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  • af Ivan A. Parinov, Shun-Hsyung Chang, Nao-Aki Noda & mfl.
    2.202,95 kr.

  • af Ri-Ichi Murakami, Yun-hae Kim & Soo-jeong Park
    974,95 kr.

    This book applies various concepts based on practical experimental considerations to industrial fields: aerospace structure, shipbuilding and marine engineering, automotive, and elevator composites. Written by prominent authors who contribute to the success of advanced composites technology and leading influential laboratories and companies, the book includes unique concept research, recent trends, and further insights. Particular effort is made to deal with notable constituent materials of advanced composites, even nanostructures.This book deals with applied research from the basics of a rare nanomaterial called halloysite nanotube, which is environmentally friendly and leads nanomaterials in advanced industrial composite materials and functional, structural materials with high practical value. This book includes practical nano-bridging techniques on nanostructures, manufacturing, analysis, and advanced composites'' applications using the research know-how accumulated over the years by prominent experts in these areas.

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