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  • - A Practitioner's Guide to User Research
    af Elizabeth (Design researcher and UX strategist at 18F Goodman & Mike (Founder Kuniavsky
    493,95 kr.

    The gap between who designers and developers imagine their users are, and who those users really are can be the biggest problem with product development. This title helps you to bridge that gap to understand what your users want and need from your product, and whether they'll be able to use what you've created.

  • af Bruce Powel (Chief Evangelist Douglass
    576,95 kr.

  • af Sheldon M. (Professor Ross
    820,95 kr.

    Simulation, Sixth Edition continues to introduce aspiring and practicing actuaries, engineers, computer scientists and others to the practical aspects of constructing computerized simulation studies to analyze and interpret real phenomena. Readers will learn to apply the results of these analyses to problems in a wide variety of fields to obtain effective, accurate solutions and make predictions. By explaining how a computer can be used to generate random numbers and how to use these random numbers to generate the behavior of a stochastic model over time, this book presents the statistics needed to analyze simulated data and validate simulation models.

  • - A how-to and why manual for farm, municipal, institutional and commercial composters
    1.375,95 kr.

    The Composting Handbook provides a single guide to the science, principles and best practices of composting for large-scale composting operations facing a variety of opportunities and challenges converting raw organic materials into a useful and marketable product. Composting is a well-established and increasingly important method to recycle and add value to organic by-products. Many, if not most, of the materials composting treats are discarded materials that would otherwise place a burden on communities, industries, farms and the environment. Composting converts these materials into a valuable material, compost, that regenerates soils improving soils for plant growth and environmental conservation. The Composting Handbook expands on previously available resources by incorporating new information, new subjects and new practices, drawing its content from current scientific principles, research, engineering and industry experience. In both depth and breadth, it covers the knowledge that a compost producer needs to succeed. Topics include the composting process, methods of composting, equipment, site requirements, environmental issues and impacts, business knowledge, safety, and the qualities, uses and markets for the compost products. The Composting Handbook is an invaluable reference for composting facility managers and operators, prospective managers and operators, regulators, policy makers, environmental advocates, educators, waste generators and managers and generally people interested in composting as a business or a solution. It is also appropriate as a textbook for college courses and a supplemental text for training courses about composting or organic waste management.

  • - Engineering, Science, Processing and Design
    af University Of Cambridge, Cambridge, Cambridge University, mfl.
    645,95 kr.

    Taking a design-led approach, this book meets the curriculum needs of a wide variety of courses in the materials and design field, including introduction to materials science and engineering, engineering materials, materials selection and processing, and materials in design.

  • af Kai-Tung (Senior Advisor Ma, Yong (President Luo, Chi-Tat (Mooring and Riser Consultant Thomas Kwan & mfl.
    1.038,95 kr.

    The mooring system is a vital component of various floating facilities in the oil, gas, and renewables industries. However, there is a lack of comprehensive technical books dedicated to the subject. Mooring System Engineering for Offshore Structures is the first book delivering in-depth knowledge on all aspects of mooring systems, from design and analysis to installation, operation, maintenance and integrity management. The book gives beginners a solid look at the fundamentals involved during mooring designs with coverage on current standards and codes, mooring analysis and theories behind the analysis techniques. Advanced engineers can stay up-to-date through operation, integrity management, and practical examples provided. This book is recommended for students majoring in naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering, and allied disciplines in civil or mechanical engineering. Engineers and researchers in the offshore industry will benefit from the knowledge presented to understand the various types of mooring systems, their design, analysis, and operations.

  • af Nathan J. (Director of The Academy for Scientific Investigative Training Gordon & William L. (Director of Keystone Intelligence Network Fleisher
    978,95 kr.

    Presents the only book to address FAINT, IIT, and MITT in a single source Enables the interviewer to obtain a confession that can stand up in court Includes an online workbook with practical exercises to assist the reader

  • - Essentials of Underwater Egress and Survival
    af Michael J. (Senior Research Scientist Taber
    1.541,95 kr.

    Handbook of offshore helicopter transport safety offers guidance for offshore helicopter operators, survival instructors and the global offshore workforce.

  • af George (Professor Emeritus University of Cincinnati, Georgia Tech Simitses & Dewey H (Professor Hodges
    1.031,95 kr.

    Viewing structural assemblages as comprising columns, beams, arches, rings, and plates, this book offers an understanding of the mechanical behavior of such structural systems under load and how modeling the resulting strains can predict the overall future performance - the stability - of that structure.

    434,95 kr.

    Covering all major areas of modern organic chemistry, this text consists of 300 problems which challenge the user in terms of providing reasonable mechanistic interpretations of sets of experimental observations.

  • - Design, Metallurgy, Processing and Applications
    af Radhakanta (Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center Rana & Shiv Brat (Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Singh
    1.434,95 kr.

    Automotive Steels: Design, Metallurgy, Processing and Applications explores the design, processing, metallurgy, and applications of automotive steels. While some sheet steels are produced routinely in high volume today, there have been significant advances in the use of steel in the automotive industry. This book presents these metallurgical and application aspects in a way that is not available in the current literature. The editors have assembled an international team of experts who discuss recent developments and future prospects for automotive steels, compiling essential reading for both academic and industrial metallurgists, automotive design engineers, and postgraduate students attending courses on the metallurgy of automotive materials.Presents recent developments on the design, metallurgy, processing, and applications of automotive steelsDiscusses automotive steels that are currently in the early stages of research, such as low-density and high modulus steels that are driving future developmentCovers traditional steels, advanced high strength steels, elevated Mn steels and ferrous composite materials

  • - Practical Statistics for User Research
    af Jeff (Usability Metrics and Statistical Analyst Sauro & James R (Senior Human Factors Engineer Lewis
    456,95 kr.

  • - Materials, Design and Technology
    567,95 kr.

    This major textbook is designed for students studying textiles and fashion at higher and undergraduate level, as well as those needing a comprehensive and authoritative overview of textile materials and processes.

  • - Aligning Architecture, Governance, and Strategy
    af Amrit (Professor Tiwana
    411,95 kr.

    Offers a roadmap for designing and orchestrating vibrant software platform ecosystems. This book offers actionable tools to develop your own platform strategy, backed by original research, tangible metrics, rich data, and cases. It helps you learn how architectural choices create organically-evolvable, vibrant ecosystems.

  • af Morgan Jones
    354,95 kr.

    Suitable for anyone working with tube audio equipment - as an electronics hobbyist, audiophile or audio engineer, this title builds on the success of the first with technology and technique revisions throughout and, significantly, a major new self-build project, worked through step-by-step, which puts into practice the principles and techniques.

  • - The Savvy Manager's Guide
    af David (President Loshin
    423,95 kr.

    Provides an introduction to the concepts to uncomplicate the learning process when implementing a business intelligence program. This book offers an introduction to both business and technical aspects of business intelligence.

  • af Joseph (Distinguished Engineer) Yiu
    532,95 kr.

    Includes information on the ARM Cortex-M4 processor, providing a complete, up-to-date guide to both Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 processors, and which enables migration from various processor architectures to the exciting world of the Cortex-M3 and M4.

  • af Bryan (International maritime consultant and lecturer in marine technology at Liverpool John Moores University Barrass & Capt D R (Formerly Head of Navigation Department at Hull Nautical College Derrett
    612,95 kr.

    Suitable for seafarers and students alike, this book provides an introduction to all aspects of ship stability and ship strength, squat, interaction and trim, materials stresses and forces, with numerous worked examples to assist masters, mates and engineering officers with qualifications and professional practice.

  • - How to Design Intuitive, User Centered Interfaces by Focusing on Effective Communication
    af Everett N (is principal of UX Design Edge McKay
    383,95 kr.

    User interface design is a challenging, multi-disciplinary activity that requires an understanding of a wide range of concepts and techniques that are often subjective and even conflicting. This title explains how to design intuitive user interfaces by focusing on effective human communication.

  • - Managing Chaos and Complexity: A Platform for Designing Business Architecture
    af Jamshid (President and CEO Gharajedaghi
    344,95 kr.

    Synthesizes systems theory and interactive design, providing an operational methodology for defining problems and designing solutions in an environment increasingly characterized by chaos and complexity. This title include chapters on self-organizing systems, holistic thinking, operational thinking, and design thinking.

  • - Everything You Should Have Learned in School...but Probably Didn't
    af Darren (Electronics Product Line Manager Ashby
    304,95 kr.

    Covers the basic theory and practice of electronics, starting by answering the question 'What is electricity? This title goes on to explain the fundamental principles and components, relating them constantly to real-world examples. It delves into how and why electricity and electronics work.

  • - From the Lab, Field, and Showroom
    af Ilpo Koskinen, John Zimmerman, Thomas Binder, mfl.
    393,95 kr.

    Businesses and the HCI and Interaction Design communities have embraced design and design research. This book studies three design research traditions that cover methodological directions in research community. Taking you from the Lab, Field and to the Showroom, it shows you successful traditions in design research.

  • af Colin (Data Visualization Research Lab Ware
    423,95 kr.

    Demonstrates how designs can be considered as tools for cognition - extensions of the viewer's brain in much the same way that a hammer is an extension of the user's hand. This title presents visual thinking as a complex process that can be supported in various stages using specific design techniques. It includes many examples.

  • af Bill (Principal Researcher Buxton
    423,95 kr.

    Explains design and design thinking as something distinct that needs to be better understood - by both designers and the people with whom they need to work - in order to achieve success with different products and systems. This title covers sketching and early prototyping design methods suitable for dynamic product capabilities.

    2.877,95 kr.

    Covers the major manufacturing processes for polymer matrix composites with an emphasis on continuous fibre-reinforced composites. This book covers the major fabrication processes in detail. It is intended for the engineer who wants to learn more about composite processing.

  • af John Moubray & The Aladon Network
    652,95 kr.

    This text gives a practical explanation of what reliability-centred maintenance is and how it is efectively applied. The plant-based approach of the book makes it well-suited for use in industrial training schemes and centres of higher technical education.

  • - Volume 5
    af E.M. Lifshitz & L D (Institute of Physical Problems Landau
    721,95 kr.

  • - Effective Planning and Step-by-Step Execution of Planned Maintenance Operations
    af Tom (Consultant and trainer Lenahan
    552,95 kr.

    Shutdown management is project management of a special kind: managing the repair, replacement or maintenance of critical systems. This book shows the maintenance manager how to get the job done correctly. It covers projects ranging from weekend overhauls through to complete plant rebuilds. It includes detailed check-lists and step-by-step guide.

  • af STAW
    797,95 - 825,95 kr.

    This is the 18th volume in an annual series of reviews of research in organizational behaviour. This volume covers such topics as affective events theory, motivational agendas in the workplace and consequences of public security for leaders and their organizations.

  • af Erik (Senior Product Engineering Architect Seligman, Tom (Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty Schubert & M V Achutha Kiran (Intel Fellow Kumar
    904,95 - 909,95 kr.

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