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  • af Pauline Oliveros
    137,95 kr.

    Deep Listening: A Composer's Sound Practice offers an exciting guide to ways of listening and sounding. This book provides unique insights and perspectives for artists, students, teachers, mediators and anyone interested in how consciousness may be effected by profound attention to the sonic environment.Deep Listening is a practice created by composer Pauline Oliveros in order to enhance her own as well as other's listening skills. She teaches this practice worldwide in workshops, retreats and in her ground breaking Deep Listening classes at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Mills College. Deep Listening practice is accessible to anyone with an interest in listening. Undergraduates with no musical training benefit from the practices and successfully engage in creative sound projects. Many report life changing effects from participating in the Deep Listening classes and retreats. Oliveros is recognized as a pioneer in electronic music and a leader in contemporary music as composer, performer, educator and author. Her works are performed internationally and her improvisational performances are documented extensively on recordings, in the literature and on the worldwide web.

  • af Gwen Olsen
    137,95 kr.

  • - Volume III: The Evolution: 1984 to 2000
    af Donny Petersen & Petersen Donny Petersen
    422,95 - 472,95 kr.

  • - Your Guide to Ending the Emotional Roller Coaster
    af Psy D Gretchen Kubacky
    234,95 kr.

    Have you tried almost everything to remedy your Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and havent been able to find relief? More than 200,000 women are diagnosed each year and suffer with everything from mood swings and weight gain, to acne and infertility.In The PCOS Mood Cure, author Dr. Gretchen Kubacky provides information and coping mechanisms for the mental health issues related to PCOS and gives you the tools to start feeling better today. With her characteristic warmth, compassion, and clarity, as well as a practical approach grounded in research, Dr. Kubacky shows you how to:Tame anxiety, irritability, and mood swings;Manage stress;Banish food cravings;Fix sleep problems, fatigue, and brain fog; Create a rock star medical team;Understand medication, supplements, and psychological diagnoses;Take charge of your health and happiness; and Feel hopeful again. Meant to educate, inspire, and encourage, The PCOS Mood Cure offers advice on dealing with the physical, psychological, and social consequences of this disease; gives you a sustainable plan; and suggests a path to freedom.

  • af Margaret Doner
    162,95 kr.

    Incarnated angelic beings and starseeds are born with an inherent spiritual awareness that, sooner or later, leads them to question the nature of reality. Often these individuals feel they dont belong here. Since childhood, they have challenged many of the teachings they receive. It is as though they are immune to the mundane and are aware of another reality. Their journey is the mystical and metaphorical journey of the hero: the journey to leave home, delve into the depths, and return home once againbut this time, with wisdom. If you identify with some of the ideas in this book, it is very possible that you, too, are an incarnated angel or a starseed.

  • af Melvin Stamper Jd
    137,95 kr.

  • af Charles T Tart
    207,95 kr.

    Originally published: New York: E.P. Dutton, 1975.

  • af Herman Melville
    164,95 kr.

  • - The Gospel of Thomas & the Book of Revelations, Deciphered
    af Higher Connections Group
    142,95 kr.

    THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTIANITYWithout a doubt, the most controversial or the most satisfying book of the century, for this book will cause you to stop and examine your very existence.Do you know ...... That Jesus did not die for your sins? ... That the Trinity does not exist? ... That there is no future place called Heaven and that there is no Hell? ...That you can live life abundantly and experience eternal life "right now, right here on earth?" ... That Jesus was not the only son of God? ... That the prophet Isaiah predicted: In our time church doctrine would be unnecessary; that one man would not have to teach another for the truth would be made known to everyone? ... Who and what the "Beast" really is? These questions and more are answered based upon the true sayings of Jesus, as well as the Aramaic culture!

  • - The Frontier Life of a Mountain Man
    af Wayde Bulow
    173,94 kr.

  • - Expert Advice for Maximizing Recovery from Bell's Palsy, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, and Other Causes of Facial Nerve Paralysis
    af The Foundation for Facial Recovery
    287,95 kr.

  • - Sacred Lore of the North
    af The Norroena Society
    334,95 kr.

  • - First Edition
    af Harley L Zephier & Robin L Zephier
    417,95 kr.

  • af Samantha Clifton
    127,95 kr.

  • - Volume VI: The Ironhead Sportster: 1957 to 1985
    af Donny Petersen
    297,95 - 457,95 kr.

  • - A Spiritual Path for Couples
    af Robert and Diana Van Arsdale
    292,95 - 387,95 kr.

  • - Current Views on Its Nature, Diagnosis, and Treatment
    af Yvonne Van Zaalen & Isabella Reichel
    317,95 - 407,95 kr.

  • - Esoteric Math and Astrology Techniques for the Market Trader
    af M G Bucholtz B Sc Mba
    187,95 - 262,95 kr.

  • - A Story of Tragedy and Forgiveness
    af Grace L Fabian
    197,95 - 297,95 kr.

  • - Volume Two: The Oracle
    af T c TOMBS
    277,95 - 377,95 kr.

  • - Modern Playwrights and the Quest for Originality
    af Wagdi Zeid
    112,95 - 257,95 kr.

  • - A Memoir of Lost Generations
    af Peter Hovenden Longley
    397,95 - 457,95 kr.

  • af Rudolph Lea
    237,95 kr.

  • af Rocky Evans
    127,95 kr.

  • - A Path to Degenerative Development
    af Tony Akaki
    157,95 - 207,95 kr.

  • - Poems and Pictures
    af Teri Buford O'Shea
    162,95 kr.

  • - A Memoir
    af Pauline A G Johansen
    125,95 - 227,95 kr.

  • - How to Succeed with Your Blended Family
    af Charlotte Egemar Kaaber
    210,95 - 312,95 kr.

  • - Behind the Collapse of the Soviet Union
    af Thomas Kenny & Roger Keeran
    195,95 kr.

  • - Proper Strength Training for Maximum Results
    af Gary Bannister
    237,95 - 332,95 kr.

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