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  • af Viorel Badescu
    1.301,95 kr.

  • af Viorel Badescu & Qahtan Abed
    473,95 kr.

    The objective is to study the dependence of different parameters of solar thermal collectors on the radiative regime. This study is focused on the influence of the state of sky, weather stability and operation regime. The work focuses on two possible research directions to improve the efficiency of the solar air collector: first, by using another working fluid (water) to recover the heat losses from the air channel, and the second research direction is by using different shapes of the absorber. The detailed objectives and the used methods are as follows: 1. The thermal performance of the Hybrid Solar Collector (HSC) for water and air heating was studied under different weather conditions (clear sky day, overcast sky day, low cloudiness, medium cloudiness and high cloudiness). 2. An analysis was conducted regarding the performance of a Hybrid Solar Collector (HSC) for water and air heating with different mass flow rates, for different shapes of the air channel and three volumes of the storage tank which is used to accumulate the thermal energy gained from the sun by the collectors. 3. Two mathematical models that evaluate the performance of Hybrid Solar Collector.

  • - A Geometric Approach
    af Viorel Badescu
    1.046,95 - 1.375,95 kr.

    This textbook aims to briefly outline the main directions in which thegeometrization of thermodynamics has been developed in the last decades. The textbook is accessible to people trained in thermal sciences but notnecessarily with solid formation in mathematics.

  • af Viorel Badescu
    1.727,95 kr.

    This book is the first major work covering applications in thermal engineering and offering a comprehensive introduction to optimal control theory, which has applications in mechanical engineering, particularly aircraft and missile trajectory optimization.

  • af Marius Paulescu, Eugenia Paulescu, Paul Gravila & mfl.
    1.557,95 kr.

    This book examine current trends in developing models for solar radiation, including applications of fuzzy logic. It addresses major issues in accurately sizing photovoltaic systems due to variables in available solar radiation.

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