found in classical Buddhist treatises. Under the visionary supervision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Science and Philosophy in the Indian Buddhist Classics brings together classical Buddhist explorations of the nature of our material world and the human mind and puts them into context for the modern reader. It is the Dalai Lama's view that the explorations by the great masters of northern India in the first millennium CE still have much that is of interest today, whether we are Buddhist or not. Volume 1, The Physical World, explores the nature of our material world-from the macroscopic to the microscopic. It begins with an overview of the many frameworks, such as the so-called five aggregates, that Buddhist thinkers have used to examine the nature and scope of reality. Topics include sources of knowledge, the scope of reason, the nature and constituents of the material world, theories of the atom, the nature of time, the formation of the universe, and the evolution of life, including a detailed explanation of the early Buddhist theories on fetal development. The volume even contains a brief presentation on early theories about the structure and function of the brain and the role of microorganisms inside the human body. The book weaves together passages from the works of great Buddhist thinkers such as Asanga, Vasubandhu, Nagarjuna, Dignaga, and Dharmakirti. Each of the major topics is introduced by Thupten Jinpa, the Dalai Lama's principal English-language translator and founder of the Institute of Tibetan Classics.

  • - Tsongkhapa's Quest for the Middle Way
    af Thupten Jinpa
    646,95 - 1.529,95 kr.

    This book reconstructs and appropriates in contemporary language the Middle Way philosophy of Tsongkhapa (1357-1419), arguably Tibet's greatest philosopher.

  • - Why Compassion is the Key to Greater Wellbeing
    af Thupten Jinpa
    108,95 kr.

    '[A] timely book on compassion and its cultivation' The Dalai Lama'The bravest, cleverest and most engaging book I know on why we need to cultivate compassion' Jon Kabat-Zinn'A practical toolkit for becoming a better human being' Daniel Goleman Self-compassion is the overlooked key to achieving our goals. It can lead to increased happiness, stress reduction, a stronger sense of purpose, better health and a longer life. Yet many of us resist compassion, worrying that if we are too compassionate with others we will be taken advantage of and if we are too compassionate with ourselves we won't achieve our goals in life. Using the latest science, psychology (from contemporary Western and classical Buddhist sources) as well as stories from others and his own extraordinary life, Jinpa shows us how to train our compassion muscle. His powerful programme, derived from his remarkable course in Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT), is the perfect guide to achieving a greater sense of wellbeing.

  • - A Buddha in the Land of Snows
    af Thupten Jinpa
    267,95 kr.

    The new standard work and definitive biography of Tsongkhapa, one of the principle founders of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism--the school of the Dalai Lamas. In this groundbreaking addition to the Lives of the Masters series, Thupten Jinpa, a scholar-practitioner and long-time translator for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, offers the most comprehensive portrait available of Jé Tsongkhapa (1357-1419), one of the greatest Buddhist teachers in history. A devout monastic, Tsongkhapa took on the difficult task of locating and studying all of the Indian Buddhist classics available in Tibet in his day. He went on to synthesize this knowledge into a holistic approach to the path of awakening. In an achievement of incredible magnitude, he integrated the pivotal yet disparate Mahayana teachings on emptiness while retaining the important role of critical reason and avoiding the extreme of negating the reality of the everyday world. Included in this volume is a discussion of Tsongkhapa's early life and training; his emergence as a precociously intelligent Buddhist mind; the composition of his Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, Great Exposition of Tantra, and many other important works; and his founding of the Lhasa Prayer Festival and Ganden Monastery. This is a necessary resource for anyone interested in Tsongkhapa's transformative effect on the understanding and practice of Buddhism in Tibet in his time and his continued influence today.

  • - A Thousand Years of Sage Advice
    af Thupten Jinpa
    446,95 kr.

    Enjoy popular Tibetan collections of advice, fables, and aphorisms for following the way of the wise and avoiding the path of fools. The Tibetan Book of Everyday Wisdom: A Thousand Years of Sage Advice presents a genre of Tibetan works known as “wise sayings” (lekshé). While most Tibetan literature focuses on the Buddhist path, wise sayings literature has traditionally been a centerpiece of secular education in Tibet and in the cultivation of social mores and an honorable way of life. Drawing inspiration from classical Indian literature on human virtue and governance (nitisastra), including the folktales in the Pañcatantra, the authors of these Tibetan works strove to educate young minds in the ways of the civilized world, especially by distinguishing the conduct of the wise from that of the foolish. This anthology includes some of the best-loved classics of Tibetan literature, such as Sakya Pandita’s Jewel Treasury of Wise Sayings, Panchen Sönam Drakpa’s Ganden Wise Sayings, and Gungthang’s Treatise on Trees and Treatise on Water. The final work is the intriguing Kaché Phalu’s Advice. Ostensibly written by a wise Tibetan Muslim, this versified text enjoys great popularity within Tibetan-speaking communities, such that many Tibetans are able to recite at least a few verses from memory.

  • - A Jesuit's Quest for the Soul of Tibet
    af Thupten Jinpa, Donald S. & Jr. Lopez
    277,95 kr.

    In a remote Himalayan village in 1721, the Jesuit priest Ippolito Desideri wrote a treatise in classical Tibetan intended to refute key Buddhist doctrines and dispel the darkness of idolatry from Tibet. Dispelling the Darkness provides extended excerpts from this unfinished masterpiece and a full translation of a companion work.

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