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  • af Tahereh Mafi
    92,95 - 107,95 kr.

  • af Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    195,95 kr.

    The Little Prince (Collector's Edition) is a timeless masterpiece by renowned author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Published by Harper Collins Publ. UK in 2023, this book belongs to the genre of fantasy and adventure. The Little Prince is an enchanting story that explores themes of loneliness, friendship, love, and loss. This collector's edition is a tribute to the enduring charm of this classic tale. It's a must-have for book lovers and collectors alike. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of literary history with this special edition from Harper Collins Publ. UK.

  • af Katherine Webber
    93,84 kr.

    Cursed Crowns, a riveting masterpiece by Catherine Doyle, is a book that you simply can't afford to miss. Published in 2023 by Harper Collins Publ. UK, this book has already made its mark in the literary world. As the name suggests, Cursed Crowns is a thrilling journey into a world of royalty, power, and curses. Catherine Doyle, renowned for her exceptional storytelling, weaves a tale so captivating that it's impossible to put down. The genre of the book adds to its allure, making it a must-read for all. So, grab your copy of Cursed Crowns today and dive into an exciting world crafted by Catherine Doyle and brought to you by Harper Collins Publ. UK.

  • af Louise Boyce
    147,95 kr.

    Mama Still Got It by Louise Boyce is an engrossing read that was published by Harper Collins Publ. UK on 2023-06-08. This book is a testament to Boyce's storytelling prowess. The genre of the book is not specified, but Boyce's masterful writing appeals to a wide range of readers. Mama Still Got It is a testament to the resilience and strength of mothers, a theme that resonates deeply with many. As you flip through the pages, you will be captivated by the vivid characters and the compelling narrative. The author's unique voice and perspective shine through, making this book a must-read. Don't miss out on this remarkable work by Louise Boyce, brought to you by the renowned publisher, Harper Collins Publ. UK.

  • af Kiera Cass
    92,95 kr.

    #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Selection series Kiera Cass is back with her most epic novel yet ¿ a sweeping enemies-to-lovers standalone romance.`Love has a sound. It sounds like a thousand heartbeats happening at the same time.¿

  • af Jack Canfield
    167,95 kr.

    The essential companion to the million-copy bestseller The Success Principles, providing readers a practical, step-by-step workbook to transform their lives.

  • af Holly Jackson
    102,95 - 147,95 kr.

  • af Nora Dåsnes
    147,95 kr.

    A gorgeous full-colour coming-of-age novel, perfect for fans of Judy Blume¿s Are You There God? It¿s Me, Margaret, Katie Kirby¿s The Mega Complicated Crushes of Lottie Brooks and The Babysitters Club graphic novels

  • af David Levithan
    122,95 kr.

    ¿David Levithan is an icon of queer young adult fiction. Romance, realism, and relationship drama ¿ Levithan's stories are where my love for queer YA was born.¿ ¿ Alice OsemanFrom the New York Times bestselling author of EVERY DAY, this is a queer love story for the ages¿told over the course of a couple¿s first ten dates.

  • af David Walliams
    147,95 kr.

    Dare you enter the world of MONSTERS?

  • af Oliver Jeffers
    197,95 kr.

    A powerful, thoughtful and bold comment on humanity and its future from one of today¿s most thought-provoking artists.

  • af Dr. Seuss
    167,95 kr.

    The Grinch¿s newfound Christmas spirit is in jeopardy with the arrival of the Whoville¿s Christmas tree competition, but can one special Who remind him of what¿s really important?A sequel to the timeless classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas! featuring all your favourite characters!

  • af Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
    82,95 kr.

    Few books have been as universally cherished by children and adults alike as The Little Prince.A beautiful gift collection of quotes from the original translation by Katherine Woods, featuring full-colour illustrations.

  • af Dinah Jefferies
    92,95 kr.

    Night Train to Marrakech, a captivating novel by Dinah Jefferies, takes you on an unforgettable journey. Published by Harper Collins Publ. UK in 2023, this book is a must-read for those who love to explore different cultures and places through literature. The author's immersive storytelling and vivid descriptions will transport you to the heart of Marrakech, a city known for its rich history and vibrant culture. This book, falling under the genre of travel fiction, is a testament to Jefferies' skill in weaving together a compelling narrative with a deep understanding of the human spirit. Don't miss the chance to embark on this thrilling night train journey with Dinah Jefferies' latest offering.

  • af Kate Weston
    102,95 kr.

    Sex Education meets A Good Girl¿s Guide to Murder in this darkly hilarious YA murder mystery by Comedy Women in Print Prize and Carnegie Medal nominated author, Kate Weston.

  • af Tom Percival
    92,95 kr.

    What does your shadow get up to?

  • af J. R. R. Tolkien
    247,95 kr.

    A sumptuous full colour art book containing the complete collection of more than 100 sketches, drawings, paintings and maps created by J.R.R. Tolkien for The Hobbit.

  • af Max Brallier
    102,95 kr.

    The new full-colour graphic novel in the New York Times bestselling The Last Kids on Earth series, now with over 10 million copies in print worldwide and an Emmy Award-winning Netflix Original show

  • af Colleen Hoover
    102,95 kr.

    Never Never is a captivating novel written by the brilliant Colleen Hoover. Published by Harper Collins Publ. UK in 2023, this book is a must-read for all book lovers. The genre of the book is a mix of mystery, romance, and drama, making it a perfect read for anyone who enjoys a good suspenseful storyline. The story is beautifully written, with Hoover's characteristic emotional depth and complexity. The book explores the themes of love, loss, and the power of memory. It's a story that will stay with you long after you've turned the last page. Published by Harper Collins Publ. UK, Never Never is a book that will surely leave a lasting impression on its readers.

  • af Natasha Khan Kazi
    92,95 kr.

    Journey across the globe with the Moon during the holy month of Ramadan, and discover how Muslims and non-Muslims alike can celebrate the Islamic month, ending with Eid!

  • af HarperCollins Children's Books
    82,95 kr.

    Paddington goes on a right royal adventure in this hilarious new picture book based on the award-winning animated series, The Adventures of Paddington!

  • af Tara Wigley
    167,95 kr.

    How to Butter Toast is the antidote to cookbook-overload. In this fun and entertaining recipe book without any recipes, Ottolenghi co-writer Tara Wigley equips you with rhymes and confidence to cook great food instinctively.

  • af Sue Minix
    102,95 kr.

    I loved writing murder mysteries, until I was thrust into the centre of one ¿

  • af J. L. Blackhurst
    102,95 kr.

    One sister is a cop.The other a con artist.Both are suspects.`A tasty whodunnit¿ The Sun¿Three deviously clever impossible crimes¿ Gigi Pandian¿I especially loved the strident, salty, can¿t-live-with-can¿t-live-without relationship between the two sisters¿ J.M. Hall

  • af Jesse Sutanto
    102,95 kr.

    Pre-order the new must-read psychological thriller from the bestselling author of Vera Wong¿s Unsolicited Advice For Murderers

  • af Arthur Edwards
    247,95 kr.

  • af Katherine Applegate
    92,95 kr.

    From beloved powerhouse author Katherine Applegate comes The One and Only Ruby, starring the adorable baby elephant from the Newbery Medal-winning modern classic The One and Only Ivan and its bestselling sequel, The One and Only Bob.

  • af Soman Chainani
    92,95 kr.

    THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL is now a major motion picture from Netflix ¿ starring Academy Award winner Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, Laurence Fishburne, Michelle Yeoh, Sofia Wylie, Sophie Anne Caruso, Jamie Flatters, Earl Cave, Kit Young and more!

  • af Laura Noakes
    92,95 kr.

    Meet Cosima Unfortunate, and prepare to go on the adventure of a lifetime . . . A breathtaking tale of mystery, family and friendship from a phenomenal new voice, perfect for fans of Katherine Rundell, Tamzin Merchant, Hana Tooke and Robin Stevens.`Gorgeous and powerfully inclusive¿¿ Aisling Fowler, author of Fireborn

  • af Laura Ellen Anderson
    92,95 kr.

    The third book in this magical series from best-selling author and illustrator, Laura Ellen Anderson!

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