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  • af Tamrala Swafford Bliss
    862,95 kr.

    An excellent resource for students of Native American women's history, Wilma Mankiller provides an overview of contemporary federal Indian policy and explores how Mankiller negotiated the relationship between the Cherokee Nation and the United States in the late 20th century.Wilma Mankiller's work for the Cherokee Nation helped to create a flourishing economy, an increased sense of pride, and a renewed sense of community for the residents of the nation over the twenty years that followed.This is the first biography of Wilma Mankiller written for an adult audience. Incorporating aspects of federal Indian policy and Cherokee History, chapters explore Mankiller's involvement at the Indian Center, her interactions with other Indian activists, and her participation in the occupation of Alcatraz Island in 1969 and the Pit River tribes struggle in the early 1970s. Also covered is Cherokee history from the 1830s concerning the Trail of Tears and its impact on Cherokee identity. Chronological organization allows readers to discover Mankiller's growth and development from a student activist in San Francisco to a Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation in rural northeastern Oklahoma. The book explores the themes of land, education, community, identity, treaty rights and sovereignty, and traditional tribal knowledge.

  • af Charles McKay
    612,95 kr.

    Intended for young readers interested in creating and maintaining physically and emotionally healthy relationships, this book answers common questions and offers practical guidance on navigating such everyday issues as conflict resolution and jealousy.Part of Bloomsbury's Q&A Health Guides series and authored by a clinical psychotherapist, this book equips readers with the knowledge and tools they need to pursue safe and meaningful romantic relationships. Although many teens and young adults are interested in dating, entering into the worldof romantic relationships can spark a number of difficult questions. This book's 46 questions address concerns related to attractiveness, readiness for a relationship, building connection and trust, conflict, sexual health, setting boundaries, and breakups:- How do you know when you're ready to date?- Is conflict normal, and how do you deal with it?- What are the warning signs that a relationship is toxic or abusive?- How do you handle a breakup and the sometimes messy aftermath?.The text strikes a balance between theory and practice, offering clear explanations of foundational concepts in psychology and interpersonal communication, as well as useful suggestions that readers can implement in their own lives.Augmenting the main text, a collection of 5 case studies illustrate key concepts and issues through relatable stories and insightful recommendations. The "Common Misconceptions" section dispels 5 long-standing myths about relationships, directing readers to additional information in the text. The glossary defines terms that may be unfamiliar to readers, while a directory of resources curates a list of the most useful relationship-related books, websites, and other materials. Finally, readers can turn to the "Guide to Health Literacy" section for skills and strategies for finding, evaluating, and using credible sources of health information both on and off the Internet.

  • af Jennifer Edwards
    699,95 kr.

    Providing an indispensable resource for students and scholars studying the history of medieval women and gender, this book provides a comprehensive depiction of women's lives in the 14th and 15th centuries.The late medieval period in England was one rich with opportunities for women, who played fundamental roles in family businesses as well as in the peasant community and economy, and who wrote letters, created autobiographies, and documented their spiritual journeys. Their lives fit into a pattern of seasonal celebrations and rituals shaped, for the majority of women, by work, marriage, and motherhood. The text further considers status distinctions, then shifts to experiences that affected all women, such as the ritual year, disease, food and drink, sex or celibacy, and religion.By providing an overview of the history of English women and gender in the 14th and 15th centuries, the book provides a background suitable for students as well as for academics beginning work in this field.

  • af James Perone
    1.407,95 kr.

    This book introduces readers to the most significant technological developments in music making and listening, including such topics as metronomes and the development of music notation as well as synthesizers, the latest music collaboration apps, and other 21st-century technologies.Rather than focusing on technical and mechanical details, Music and Technology: A Historical Encyclopedia features the sociological role of technological developments by highlighting the roles they have played in society throughout time.Students and music fans alike will gain valuable insight from this alphabetized encyclopedia of the most significant examples of technological changes that have impacted the creation, production, dissemination, recording, and/or consumption of music. The book also contains a chronology of milestone events in the history of music and technology as well as sidebars that focus on several key individual musicians and inventors.

  • af Albert Mauroni
    711,95 kr.

    This book examines the recent intersection of national security and public health regarding biological threats to the U.S. populace and proposes improvements to the executive and legislative development of U.S. policy addressing biological threat mitigation.Over the last 20 years, the national security community has engaged with disease-related issues that have traditionally been the scope of public health agencies. The federal government's response has been to create a single national biodefense strategy, which has been largely ineffective in improving conditions due to poor terminology, a lack of leadership, and a failure to assess government programs.Applying a public policy framework, Albert J. Mauroni examines how the government addresses biological threats-including disease prevention, bioterrorism response, military biodefense, biosurety, and agricultural biosecurity and food safety. He proposes a new approach to countering biological threats, arguing that lead agencies should focus on implementing discrete portfolios with annual assessments against clear and achievable objectives.

  • af Nicole Fox
    392,95 kr.

    Designed to introduce visual literacy to instructional librarians, this book shows librarians how to make visual literacy relevant and engaging by framing it as a digital skill.Millions of images are uploaded to social media every day, and students are increasingly being asked to participate in such image-rich research projects as websites and blogs. Image manipulation and photo editing are commonplace, but the visual literacy skills needed to detect that kind of misinformation aren't.Students need help learning how to find, evaluate, and use images in an ethical and effective manner. Digital Visual Literacy is designed to introduce visual literacy to instructional librarians. This concise introduction teaches visual literacy as a digital skill, complete with digital humanities-based workshops and assignments to make instruction informative and engaging. It covers all aspects of visual literacy, from copyright to image evaluation. Each chapter clearly explains visual literacy standards and proficiencies and offers practical instructional assignments, in-class demonstrations, and more through the use of digital humanities tools.

  • af Christina Villegas
    867,95 kr.

    America's foster care system has a noble goal-to care for children that for various reasons can no longer be cared for by their families-but years of inattention and inadequate funding have left many foster youth in a precarious state.This resource provides a comprehensive and authoritative overview of the American foster care system. Areas of coverage include the scaffolding of foster care systems in the various states (each of which operate their own unique systems through their social service agencies); conditions under which children are taken out of their families of origin and placed in foster care; the experiences of both young children and older teens in foster homes; challenges for foster children who "age out" of the system; and proposals to reform and improve foster care across the nation.Geared for students, this book contains chapters devoted to the background and history of foster care in America; the systems's problems, controversies, and solutions; original essay contributions exploring various facets of the system; profiles of leading foster care activists and organizations; governmental data and excerpts of primary documents on the topic; and an annotated list of important books, scholarly journals, and nonprint sources for further research. It closes with a detailed chronology, glossary of terms, and subject index.

  • af Malliga Och
    872,95 kr.

    Focusing on the distinct identities and diverse lived experiences of women in a wide range of countries and cultures, this book provides a comprehensive overview of women in local, regional, and national politics around the world.Woman and Politics takes on the historical challenges women have and continue to face, and the victories they have achieved, in political cultures and structures around the world. The introduction walks readers through the key issues, pressing concerns, and foremost questions that researchers confront in their studies of women in various political roles across the globe. The remainder of the book, divided into eight chapters, covers such topics as women's suffrage, the status of women in politics today, women as national leaders, barriers to women's political representation, and others. Leading experts and emerging scholars come together in this volume to ask and provide answers to the question of why gender parity is so important in politics. They answer that only women, who as a group have a distinct identity and lived experiences that differ from men's collective identities and interests, can accurately represent themselves both at home and on the world stage.

  • af Lee Ritscher
    612,95 kr.

    Discover the facts about intimate partner violence and sexual assault, including how to identify them and what to do if they happen to you.Part of Bloomsbury's Q&A Health Guides series, this book employs a user-friendly question-and-answer format to equip teens and young adults with the knowledge and tools they need to better understand and address rape and dating violence. The book's 43 questions cover definitions of rape and dating violence; how to recognize the signs of both; the short- and long-term impacts on both victims and perpetrators; the intersection of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, culture, and the media; and where and how to get help if you or someone you know has been affected. Augmenting the main text, a collection of 5 case studies illustrate key concepts and issues through relatable stories and insightful recommendations. The "Common Misconceptions" section at the beginning of the volume dispels 5 long-standing myths about rape and dating violence, directing readers to additional information in the text. The glossary defines terms that may be unfamiliar to readers, while a directory of resources curates a list of the most useful hotlines, books, websites, and other materials. Finally, whether they're looking for more information about this subject or any other health-related topic, readers can turn to the "Guide to Health Literacy" section for practical tools and strategies for finding, evaluating, and using credible sources of health information both on and off the Internet.Rape and dating violence are all-too-common occurrences in the United States and around the world. Readers will find the answers to the questions they may be too afraid or embarrassed to ask but which are critical for safeguarding physical and psychological health.

  • af Stacey Jones
    872,95 kr.

    This book provides a one-stop resource for understanding the full dimensions of income inequality in the United States, including chief socioeconomic drivers of inequality and proposals to reduce the widening gap between rich and poor in America.Carefully researched and scrupulously nonpartisan, this resource examines the history and current state of income inequality in the United States, with a particular focus on key issues, events, and political/economic philosophies relevant to the enduring divide between rich and poor in America. One of the most valuable aspects of the book is that it surveys the complex history of income inequality in an easy-to-understand fashion that helps readers identify and assess the ways in which income inequality shapes many aspects of modern American society. The book is even-handed in its treatment of the academic and policy debates over the causes, consequences, and appropriate response to today's growing inequality.In addition, this resource provides insights into the financial underpinnings of debt and wealth and capitalism and how all of those factors perpetuate themselves. It also examines problems and challenges related to child care, education, transportation, housing, and saving for retirement that hamper so many poor people in their efforts to lift their households out of poverty.

  • af Helena Silverstein
    692,95 kr.

    This volume explores the many ways in which politics shapes the allegedly nonpartisan judicial system in America, ranging from how judges are selected to the bench to how they rule when they get there. Each title in the Contemporary Debates series examines the veracity of controversial claims or beliefs surrounding a major political/cultural issue in the United States. Each book gives readers a clear and unbiased understanding of current high-interest issues by informing them about falsehoods, half-truths, and misconceptions-and confirming the factual validity of other assertions-that have gained traction in America's cultural and political discourse.This volume in the series provides a deeply researched and even-handed account of the relationship between America's judicial branch-which is supposed to view law through a nonpartisan lens-and the sometimes poisonous partisanship that is such a notorious factor in the nation's other two branches of government. Is political combat over judicial nominations worse than ever before? What impact is the politicization of the courts having on public faith in the legitimacy of the courts and our wider political system? Was former Supreme Court justice Sandra Day right when she asserted that "judicial independence is a bedrock principle of our court system, and we are losing it"? This work will provide insights into all these questions and more.

  • af William Burns
    1.412,95 kr.

    This encyclopedia is the perfect guide to the weird, magical, superstitious, and supernatural beliefs of people from all over the world.This book is devoted to those human beliefs that fall in the "gray zone" between science, religion, and everyday life-call them superstitious, supernatural, magical, or just wrong. In an often incomprehensible world where lightning or plague could end life quickly or drought could condemn a poor family to agonizing death, superstitious beliefs gave people a feeling of understanding or even control. They have continued to shape societies and cultures ever since.This book covers a range of superstitious, supernatural, and otherwise unusual beliefs from the ancient world to the early 19th century. More than 100 entries explain beliefs, discuss historical evidence, and explain how each belief differs across cultures. This book is a perfect gateway for anyone curious about superstitious and magical beliefs, with topics ranging from the everyday, such as dogs and iron, to legendary figures, such as Hermes Trismegistus and the Yellow Emperor.

  • af Shayan Waseh
    452,95 kr.

    This book addresses readers' most pressing questions and concerns about acne, including its causes, effects on the skin, and impact on self-esteem. It provides guidance and resources for anyone struggling with acne, including information about when to see a dermatologist.Pimples. Blemishes. Spots. Zits. Whatever you call it, acne is something that almost everyone will have to deal with at least once in their life. But what exactly is acne, and how do the various types of it differ? What role do hormones, diet, and other lifestyle factors play in causing it? How can it be prevented and effectively treated at home, and when is it a good idea to see a health-care professional? How can we stop acne from taking a toll on our skin and our self-confidence?Books in Greenwood's Q&A Health Guides series follow a reader-friendly question-and-answer format that anticipates readerS&Rsquo; needs and concerns. Prevalent myths and misconceptions are identified and dispelled, and a collection of case studies illustrates key concepts and issues through relatable stories and insightful recommendations. Each book also includes a section on health literacy, equipping teens and young adults with practical tools and strategies for finding, evaluating, and using credible sources of health information both on and off the internet-important skills that contribute to a lifetime of healthy decision-making.

  • af William Mierse
    1.437,95 kr.

    Artifacts from the Ancient Silk Road explores the interconnectivity of the Eurasian continent from 4000 BCE to 1000 CE. It focuses on the role played by Central Asia through which passed the major trade routes, the Silk Roads.Artifacts from the Ancient Silk Road covers life along the Silk Road over 5000 years as it can be understood by considering objects. In this first object-based study to consider all of the peoples involved on the Silk Roads, objects provide the vehicles for explorations of different aspects of life for the various peoples of the Silk Roads, including the sedentary peoples who established urban life on the Silk Roads, the steppe nomads who regularly interacted with the settled peoples, and the peoples at either end of the Silk Roads who drove certain kinds of economic exchanges.The book looks at Central Asia as an international zone during ancient times when multiple religious, political, and technological ideas found acceptance in the region and allows for a better understanding of how some ideas and forms developed in Central Asia while others passed through or were modified.

  • af Amy Vecchione
    937,95 kr.

    Academic library workers will learn how to collaborate with staff in academic advising and student services to improve undergraduate student belonging, retention rates, and graduation rates for at-promise students.As the demographics of student populations change, many students require additional or different support to be successful in their college careers. Meanwhile, higher education is under pressure to reduce budgets and serve more students within certain areas of the university, including the library, academic advising, and other student services. Academic librarians and student success administrators can collaborate to create additional pathways for students who struggle to succeed.Authors Vecchione and McGraw provide a roadmap for library employees and student success administrators to initiate and develop discussions on college campuses to define and address these emergent student needs. Through a selection of case studies and historical context, readers will learn how to define what student success looks like and how to design custom services to address student barriers to that success. Library employees and student success professionals both serve students at the margins. These readers will acquire skills to enhance student success initiatives and strengthen collaborations with one another.

  • af Clayton Copeland
    1.072,95 kr.

    Librarians need to understand the needs and abilities of differently abled patrons, and anyone responsible for hiring and managing librarians must know how to provide an equitable environment. This book serves as an educational resource for both groups.Understanding the needs and abilities of patrons who are differently abled increases librarians' ability to serve them from childhood through adulthood. While some librarians are fortunate to have had coursework to help them understand the needs and abilities of the differently abled, many have had little experience working with this diverse group. In addition, many persons who are differently abled are-or would like to become-librarians.Disabilities and the Library helps readers understand the challenges faced by people who are differently abled, both as patrons and as information professionals. Readers will learn to assess their library's physical facilities, programming, staff, and continuing education to ensure that their libraries are prepared to include people of all abilities. Inclusive programming and collection development suggestions will help librarians to meet the needs of patrons and colleagues with mobility and dexterity problems, learning differences, hearing and vision limitations, sensory and cognitive challenges, autism, and more. Additional information is included about assistive and adaptive technologies and web accessibility. Librarians will value this accessible and important book as they strive for equity and inclusivity.

  • af Kelly Campbell
    717,95 kr.

    This important volume offers readers an in-depth understanding of women's sexuality around the world, bringing to light a history that is often suppressed.What is reproductive health like for women in other countries of the world? How are marriage and love viewed in other cultures? This volume examines aspects of women and sexuality across the globe.Each chapter in this volume focuses on a different world region, including North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and East Asia, South and Southeast Asia, and Oceania. The topics covered in each chapter include sexual attitudes and practices, the influence of religion on sexuality, sexual violence, reproductive health, love and marriage, and the media and sexuality.Specific country and cultural examples are interwoven such that readers come away with an understanding of the beliefs, practices, traditions, and customs that are common in each world region. Readers will be able to make cross-cultural comparisons, learning how the sexuality of women varies and yet is also the same from culture to culture. This volume is written in clear, jargon-free language, making it appropriate and useful for students and general readers.

  • af Lynn Gates
    747,95 kr.

    Systems administrators, librarians, and library staff will learn key principles and methods for securing their ILS and understand how to configure and optimize their library catalog by improving data management practices, streamlining existing workflows, and documenting their system's configuration.The integrated library system (ILS) plays a central role in every library's operations, but is your ILS optimized to ensure maximum productivity? Are you taking advantage of the features added since you implemented it? Walking readers through a wide-ranging ILS review, this book will help you ensure systems are properly configured, produce better documentation, and evaluate staff workflows.The authors-a director of collections and content and a director of user experience-created a comprehensive plan for reviewing an ILS, starting with planning the project and deciding whom to include. They discuss basic ILS security principles, including keeping patron data safe and the importance of reviewing staff permissions. After the basics, the authors go in-depth on reviewing codes and figuring out how different parts of an ILS work together as well as how to review those areas, and they offer ideas on how to stay up-to-date with your ILS, such as where to look for information on issues, updates, and new features. Several methods for analyzing and documenting workflows are also discussed.

  • af Rosanne Welch
    937,95 kr.

    By exploring a range of films about American women, this book offers readers an opportunity to engage in both history and film in a new way, embracing representation, diversity, and historical context.Throughout film history, stories of women achieving in American history appear few and far between compared to the many epic tales of male achievement. This book focuses largely on films written by women and about women who tackled the humanist issues of their day and mostly won.Films about women are important for all viewers of all genders because they remind us that the American Experience is not just male and white. This book examines 10 films, featuring diverse depictions of women and women's history, and encourages readers to discern how and where these films deviate from historical accuracy. Covering films from the 1950s all the way to the 2010s, this text is invaluable for students and general readers who wish to interrogate the way women's history appears on the big screen.

  • af Fariborz Ghadar
    820,95 kr.

    Despite deep divisions on the issue of immigration, this book shows that immigration promotes economic innovation, expands the job market, and contributes to diversity and creativity in the United States.Immigration, as a conduit for bringing new talent, ideas, and inventions into the United States, is essential to the success and vitality of our economy and society. In this timely book, researched and written by the Immigration Book Project Team at Penn State University, immigration is approached from historical, economic, business, and sociological perspectives in order to argue that treatment of immigrants must reflect and applaud their critical roles in supporting and leading the economic, social, cultural, and political institutions of civil society.Approaching immigration as both a socioeconomic phenomenon and a matter of public policy, The Danger of Devaluing Immigrants offers demographics and statistics on workforce participation and job creation along with stories of individual immigrantS&Rsquo; contributions to the economy and society. It supports the idea that, when immigration is challenged in the political sphere, we must not lose sight of the valuable contributions that immigrants have made-and will continue to make-to our democracy.

  • af Michael Shally-Jensen
    1.412,95 kr.

    This volume explores the span of human history-and plenty of prehistory-searching out prominent and fascinating examples of cities or broader civilizations that shifted from a position of influence to a lack thereof.The accelerating threat of climate change challenges us to analyze our own communities' relationships with the wider world and to contemplate their very existence. This single-volume cultural encyclopedia examines lost cities and civilizations from every region of the globe and dated throughout human history. Arranged alphabetically, the compilation allows both students and general readers easy access to detailed entries on specific lost cities and civilizations.Throughout the geographically and chronologically diverse entries, such themes as colonization, migration, and especially climate change are developed and analyzed. Supplementing the main entries are sidebars detailing mythological cities and Investigative Boxes examining present-day cities on the brink of extinction. These round out the book's focus on disappearing cultural centers and reveal the robust relevance this material has to a world facing the crisis of climate change.

  • af Randy Moore
    872,95 kr.

    This book introduces readers to the "Trial of the Century," revealing how the trial originated, what caused and happened during and after the trial, what happened to the trial's participants, and why the trial still matters nearly 100 years later.Ongoing controversies about school curricula, such as the teaching of Critical Race Theory and the role of parents in public education, can all be traced to the Scopes Trial. Today, the question remains: who controls the school curriculum? This was a foundational issue in the Scopes Trial, and we have been debating this question ever since. This book will help readers understand where these controversies originated and how courts, politicians, and the public handled these issues nearly a century ago.Featuring new information from previously untapped sources and providing an in-depth study of John Scopes himself, this book interrogates the facts, fictions, and legend of the Scopes Trial, which historians rank as one of the defining events of the 20th century. It is an ideal resource for anyone interested in the ongoing controversy about evolution, science, and religion in education and American life.

  • af Marge Cox
    812,95 kr.

    This book connects to the new AASL standards, ISTE Standards for Students, and provides simple directions for using a variety of books to create maker activities that deepen the reading experience.Books and maker activities help children to associate reading with hands-on learning. For educators looking for additional ways to engage youngsters in reading and maker activities, this book provides the perfect hands-on connection.Providing connections to the new AASL standards and the ISTE Standards for Students with simple directions for using a variety of books to create maker activities, this book can help elementary teachers and librarians to enhance and deepen the reading experience. Featured books represent a variety of genres for kindergarten through sixth-grade students and highlights very current titles as well as classics.The book is based on actual experiences with students and staff who have enjoyed and benefited from these activities in their elementary school library. The author's forty years of educational experience ensure the reliability and practicality of this resource that readers can trust and use every day.

  • af Grace Jackson-Brown
    932,95 kr.

    Learn how to successfully develop diverse programming through reading books by African American authors and how to build strong partnerships among libraries, public organizations, and academic departments for multicultural outreach.Promoting African American Writers is written for librarians and others who are committed to developing programming that promotes reading of books by African American authors and books with multicultural themes. It is an outreach guide to be used by librarians, other educators, and community service advocates to develop educational programming that helps young people find their voices. It supports creativity and teaching of critical thinking skills to youth through literature. Grace Jackson-Brown is an academic librarian with more than 25 years of professional experience and a personal passion for developing educational cultural library programming. Over the years, her efforts forged mutual working bonds between institutions of higher learning with community organizations in the spirit of community engagement and for the goals of promoting diversity and reading to K-16 youth. In this book, she teaches readers how to duplicate her efforts and build fruitful partnerships of their own.

  • af Christina Larocco
    967,95 kr.

    Documenting the history of the American women's rights movement from 1945 through the 2016 election, this reference offers a crucial and objective look at the changing strategies, goals, and challenges of American feminists.Many aspects of women's lives in the mid-twentieth century-including legal subjugation to their husbands, limitations in education and employment, and restrictions on sexual and reproductive autonomy-are unthinkable today. Women's lives improved only through the concerted action of several generations of activists, whose work lies at the center of this volume. This book traces women's changing relationships to family, work, education, government, and sexuality from 1945 through the 2016 election.The book begins with an overview essay that places the women's rights movement in its historical context. This is followed by a chronology offering concise profiles of key events. A series of chapters then discusses the history of the women's rights movement since 1945 and what the movement has accomplished. Biographical entries profile key figures involved in the movement, and a selection of primary source documents gives first-hand accounts of the movement. An annotated bibliography directs readers to additional sources of information.

  • af Hilda K. Weisburg
    682,95 kr.

    Librarians will learn communication skills that help them develop as leaders, build community, and advocate for their libraries.Librarians understand the importance of making the value of the library known to stakeholders. In this informative and conversational book, Hilda K. Weisburg gradually builds librarians' communication skills, which are intrinsic to the success of library programs and services. Being able to effectively communicate as a sender and receiver of messages is a vital leadership skill, and librarians must master all the multi-faceted ways people exchange information in order to grow as leaders.Throughout the book, librarians will learn communication basics and the obstacles that interfere with successful communication. The chapters in part one detail the three components of communication; part two prepares librarians to cope with difficult communications; and part three gives librarians further techniques to ensure their messages are cohesive and strategic as they reach out to stakeholders.The book's goal is for librarians to feel confident about using their newly learned communication skills for advocacy. As their value to the library community grows, they will be able to strategically use the relationships their communications have built to create positive change.

  • af Thomas Arndt
    937,95 kr.

    This vital resource is devoted to providing nonpartisan, objective analysis of the national debt, including leading drivers of the debt, the budgetary process, and claims and counter-claims about national debt benefits and drawbacks.This indispensable resource provides readers with a clear and unbiased understanding of the national debt and its relationship to the U.S. economic system. The book addresses the foundations and major elements of America's budgetary process, details how government taxing and spending priorities impact the nation's debt, explains the difference between deficits and debt, and summarizes dominant conservative and liberal economic perspectives on the national debt and related fiscal issues.Utilizing authoritative resources and accessible, lay-friendly terminology, this book punctures popular myths and misconceptions about the national debt. But it also shines a light on the numerous economic, social, and political drivers of our national conversation about the debt-and the ways in which the national debt is likely to influence the lives of future generations of Americans. At a time when American political discourse often descends into fact-free zones of wishful thinking and deceptive claims, this book provides information for readers to truly understand the national debt.

  • af Michael Leruth
    1.437,95 kr.

    This volume offers perspective on modern French society and culture through thematic chapters on topics ranging from geography to popular culture. Ideal for students and general readers, this book includes insightful, current information about France's past, present, and future.France is the country most visited by international tourists. Aside from clichéd images of baguettes and the Eiffel Tower, however, what is French society and culture really like? Modern France is organized into thematic chapters covering the full range of French history and contemporary daily life. Chapter topics include: geography; history; government and politics; economy; religion and thought; social classes and ethnicity; gender, marriage, and sexuality; education; language; etiquette; literature and drama; art and architecture; music and dance; food; leisure and sports; and media and popular culture. Each chapter contains an overview of the topic and alphabetized entries on examples of each theme. A detailed historical timeline covers prehistoric times to the presidency of Emmanuel Macron. Special appendices offer profiles of a typical day in the life of representative members of French society, a glossary, key facts and figures about France, and a holiday chart. The volume will be useful for readers looking for specific topical information and for those who want to develop an informed perspective on aspects of modern France.

  • af Timothy Demy
    592,95 kr.

    Looking at topics across the spectrum of America's wars, religious groups, personalities, and ideas, this volume shows that even in an increasingly secular society, religious roots and values run deep throughout American society and are elevated in times of war.There is a long and deep relationship between religion, politics, and war in U.S. history. While there is a constitutional and legal separation of religion and the state in American society, religion has been and remains a potent force in American culture and politics affecting many aspects of life, including perspectives on war and peace and the experience of war in U.S. history. From the American Revolution to the wars of the 21st century, religious values have informed and influenced American attitudes toward war and peace and have provided rationale for support and non-support of American participation in conflicts.An overview essay surveys the background and significance of religion in American culture and provides historical context for discussions of contemporary topics. A timeline highlights key events related to wars and conflicts. The volume then includes more than 50 topical essays that discuss specific wars as well as religious themes within culture and politics, ultimately providing a detailed overview of the intersection of religion, war, and politics in contemporary America.

  • af Benjamin Crace
    1.397,95 kr.

    Providing an indispensable resource for students and general readers, this book serves as an entry point for a conversation on America's favorite pastime, focusing in on generational differences and the evolution of American identity.In an age marked by tension and division, Americans of all ages and backgrounds have turned to film to escape the pressures of everyday life. Yet, beyond escapism, popular cinema is both a mirror and microscope for our collective psyche. Examining the films that have made billions of dollars through a new lens reveals that popular culture is a vital source for understanding what it means to be an American.This book is divided into four sections, each associated with a different generation. Featuring such era-defining hits as Jaws, Back to the Future, Avatar, and The Avengers, each section presents detailed film analyses that showcase the consistency of certain American values throughout generations as well as the constant renegotiation of others. Ideal for any cinephile, The American Blockbuster demonstrates how complex and meaningful even the summer blockbuster can be.

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