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  • af Christopher Gable
    711,95 kr.

    Sheryl Crow continues to be celebrated for her legacy as a singer-songwriter and pop culture icon. This book provides an introduction to Sheryl Crow's entire music catalog. Organized into chronological periods of time, the author weaves biographical facts throughout a narrative rich with details about her songs: how they were created, recorded, distributed, and modified in live performance. Accompanying commentary features song analysis-including song structure, chord progression, and melody-and provides fascinating insights into the lyrical content of Crow's songwriting. The work begins with Crow's upbringing, her musical roots and influences, and how they manifested themselves in her later career. Subsequent sections delve into her road to success and eventual stardom, revealing how her rise to fame and widespread popularity was littered with broken friendships, acrimony, and suicide. The last several chapters follows her life after a diagnosis of breast cancer and the adoption of her sons. The work also includes a chapter on B-sides and rare songs by Crow.

  • af Christian Matijas-Mecca
    642,95 kr.

    The cofounder and central figure of one of America's most successful vocal groups, The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson is a standout artist with an astonishing volume of diverse work spanning over half a century that serves as testament to his creative output and influence on modern music. Today, Wilson stands as a survivor of life challenges stemming from substance abuse and mental illness and enjoys a revitalized career in which he continues to create new works and perform around the world to enthusiastic audiences in sold-out venues.This unique book covers the breadth of Wilson's creative life as composer, producer, performer, and collaborator, not only as a Beach Boy, but also as a solo artist and collaborator with artists such as Jan and Dean, The Honeys, Spring, The Castells, and The Hondells. The book also surveys his less-examined work as a performer of the music of George Gershwin, of the songs from Disney films, and of children's books and movies. Because of its breadth, The Words and Music of Brian Wilson will appeal both to dedicated and casual fans alike of The Beach Boys and of Brian Wilson as well as to scholars in popular music and American studies.

  • - The Entangled Revolution
    af Nestor Ratesh
    312,95 - 1.004,95 kr.

    This volume offers a full account of the December 1989 revolution that toppled the Communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu in Romania.

  • - The Story of Lester Young
    af Frank Buchmann-Moller
    392,95 - 1.015,95 kr.

    A Danish musician here presents the most accurate, comprehensive work on a major figure in American jazz: Lester Willis Young (1909-1959), better known as `Pres' or `Prez,' from the nickname `President' given to him by Billie Holiday.

  • - The Waning of the High-Tech World
    af Jean Gimpel
    397,95 - 752,95 kr.

    This book represents the first calm, detailed, and rational description of the imminent end of western industrial civilization as we know it.

  • - German and U.S. Army Performance, 1939-1945
    af Martin Van Creveld
    489,95 - 845,95 kr.

    Analyses the performance of two key parties engaged in fighting during World War II.

  • af W. Andrew Terrill
    499,95 kr.

    Global Security Watch-Jordan provides readers with an expert, comprehensive overview of significant aspects of Jordan's security, including its political, diplomatic, and alliance-building dimensions. Examining how Jordan emerged from a small Arab kingdom with arbitrary borders and no clear national identity to a confident and modernizing state, the book shows how today's nation effectively copes with a variety of geopolitical challenges. Jordan's close relations with the United States are examined, with special attention paid to ongoing U.S.-Jordanian cooperation in fighting al-Qaeda and its terrorist allies. The work also probes Jordan's involvement in many of the great conflicts in the contemporary Middle East, for example, that between the Israelis and Palestinians, clarifying Jordanian policies, while helping the reader understand many of the regional problems Jordan finds itself forced to address.

  • af Bruce E. Johansen
    1.097,95 kr.

    This volume addresses ten issues pertaining to energy and the environment, such as climate change, fossil fuels, endangered species, and renewable energy, and examines how these issues are affecting countries around the world.In the industrial age, first powered by coal and then more often by oil, environmental degradation nearly inevitably followed resource exploitation and energy production. This book examines environmental issues in specific countries around the world as well as solutions some of these countries have discovered in order to help save the environment.This volume includes 10 chapters, each addressing a specific issue relating to energy and the environment as it pertains to a variety of countries, including toxic chemicals, pollution, deforestation, and climate change. Each chapter begins with an introduction to the issue. Following the chapter introduction, each chapter highlights that issue in eight countries and provides historic perspective. This work provides an overview for high school students and college students at the undergraduate level on 10 important topics that address matters relating to energy and the environment in the 21st century.¿ Provides readers with an understanding of the complexities of environmental and energy issues, which will result in a comprehensive view of the issues certain countries face¿ Allows students to make cross-cultural comparisons about how countries are dealing with issues related to energy and the environment¿ Includes photographs that help to bring the text to life¿ Explains contemporary issues in an overview, allowing student readers to better understand the problems that face our society today

  • af Rudy Nydegger
    532,95 kr.

    A concise, accessible introduction to anxiety covering everything from its causes to its symptoms, available treatment options, and prevention. While anxiety is commonly associated with modern stresses and problems, few realize that disorders of this kind have existed since the beginning of time.

  • af Rudy Nydegger
    532,95 kr.

    Many major and different types of depression are covered, including adjustment disorder with depressed mood, atypical depression, depressive personality disorder, dysthymic disorder, major depressive disorder, postpartum depression, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and unipolar depression.

  • af Rudy Nydegger
    607,95 kr.

    Delving into a topic of perennial interest and concern, particularly among teenagers, this important volume addresses the full range of issues relative to suicide and suggests ways to help those who struggle.

  • af Joseph B. Miller
    932,95 kr.

    The Internet has enabled the convergence of all things information-related. This book provides essential, foundational knowledge of the application of Internet and web technologies in the information and library professions.

  • af James B. Tschen-Emmons
    1.148,95 kr.

    Using artifacts as primary sources, this book enables students to comprehensively assess and analyze historic evidence in the context of the medieval period.

  • af Evelyn B. Kelly
    960,95 kr.

    Written for students and general readers, this comprehensive encyclopedia provides entries on the history, theories, symptoms, tests, treatments, and current and future research for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

  • af David Luhrssen
    766,95 kr.

  • af William F. Hansen
    960,95 kr.

    Handbook of Classical Mythology offers newcomers and long-time enthusiasts new ways to navigate the world of Greek and Roman myths. Written by a foremost mythologist, the book begins by exploring the sources and landscapes from which the myths emerged. It then provides a richly detailed timeline of mythic episodes from the creation of the cosmos to the end of the Heroic Age-plus an illustrated mythological dictionary listing every significant character, place, event, and object.Whether exploring the world that gave rise to ancient mythology or researching a specific piece of the whole, the handbook is the best introduction available to the extraordinary cast of these tales (gods, nymphs, satyrs, monsters, heroes) and the natural and supernatural stages upon which their fates are played out.

  • af William N. Thompson
    1.844,95 kr.

    The International Encyclopedia of Gambling seeks to explain the gambling phenomenon through an in-depth exploration of gambling operations around the world. More than 300 entries reflect the global stretch of the industry as they examine games, venues, players and other leading figures, legal issues, the history of gaming, and the literature on the subject. The work is enhanced with a dozen contributed articles on gambling-related topics, including commentaries on the history and growth of Las Vegas and a description of major law cases involving gambling. Coverage includes Internet gambling and a section incorporating reviews of more than 50 films about gambling.

  • af Carol Simpson
    478,95 kr.

    Everything the school administrator needs to know to stay legal and in compliance with copyright law!* Written by a well-known expert in the field of copyright law and schools* Succinctly organized to allow you to answer all your copyright questions quickly* Current, up-to-date, and clearly written so you don't have to wonder what is legal and what is not* Includes a glossary of terms and an easy-to-use indexThis ready-reference guide for school administrators is short, to-the-point, and factual. It includes a glossary to define terms like Public Performance and an index to help the administrator quickly find information as needed.

  • af Laura I. Rendon
    932,95 kr.

    As a fast-growing, major segment of the U.S. population, the next generation of Latinos and Latinas could be key to future American advances in science and technology. With the appropriate encouragement for Latinos/as to enter science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers, they can become the creative innovators who will produce technological advances we all need and can enjoy-from faster tech devices to more energy efficient transportation to cures for diseases and medical conditions.This book presents a compelling case that the nation's Hispanic population must be better represented in STEM careers and that the future of America's technological advances may well depend on the Latino/a population. It focuses on the importance of STEM education for Latinos/as and provides a comprehensive array of the most current information students and families need to make informed decisions about entering and succeeding in a STEM career. Students, families, and educators will fully understand why STEM is so important for Latinos/as, how to plan for a career in STEM, how to pay for and succeed in college, and how to choose a career in STEM. The book also includes compelling testimonials of Latino/a students who have completed a STEM major that offer proof that Latinos/as can overcome life challenges to succeed in STEM fields.

  • af Ted A. Henken
    830,95 kr.

    In this era of ever-increasing globalization and communication across national borders, Cuba remains an isolated island oddly out of step with the rest of the world. And yet, Cuba is beginning to evolve via the important if still insufficient changes instituted by Raul Castro, who became president in 2008. This book supplies a uniquely independent, accurate, and critical perspective in order to evaluate these changes in the context of the island's rich and complex history and culture. Organized into seven topical chapters that address geography, history, politics and government, economics, society, culture, and contemporary issues, readers will gain a broad, insightful understanding of one of the most unusual, fascinating, and often misunderstood nations in the Western Hemisphere.

  • af Kristy Hill
    817,95 kr.

    The authors of this helpful text define transformative social-emotional learning and its impact on students and schools. They present current brain research to support social-emotional programming in a whole school program with collaborative lesson ideas adaptable to all age levels for the use of counselors, librarians, administrators, classroom teachers, and all special area teachers. All lessons provide lists of extended student and faculty readings.Illustrating and highlighting how social-emotional programming helps foster and transform the culture of a school to one of belonging and acceptance, the authors also provide necessary application lessons for all educators in all areas of a school, including ideas for such common areas as playgrounds, cafeterias, classrooms, and libraries, and even ideas for implementation by school administrators.Research cited predicts desired outcomes, including a culture of belonging, increased student engagement and achievement, and a more compassionate school staff. Ideas and activities provided for professional development for educators benefit students and staff alike.

  • af Jacquelyn Whiting
    506,95 kr.

    This book empowers librarians, teachers, and administrators to be empathic problem-solvers and decision-makers. By reframing the challenges that members of a learning community face as opportunities to better meet teaching and learning needs, readers will find that adoption of a mindset focused on users-namely, design thinking-elevates and creates opportunities for innovating pedagogy. Moreover, it can enhance school culture as well as build channels of communication among various stakeholders in schools and districts.When educators of any subject or discipline apply design thinking skills to their curriculum implementation, authentic student-centered learning experiences become the core of the learning experience. The case studies shared in this book provide examples of student-centered approaches being used in elementary, middle, and high schools, so that readers have many models on which to base their work and from which to build confidence in shifting their pedagogy to keep the student at the center of teaching and learning decisions.

  • af John R. Vile
    711,95 kr.

    A Companion to the United States Constitution and Its Amendments is designed to show students just how revolutionary the Constitution was-and how relevant it remains today. This seventh revised edition of the Companion begins by revisiting the key events leading to the Constitution's ratification, including the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention, then explores the document article by article, amendment by amendment, to help readers better understand how each section of the document shapes the world we live in today.In addition, the Companion illuminates how new laws, political debates, and Supreme Court decisions are continually reshaping our understanding of the Constitution and its role in American life and society-including such essential and foundational elements of democracy as voting; elections; the peaceful transfer of power; equality before the law; civil rights and liberties; and the duties, responsibilities, and obligations of the nation's three branches of government.

  • af Laurie Collier Hillstrom
    492,95 kr.

    The 21st Century Turning Points series is a one-stop resource for understanding the people and events changing America today. Each volume provides readers with a clear, authoritative, and unbiased understanding of a single issue or event that is driving national debate about our nation's leaders, institutions, values, and priorities.This particular volume is devoted to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted social, economic, and political institutions across the globe in 2020. It documents the spread of the virus around the world and the mounting toll it took on the health and lives of people in the United States and elsewhere; surveys the response to the pandemic (both in statements and policies) by the Trump administration, state governments, and various scientific and public health organizations; explains the impact of the pandemic on U.S. schools, businesses, industries, and workers; shows why communities of color and poor Americans were disproportionately impacted; and studies the ways in which COVID-19 has changed the U.S. forever.

  • af Johnny D. Boggs
    717,95 kr.

    Sports on Film documents key events in American sports history through the films that depict them, starting with the integration of major-league baseball when Jackie Robinson signed with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Other significant events and personalities examined include the college basketball point-shaving incident of the 1950s; journalist George Plimpton's attempt to go through the Detroit Lions' NFL training camp in the early 1960s; the originations and popularity of rodeo; the brief run of women's professional baseball during World War II; the underdog racehorse Seabiscuit during the Great Depression; the rise of African American boxer Muhammad Ali; the unique 1970s "e;Battle of the Sexes"e; tennis event between Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King; and Ford Motor Company's run in the 1960s to take motorsports to Europe's premier event in Le Mans, France.

  • af Jim Willis
    717,95 kr.

    Films create both an impression of and - at times for younger audiences - a primary definition of events, people, and issues of an era. The 1960s on Film examines the 1960s as the decade was presented in ten films that focused on that decade. Discussion will focus on both what the films have to say about the era and how close they come to accurately depicting it.For example, films such as Mississippi Burning and Selma tell the story of racial conflict and hope for reconciliation in the 1960s. Other films such as The Right Stuff and Hidden Figures show the deep fascination America had at that time with the burgeoning space program and NASA, while Easy Rider analyzes the role of rock music and drugs among young people of the decade. The Deer Hunter studies the controversies surrounding the war in Vietnam. The Graduate, Mad Men, JFK, and Thirteen Days also receive significant treatment in this exciting volume.

  • af James J. F. Forest
    753,95 kr.

    This book brings together three important dimensions of our everyday lives. First is digital-the online ecosystem of information providers and tools, from websites, blogs, discussion forums, and targeted email campaigns to social media, video streaming, and virtual reality. Second, influence-the most effective ways people can be persuaded, in order to shape their beliefs in ways that lead them to embrace one set of beliefs and reject others. And finally, warfare-wars won by the information and disinformation providers who are able to influence behavior in ways they find beneficial to their political, social, and other goals.The book provides a wide range of specific examples that illustrate the ways people are being targeted by digital influencers. There is much more to digital influence warfare than terrorist propaganda, "e;fake news,"e; or Russian efforts to manipulate elections: chapters examine post-truth narratives, fabricated "e;alternate facts,"e; and brainwashing and disinformation within the context of various political, scientific, security, and societal debates. The final chapters examine how new technical tools, critical thinking, and resilience can help thwart digital influence warfare efforts.

  • af Paul Frazier
    766,95 kr.

    Memories of the Cold War have often been shaped by the popular films that depict it-for example, The Manchurian Candidate, The Hunt for Red October, and Charlie Wilson's War, among others. The Cold War on Film examines how the Cold War has been portrayed through a selection of 10 iconic films that represent it through dramatization and storytelling, as opposed to through documentary footage.The book includes an introduction to the war's history and a timeline of events. Each of the 10 chapters that follow focuses on a specific Cold War film. Chapters offer a uniquely detailed level of historical context for the films, weighing their depiction of events against the historical record and evaluating how well or how poorly those films reflected the truth and shaped public memory and discourse over the war. A comprehensive annotated bibliography of print and electronic sources aids students and teachers in further research.

  • af David Steven Jacoby
    467,95 kr.

    Global trade is heading toward chaos. Globalization has in part been a zero-sum game over the last 20 years, as China's middle and upper classes have grown sharply while Western economies have stagnated. Wealthy countries, most notably the United States and the United Kingdom, are now on the brink of abandoning free trade as it includes both the principles and the theories behind it because their economies cannot compete with those of China and some developing countries. Prevailing protectionist attitudes and policies are based on short-term thinking and will disappoint future generations. According to author David S. Jacoby, a "e;new multilateralism"e; can provide a way out of this impending disaster by preserving innovation and growth while also curbing the impact of countries that manipulate currency, disparage the environment, and violate human rights. Jacoby clearly explains how industrialized nations can compete on a basis of differentiated technology and innovation while letting developing countries compete on a basis of manufacturing, components, and materials and makes a strong case for why the West should recommit to global trade.

  • af Thomas J. Davis
    1.059,95 kr.

    This engaging reference text represents the voices of the era in poetry and prose, in full or excerpted from anecdotes, editorials, essays, manifestoes, orations, and reminiscences, with appearances by major figures and often overlooked contributors to the Harlem Renaissance.Organized topically and, within topics, chronologically, the volume reaches beyond the typical representation of the spirit and substance of the movement, examinations of which are typically confined to the New York City community and from U.S. entry into World War I in 1917 to the depths of the Great Depression in 1935. It carries readers from the opening of the Harlem Renaissance, which began at the top of the 20th century, to its heights in the 1920s and '30s and through to its artistic and literary echoes in the shadows of World War II (1939-1945).

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