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  • - The Collected Radio Dramas
    af P.G. Wodehouse
    162,95 kr.

    A rollicking collection of s ix acclaimed dramatisations of P.G Wodehoue's Jeeves & Wooster novels, starring Michael Hordern and Richard Briers as Jeeves and Wooster. Also featuring Maurice Denham, Paul Eddington, David Jason, John Le Mesurier, Miriam Margolyes, Jonathan Cecil, Liza Goddard and Patrick Cargill. In The Inimitable Jeeves, Aunt Agatha is forcing Bertie to get engaged to the formidable Honoria Glossop. Can Jeeves save the day? Right Ho, Jeeves sees mayhem breaking out at Brinkley Court, but there are more brains in the Wooster household than just Jeeves... In The Code of the Woosters, who would think that a silver cow-creamer could cause so much trouble? Uncle Tom wants it and Aunt Dahlia is blackmailing Bertie to steal it. In Jeeves: Joy in the Morning, Steeple Bumphleigh is a village to be avoided for Bertie, as it contains the appalling Aunt Agatha. Still, there are good deeds to be done. Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit finds Jeeves in for a few surprises when returns from his annual shrimping holiday in Bognor Regis. In Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves, Madeline Bassett and Gussie Fink-Nottle's engagement is on the rocks, and poor Bertie's next in line for the fair maiden's hand. PUBLISHER'S NOTE: As of August 2019, the dramatisations have been re-ordered into their correct order, by original publication date- The Inimitable Jeeves, Right Ho, Jeeves, The Code of the Woosters, Joy in the Morning, Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit and Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves

  • - The Complete BBC Radio Drama Collection
    af M.C. Beaton
    132,95 kr.

    After a lifetime spent in public relations, one-woman dynamo Agatha Raisin struggles to adapt to life in a quiet country village - but she soon finds that there is murder and mayhem aplenty to keep her busy. Agatha Raisin - sharp, witty, hugely intelligent, unfailingly entertaining, delightfully intolerant and oh so magnificently non-pc - Anne Robinson If there is one thing better than watching Penelope Keith, it is listening to her - The TimesAmong the cases she has to deal with are a poisoned quiche; a vet who has been 'put to sleep'; a hanged horticulturist; a murdered rambler and a curate who meets his Maker somewhat sooner than expected. Then there's the treasure hunt with a rather nasty prize at the end; the secretive salon owner; the husband who is quite definitely ex; the murder on the dancefloor and the fairies at the bottom of the garden. With all this and handsome neighbour James Lacey to deal with, the 'Columbo of the Cotswolds' has her hands full! This Complete Radio Drama Collection includes the following stories: The Quiche of Death, The Vicious Vet, The Potted Gardener, The Walkers of Dembley, The Curious Curate, The Buried Treasure, The Wizard of Evesham, The Murderous Marriage, The Terrible Tourist and The Fairies of Fryfam.

  • - The BBC Radio 4 stand-up comedy show
    af Alfie Moore
    132,95 kr.

    Ever wondered what sort of a police officer you might make?Alfie Moore spent eighteen years on the Humberside police force before turning to stand-up comedy. In each episode of this live stand up show, he takes his audience through a scenario based on a real life case, and tasks them with deciding how they would have acted in the circumstances. From drink driving to a missing gnome, road traffic collisions to the tricky subject of Stop and Search, not to mention a case in which you must imagine what it would be like if Bruce Lee came from Scunthorpe and had been hammering the kebabs for twenty years...Along the way Alfie spills the beans on what it's really like to be one of Britain's finest, tells us some great anecdotes about law breakers and makers that he's come across and gets his audience to divulge secrets about their own, sometimes less than strictly law-abiding lives."e;Genuinely funny, sharp observational comedy....deftly done"e; - Chortle"e;Brilliantly funny, genuinely hilarious"e; - David Mitchell"e;A large dash of police gallows humour"e; - The Telegraph"e;Offbeat, revealing and very funny"e; - Daily Mail"e;A very funny man"e; - Rhod GilbertSeries 11: Duncan Driver2: Peaceful Protest 3: Ethel's Day OutSeries 21: Gobby Nobby2: An Englishman's Home3: Trevor the Twoc'er4: Spliffhanger (or Searching Question)5: Help, I'm Being Harassed6: Property PredicamentSeries 31: Barry the Burglar2: Punching Judy 3: Cedric the Gnome4: Collision Decision Written and performed by Alfie MooreProduced by Alison Vernon-Smith

  • - A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation
    af Maya Angelou
    92,95 kr.

    A BBC Radio 4 dramatisation of Maya Angelou's poignant, powerful autobiography, starring Adjoa Andoh, Indie Gjesdal and Pippa Bennett-Warner.Abandoned by their parents, Maya and her older brother Bailey are sent to live with their grandmother and uncle in the small Southern town of Stamps in Arkansas. Struggling with rejection, they endure the prejudice of their white neighbours and suffer several racist incidents.One day, their father unexpectedly returns and takes the children to live with their mother in St Louis, Missouri. Aged only eight, Maya is abused by her mother's boyfriend, an experience that haunts her for a lifetime. Filled with guilt and shame, she refuses to speak to anyone except Bailey - until she meets Mrs Bertha Flowers, who encourages her love of books, helping her to find her voice and regain her own strong spirit.Maya Angelou's debut memoir is a modern American classic, beloved worldwide, which recounts a youth filled with curiosity, wonder, disappointment, frustration, tragedy, and hard-won independence. This radio dramatisation, starring Adjoa Andoh, Indie Gjesdal and Pippa Bennett-Warner, plays out her extraordinary story with dramatic verve and poetic brilliance.Cast:Narrator (Older Maya)...Adjoa AndohMaya...Indie Gjedsal/Pippa Bennett-WarnerBailey...Roshawn HewittMomma...Cecilia NobleUncle Willie/Freeman/Daddy...Richard PeppleSteward/Lawyer...John LightbodyGirl...Francesca EliseMother...Ellen ThomasBertha Flowers...Nikki Amuka-BirdSpanish voices... Maider Jauregui, Rocio Mesonero, Celia Romo, Julio Villa-Garcia, Hugo Sanchez and Francisco Oda-Angel @ Instituto Cervantes,ManchesterReceptionist...Lauren CorneliusDramatised by Patricia CumperProduced by Pauline Harris

  • - The hit BBC Radio 4 comedy
    132,95 kr.

    Set during World War Two, Hut 33 follows the adventures of a team of codebreakers at Bletchley Park as they work tirelessly to break German codes, matching wits with the fabled Enigma Machine. Unfortunately, they hate each other.Archie is a stroppy Geordie socialist revolutionary, while Professor Charles Gardner is a toffee-nosed snob. In theory, the immensely stupid 3rd Lt. Joshua Featherstonhaugh-Marshall is in charge of the hut, but he is still struggling with even the most basic concepts such as his name. They are joined by child prodigy Gordon, and the silent Winstanley. There's also Mrs Best, the lascivious landlady, and the hut's Polish secretary Minka, the only competent member of the team - although her answers to everything usually involve violence.Starring Tom Goodman-Hill as Archie, Robert Bathurst as Professor Charles Gardner, Alex MacQueen as 3rd Lt. Joshua Featherstonhaugh-Marshall, Fergus Craig as Gordon, Lill Roughley as Mrs Best, and Olivia Colman as Minka.Produced by Adam Bromley

  • - A BBC Radio 4 full cast dramatisation
    af John Fowles
    62,95 kr.

    Nicholas Urfe, a young British graduate, runs away from his monotonous life to take up a teaching post on the small Greek island of Phraxos. There he meets the enigmatic figure of Maurice Conchis, and slowly gets drawn into a world full of strange encounters and psychological tricks on Conchis's estate at Bourani. When Conchis introduces Nicholas to the enchanting and mysterious Lily Montgomery, reality and illusion begin to intertwine. But what strange game is Conchis playing with Nicholas? And, in this world coloured by artifice and deception, who is really telling him the truth?First published in 1965, John Fowles's novel The Magus soon gained cult status. Now acclaimed dramatist and screenwriter Adrian Hodges (My Week with Marilyn, The Go-Between, Peter and Wendy, The Musketeers, Survivors, Primeval) has adapted the novel for this new dramatisation starring Tom Burke (War and Peace, The Musketeers) as Nicholas Urfe, Charles Dance (And Then There Were None, Game of Thrones) as Maurice Conchis, and Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter, Brideshead Revisited) as Lily.Produced and directed by Heather Larmour.

  • - The BBC Radio 4 comedy series
    af Sanjeev Kohli & Donald McLeary
    132,95 kr.

    First broadcast in 2007, Fags, Mags and Bags delivers shop-based shenanigans and over-the-counter philosophy, courtesy of Ramesh Mahju and his trusty sidekick Dave. Ramesh has built his shop up over the course of 30 years, and it is a firmly entrenched feature of the local area. He is ably assisted by Dave, a forty-something underachiever who shares Ramesh's love of the art of shopkeeping, even if he is treated like a slave. Then of course there are Ramesh's sons Sanjay and Alok, both surly and not particularly keen on the old-school approach to shopkeeping. However, they are the natural successors to the business, and Ramesh is keen to pass all his worldly wisdom on to them - whether they like it or not...Series 1: Raising Keenan, The De-Magowaning of Ramesh, Wall of Crisps, Build the Titanic, The Festival of Maltodextrin, January February. Series 2: Beansy, Beansy, Beasny, Beansy, Beansy, Skeletor Attack, Rameshtonite, All the Best, Cousin Wacko, Confectionary McEnroe.Series 3: Jack Black's Black Jacks, Mr Majhu Goes To Lenzie, The Wrath of Khan, The Lenzie Splicer, Bacon Punctuation and The Fall of Phallon and the Rise of Bugatox. Series 4: Foam Wizards, Magical Mister Murgatroyd, The Bewerdine Spectrum, Evil Nabarra, Ayabassa Alan, John Craven's Fjallraven.

  • - BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation
    92,95 kr.

    A BBC Radio full-cast dramatisation, based on the first three books in Ursula Le Guin's bestselling 'Earthsea' cycle. Set on a vast archipelago of islands, where magic is a central part of life, 'Earthsea' tells the intertwined stories of Ged and Tenar. Ged is a boy from the island of Gont, born with innate magical talent and a reckless nature, who tampers with long-held secrets and releases a terrible shadow into the world. He must risk everything in order to restore the balance... Meanwhile, Tenar, a girl from the island of Atuan, is taken from her home and family to become Arha, the Priestess Ever Reborn, guardian of the ominous Tombs of Atuan. Deep within the Tombs, Ged and Tenar encounter one another and seek a way of bringing peace to the troubled archipelago. Ursula Le Guin's 'Earthsea' series have sold millions of copies and been translated into sixteen languages, and this epic dramatisation of 'A Wizard of Earthsea', 'The Tombs of Atuan' and 'The Farthest Shore' will take you deep into a rich fantasy world of sorcery, wizards and dragons. Among the cast are Shaun Dooley (Broadchurch) and Toby Jones (Dad's Army).

  • af Dick Francis
    80,95 kr.

    At the annual party celebrating the success of the racing season, everything is running well to form until a runaway horsebox ploughs into the marquee, causing terrible death and destruction. A witness to the tragedy, wine merchant Tony Beach presumes it is just one of those awful accidents. But as he gets involved in the investigation and begins to make connections, events take a more sinister turn.

  • af Douglas Adams
    82,95 kr.

    Dirk Gently has an unshakeable belief in the interconnectedness of all things, but his Holistic Detective Agency mainly succeeds in tracking down missing cats for old ladies. Then Dirk stumbles upon an old friend behaving bizarrely - and is drawn into a four-billion year old mystery that must be solved if the human race is to avoid immediate extinction. Harry Enfield stars as Douglas Adams's much-loved psychic sleuth, with Billy Boyd, Andrew Sachs, Jim Carter and Olivia Colman ('Peepshow'). Considered by many Adams fans to be as funny - if darker - than The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, this adventure features everything from quantum physics to missing cats, via Coleridge, Bach and an Electric Monk. This is the first of two series adapted from the 'Dirk Gently' books, directed by Dirk Maggs, who was chosen by Douglas Adams to conclude the award-winning The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, and this release contains nearly one hour of additional unbroadcast material.

  • af Douglas Adams
    82,95 kr.

    Harry Enfield exuberantly returns as Dirk Gently, who, fallen on hard times and dressed as a gypsy woman, is using his irritatingly accurate clairvoyant powers to read palms. He is saved when a frantic client turns up with a ludicrous story about being stalked by a goblin waving a contract accompanied by a hairy, green-eyed, scythe-wielding monster. When Detective Superintendent Gilks decides a headless body found in a sealed room is the result of a particularly irritating suicide, Dirk is plunged into a mystery where the interconnectedness of all things is tested to the limit... This is the second of three series adapted from the 'Dirk Gently' books, directed by Dirk Maggs (chosen by Douglas Adams to conclude the award-winning Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy). Guest stars include Peter Davison, Jan Ravens, Philip Jackson, John Fortune, Morwenna Banks and Stephen Moore, as well as returning cast members Olivia Colman, Jim Carter and Billy Boyd. This release contains over thirty minutes of additional unbroadcast material.

  • - Series 2
    af Eric Merriman & Barry Took
    95,95 kr.

    Kenneth Horne is joined by Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden, Bill Pertwee and Pat Lancaster in the second series of the classic weekly show, which lit up the airwaves between 1958 and 1964. The forerunner to Round the Horne, Beyond Our Ken is a madcap mix of sketches and music. Seven series were broadcast between 1958 and 1962, written principally by Eric Merriman - Barry Took joined him as co-writer for the first two series. With musical entertainment from Pat Lancaster and The Malcolm Mitchell Trio, join genial host Kenneth Horne and his ensemble in this fantastic funny show.

  • - BBC Radio stand up and sketch comedy
    af Rich Hall & Nick Doody
    92,95 kr.

    Comedian Rich Hall takes an acerbic look across the pond at US politics, from the closing stages of the 2016 election to the 2020 race for the White House'I could listen to Hall for ever. His laconic, hilarious intelligence and beautiful use of language is always a delight' Miranda Sawyer, The ObserverWelcome to Washington D.C.'s favourite political phone-in show, as multi award-winning comedian (and American citizen) Rich Hall and a selection of comedians from both sides of the Atlantic reflect on the latest political events in the United States.Using a combination of stand-up, sketch and interview, Rich Hall's US Breakdown broadcasts live from the fictional IBBC network in Washington to the whole of America, as Rich and his producer Nick Doody take calls from every corner of the country to hear the concerns of voters and give us their take on the issues troubling the US electorate.Speaking to American pundits, comics and the man on the street, the series guides us through the chaotic circus of a presidential race and offers an insight into the unfolding drama of Donald Trump's presidency. Hall muses on Trump's first 60 days in office, and first 12 months, breaks down the result of the US midterms and weighs up the relative merits of the candidates seeking the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2020.Enlightening, entertaining and engaging, Rich Hall's sardonic, satirical take on the state of his nation will appeal to anyone with even a passing interest in US politics.Production creditsWritten and presented by Rich Hall and Nick DoodyWith Lewis MacLeod, Debra Stephenson, Mike Wilmot, Karen Bartke, Andrew Maxwell, Jess Robinson, Lewis Black, Alex Edelman, Charlie Wolf, David Feldman, Jena Friedman, Freya Parker, Desiree Burch, Emma Sidi, Jen KirkmanAdditional material by Ben Partridge, Robin Morgan, Sarah Campbell, Grainne Maguire, Jenny Laville, James Kettle, Laura Major, Mike ShephardProduced by Joe NunneryIndependence Day special produced by Matt StrongeA BBC Studios productionFirst broadcast BBC Radio 4: 19 October-9 November 2016, (Series 1), 22 March 2017 (Special: 60 Days of Trump), 18 January 2018 (Special: 12 Months of Trump), 22 November 2018 (Special: Midterms), 4 July 2019 (Special: Independence Day), 28 November 2019, 1 December 2019

  • - A BBC Radio 4 Comedy and Economics Show
    af Tim Harford & Simon Evans
    132,95 kr.

    All five series of Simon Evans' BBC Radio 4 show explaining economics through comedyHow do you make money funny? How do you put the comedy in commodity? In this BBC radio show, Simon Evans sets himself the challenge of making economics entertaining through comedic lectures, with the help of special guests including investment gurus, financial journalists and economists.In Series 1 and 2, he examines the chequered social and economic histories of eight important commodities: land, gold, oil, grain, alcohol, tobacco, coffee and sugar. By looking at these fundamental products, Simon brings us to a closer understanding of how global economic forces have a far-reaching and often surprising impact on our lives.Series 3 sees him exploring four of the stages that mark our journey through life - youth, marriage, birth and death - and how economics is part of every one of those stages, whether we like it or not. In Series 4, Simon looks at the concept of the 'free lunch' and shines a light on new ways of making money in the 21st Century, from social media and multinationals that appear to be operating tax-free to philanthropy and the cost of health.Finally, in Series 5, he points his jokenomics lens at the competing theories of Macro Economics and the 'Big Beards' who devised them - Adam Smith, Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes - and reflects on how they shape our world today, and how they can help us out of our current economic predicament.Among his regular guests are Financial Times columnist and presenter of Radio 4's More Or Less, Tim Harford; Timandra Harkness, author of Big Data: Does Size Matter?; and the Queen of investment know-how, editor-in-chief of MoneyWeek Merryn Somerset Webb.Produced by Tilusha Ghelani (Series 1), Claire Jones (Series 2 and 3), Richard Morris (Series 4 and 5)

  • - A full-cast BBC radio dramatisation
    af Anthony Trollope
    92,95 kr.

    A BBC radio adaptation of the celebrated novels about high life and low politics in Victorian England'Beautifully acted and presented at a gallop ... one of the most entertainingly vivid radio dramas I have listened to all year' The TelegraphIn this lively, radical reworking of Anthony Trollope's famous 'Palliser' series, we are invited into the world of our omniscient narrator, Lady Glencora, as she introduces us to her social circle and takes us on a whirlwind tour through two decades of scandal, scheming, ambition and political powerbroking.Cora's story starts in the 1860s, when she is just nineteen, and married to the older, conscientious politician Plantagenet Palliser. Bored and unhappy, she pines for her ex-fiance, the wastrel Burgo Fitzgerald. However, motherhood and maturity put an end to her youthful dreams - and as her husband's career takes off, she settles for becoming the power behind the throne. But she cannot control her children's futures, however much she tries to guide and protect them.Nor can Cora shape her friends' lives. Clever, politics-obsessed heiress Violet Standish, denied the opportunity to be a Member of Parliament, aspires to marry one instead - will her chosen husband listen to her advice? Newly-elected MP Phineas Finn sets his sights on a Cabinet post - but could his strict principles and weakness for the fairer sex count against him? And wealthy Bohemian widow Marie Goesler is determined to be accepted into the higher echelons of society - might a match with the elderly Duke of Omnium provide the prestige she seeks?From her unique vantage point, Cora watches her nearest and dearest take fateful decisions, make rash mistakes - and even get away with murder, as they struggle to win power and find love...This bold, pacy adaptation of Trollope's 'Palliser' series stars Jessica Raine as Cora, Tim McMullan as Plantagenet, Edward MacLiam as Phineas and Melody Grove as Marie.Written by Anthony TrollopeDramatised by Mike Harris and Sharon OakesDirected by Gary Brown and Emma HardingProduced by Gary BrownCastCora - Jessica RainePlantagenet - Tim McMullanPhineas Finn - Edward MacLiamBurgo - Blake RitsonViolet/Servant - Scarlett CourtneyMarie Goesler - Melody GroveKennedy/Slide/Duke/Orlando Drought/Mr Boncasson - Neil McCaulBonce/Grimes/Sailor/Servant/Popplecourt - Greg JonesCommons Speaker/Judge - Hamilton BerstockMary Flood - Sinead MacInnesFinn's mother - Heather CraneyServant/Policeman/Usher/Johnson/Nidderdale - Ikky ElyasBonteen/ Sir Gregory - Eugene O'HareLowe - Jonathan KeebleFawn - Lloyd PetersLopez - Mark ArendsEmily Drought - Lucy ReynoldsSpurgeon - Clive HaywardMary - Laura ChristySilverbridge - Will KirkLady Mabel - Anneika RoseTregear - Prasanna PuwanarajahIsabel - Julianna JenningsMrs Boncasson - Jessica TurnerTifto - Sam DaleFirst broadcast BBC Radio 4, 10 November 2019-8 March 2020

  • - A BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisation
    af Michael Bakewell
    132,95 kr.

    A seven-part BBC radio dramatisation of Mrs Henry Wood's sensational Victorian bestseller, suffused with infidelity and double identitiesLord Mount Severn's country seat, East Lynne, is magnificent - but its owner is penniless, and when the noble lord dies suddenly, his daughter is left destitute. To avoid misery and humiliation, Lady Isabel accepts a proposal of marriage from Mr Carlyle, the new owner of the estate. However, she soon finds herself battling with two strong emotions: her jealousy of her husband's friend Barbara Hare, and her attraction to the handsome Captain Levison.Suspecting Carlyle of infidelity, she takes drastic action and leaves her husband and children to run away with Levison - only to realise he has no intention of marrying her. No sooner has Lady Isabel been betrayed by her wicked suitor than she is left unrecognisably disfigured by a terrible train crash. With her life in ruins, she adopts a new name and heads back to the place she once called home - East Lynne...Adapted by Michael Bakewell, this much-loved melodrama stars Rosemary Leach as Mrs Henry Wood, Moir Leslie as Lady Isabel, David Collings as Mr Carlyle and Anthony Edridge as Francis Levison.Written by Mrs Henry WoodDramatised by Michael BakewellDirected by Richard JohnsonFirst broadcast BBC Radio 4, 14 June-26 July 1987

  • - A BBC Radio Full-Cast Crime Drama: Series 1-3
    af Gregory Evans
    92,95 kr.

    All three series of the thrilling crime drama set in 1890s WhitechapelWhen Welsh farm girl Megan Evans comes to London to visit her brother who is running the family's dairy business, she finds him strangely unwelcoming. She begins to suspect that he is hiding something, and after she makes some unpleasant discoveries, he is forced to reveal a devastating secret. To save herself and the family business, Meg must risk everything and confront the dangerous gangster Moses Lipski... But there are more problems ahead for Meg. Her life is further complicated by the unexpected arrival of her troubled sister, Beth, and an unwelcome visitor who claims to be her half-brother. Meanwhile, dark forces are gathering, and Meg's plans for expansion are threatened by powerful enemies who will stop at nothing to ruin her. With her business under threat and her burgeoning relationship with Samuel feeling the strain, the stakes are raised still further when a body is discovered in the Thames mud that threatens to destroy everything she has worked for... Written by Gregory Evans, this gripping series about gangsters, gambling and an innocent abroad stars Bettrys Jones as Meg, with co-stars including Trystan Gravelle, David Horovitch and Brian Protheroe.

  • - A BBC Radio Full-Cast Drama: Series 1 and 2
    92,95 kr.

    All ten episodes of the BBC Radio 4 comedy about an eccentric 'olderpreneur' and her adventures in businessAt the age of 51, Bindi Banerjee unexpectedly finds herself out of a job. But she has her redundancy pay-off and a can-do attitude, and as Series 1 opens, Bindi decides to start up her own business. Bindi's Beauty Box soon gets off to a promising start, but Bindi must get her reluctant children on board if she is going to succeed. When she runs into some bumps in the road, Bindi wonders if she's taken on more than she can manage - can she overcome the obstacles and make the business prosper?In Series 2, fresh from her first flush of success, Bindi takes on an exciting new business venture in property development but discovers that Slough just isn't ready for her visionary micro-pods. But Bindi is an unstoppable force of nature, and is determined that nothing will get in her way. As stress levels rise and pressure starts to mount, help arrives from an unexpected source - but just as she is preparing for the big opening, she is put to the test when she finds that not everyone shares her vision...Created by award-winning dramatist Tanika Gupta, this entertaining comedy-drama about the highs and lows of enterprise stars Meera Syal (Goodness Gracious Me) as Bindi.CastBindi - Meera SyalRaj - Chris NayakAnu - Krupa PattaniHema - Rina FataniaSam - Will AshBuzz - Tachia NewallUncle Bash - Vincent Ebrahim/Sagar AryaDwayne - Andonis AnthonyMarcus - Mark StrepanAnil - Nitin GanatraProduction creditsWritten by Tanika GuptaDirected by Nadia Molinari

  • - A BBC Radio 4 Comedy Drama
    af Jan Etherington & Gavin Petrie
    92,95 kr.

    Julian Rhind-Tutt stars as Travis, the 'other man' in love with a married woman, in this six-part romantic comedyTravis meets Grace, the woman of his dreams. But she has one fatal flaw - a husband. And Travis and Grace aren't the only people with complicated love lives - there's also Travis's brother Charlie, Charlie's ex-girlfriend Alice and Travis's not-so-secret admirer Serena.As Travis and Grace try to get their illicit affair underway, events seem to be conspiring against them and their plans are continually thwarted. When they are nearly caught out twice, Travis begins to wonder if he's really cut out for infidelity - especially when he meets the other 'other man' in Grace's life: her son. Meanwhile, the Serena/Charlie/Alice love knot shows no signs of untangling - so Alice decides to take matters into her own hands.Events finally come to a head for all the star-crossed lovers with a date, a declaration, some poetry and a proposal...Created by award-winning husband-and-wife writing team Jan Etherington and Gavin Petrie (Second Thoughts, Faith in the Future) this delightful comedy drama stars Julian Rhind-Tutt as Travis, with Charlotte Randle as Grace.Written by Jan Etherington and Gavin PetrieProduced by Elizabeth FreestoneFirst broadcast BBC Radio 4, 15 March-19 April 2006CastTravis........................Julian Rhind-TuttGrace........................Charlotte RandleCharlie........................Paul ReynoldsSerena........................Alice LoweAlice........................Clare CathcartGeorge........................Russell BentleyIan/Goosey/Cyrano........................Andrew WestfieldAnnie/Miss Lambourne........................Harvey VirdiMiles........................Charlie Hicks

  • - Series 1-4 of the BBC Radio 4 sitcom
    af Jan Etherington & Gavin Petrie
    162,95 kr.

    All four series of the BBC radio comedy drama about a couple experiencing love for the second time - plus special festive episode The Fight Before ChristmasBill and Faith are both divorcees, late in love but new to each other. As they battle to forge a relationship together, they discover that the course of true love doesn't always run smoothly.In these 31 episodes, they move in together, plan a wedding and deal with the challenges of married life - all the while trying to balance the demands of Gavin's ex-wife, Liza, and her teenage children, Hannah and Joe. From bickering about the kids to worrying about money, trying to find time for romance and dealing with feelings of jealousy, the duo's relationship comes under fire from all sides. Can they make love work the second time around?Inspired by the real lives of its writers, husband and wife Jan Etherington and Gavin Petrie, this funny, bittersweet sitcom was adapted for ITV where it ran for five seasons and was followed by an equally successful sequel, Faith in the Future. It stars Lynda Bellingham as Faith and James Bolam as Bill.Written by Jan Etherington and Gavin PetrieProduced by Pete Atkin (Series 1), Sioned Wiliam (Series 2) and Paul Schlesinger (Series 3 and 4 and The Fight Before Christmas)First broadcast BBC Radio 4: 3 November-22 December 1988 (Series 1), 31 October-19 December 1989 (Series 2), 9 April-28 May 1991 (Series 3), 18 June-23 July 1992 (Series 4), 25 December 1992 (The Fight Before Christmas)CastFaith........................Lynda BellinghamBill........................James BolamHilary........................Celia Imrie/Geraldine FitzgeraldLiza........................Belinda LangHannah........................Kelda Holmes/Emma Gregory/Julia SawalhaJoe........................Mark DenhamGrace/Jill........................Moir LeslieAlex........................John Samson/Mark StrakerRay........................Nicholas Courtney/Ian LindsayTed/Mr Burrows........................Norman BirdTreadwell........................Richard TateChristian/Gideon/Waiter........................Ian TargettRichard........................John Moffatt/Christopher Good/Geoffrey WhiteheadSteve........................Guy BroughamRachel........................Rebecca FrontPolice Officer........................Deborah RowbottomDennis........................Brian BowlesMr Roper........................Danny SchillerMarjorie........................Jo KendallRegistrar........................John BaddeleyVideo Man........................Richard TateCabbie........................Ben OnwukweGina........................Danielle AllenKevin........................Mark Straker/David LearnerKarel Cerny........................Nigel CarringtonClayton........................David LearnerChris........................Peter GunnLouise........................Melanie HudsonCourse Leader/Duncan........................Nick Murchie

  • - 2nd Doctor Novelisation
    af Terrance Dicks
    92,95 kr.

    Frazer Hines reads this classic novelisation of a TV adventure for the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe. Many thousands of years ago, strange crystalline creatures came down from the stars and settled on the planet of the Gonds. Over the years they educated the Gonds through teaching machines in the great Hall of Learning. In return, the Gonds periodically selected their two most brilliant scholars to become the 'companions' of these mysterious beings. But when the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive on the planet, they soon discover the true evil purpose of the aliens and learn what it really means to be companions of the Krotons... Frazer Hines, who played Jamie in the TV series, reads Terrance Dicks's novelisation of a 1968 TV serial by Robert Holmes. Cover illustration by Andrew Skilleter Novelisation copyright (c) Terrance Dicks 1985 Original script copyright (c) Robert Holmes 1968 Reading produced by Neil Gardner Recorded at Ladbroke Audio Ltd Sound design by Simon Power for Meon Productions - Executive producer: Michael Stevens

  • af Edith Wharton
    162,95 kr.

    BBC radio productions of classic works by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Edith Wharton - plus two bonus documentariesAmerican author Edith Wharton is renowned for her merciless satires of marriage and money, set in the upper-class milieu into which she was born. Included here are a superb selection of her novels, short stories and plays, recorded for BBC Radio - as well as two programmes exploring her life and work.The House of Mirth - Bewitching socialite Lily Bart is hunting for a wealthy husband - but time is running out... Starring June Barrie, Carole Mowlam and Keith Alexander.Madame de Treymes - John Durham's fight for the woman he loves sparks a confrontation with a powerful and devious French family. Starring Anna Massey and Philip Voss.The Reef - Jodhi May, Sian Thomas and Ben Miles star in Edith Wharton's neglected classic following the complicated love lives of four Americans in France.The Age of Innocence - Recently engaged Newland Archer is drawn to his fiancee's cousin, the exotic, independent Countess Ellen Olenska. Starring Eleanor Bron, Ryan McCluskey and Susan Lynch.The Custom of the Country- Beautiful Undine Spragg arrives in New York, setting her sights on Ralph Marvell. But will he live up to her expectations? Starring Rebecca Night, Dan Stevens and Tom Hollander.Ethan Frome - Trapped in an unhappy marriage, Ethan Frome becomes obsessed with his wife's cousin. Dominic Mafham, Jessica Raine and Laurel Lefkow star in this tragic love story set in rural Massachusetts.The Shadow of a Doubt - Former nurse Kate Derwent carries a terrible secret. Phoebe Fox, Francesca Annis and Paul Ready star in this newly-discovered play from 1901.Great Lives: Edith Wharton - Naomi Wolf joins presenter Matthew Paris to talk about Wharton and her work.In Our Time: Edith Wharton - Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Wharton's novels of America's Gilded Age.First published 1901 (The Shadow of a Doubt), 1903 ('The Dilettante'), 1905 (The House of Mirth), 1907 (Madame de Treymes), 1910 ('Afterward'), 1911 (Ethan Frome), 1912 (The Reef), 1913 (The Custom of the Country), 1920 (The Age of Innocence)Cast and creditsWritten by Edith WhartonThe House of MirthNarrator - June BarrieLily Bart - Carole MowlamLawrence Selden - Keith AlexanderSimon Rosedale - Alexander JohnMrs Bertha Dorset - Anne-Marie DaviesJudy Trenor - Roberta HamondMr Hudson Bart/Van Allstyne- Barry DennenMrs Hudson Bart - Jennie LeePoleworth - Haydn AndrewsPercy Gryce - Arril JohnsonGeorge Dorset - Paul MaxwellJack Stepney - Stuart MilliganCarry Fisher - Zhivila RocheGwen Van Osburgh - Jean BairdGus Trenor - John ChurchGerty Farish - Celia BannermanMrs Van Osburgh - Tucker McGuireMrs Haffen - Thomasine HeinerMrs Peniston - Margot LawrenceGrace Stepney - Kate LockMrs Wellington Bry - Pat FieldNed Silverton/Mr Wellington Bry - Graham FaulknerLord Hubert - Anthony HydeDuchess - Pauline LettsMattie Gormer - Jayne LloydMiss Kilroy/Nettie - Judith MorseMiss Haines/Kathleen - Janene PossellDramatised by Eileen CullenDirected by Brian MillerFirst broadcast BBC Radio 4, 21 March-18 April 1981Madame de TreymesNarrator - Valerie SarrufChristiane de Treymes - Anna MasseyJohn Durham - Philip VossFanny de Malrive - Gwen HumbleMrs Humble - Auriol SmithNanny - Jane WhittenshawKatey - Tara DominickBessie Boykin - Elizabeth KellyElmer Boykin - James GreeneDramatised by John PeacockDirected by Jane MorganFirst broadcast BBC Radio 3, 7 September 1990The ReefNarrator - Sian ThomasGeorge Darrow - Ben MilesAnna - Teresa GallagherSophie - Jodhi MayOwen - Julian OvendenAdelaide/Laura - Debora WestonDramatised by Penny LeicesterProduced by Di SpeirsFirst broadcast on BBC Radio 4, 27 June-8 July 2005The Age of InnocenceNewland - Ryan McCluskeyEllen- Susan LynchMay - Kellie BrightCatherine - Eleanor BronAugusta - Lorelei KingAdeline - Barbara BarnesJane- Sarah GoldbergSillerton - Kerry ShaleJulius - Conrad NelsonLawrence - Martin T ShermanMedora - Margaret RobertsonNed - John GuerrasioDramatised by Jane RogersProduced by Nadia MolinariFirst broadcast BBC Radio 4, 6-13 January 2008The Custom of the CountryUndine Spragg - Rebecca NightMrs Spragg - Barbara BarnesMrs Heeny - Lorelei KingAbner Spragg/Popple - Jonathan KeeblePeter Van Degen - William HoustonMr Dagonet - Paul McClearyLaura Fairford/Princess Estradina - Provence MaydewElmer Moffatt - Tom HollanderRalph Marvell - Dan StevensMabel Lipscombe - Tessa NicholsonClare Van Degen - Lucy GaskellRaymond de Chelles - Joseph KloskaMarquise de Chelles - Olwen MayPaul - Daniel RogersDramatised by Jane RogersProduced by Nadia MolinariFirst broadcast BBC Radio 4, 3-17 January 2010Ethan FromeEthan Frome - Dominic MafhamMattie - Jessica RaineZeena - Laurel LefkowDenis Eady -Christopher WebsterPost Mistress - Adjoa AndohAndrew Hale - Paul MoriartyEdith Wharton - Fenella WoolgarJotham Powell - Adam BillingtonDenis Eady - Christopher WebsterWidow Homan - Victoria Inez HardyMrs Hale - Tracy WilesDramatised by Lin CoghlanProduced by Sally AvensFirst broadcast BBC Radio 4, 16-20 January 2012The Shadow of a DoubtKate Derwent - Phoebe FoxJohn Derwent - Paul ReadySylvia Derwent - Rosie BooreLord Osterleigh - David HorovitchLady Uske - Francesca AnnisDr Carruthers - Don GiletClodagh Nevil - Alexandra ConstantinidiBobby Mazaret - Cameron PercivalFootman - Lewis BrayMrs Fullerton - Emma HandyIntroduced by Laura Rattray, Reader in American Studies, University of GlasgowDramatised by Melissa MurrayDirected by Emma HardingFirst broadcast BBC Radio 3, 28 October 2018Great Lives: Edith WhartonPresented by Matthew ParisWith Naomi Wolf, Janet Beer and Avril HornerProduced by Jolyon JenkinsFirst broadcast BBC Radio 4, 25 September 2012In Our Time: Edith WhartonPresented by Melvyn BraggWith Dame Hermione Lee, Bridget Bennett and Laura RattrayProduced by Simon TillotsonFirst broadcast BBC Radio 4, 4 October 2018

  • - A BBC Radio 4 Comedy Drama
    af Katherine Jakeways
    92,95 kr.

    Rosie Cavaliero and Justin Edwards star in this romantic comedy about a couple who meet on a train'Had me gripped from the start ... Just lovely' - Miranda Sawyer, ObserverSuzie's never been to Cornwall before, but one day she finds herself on the Cornish Riviera Express, hurtling from Paddington to Penzance. She sits next to David and over the course of an eventful five-hour journey an intense relationship develops. But both she and David are married, so they don't expect to see each other again.However, fifteen months later, out of the blue, David lands in Suzie's life again. Another five months pass, and Suzie seeks David out, needing his help. Two years after their first meeting, David again turns up unexpectedly.They've both enjoyed escaping their middle-aged lives together. But now there's no escape from reality; and it's crunch time for Suzie and David. Should the duo make their love affair last?Written by acclaimed actress and comedian Katherine Jakeways, creator of the much-loved radio sitcom North by Northamptonshire, this funny, touching drama stars Rosie Cavaliero (Gentleman Jack) as Suzie and Justin Edwards (The Thick of It) as David.

  • - Queen Victoria's Reign Through Significant Meetings
    af Lucy Worsley
    92,95 kr.

    Lucy Worsley presents a ten-part BBC radio exploration of Queen Victoria's reign via notable encountersIn this revealing series, acclaimed historian and Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, Lucy Worsley, explores the reign of Queen Victoria through pivotal figures in her life. We meet ten key individuals - some well known, others less so - and find out how they influenced the Queen, what she thought of them: and what they thought of her.Beginning with Victoria's Prime Minister and closest advisor, Lord Melbourne, Worsley goes on to introduce us to the Queen's lady-in-waiting, Lady Flora Hastings; the Mayor of Newport, Thomas Phillips, governess Louise Lehzen and two popular American entertainers, Tom Thumb and Buffalo Bill - as well as dresser Frieda Arnold; celebrity nurse Florence Nightingale; royal 'favourite' Abdul Karim and Bishop Randall Davidson.There are also encounters of a different kind, as Lucy Worsley chronicles Victoria's grief at the death of her husband, Prince Albert, and records Victoria's own final days and the crowd of people who gathered as Britain's longest-reigning monarch breathed her last.Travelling from Kensington Palace to a luxury hotel on the Cote d'Azur, Worsley talks to eminent writers and historians and draws on letters and diaries including the Queen's own journal to provide fascinating insight into Victoria's world and those who helped shape it.1 Accession Day and Kinky Lord M - 1837With historian Philip Ziegler2 Poor Lady Flora - 1839With historian Kathryn Hughes3 A Wounded Welshman - 9 December 1839With historians Les James, Rhian E. Jones and curator Oliver Blackmore4 The Governess - 3 September 1842With Historic Royal Palaces curator Claudia Williams5 American Idols - 1844 and 1887With historian Helen Davies and V&A curator and writer Nicholas Rankin6 The Dresser - Frieda Arnold, 1854With Beatrice Behlen, Senior Curator at the Museum of London and Joanna Marschner, Senior Curator at Historic Royal Palaces, Kensington Palace7 A Nightingale at Balmoral - Florence Nightingale - September 1856With historian Mark Bostridge8 An Encounter with Death - 13 December 1861With historian Helen Rappaport9 Mutiny Against an Indian - 1897With historians Priya Atwal and Shrabani Basu10 The Sinking of a Great Ship - Bishop Randall Davidson - 25th January 1901With writer and historian A.N. WilsonExtracts from Queen Victoria's Journals by Gracious Permission of Her Majesty The Queen

  • - The Complete BBC Radio Comedy Series 1-3
    af Nigel Smith
    132,95 kr.

    All three series of the BBC Radio 4 sitcom, plus the hour-long special Locked In'Bold, beautiful, daring radio' The TelegraphVent charts coma patient Ben's journey from the depths of unconsciousness, where he travels through the distinctly odd landscape of his own mind, to recovery and his attempts to readjust to the real world.In Series 1 and 2, as his mum and wife Mary sit round his bedside and wonder how to wake him up, Ben's mind is busy elsewhere. In his imagination, he lives with his 2-year-old daughter Blitz (now miraculously grown up), encounters celebrities such as Sue Lawley, Elvis Presley and Tom Paulin, relives memories from his past and gets into a compromising situation with a fellow inmate at a strangely familiar Torquay hotel. Meanwhile, an imaginary sitcom written by him, about coma patients in a hospital, plays in the background.Locked In, first broadcast as a Friday Play in 2009, sees Ben free of his coma, but suffering from locked-in syndrome. Unable to engage with the world around him, he takes refuge once more in the safety of his unconscious - while the hospital debate whether to send him to a rehab unit or a care home.Series 3 finds Ben taking the ambulance home to begin life in a wheelchair. But life outside hospital is a little fraught. Fortunately, he can still escape into his fantasy world, where he meets Buzz Aldrin, invents a panel game and gets some relationship advice from Lord Byron.Based on writer Nigel Smith's own experience of being hospitalised with a brain lesion, this moving, darkly funny sitcom stars Neil Pearson as Ben, with Fiona Allen as Mary, Josie Lawrence as Mum and Leslie Ash as Blitz. Guest stars include David Mitchell, Robert Webb and Jeremy Paxman.

  • - Sketches from series 1 - 3 of the hit TV show and The Fast Show Live
    af Paul Whitehouse
    92,95 kr.

    Suits you, Sir!With a host of memorable characters and catch-phrases, The Fast Show was one of the most popular BBC TV comedy shows ever. The talents of Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson, Caroline Aherne, Simon Day and many more come together in this collection of selected TV episodes and special edition of The Fast Show Live. This compilation of sketches from the comedy series, features characters such as Ted and Ralph, coughing Bob Fleming, the "e;Suit you, sir"e; tailors from hell, and the bloke in the stupid hat. Pop down to the jazz club, the football field with Ron Manager or check in on the weather with Channel 9. It's bound to be a Scorchio! All the favourite characters plus new sketches are included in this hilarious collection, plus a bonus collection of sketches taken from the live stage performance of BBC TV's top comedy show.

  • - The Complete Series 1 and 2
    af Rhys James
    92,95 kr.

    Comedian Rhys James explores different aspects of himself through live stand up, spoken word poetry and interview clips. In Series 1, titled 'Rhys James Is...' he examines his privileged status, chats to his mum and dad, and reluctantly speak to a girl he had a crush on in school. Rhys also explores the topic of wisdom in his own unique way- by reading a letter he wrote to his future self at 10 years old. In Series 2 'Rhys James Isn't...', Rhys attempts to become more politically engaged by one week trying out one set of opinions, the next week, another. He asks questions such as why are we not doing more to save the planet, whether Facebook is actually spying on us and whether gender neutral toilets are really worth it. With startling insight such as "e;You don't need to find out who you are. It's finding out about who you is"e; Rhys presents a brilliant stand up series about the past, growing up and finding yourself.

  • - Every soundtrack episode of the classic BBC TV comedy
    af John Cleese & Connie Booth
    132,95 kr.

    Welcome to Fawlty Towers, where attentive hotelier Basil Fawlty and his charming wife Sybil will attend to your every need - in your worst nightmare. With hapless waiter Manuel and long-suffering waitress Polly on hand to help, anything could happen during your stay - and probably will.John Cleese's special introductions to each episode are included in this collection of all 12 TV soundtrack episodes: A Touch of Class The Builders The Wedding Party The Hotel Inspectors Gourmet Night The Germans Communication Problems The Psychiatrist Waldorf Salad The Kipper and the Corpse The Anniversary Basil the Rat Co-starring with John Cleese as Basil are Prunella Scales (Sybil), Andrew Sachs (Manuel) and Connie Booth (Polly), with a supporting cast including Ballard Berkeley, Bernard Cribbins, Joan Sanderson, Geoffrey Palmer, Nicky Henson and Ken Campbell.

  • - 4th Doctor Novelisation
    af Terrance Dicks
    74,95 kr.

    An exciting novelisation of a classic TV adventure for the Fourth Doctor, as played on TV by Tom Baker, featuring the Master. For ages past, the Union of Traken has lived in peace and harmony thanks to the power of the Source, controlled by generations of Keepers. But the current Keeper, his powers waning, senses some all-pervading evil about to invade his world. He summons the Doctor to his aid. To save Traken the Doctor fights the terrifying Melkur - only to find that this new enemy conceals an older and even deadlier foe - one the Doctor has encountered before... Geoffrey Beevers, who played the Master in the TV series, reads Terrance Dicks's novelisation of a 1981 TV serial by Johnny Byrne, the penultimate story of the Fourth Doctor's era. Running time: 2 hours 55 minutes (P)2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (c) 2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd Cover illustration by Andrew Skilleter Novelisation copyright (c) Terrance Dicks 1982 Original script copyright (c) Johnny Byrne 1982 Reading produced by Neil Gardner Recorded at Ladbroke Audio Ltd Sound design by Simon Power for Meon Productions - Executive producer: Michael Stevens

  • - 1st Doctor Novelisation
    af Ian Stuart Black
    92,95 kr.

    An exciting novelisation of a classic TV adventure for the First Doctor, as played on TV by William Hartnell, and his companions Steven and Dodo.

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