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  • af Sayaka Murata
    91,95 kr.

  • - And Other Essays
    af Rebecca (Y) Solnit
    132,95 kr.

    A collection of essays on feminism, from one of the most important and original public intellectuals writing today

  • - Animal Emotions and What They Teach Us about Ourselves
    af Frans de Waal
    101,95 kr.

  • - A Novel
    af Han (Y) Kang
    91,95 kr.

    A beautiful, unsettling novel in three acts, about rebellion and taboo, violence and eroticism, and the twisting metamorphosis of a soul. Winner of the 2016 Man Booker International Prize.

  • - a History of a Fascination
    af Robert Macfarlane
    98,95 kr.

    Why do so many feel compelled to risk their lives climbing mountains? During the climbing season, one person a day dies in the Alps, and more people die climbing in this season in Scotland than they do on the roads. This title pursues an investigation into our responses to mountains, and how these have changed over the last few centuries.

  • af Slavoj Žižek
    98,95 kr.

    'These [How to Read] books let you encounter thinkers eyeball to eyeball by analysing passages from their work' Terry Eagleton, New Statesman

  • af Ben (Y) Lerner
    90,95 - 170,95 kr.

  • af Han (Y) Kang
    90,95 kr.

    From the winner of the Man Booker International Prize for The Vegetarian comes a stunning meditation on the colour white; about light, about death and about ritual

  • af Janet Malcolm
    98,95 kr.

    In 1970 Jeffrey MacDonald was accused of murdering his pregnant wife, and the journalist Joe McGinniss decided to write a book about it. Malcolm's celebrated book sheds a fascinating light on the conflict and controversy that followed, and asks whether all journalists are, ultimately, immoral.

  • af Rebecca (Y) Solnit
    98,95 - 173,95 kr.

  • - How Peron Brought the Nazi War Criminals to Argentina
    af Uki Goni
    130,95 kr.

    The history of President Peron's conspiracy to protect Nazi war criminals: ';a chilling, detailed story of one of Argentina's most shameful secrets' (Foreign Affairs). It has long been known that, after the Allied victory of World War II, Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele, Erich Priebke and many other Nazi war criminals found refuge in Argentina. In this book, Argentinian historian Uki Goni reveals the complex networks that made their escapes possibleand demonstrates that the operation was organized with the enthusiastic support of President Juan Peron. Even at this late date, when so much is known about the complicity of the Catholic Church and Allied intelligence agencies in the flight of the Nazis, Goni's historical revelations are truly shocking. This edition ofThe Real Odessaincludes a revised introduction and conclusion, with a new afterword containing material that focuses on the Vatican's complicity in providing sanctuary for war criminals.

  • - A Global History of Philosophy
    af Julian Baggini
    98,95 - 257,95 kr.

    The first ever global overview of philosophy: how it developed around the world and impacted the cultures in which it flourished

  • af Mariana Enriquez
    101,95 kr.

  • - A Journey to the Edge of Europe
    af Kapka Kassabova
    101,95 kr.

  • af Ryszard Kapuscinski
    98,95 kr.

    Features a report on the life and death of the Soviet superpower, from the entrance of Soviet troops into the author's hometown in Poland in 1939, through his journey across Siberia and the republics of Central Asia, to his wanderings over the vast Soviet lands in the years of the USSR's decline and disintegration in 1991.

  • af Nick Drnaso
    170,95 kr.

    Longlisted 2018 Man Booker Prize: 'The best book - in any medium - I have read about our current moment ... A MASTERPIECE.' - Zadie Smith - A landmark graphic novel about a missing woman, a viral video and the horrors of fake news.

  • af Hiromi (Y) Kawakami
    74,95 kr.

    From the bestselling author of Strange Weather in Tokyo, here is a story of treasure hoarders, bargain hunters and would-be lovers.

  • af Han (Y) Kang
    91,95 kr.

    A riveting, poetic and unrelentingly powerful work from the author of the 2016 Man Booker International Prize-winning novel The Vegetarian.

  • af Jenny (Y) Offill
    90,95 kr.

    The second novel from an LA Times First Fiction Prize finalist, Dept. of Speculation is an annihilating, electrifying account of marriage and motherhood, love and madness

  • af Justin Torres
    81,95 kr.

    A spellbinding debut novel; three brothers come of age in a poverty stricken town in upstate New York

  • - The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin
    af Masha Gessen
    101,95 kr.

    A brave and revelatory account of how a small-minded, low-level KGB operative came to control the world's largest country and, in an astonishingly short time, destroyed years of progress, making Russia once more a threat to her own people and to the world

  • af Amitav Ghosh
    98,95 kr.

    From the best-selling author of The Glass Palace and Sea of Poppies, an extraordinary work of non-fiction that combines ancient history with a modern-day travelogue.

  • - Real Lives In North Korea
    af Barbara (Y) Demick
    97,95 kr.

    A spectacularly revealing and harrowing portrait of ordinary lives in the world's least ordinary country, North Korea. Newly updated in 2013

  • af A.M. (Y) Homes
    91,95 kr.

    'Makes you laugh out loud, then finally breaks your heart. That's why [Homes] has and deserves her A-list status' Independent

  • - The Conquest Of The Alps
    af Fergus Fleming
    130,95 kr.

    'Here be dragons,' said the old maps ... In the late eighteenth century, a few brave men started to venture up the mountains of Switzerland to discover the secrets hidden in their snowy peaks. Then the British arrived and 'mountaineering' was born. This is a history of the conquest of the Alps.

  • af A. K. Blakemore
    90,95 - 132,95 kr.

  • - Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall
    af Anna Funder
    101,95 kr.

    A stylish reissue of the bestselling contemporary classic, winner of the 2004 Samuel Johnson Prize.

  • - The Crisis of Care
    af Madeleine (Y) Bunting
    101,95 - 203,95 kr.

  • af Sayaka Murata
    91,95 - 130,95 kr.

    Mind blowing, dark and wild, the new novel from Sayaka Murata - author of bestseller Convenience Store Woman - asks: how far would you go just to be yourself?

  • - Why We Went Out
    af Jeremy Atherton Lin
    162,95 kr.

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