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  • af David Cavan Fraser
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  • af Garie Dooley
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  • af Tony Dimitriadis
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  • af Julie Rowse
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  • af Brenda James
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  • af Chris Garbacz
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  • - Learning to Thrive through Disruption, Challenge and Change
    af Paige Williams
    207,95 kr.

  • af Nick Muxlow
    207,95 kr.

  • - An Insider's Guide for Successfully Navigating Separation and Saving on Legal Fees
    af Shaya Lewis-Dermody
    252,95 kr.

  • af Shani Taylor
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  • af Knut Alicke
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  • af Mehdi Nourbakhsh
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    Do you want to increase efficiency and productivity to meet demand, but find you're struggling with low budget and resources?As a manager or executive working in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, you're under pressure to do more with less, reduce waste, produce faster, AND still turn a profit.The solution?In the past, technology has helped AEC companies to gain efficiency and become more productive. Artificial intelligence is one of the most under-utilized emerging technologies in the AEC industry, but when understood and used correctly, it improves efficiency, empowers creativity, and improves bottom-line results.There is a lot of misleading and confusing information out there about AI, and none specific to the AEC industry - until now. Unlike other, more technical or generic books, Augment It is written for you, the AEC professional.You will learn:what AI is and what it can and cannot dowhat data is and how it can help your organizationhow to find a good AI problem with a high ROI how to plan and execute your first AI projecthow to build and scale AI projects in your company how to define your AI strategyAugment It also provides case studies of how AI is being used in businesses today. By implementing the techniques explained in this book, you - and your organization - will become an industry innovator with a sustainable and profitable future.

  • af Dr Williams
    237,95 kr.

  • - How Leaders Do Less and Be More
    af Maree Burgess
    237,95 kr.

  • - 5 Steps to Taking Back Control of Your Health and Fitness
    af Jay Quarmby
    317,95 kr.

  • - How to Create Win-Win Outcomes That Generate Loyal, Long-Term Relationships and Maximise Profit
    af Andrew Nisbet
    191,95 kr.

  • - How to Heal Yourself from the Pain of Childhood Trauma
    af Liz Mullinar
    252,95 kr.

  • - Practical Steps for HR Leaders to Build Influence and Thrive
    af Ilona Charles
    210,95 kr.

  • - Stop Guessing, Start Testing
    af Michael Schlosser
    177,95 kr.

  • - Take Control, Restore Wellbeing and Optimise Impact
    af Alison Coughlan
    272,95 kr.

  • - How Wise Leaders Manage Their Energy, Influence Others and Create Positive Impact
    af Ingrid Messner
    262,95 kr.

    Naturally Successful is the 2021 winner of the Australian Business Book Award for Best Management and HR Book.***The sustainability and social change challenges that we face in business and society today can be difficult to even think about. It is easy to lose optimism and hope. The amount of work to be done is overwhelming...and urgent! Uncertainty, complexity and change are constant. Many leaders are exhausted and frustrated by the lack of progress. Performance and wellbeing suffer.Naturally Successful is for leaders who want to create positive change for people and planet...and be well at the same time.You will learn how to:Optimise your personal energy levels and mindset to be fully in charge and thriveConnect more deeply with ''difficult'' people and influence them without authorityUnderstand the influence of different environments and contexts on your workBe a wise leader who can channel natural energy flows for better resultsDrawing on decades of connecting organisational leaders with ancient wisdom traditions, the natural world, modern psychology and a systems view of life, the author guides us through a comprehensive leadership roadmap offering new perspectives and tools that enable leaders to face the mess we are in - in a calm and effective way. Discover the Naturally Successful processes that will support you to feel energised, influential and impactful.

  • - First-Year Lessons for the Female Entrepreneur
    af Cassandra D'Alessio
    267,95 kr.

  • - Escape Change Fatigue, Build Resilience and Awaken Your Creative Brilliance
    af Ciara Lancaster
    252,95 kr.

  • - Surviving Post-Separation Grief, the Stress of Divorce or Separation, and the Family Law Process
    af Shaya Lewis-Dermody
    197,95 kr.

  • - How to Transform Your Business and Thrive In Times of Rapid Change
    af Matthew Webber
    197,95 kr.

    The world is changing at a rapid rate. It's throwing up an endless supply of opportunities - and risks. In other words, it is disruptive. How does a business survive, and indeed thrive, in the midst of this disruption?By embracing the disruption and providing the direction and environment that helps make the most of the opportunities it creates. Leaders can transform their business and thrive in times of rapid change by applying the three attributes of the Fit for Disruption model: Be Commercial: Fit for Disruption leaders have a focus on the structure and control of the organisation. They understand where they are going and why. They build a business model that is profitable. Create Solutions: Fit for Disruption leaders don't stand still. They are inquisitive, they want to be better at what they do, and they love to solve problems. They are innovators. And they employ the people who can help them do and be all these things. Effect Change: Fit for Disruption leaders build momentum and energy around a cause. They take an idea and make it happen. They are not pontificators; they focus on action and deeply connect to their people and customers.When leaders build their business on these three attributes, they will not only navigate the storms of disruption, but begin to create their own opportunities and become the disruptors of the future.

  • - How to Finish Your Best Ironman Triathlon, Qualify for Hawaii and Have Fun Doing It
    af Nick Muxlow
    225,95 kr.

    Have you ever wanted to live the Ironman dream of qualifying for the Hawaii Ironman - and completing it? But what will it take to improve your Ironman training and racing so you achieve the result you want and make this a reality?The biggest challenge Ironman athletes face is not their lack of motivation or determination. They face three key problems: Lack of know-how around Ironman triathlon training and racing principles. Lack of long-term strategy for improvement. Lack of a training plan and accountability.Journey to Kona will teach you how to successfully prepare and train for your next Ironman triathlon, including: How to implement specific Ironman training principles to improve your Ironman triathlon fitness. How the different elements of Ironman triathlon - training, pacing, nutrition, tapering and more - apply to you. How ot invest your time well and get the best training results. How to plan, prepare for and race your best Ironman triathlon. How to have more fun swimming, biking and running!By the end of Journey to Kona, you will have unlocked an unwavering belief in yourself. You will have confidence that your training is going to improve and your racing is going to improve, and you will hit the start line confident that you are going to finish your best Ironman triathlon.

  • - 4 Steps to Discover Meaning in Life After Work
    af David Kennedy & Jon Glass
    109,95 kr.

    Do you ever feel like you're walking blindfolded towards retirement? Do you wonder if there is a better way to prepare?It can be jarring going from working flat out one week to being newly retired the next. We've all heard stories of people who retire only to return to work six months later. While this can be for financial reasons, if you haven't given enough thought to your purpose in this new chapter of your life, there is every chance you will find the early stages of retirement mentally and emotionally hard.In Finding Joy in Retirement, Jon Glass and David Kennedy share their unique perspectives on exactly what it takes to thrive when your career comes to an end, based on Jon's unique retirement coaching conversations and David's interviews with inspiring older Australians from all walks of life.Jon shares the ideas, tools, and methods he uses in his successful retirement coaching practice, 64 PLUS, to shift your thinking and open your eyes to the infinite possibilities of life after work. David then provides a window into the priceless experiences of others, with inspiring stories that shed light on the challenges and triumphs of successful retirement transitions. You'll discover: The 4 essential questions you must answer to discover new meaning in life after work. Why traditional approaches to retirement planning need to change. Valuable advice from recent retirees and colourful stories of unique retirement journeys.You get one chance to make retirement extraordinary. This uplifting book will inspire you to plan for, and work towards, the life that YOU wish to lead beyond the nine to five.Retirement: You won't know what it's like until you get there.

  • - The Busy Woman's Guide to Money Management and Wealth Building
    af Natasha Janssens
    177,95 kr.

    How confident are you when it comes to managing your finances?Do you have a clearly defined goal and a plan mapped out to get you there?Or are you so busy with life's day-to-day activities that your finances are left on autopilot?If making financial decisions leaves you feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. In fact, research has found that women are not as confident as men when it comes to managing finances, regardless of their actual financial literacy!If you wish you could be better with your money but just don't seem to have the time, this book is for you. Written by a working mum of two, Wonder Woman's Guide to Money will give you the tools you need to take control of your financial future, including: How to break out of the debt spiral and get better at saving The secret to becoming mortgage-free and building equity The key to growing your money the safe way The lowdown on offset accounts, life insurance and wills The four steps to getting on top of your super The simple backup plan to safeguard your future Bonus resources to help put your newfound knowledge into action And much more!

  • - Embracing the Pursuit of Meaning, Purpose and Prosperity
    af David (Manley O Hudson Professor of Law Harvard Law School Faculty Director of the Institute for Global Law and Policy) Kennedy
    112,95 kr.

    Your retirement is fast approaching. It should be a time of celebration, but you have more questions than answers.Will you struggle to fill your days with meaningful activities? Will you lose your sense of identity and purpose? Will you outlive your money?The combination of longer life expectancies, declining government support, and a reduction in job security means you need to completely rethink your approach to this phase of life.Fortunately, there is hope.In End of the Retirement Age, David Kennedy presents an optimistic exploration of the forces shaping the retirement landscape, the surprising economic opportunity of an ageing population, and the inspiring ways a generation is redefining retirement in pursuit of meaning, purpose and prosperity.You'll discover: Why retirement in its current form is redundant. How you can adapt to the changing retirement landscape, including tips and strategies to help you prepare. Why older Australians hold the key to Australia's economic prosperity. Inspiring stories from a broad cross-section of retirees.If you are serious about planning for life after work, this book will help you understand the challenges and opportunities of the new retirement playing field, while providing insights, stories and strategies to help you adapt and thrive in this new reality.The retirement age is over. What takes its place has the potential to be transformational.

  • - Using Energy Data to Increase Customer Value and Grow Your Business
    af Wayne Pales
    252,95 kr.

    As an executive of an electric utility, have you wondered how you will navigate increasing regulatory uncertainty, appeal to disheartened consumers, and balance short-term returns with long-term sustainability?You're not alone. Utility companies the world over are grappling with the unprecedented rate of change occurring within the industry, and are becoming increasingly concerned about being left behind.The Digital Utility provides a simple, yet powerful, six-step framework that will set you up for future success. You'll learn how to leverage energy data to provide services customers want, gain support from relevant stakeholders, and drive business growth. Written by author Wayne Pales, this book is based on Wayne's extensive industry knowledge and experience.You'll discover:The secret to becoming a competitive monopoly in the industry.Six industry truths you cannot ignore.Four key principles to fast-track your success.A diagnostic tool to determine current performance across five key categories.How to create a digital utility roadmap using the six-step ENERGY framework.If you're determined to transform your business and become a utility of the future, The Digital Utility will help make it happen.

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