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  • af Lawrence Butcher
    194,95 kr.

    The ultimate guide to converting your Volkswagen T4 or T5 into a camper van, at home or in the workshop. With step-by-step instructions and photography throughout, this book clearly demonstrates how to safely and effectively transform your VW van into a practical, affordable camper using DIY skills, and basic hand and power tools. Geared towards the home-builder, the book covers: buying guides and planning; tools, materials, costs and legalities; insulation, carpet lining and flooring; fitting a pop-top roof and windows; building interior units, doors and drawers; fitting a rock and roll bed, roof beds and swivel seats, and finally, installing water, gas and electricity, with safety at the forefront. Fully illustrated with 435 colour photographs and step-by-instructions.

  • - A Practical Guide to Their Use in Conservation and Repair
    af Nigel Copsey
    166,95 kr.

    Traditional mortars are eminently workable, effectively porous, economic in use and appropriately durable. Used in buildings for thousands of years, these materials are ideal for repair and conservation work. Unlike cement or modern hydraulic lime, their routine use would make a significant contribution in the struggle against climate change. However, despite the 1975 'lime revival' there remains a deficit in research into the most-used traditional mortars. This book seeks to redress the balance. Drawing upon historic literature, material science and industry case studies, topics covered include: a historical overview of traditional mortars; slaking and mixing hot mixed lime mortars; the essentials of pozzolans, aggregates and lime tempering; plasters, lime washes and sheltercoats, and finally, the revival of interest in the use of like-for-like and compatible mortars. A comprehensive book on the true understanding of hot mixing limes and traditional mortars for the twenty-first century. It is fully illustrated with 286 colour photographs and 11 line artworks. Nigel Copsey is an accredited conservator-restorer and works as a Research Associate in the Dept of Archaeology, University of York.

  • - A Practical Guide for Owners and Breeders
    af James Beaufoy
    141,95 kr.

    Books in the Practical Guide for Owners and Breeders series explore in detail all aspects of owning and caring for individual breeds of dog. They include information on the Breed standard; choosing a puppy or rescue dog; care at every stage of life - from puppy through to the elderly dog; diet and training; healthcare and breed-specific health issues; breeding and whelping and, finally, showing. Author James Beaufoy covers the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and written in an accessible style, this book focuses on providing practical information about caring for your Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and will be an essential resource for all dog owners and professionals. This practical guide focuses on providing information about caring for your Staffordshire Bull Terrier and is an essential resource for all STB owners, breeders and show judges. Superbly illustrated with 198 colour photographs.

  • - Production and Art Direction Explained
    af Georgina Shorter
    100,95 kr.

    Design is at the essence of storytelling, but how does a production find its style and identity? This book explains how to approach design, whether for film, television, video promo or commercial making, and introduces the techniques needed to make ideas happen. Through theory and practical exercises, it looks at design in a different way and shows how the simplest decisions can become powerful ideas on screen. Explains the roles of the design team, including the production designer and art director; Explains how to extract design information from a script and how to identify key themes that can be used to support the telling of the story; Looks at how and where to research ideas, and suggests ways to illustrate them; Explores the importance of images, colour, texture and space to captivate an audience; Shows how to prepare drawings and models using various media; Refers to film and television productions, and shows how design decisions contribute to the story.

  • - Third Edition
    af Andrew Lea
    124,95 kr.

    This new edition of the best-selling Craft Cider Making is fully revised and updated. Packed with essential advice and information, it gives step-by-step instruction for small scale cider making. It retains the best of traditional practice but also draws on modern understanding of orcharding and fermentation science. Written by an award-winning cider maker, it guides beginners into the rewarding world of cider making and helps those with more experience expand their skills to enjoy the craft more fully. Includes a guide to cider apples, as well as advice on growing and caring for them. Packed with essential advice and information and step-by-step instruction for small scale cider making.

  • - Colour, Texture and Techniques
    af Rita Taylor
    166,95 kr.

    Scandinavian Knitwear encourages the knitter to take inspiration from the brightly coloured and textured designs of the traditional knits and the invigorating landscape of the Nordic region to design your own 'Scandi knits' and create unique designs using traditional techniques. The author takes you through the process of formulating ideas, learning about colour, absorbing the local history and finally creating a piece of knitting that has all the flavours of this fascinating region. With full chapters on Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Faroe Islands, coverage includes: the history of knitting and its development in Scandinavia; explanation of various techniques, such as accurate measuring, stranded colourwork and grafting; a full explanation of colour theory; exploration of the development of knitting and the characteristic styles of each country in the region; A 'Stitch Dictionary' of patterns and motifs, with charts that can be modified to suit the skill and style of the knitter; Nineteen complete, original patterns for garments, accessories, and homeware; a chapter of schematics with advice on design development and sizing options.

  • af Johnny Tipler
    138,95 kr.

    The first water-cooled Porsche Turbos were launched in 1979, evolving through Turbo variants of the front-engined 924, 944 and 968. With the new Millennium came the first of the water-cooled rear-engined 922 Turbos, and from 2017 turbos have been applied to the mid engined Boxster and Cayman models. Johnny Tipler describes the progression of these popular cars from their introduction to the present day. Included are interviews with Derek Bell, Jacky Ickx, Walter Rohrl, Allan McNish, Jorg Bergmeister and Hans-Joachim Stuck. Full development and design history for all seven models is given along with specification tables and detailed motorsport achievements.

  • af Nicki Merrall
    133,95 kr.

    Traditional Fair Isle knitting and design skills were originally handed down from one Shetland generation to the next, with each new generation of knitters experimenting, adapting and extending the repertoire of patterns to develop the Fair Isle knitting we see today. Fair Isle knitting is fascinating - only two colours are used in any single row - yet the patterns and colours chosen combine to create something that is more than the sum of its parts. The distinctive combination of colours and patterns, ranging from the simple to the highly intricate, continues to inspire knitters worldwide. This beautifully illustrated book includes the development of Fair Isle knitting; a collection of Fair Isle patterns and motifs; exercises to develop a sense of colour and apply colour theory to Fair Isle knitting and a detailed step-by-step guide for the techniques used in Fair Isle knitting. Five original designs, with further ideas for their modification and development are included too as well as guidance on adapting and designing Fair Isle projects of your own.

  • af Andy Goundry
    138,95 kr.

    The Dennis company has been building vehicles since 1895, making it the oldest continuously producing British manufacturer. From its origins in a small Guildford shop, the company has grown to become a major bus manufacturer with its products selling around the world. This book discusses the company's highs and lows, through two world wars, challenging markets and ownership changes. It documents the vehicles produced and their innovative design features, from early cars and street-cleaning machines to vans, buses, trucks, fire engines and ambulances. First-hand descriptions of how, and why, some of the company's most successful products such as the Dart, Trident and Enviro buses evolved. It explains why their once market-leading fire engines are no longer made. It also analyses the reasons why some products were less successful and explores what happened to parts of the company that were sold over the years. Finally, the company's future opportunities and challenges are considered. The author, Andy Goundry, has not only drawn on his own personal experience of almost twenty years of employment with the company but he has drawn on what is left of the company archives, private collections and first-hand accounts, to produce this book as a salutation of over 125 years of continuous manufacturing.

  • af Diane Favell
    111,95 kr.

    Authentic historical costume is essential for any performance, to instantly communicate a period, a social standing, an occupation or an identity. The responsibility of this representation lies with the costume maker, in their knowledge of the design and their accuracy of construction. The Costume Maker's Companion serves as an aide memoire, to novice and experienced makers alike, covering the common garments of the Medieval, Tudor, Jacobean, Restoration, Regency and Victorian eras of British history. Learn the key styles and fashions of each period before step-by-step tutorials and detailed orders of work illustrate the costume construction process for eight popular garments, from the designer's drawing through to the finished piece. This book also covers working with a costume designer; key processes and equipment; flat pattern manipulations; cutting a pattern on the stand; taking a pattern from an existing garment; costume details, including goldwork and flounces and finally, making accessories, including gauntlets, corsets and ruffs. Logically divided by historical period and supported by over 400 photographs, sketches and diagrams, this book will develop the confidence of any costume maker to take on new projects and expand their knowledge.

  • - Techniques for Solving Genealogy Problems
    af Kirsty F Wilkinson
    108,95 kr.

    Tracing family history has become increasingly popular over the last few decades and the availability of many records online means that those fortunate enough to have Scottish ancestors can easily access many of the sources they need to build their family tree. However, as research progresses, most family historians will eventually hit the dreaded 'brick wall' and find themselves unable to proceed further. This book provides a wealth of information, advice and techniques to help solve these genealogy problems and gives family historians the tools they need to track down even the most elusive forebears. Contents include: sources for Scottish family history research, both traditional archives and online resources; techniques for searching and interpreting genealogical records; planning and recording research and, finally, common genealogy problems and their solutions.

  • - Designing with Colour
    af Alison Dupernex
    198,95 kr.

    The popularity of hand frame knitting is underestimated and there are many passionate and creative knitters who have taken machine knitting into their heads, hearts and hands. Overflowing with colour and stitch ideas, inspirational photos and customizable patterns, this book will inject vitality into your knitting practice. Explore how colours can be juxtaposed for best effect or where Slip, Tuck and Fair Isle stitches will add new textures and make intricate fabrics. Seventy-five knitting patterns, ranging from coats and scarves to bags and sculptures, offer enticing new project ideas as well as suggested variations and additions you can make to expand your design skills. Topics covered include: a history of hand frame knitting; techniques and stitches; the design process; stripes, circles and colour; Fair Isle; lace and sculptural vessels and, finally, how to develop your hobby into a business. Written for both experienced knitters and anyone using a knitting machine, this book will act as a catalyst for hand frame knitters to add stitch and colour variety to their work.

  • - Art and techniques
    af Jake Sugden
    108,95 kr.

    Drones offer the photographer new creative horizons, but how do you get started? This practical book shows you the way. The first section deals with drone flying, while the second guides you through the complexities of aerial photography. Together with practical insights, case studies and professional shots, it illustrates how to take stunning photos from incredible - and hitherto unreachable - angles and heights. Topics covered include: getting airborne and how to choose a drone and fly it safely and legally and developing your skills to capture stunning aerial shots - focusing on composition and lighting. A step-by-step case study of capturing the iconic Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth harbour is featured.

  • - The Complete Story
    af Phil West
    166,95 kr.

    No motorcycle manufacturer is more closely associated with one type of engine than BMW: the air-cooled boxer twin or 'airhead'. It was included in BMW's very first motorcycle in 1923 and virtually every machine the company made, of every type, from radical road bike to TT winner, to land speed record holder, to 1970s style icon and even to the creation of an all-new adventure bike class with the R 80 G/S, right up to the mid-1990s. Phil West celebrates the success of the BMW airhead twin motorcycles. This book, with over 290 photographs, includes a history of the company pre- and post-War; the personalities behind the development of the bikes; profiles of each of the 'R' bikes in turn, including detailed specification guides and production numbers. These wonderful machines are regularly celebrated and now BMW itself is harking back to them with an all-new series of machines.

  • af Sara Lee Roberts
    157,95 kr.

    For centuries, artists have learnt from the art that came before them. This book explains how to make paint meaningful and imaginative responses to the works of the masters. There are step by step examples to illustrate how to get started and how to use thumbnail pencil sketches. Advice is given on how to make larger and slower drawings, and then oil-sketch copies of the masters' work. The author studies the composition, rhythms and colours of the masters and uses their work as a source to practise and understand paintings, and as a springboard for your own discovery and invention. This book explores how a brave and imaginative use of colour can reinterpret paintings to achieve a greater and more expressive effect. Images from the earliest art to the twentieth century are included to feed your creative imagination, and examples of contemporary interpretations to show you the way. With over two hundred inspiring images, it is a unique guide to developing your own artistic voice while studying and enjoying some of the art world's greatest treasures.

  • - 3rd Edition
    af Sue Devereux
    494,95 kr.

    This enlarged third edition of The Veterinary Care of the Horse brings the reader up-to-date with recent developments in equine medicine and surgery. For ease of reference, each condition is explained under headings which include the causes, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and prognosis. It is appreciated that it is not always easy to remember every detail of the vet's instructions when coping with a sick or injured horse. For this reason, recommendations regarding everyday procedures such as cleaning a wound, poulticing and bandaging are laid out in a step-by-step format. Chapters include; The Healthy Horse; Preventive Medicine; the Ill or Injured Horse; Examination of the Lame or Poor Performance Horse; Diagnostic Procedures and Imaging Techniques; Conditions of the Horse's Foot; Tendon and Ligament Injuries; Joint Injury and Disease; Synovial Effusions; Conditions affecting Bone; Muscle Disease and Neurological Conditions; The Horse's Spine and Pelvis; Therapies; Complementary Therapies; Respiratory Conditions; The Horse's Heart and the Circulatory System; The Digestive System; The Horse's Skin; The Reproductive System; Endocrine Disorders; Eye Injury and Disease; Behaviour Problems; Veterinary Care of the Donkey; Veterinary Procedures and finally, Further Advice and Practical Tips. Edited by Karen Coumbe MA VetMB Cert EP MRCVS.An essential book for everyone concerned with the care and management of horses.Each condition is explained under headings which include the causes, clinical signs, diagnosis, treatment, prevention and prognosis.Recommendations regarding everyday procedures such as cleaning a wound, poulticing and bandaging are laid out in a step-by-step format.Fully illustrated with over 1400 colour photographs and 200 diagrams.A fully revised and enlarged third edition.Sue Devereux is a qualified vet and an equine instructor for the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic. Edited by Karen Coumbe MA VetMB Cert EP MRCVS.

  • - A Style Reconsidered
    af Angus J Macdonald
    149,95 kr.

    High Tech - sometimes known as Structural Expression - is a style of Modern architecture that produced some of the most prominent and visually exciting buildings of the twentieth century. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation headquarters in Hong Kong, the Lloyd's of London headquarters in London, UK, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. Extensively illustrated with photographs and diagrams, and accessibly written, High Tech Architecture - A style reconsidered discusses the intended meanings of the visual vocabulary involved in High Tech, and places the style in the broad context of other Modern architecture of the twentieth century. The book offers a balanced re-appraisal of the extravagant claims that have been made for High Tech, by its progenitors and architectural critics, as an architecture appropriate for the built environment of the future.

  • af Johnny Tipler
    166,95 kr.

    Porsche applied turbocharging to its racing cars in 1972 and, within a year, this technology had crossed over into its production cars: the first road-going 911 Turbo was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1973. Johnny Tipler tells the story of the air-cooled turbocharged 911s, starting with the 934 and 935 race cars that fostered the Type 930 in 1974. The 930 accounted for over 21,000 vehicle sales before being replaced by the 964 Turbo in 1990, followed by the 993 Turbo in 1995. With 300 colour photographs, many taken specially by renowned photographer Antony Fraser this book also presents exclusive interviews with Klaus Ludwig, Jochen Mass and Nick Heidfeld, as well as including full specification tables for each key model type. Foreword is by Alois Ruf.

  • af Bruce Macleod
    133,95 kr.

    The techniques used in the welding of thin sheet metal as used on vehicle bodies are vastly different to those used in welding heavier structures. This book covers the various methods of welding used to make and repair sheet metal body panels. Whereas some forms of welding are straightforward, others require a significant amount of skill. The important thing for anyone wanting to achieve a good finish to body repair work is to start with the correct techniques: skill then comes with practice. When restoring a classic car of some value, it is worth putting the time and effort into becoming skilled in the use of all the techniques covered in this book in order to achieve a professional finish to your work. With nearly 200 colour photographs and illustrations, this book lists the equipment and materials required to achieve a successful outcome. It describes the different methods of welding and how to choose the correct method for the job and provides step-by-step practical guidance to achieve a professional result. Finally, it focuses on the welding of mild steel and aluminium alloy, with some reference to the welding of brass and stainless steel sheet metal.

  • - Move Well to Ride Well
    af Debbie Rolmanis
    166,95 kr.

    Do you struggle with pain, a lack of mobility, or a position in the saddle that just won't improve? Do you ever feel like you cannot find the right exercise routine to help your body and your riding, let alone fit it into your busy schedule? Biomechanics for the Equestrian will show you how to prepare your body for life in and out of the saddle by changing the way you move throughout the day. Discover what is causing your lower back pain or the stiffness in your hips and learn how you can move yourself away from discomfort and towards performance, without having to find extra time in your day. Key topics covered include: the physiology of movement; understanding your body; the riding connection; alignment; expansion breathing; mobilization; strengthening and integrating exercises into a busy day. Working with the mechanics of the human body and how we were all designed to move, you will learn how to build a sustainable and functional body that can sit in the saddle with comfort, strength and balance.

  • af Nick Allen
    133,95 kr.

    Dancers represent a unique athletic population. They can often be required to perform a variety of shows of differing intensity and styles: professional ballet dancers may perform up to 150 shows a year, across eighteen different productions. The dynamic and demanding nature of dance can however lead to injury, making injury prevention and management a vital part of dance training. Drawing on research and knowledge from both sports and dance medicine, this book will provide dance and healthcare professionals with a fundamental understanding of dance terminology, physiology and movement requirements, and how these relate to specific injuries commonly sustained in dance. Proposed models and structures of pathology-specific rehabilitation and usable examples are illustrated with step-by-step photographs and anatomical diagrams, as well as case studies for common injuries. Training programmes, conditioning exercises and advice are supported by findings from contemporary medical literature to ensure an informed, conclusive and evidence-based approach to the healthcare of dancers. Chapters will cover a range of issues including the unique challenges seen in dance and how they differ from other athletic populations; physical preparation and conditioning for dance; injury prevention, tracking and management models and an exploration of the regional anatomical injuries commonly seen in dance. Structured rehabilitation and detailed exercise programmes are covered and dance criteria for musculoskeletal injuries, concussion and post-surgery are discussed.

  • af Laura Boswell
    67,95 kr.

    Japanese woodblock printing is a beautiful art that traces its roots back to the eighth century. It uses a unique system of registration, cutting and printing. This practical book explains the process from design drawing to finished print, and then introduces more advanced printing and carving techniques, plus advice on editioning your prints and their aftercare, tool care and sharpening. Supported by nearly 200 colour photographs, this new book advises on how to develop your ideas, turning them into sketches and a finished design drawing, then how to break an image into the various blocks needed to make a print. It also explains how to use a tracing paper transfer method to take your design from drawing to woodblock and, finally, explains the traditional systems of registration, cutting and printing that define an authentic Japanese woodblock.

  • af Tony Buckwell
    108,95 kr.

    Breeding from your Bitch covers every aspect of breeding for anyone who might be considering mating their bitch. Written by a vet, this accessible and invaluable book dispels common misconceptions and addresses frankly the issues involved, ranging from the cost, time and effort concerned, through the mating process itself, to ensuring the health and welfare of both mother and puppies. The book covers factors to consider in choosing a breed; choosing a stud dog and the mating process; care of the bitch during pregnancy; whelping and caring for neo-natal puppies; post-pregnancy care and, finally, rearing a healthy litter.

  • af Paul Jenkins & Dollie Henry
    133,95 kr.

    Jazz dance and its inherent music is recognized as one of the original and most potent art forms of the last two centuries. From its African roots to our present-day global dance community, the jazz idiom has afforded a cross-fertilization with all other artistic, cultural and social representations within the arts industry, providing an accessible dance platform for dancers, teachers and creatives to enjoy both recreationally and professionally. The Essential Guide to Jazz Dance offers a practical and uncomplicated overview to the multi-layered history, practices and development of jazz dance as a creative and artistic dance form. It covers the incredible history and lineage of jazz dance; the innovators, choreographers and dance creatives of the genre; specifics of jazz aesthetic, steps and styles; a detailed breakdown of a practical jazz dance warm-up and technical exercises; creative frameworks to support development of jazz dance expression and aesthetic; performance and improvisation; jazz music and musical interpretation, and finally, choreographing and creating jazz works. With over 230 colour photos and a wealth of tips and advice, this new book will be an ideal reading companion for dancers of all abilities, dance teachers, choreographers as well as all jazz dance enthusiasts.

  • - Marketing Air Travel and Tracing Airliner Evolution Through Vintage Miniatures
    af Anthony J Lawler
    330,95 kr.

    For most of the past century, beautiful models of airliners have been made to promote their airlines' services in travel agents and their own shops. The models also illustrate the evolution of airliner design over these decades: the wood and fabric biplanes of the 1920s, the broad adoption of all-metal airliners in the 1930s, the first jet airliners of the 1950s, the first wide-body airliners of the 1970s and the pioneering small steps in supersonic air travel are all covered. The increasingly colourful exterior schemes adopted by the airlines, to ensure recognition by aspiring passengers, provide an interesting subtext. For model collectors, the airliner type, makers name, scale, approximate age and the materials used are detailed for each model illustrated. A short history of significant model-making companies is covered. With the onset of online bookings and the closure of airline offices and travel agents, the use of models is fast vanishing forever. The focus of this book is to preserve this fascinating era when models were a significant marketing tool, and to ensure that these models, at least in photographic form, survive as a record for future generations.

  • - The Complete Story
    af Tony Bagnall
    166,95 kr.

    After a period of post-war austerity, in 1957 Alfa Romeo decided it was time to re-enter the market for luxury/executive class cars with a new range designed for the growing number and prosperity of potential customers. Thus, the first models in the new 2000 series emerged, followed by the 2600 series in 1962. That they were not hugely successful, although some 18,540 were manufactured between 1957 and 1966, can be attributed to a number of factors, principally cost. Largely ignored for many years, these cars are now recognized as a significant element in Alfa Romeo's history and this book is a valuable record of their story. Richly illustrated with over 200 colour and black & white photographs, this book introduces the history of the company and its early designs; describes the early Berlina saloon, Spider convertible and Sprint coupe, and their development into the 2600 series; details the evolution of the 1900-based engine into the 6-cylinder 2600 engine; provides a history of the SZ Sprint Zagato; includes information on prototypes, show specials, specification tables, colour schemes and production numbers and, finally, includes a chapter on owning a 2000 or 2600.

  • af Andrew Duckworth
    133,95 kr.

    In railway modelling, getting the technical components correct is essential for a realistic-looking layout but, unfortunately, these often present the biggest challenges for the hobbyist. Using his own experience as a railway modeller and electronics engineer, Andrew Duckworth provides a guide suitable for all railway modellers, from beginners to the more experienced. With instructions on how and where to use specialist electronic circuits to enhance your layout, this book will help you to achieve a reasonably sophisticated layout. It provides: an overview of the geometry required for building successful model railways; clear explanations of electronics and electrical components; comparisons of direct control and digital command control (DCC); step-by-step instructions for wiring the track, signals, buildings and lighting; reviews of electrical systems, power supplies, wires and cable, control panels and switches and finally, it covers detection, testing and troubleshooting tips.

  • af Simon Paley
    133,95 kr.

    Despite modern appearances, colour light signalling has been around since the 1920s and is just as full of subtle details and variations as 'traditional' semaphore signalling. The inclusion of a working signalling system within a model railway layout is technically challenging but adds realism and 'wow' factor. This new book contains a brief history of the development and deployment of colour light signalling in the UK; a basic explanation of how track design influences signalling design; an overview of the different types of point motor and, finally, descriptions of the different components that make up a signalling system and how these components are used and controlled. It is an extensive guide to developing and adding realistic colour light signalling to a model railway layout.

  • af Mirka Janeckova
    67,95 kr.

    Glass can add an unusual and ethereal quality to a piece of jewellery. Its transparency, colour and unpredictability make glass a unique material to work with, but it also presents its own challenges. This book introduces the techniques of working with glass to jewellers, and explains how to decide which is the most suitable approach for your design. It covers specific properties of glass, tips for design and ideas for assembling a piece. Hot forming - includes fusing, casting and pate de verre, as well as lampworking. Cold forming - explains how to shape a piece of glass and then bond pieces together Decorative - explains how to embellish your pieces, from painting to photography transfers and metal leaf inclusions. It is a practical guide but, with a wealth of stunning finished pieces, and also provides inspiration for jewellers of all experiences.

  • af Henry Tindell & Dave Cooper
    108,95 kr.

    The techniques of casting are of crucial importance in our day-to-day lives, being used in the manufacture of diverse products ranging from dental implants and hip replacement joints, through bicycle frames and car engine parts, to the most exquisite items of sculpture and jewellery. Nevertheless, the prospect of casting can seem daunting to the home metalworker. Casting for the Home Workshop aims to demystify the craft and make it accessible to all. Topics covered include the history of casting; tools, materials and equipment; techniques; the home foundry and post-casting operations. Will be of great interest to all home metalworkers and craftspeople and is fully illustrated with 280 colour and 75 black & white illustrations and 64 diagrams.

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