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  • af Lisa Lam
    167,95 kr.

    The ultimate practical guide to sewing fabulous bags from expert Lisa Lam! Detailed photographs illustrate every technique in this unique book, from choosing fabric to inserting fastenings Expert tips, trade secrets and inspirational advice result in professional and beautiful results A capsule wardrobe of eight exclusive designs features easy-to-follow instructions and full-size patterns Whether you're getting started, improving your technique, or want to design your own, this is the book you'll grab for every bag you make!

  • - 5-Minute Guided Reflections to Start Your Day with Inspiration, Purpose, and a Plan
    157,95 kr.

    Seize the day and begin your morning routine with positivity and inspiration using this beautiful easy-to-use guided journal that helps you boost productivity and make the most of each day.Great days start with The Good Morning Journal! Each day is a blank slate—a gift that we choose how to use. You can begin each day with clarity, purpose, and inspiration with The Good Morning Journal. This beautiful, easy-to-use guided journal is filled with quick, thoughtful prompts that help you recognize what you want to accomplish—and why—and create a simple plan to achieve your goals. You’ll also find motivating and inspiring quotes that spark a positive mindset and encourage you throughout the day. With this journal, you’ll be able to identify your true passions—the activities, ideas, and items that mean the most to you—and thoughtfully arrange your day to prioritize these passions. Start living with more purpose, accomplish your goals, achieve your dreams, and fill your days with more joy than ever.

  • - Learn about Counting, Measuring, Adding, and More with 100 Fun Puzzles!
    af Hannah Whately
    111,95 kr.

    Help your kids master challenging math concepts with these 100 fun and interactive puzzles and activities?whether they're learning at home or need extra practice outside of the classroom.Learning is as easy as 1?2?3! In The Everything Math Puzzles for Kindergarten your child can have fun while learning challenging math concepts from counting and numbers to simple addition, subtraction, and measurements. Unlike workbooks that teach through repetition, this puzzle book provides a fun and exciting supplement for kindergarteners everywhere so they can have fun while learning.

    • 111,95 kr.
  • af Michelle Ribeiro
    167,95 kr.

    Reach your peak psychological potential with these 120 activities that challenge and build emotional strength, flexibility, and resiliency so you can overcome any obstacle.Mental toughness no longer has to be reserved for Navy Seals, world-class athletes, or high-powered CEOs. Now you can also experience this trait to help you succeed and reach your peak potential. You can train yourself to take on these challenges with ease. In Level Up, learn how to tackle any obstacle with composure, clear thinking, and dexterity. This activity-based book builds your mental strength through 120 exercises, prompts, quizzes, and more. These exercises will help you increase your mental focus, emotional resiliency, and psychological agility, all of which allow you to constantly evaluate where you are and keep pushing you closer to your goals. Work through your aspirations without getting bogged down by the obstacles and experience mental toughnessno matter how hard things get.

  • af Daniel Ramsey
    227,95 kr.

  • af Lisa Holton
    227,95 kr.

  • af Linda Larsen
    226,95 kr.

  • af Kathi Wagner & Aubrey Wagner
    150,95 kr.

  • af Martha Alderson
    187,95 kr.

  • af Beth L. Blair & Jennifer A. Ericsson
    149,95 kr.

  • af Thaneeya Mcardle
    162,95 kr.

  • af Leeann Weintraub Smith & Ilya Michael Rachman
    212,95 kr.

  • af Jack Uldrich
    212,95 kr.

  • af Andrea Norville & Patrick Menton
    178,95 kr.

  • af Leslie Bilderback & Sandra K. Nissenberg
    227,95 kr.

  • af Piper Nichole & Nichole
    227,95 kr.

  • af Lynette Rohrer Shirk
    227,95 kr.

    Start reaping the benefits of a whole-grain, high-fiber diet! The Everything Whole-Grain, High-Fiber Cookbook is your ultimate one-stop resource for making sure you and your family get all the yummy whole grains and healthy fiber you need! You’ll enjoy eating healthy—like never before—with inventive, tasty dishes like: -Banana-Nut Stuffed French Toast -Shallot Walnut Herb Bread -Lasagna Florentine -Cranberry Relish -Walnut Tarragon Chicken Salad on Raisin Foccacia -Cashew Egg Salad Sandwich -Pumpkin Soup Featuring 300 fabulous recipes, this is the only cookbook you need to incorporate high-flavor, high-fiber foods into every meal and snack. Easy-to-read dietary information for each recipe will help you make sure you meet all your nutritional needs. This indispensable cookbook is full of simple tips to add fiber to your life. Eating whole grains is a key step toward a healthier, happier you!

  • af Tom Gorman
    177,95 kr.

  • af Sandra Gurvis
    188,94 kr.

    Updated and revised to reflect current business realities, this handbook streamlines the management process by addressing everything in a simple and direct problem/solution format. The topics covered include how to delegate, prioritize objectives, lead dynamic training sessions, how to control finances, and more.

  • af Greg Jacobs
    111,95 kr.

    Everything kids need to know about America's favorite sport in this revised, updated edition of The Everything Kids' Football Book including up-to-date stats and the latest information on players and teams.Introduce your kids to all of the fun, action, and excitement of American's favorite sport! In The Everything Kids' Football Book, 7th Edition young fans will immerse themselves in dozens of interactive puzzles and games, and discover up-to-date stats for all of their favorite players and teams. This book introduces football fans of all ages to the various positions they can play, teaches them the rules and history of the game, and gives them tips and tricks to develop their skills. From the first Pop Warner fame to the latest Super Bowl, this book is sure to be a touchdown for both kids and their parents!

  • af Valerie Bromann
    157,95 kr.

    Enjoy fun games and challenges to pass the time on your next road trip and have a keepsake to look back on for years to come with this entertaining must-have for your next vacation.The road trip you’ve been dreaming of starts here! Journal about your stops and get to know your fellow passengers with activities and exercises designed to pass the time and bring you closer together. Instead of “Are we there yet?” you’ll find yourself asking, “We’re there already?”. Complete with prompts you can turn to while driving between locations, this journal will one day be a memento of your life-changing trip. You’ll be able to look back on entries about the best food you experienced or the most surprising moment of your trip, so you’ll remember each part of your trip for years to come. And to pass the time as you drive between destinations on long strips of open road, are questions, games, and activities that can be played by both the driver and the passengers. From a scavenger hunt to play throughout the entirety of the trip to content creation challenges to get you though the last hour on your way to the campsite or hotel, this all-in-one book will be your guide and inspiration to your time on the road. The Road Trip Journal and Activity Book is a must-have for any upcoming trip.

  • af Michele Cagan
    142,95 kr.

    A crash course in managing personal wealth and building a profitable portfolio—from stocks and bonds to IPOs and more!Too often, textbooks turn the noteworthy details of investing into tedious discourse that would put even Warren Buffett to sleep. Investing 101 cuts out the boring explanations, and instead provides a hands-on lesson that keeps you engaged as you learn how to build a portfolio and expand your savings. From value investing to short selling to risk tolerance, this primer is packed with hundreds of entertaining tidbits and concepts that you won't be able to get anywhere else. So whether you're looking to master the major principles of investing, or just want to learn more about stocks and bonds, Investing 101 has all the answers--even the ones you didn't know you were looking for.

  • af Maria Del Russo
    128,95 kr.

    The latest dermatologist-recommended skincare trend? Journaling! Daily Skincare Journal is here to help keep track of complicated daily skincare routines, record extensive product lists, and track long-term progress toward healthy skin with straight-forward, templated layouts that make it easy to keep your skin looking its best.

  • af Maria Sofia Marmanides
    112,95 kr.

    Described as tarot’s younger, chiller cousin, oracle cards are surging in popularity. And this first-of-its-kind journal lets readers record and reflect on the card they’ve selected, making it the perfect companion no matter what deck they’re using!

  • af Mary-Lane Kamberg
    134,95 kr.

    Learn how to cook hundreds of your favorite meals with these easy, delicious recipes anyone can make! Do you crave homemade French Toast, Eggplant Parmigiana, and Pecan Pie, but don't know the difference between broiling and baking? This book offers a crash course in cooking basics as well as lessons on creating everything from classic entrées to decadent desserts. Complete with step-by-step instructions, a glossary of cooking terms, and 60 brand-new recipes, you’ll learn all there is to know about the kitchen as you make flavorful recipes like: -Baked Nutty Banana Pancakes -Spinach, Bacon, and Egg Salad -Stuffed Green Bell Peppers -Shepherd’s Pie -Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies So forget macaroni and cheese from a box, frozen dinners, and takeout—The “I Don't Know How to Cook”​ Book, 3rd Edition shows you how to craft great-tasting, homemade meals in no time!

  • - A Celestial Guide to Recording Your Cosmic Journey
    af Mecca Woods
    157,95 kr.

  • - Rules, Techniques, and More about Your Favorite Sport!
    af Deborah W Crisfield & Carlos Folgar
    111,95 kr.

    Everything kids need to know about their favorite sport including up-to-date stats and information on players and teams in this revised, updated edition of The Everything Kids' Soccer Book.Your kids can finally learn everything they could ever need or want to know about soccer in this revised and updated edition of The Everything Kids' Soccer Book. Young soccer fans will learn fun and exciting ways to perfect their passing, shooting, and dribbling skills and master the fancy footwork needed to becoming a soccer superstar. This new edition features up-to-date information about the MLS and the World Cup teams as well as dozens of interactive games and puzzles to keep them entertained. No matter what level of soccer player your child is, this book makes learning about the world's favorite sport?almost?as fun as playing it!

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