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  • - How the British Conquered Themselves
    af Peter Mitchell
    176,95 - 808,95 kr.

    A short, polemical study of the persistence of imperial nostalgia in modern British culture, politics, heritage and media. -- .

  • - China's Campaign Against Xinjiang's Muslims
    af Sean R. Roberts
    226,95 - 247,95 kr.

    This is the first account of one of the world's most pressing humanitarian catastrophes. Revealing how China has used the US-led War on Terror as cover for its increasingly brutal suppression of the Uyghur people, it provides a lucid and far-reaching analysis of a cultural genocide, while allowing the voices of those caught up in the human tragedy to be heard for the first time. -- .

  • - A New Politics of Provision for an Urbanized Planet
    af Stephen Hall, Alex Schafran & Matthew Noah Smith
    142,95 - 668,95 kr.

    This book is about how a new form of social contract, which we call the spatial contract, can help revitalize the economies of the basic things that matter - the core systems which build and provision the settlements human beings call home. -- .

  • - Spirituality and Social Change
    af Kathleen G. Cushing
    142,95 - 176,95 kr.

    Assessing the relationship between reform and the papacy in eleventh-century Europe from the perspectives of social and religious change, this book fills a gap in current literature and offers new insights into an important topic in medieval history -- .

  • - A Critical Introduction to its Methods
    af Michael Hatt & Charlotte Klonk
    173,95 kr.

    Unique in its approach, by applying the different theories used in art history to one painting, Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon An ideal text for teaching, it provides a lively and stimulating introduction to methodological debates within the subject Offers a lucid account of approaches from Hegel to post-colonialism by.

  • - The Trouble with Mainstream Feminism
    af Alison Phipps
    92,95 - 132,95 kr.

    Phipps argues that the mainstream movement against sexual violence embodies a political whitenesswhich both reflects its demographics and limits its revolutionary potential. -- .

  • - The Social Life of Music
    af Nick Crossley
    235,95 - 883,95 kr.

    An original and compelling account of the social nature of music and its interplay with the wider society to which it belongs. Crossley explores the doing and meanings of music, as well as its interface with economic, political and wider social structures. -- .

  • - State, Market, and the Party in China's Financial Reform
    af Julian Gruin
    202,95 - 815,95 kr.

    This book offers a novel account of how the Chinese Communist Party has achieved rapid economic growth while preserving political stability. Drawing on extensive fieldwork and challenging existing paradigms of political economy, it sheds light on the financial foundations of China's evolving authoritarian capitalism. -- .

  • - How We Avoid Insight from Others
    af Mikael Klintman
    123,95 - 235,95 kr.

    Concerns about people's resistance to facts and knowledge are becoming increasingly serious. This book draws on the social, economic and evolutionary sciences to provide an integrated understanding of the phenomenon. -- .

  • - Mapping Cosmetic Surgery Tourism
    af David Bell, Ruth Holliday & Meredith Jones
    235,95 - 808,95 kr.

    Beautyscapes is the first book to focus specifically on cosmetic surgery tourism. It draws on key themes of interest to students and researchers interested in globalisation and mobility, such as gender and class, neoliberalism, social media, conviviality and care, to explain the nature and growing popularity of international medical travel. -- .

  • af Brian Hanley
    837,95 kr.

    This book tells the story of how the war in Northern Ireland threatened to engulf the Republic. It explains how popular opinion responded to the crisis from marching in solidarity with nationalists to increasing disengagement and fear. -- .

  • - Challenges and Opportunities
    af Hussein Solomon & Stephen Emerson
    252,95 - 1.000,95 kr.

    Through the lens of human security, this book examines the continent's most pressing security challenges - from identity conflict and failing states to terrorism, disease, and environmental degradation - and in doing so provide a comprehensive look at the complexities of building peace and stability in modern-day Africa.

  • - The Global Public and its Problems
    af John Narayan
    38,95 - 919,95 kr.

    Arguing that John Dewey should be read not as a 'local' American thinker but as a philosopher of globalisation, this book shows how he sets out an evolutionary form of global and national democracy, one that has not been fully appreciated even by contemporary scholars of pragmatism. -- .

  • - Principles and Practice
    af J. E. M. Benham
    277,95 - 883,95 kr.

    This study explores the making of peace in the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries based on the experiences of the kings of England and the kings of Denmark. It offers a vision of how relationships between rulers were regulated and maintained in a period before nation states and international law. -- .

  • af David Arter
    202,95 - 815,95 kr.

    This fully revised and updated second edition of 'Scandinavian politics today' describes, analyses and compares the contemporary politics and international relations of the five nation-states of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and the three Home Rule territories of Greenland, Faeroes and Aland that together make up the Nordic region. Thirteen chapters cover Scandinavia past and present; parties in developmental perspective; the Scandinavian party system model; the Nordic model of government; the Nordic welfare model; legislative-executive relations in the region; the changing security environment and the transition from Cold War 'security threats' to the 'security challenges' of today; and a concluding chapter looks at regional co-operation, Nordic involvement in the 'European project' and the Nordic states as 'moral superpowers'. The book will be of interest not only to students of Scandinavia but to those wishing to view Scandinavian politics and policy-making in a wider comparative perspective.

  • af Colin Copus
    226,95 - 808,95 kr.

    In defence of councillors is an unashamed defence of local representative democracy and of those elected to serve as councillors from the often ill-informed, ill-judged and inaccurate criticism made by the media, government and public, of councillors' personal, political and professional roles. By using qualitative research from a number of related projects, the book examines the roles, functions and responsibilities of councillors and the expectations placed upon them by citizens, communities and government. It also examines the impact council membership has on other facets of the councillor's life. The book examines how councillors develop strategies to overcome the constraints and restrictions on their office so as to be able to govern their communities, balance their political and public life and democratise and hold to account a vast array of unelected bodies that spend public money and develop public policy without the electoral mandate and legitimacy held by our councillors.

    365,95 kr.

    Explores the complexities of France's role in Africa over the past century -- .

  • - A New History of Fashionable Dress
    af Christopher Breward
    200,95 kr.

    This illustrated survey of 600 years of fashion investigates its cultural and social meanings from medieval Europe to 20th-century America. It provides a guide to the changes in style and taste, showing that clothes have always played a pivotal role in defining a sense of identity and society.

  • - A Report on Knowledge
    af Jean-Francois Lyotard
    176,95 kr.

    Many definitions of postmodernism focus on its nature as the aftermath of the modern industrial age when technology developed. This book extends that analysis to postmodernism by looking at the status of science, technology, and the arts, the significance of technocracy, and the way the flow of information is controlled in the Western world. -- .

  • - Contesting Authority on the Early Modern Stage
    af Ben Haworth
    808,95 kr.

    Liminal Shakespeare provides a unique set of perspectives through which Shakespeare's forests, battlefields, shores and gardens are revealed as deliberate dramatic devices with the capacity to destabilise social structures. -- .

  • - Popular Sovereignty from Machiavelli to Modernity
    905,95 kr.

    This book analyses popular sovereignty, one of the fundamental features of modern politics and history. It critically engages with the key thinkers responsible for creating and criticizing popular sovereignty and covers topics such as war, finance, legislation, revolution, religion and political ideology. -- .

  • - Empire, Mutability, and Moral Philosophy in Early Modernity
    af Andrew Wadoski
    808,95 kr.

    A novel account of Edmund Spenser as a moral theorist, Spenser's ethics situaties his ethics in the contexts of early modern moral philosophy and the English colonization of Ireland. -- .

  • - BBC Broadcasts During the Second World War
    af Ester Lo Biundo
    808,95 kr.

    London calling Italy is a book about the BBC Italian Service during the Second World War. It examines the role of the Italian broadcasters, the programmes and their reception. -- .

    226,95 kr.

    This is the first English translation of Jacopo da Varagine's Chronicle of the city of Genoa. It broadens the available literature in English on medieval Italian urban life, providing an engaging introduction to medieval Genoa, civic culture, Dominican composition and the 'historical Jacopo'. -- .

    856,95 kr.

    The Anglo-Welsh aristocrats George Herbert (1593-1633) and Edward Herbert (1583-1648) are striking examples of an early European republic of letters. This volume argues that in their lives and works, a cosmopolitanism born of warfare and strife imagined a radical communion and openness. -- .

  • - George Chapman
    af Charles Edelman
    226,95 kr.

    In this edition, an extensive introduction and commentary show how Chapman combines the literary and theatrical traditions of ancient Rome with everyday life in his own time to fashion a sparkling and innovative comedy that will delight audiences today as much as it did those of 1599. -- .

  • - George Peele
    226,95 kr.

    Martin's new critical edition of George Peele's David and Bathsheba opens up this explosive drama about the turbulent and bloody Davidic period of Ancient Israel's history to student and scholar alike with its modernized text, full scholarly apparatus, comprehensive introduction, and commentary notes. -- .

    226,95 kr.

  • - Death, Grief and Bereavement in Second World War Britain
    af Lucy Noakes
    275,95 kr.

    Drawing on a range of material, the book demonstrates just how much death matters in wartime - not just to the individual, threatened with their own death, or the death of loved ones, but to the state, tasked with managing the deaths of its citizens in conflict. -- .

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