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  • af Thomas Piketty
    303,95 kr.

    Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century showed that capitalism, left to itself, generates deepening inequality. In this audacious follow-up, he challenges us to revolutionize how we think about ideology and history, exposing the ideas that have sustained inequality since premodern times and outlining a fairer economic system.

  • af Thomas Piketty
    175,95 - 335,95 kr.

    The main driver of inequality--returns on capital that exceed the rate of economic growth--is again threatening to generate extreme discontent and undermine democratic values. Thomas Piketty's findings in this ambitious, original, rigorous work will transform debate and set the agenda for the next generation of thought about wealth and inequality.

  • - Why Our Freedom is in Danger and How to Save it
    af Yascha Mounk
    165,95 - 249,95 kr.

    From India to Turkey, from Poland to the United States, authoritarian populists have seized power. Two core components of liberal democracy individual rights and the popular will are at war, putting democracy itself at risk. In plain language, Yascha Mounk describes how we got here, where we need to go, and why there is little time left to waste.

  • - Defending Human Expertise in the Age of AI
    af Frank Pasquale
    249,95 kr.

    Artificial intelligence threatens to disrupt the professions as it has manufacturing. Frank Pasquale argues that law and policy can avert this outcome and promote better ones: instead of replacing humans, technology can make our labor more valuable. Through regulation, we can ensure that AI promotes inclusive prosperity.

  • af Michael Tomasello
    175,95 kr.

  • - Psychological Theory and Women's Development
    af Carol Gilligan
    207,95 kr.

    In a Different Voice is the little book that started a revolution, making women's voices heard, in their own right and with their own integrity, for virtually the first time in social scientific theorizing about women. Its impact was immediate and continues to this day, in the academic world and beyond.

  • af Walter Benjamin
    273,95 kr.

    This first volume shows that even as a young man Walter Benjamin possessed astonishing intellectual range and depth. His topics here include poetry and fiction, drama, philosophy, history, religion, love, violence, morality, mythology, painting, and much more.

  • af Edward O. Wilson & Bert Holldobler
    1.195,95 kr.

  • af Peter C. Brown
    259,95 kr.

    Drawing on cognitive psychology and other fields, Make It Stick offers techniques for becoming more productive learners, and cautions against study habits and practice routines that turn out to be counterproductive. The book speaks to students, teachers, trainers, athletes, and all those interested in lifelong learning and self-improvement.

  • - Wealth Managers and the One Percent
    af Brooke Harrington
    165,95 kr.

    How do the one percent keep getting richer despite financial crises and the myriad of taxes on income, capital gains, and inheritance? Brooke Harrington interviewed professionals who specialize in protecting the fortunes of the world's richest people: wealth managers. To gain access to their tactics and mentality, she trained to become one of them.

  • - Inside Japanese POW Camps
    af Sarah Kovner
    301,95 kr.

    Many Allied POWs in the Pacific theater of World War II suffered terribly. But abuse wasn't a matter of Japanese policy, as is commonly assumed. Sarah Kovner shows poorly trained guards and rogue commanders inflicted the most horrific damage. Camps close to centers of imperial power tended to be less violent, and many POWs died from friendly fire.

  • - The Triumph and Peril of America's Alliances
    af Mira Rapp-Hooper
    260,95 kr.

    During the Cold War, the United States shook off its traditional aversion to alliances and built the most impressive peacetime treaty structure in history. Yet today politicians argue that the country is so secure it gains nothing paying the cost of mutual defense. In doing so, they threaten a key source of that security: the alliances themselves.

  • - The Psychology of Boredom
    af James Danckert & John D. Eastwood
    238,95 kr.

    Usually when we're bored, we try to distract ourselves. But soon enough, boredom returns. James Danckert and John Eastwood argue that we can learn to handle boredom more effectively by recognizing what research shows: boredom indicates unmet psychological needs. Boredom, therefore, can motivate us to change what isn't working in our lives.

  • - Heroes and History
    af Patrice Gueniffey
    301,95 kr.

    It is well and good that historians no longer spend all their efforts relating the glories and trials of political and military leaders. But Patrice Gueniffey believes that heroes still have something to tell us. He contrasts two of them, Napoleon Bonaparte and Charles de Gaulle, to better understand how individual exploits have shaped our world.

  • af William G Eberhard
    530,95 kr.

  • - Aesthetic Judgment and Capitalist Form
    af Sianne Ngai
    283,95 kr.

    Acclaimed critic Sianne Ngai theorizes the gimmick as an aesthetic category reflecting the fundamental laws of capitalism. Gimmicks make promises of saving labor and increasing value that we distrust but also find attractive. Exploring the use of this form, Ngai shows how its aesthetic dissatisfactions reflect deeper anxieties about capitalism.

  • - Why New Realities Demand New Rights
    af William F. Schulz & Sushma Raman
    249,95 kr.

    Do robots have rights? What about ecosystems? For that matter, what are our rights online? Is state corruption a violation of human rights? Beliefs about rights are changing, leading to new questions. William Schulz and Sushma Raman, both experienced human rights advocates, lay out the central debates of today's rights revolution.

  • af Appian
    207,95 kr.

    Appian (ca. AD 95-161) is a principal source for the history of the Roman Republic. His theme is the process by which Rome achieved her contemporary prosperity, and his method is to trace in individual books the story of each nation's wars with Rome up through her own civil wars. This Loeb edition replaces the original by Horace White (1912-13).

  • af Appian
    207,95 kr.

    Appian (ca. AD 95-161) is a principal source for the history of the Roman Republic. His theme is the process by which Rome achieved her contemporary prosperity, and his method is to trace in individual books the story of each nation's wars with Rome up through her own civil wars. This Loeb edition replaces the original by Horace White (1912-13).

  • - The Future of the System That Rules the World
    af Branko Milanovic
    233,95 kr.

    For the first time in history, the globe is dominated by one economic system. Capitalism prevails because it delivers prosperity and meets desires for autonomy. But it also is unstable and morally defective. Surveying the varieties and futures of capitalism, Branko Milanovic offers creative solutions to improve a system that isn't going anywhere.

  • - The High Stakes of Scientific Research
    af Nicolas Chevassus-au-Louis
    301,95 kr.

    From manipulated results and fake data to retouched illustrations and plagiarism, cases of scientific fraud have skyrocketed in the past two decades. In a damning expose, Nicolas Chevassus-au-Louis details the circumstances enabling the decline in scientific standards and highlights efforts to curtail future misconduct.

  • - The History of a Word
    af Daniel B. Schwartz
    283,95 kr.

    Few words are as ideologically charged as "ghetto," a term that has described legally segregated Jewish quarters, dense immigrant enclaves, Nazi holding pens, and black neighborhoods in the United States. Daniel B. Schwartz reveals how the history of ghettos is tied up with struggle and argument over the slippery meaning of a word.

  • - Books 1-2.
    af Procopius
    207,95 kr.

  • af Cato & Varro
    226,95 kr.

  • - People and Power in New Rome
    af Anthony Kaldellis
    335,95 kr.

    Scholars have long claimed that the Eastern Roman Empire, a Christian theocracy, bore little resemblance to ancient Rome. Here, Anthony Kaldellis reconnects Byzantium to its Roman roots, arguing that it was essentially a republic, with power exercised on behalf of, and sometimes by, Greek-speaking citizens who considered themselves fully Roman.

  • - Paris and Modern Gastronomic Culture
    af Rebecca L. Spang
    207,95 kr.

    As Spang explains, during the 1760s and 1770s, sensitive, self-described sufferers made public show of their delicacy by going to the new establishments known as "restaurateurs' rooms" to sip bouillons. But these locations soon became sites for extending frugal, politically correct hospitality and later became symbols of aristocratic greed.

  • af Egbert of Liege
    317,95 kr.

    The Well-Laden Ship is an eleventh-century Latin poem composed of ancient and medieval proverbs, fables, and folktales. It was one of the few surviving works from the Middle Ages written explicitly for schoolroom use. Most of the content derives from the Bible, especially the wisdom books, from the Church Fathers, and from the ancient poets.

  • - The Origins of American Racial Anglo-Saxonism
    af Reginald Horsman
    299,95 kr.

    American myths about national character tend to overshadow the historical realities. Reginald Horsman's book is the first study to examine the origins of racialism in America and to show that the belief in white American superiority was firmly ensconced in the nation's ideology by 1850.

  • af Victor Brombert
    338,95 kr.

    Victor Brombert reassesses in a modern perspective the power and originality of Hugo's work, and provides a new interpretation of Hugo's narrative art as well as a synthesis of his poetic and moral vision. The twenty-eight drawings by Hugo reproduced in this book are further testimony to the visionary nature of Hugo's imagination.

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