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  • - Biomechanics-Excercise-Treatment, Second Edition
    af France) Denoix, Goustranville & Jean-Marie (Centre for Imaging and Research in Locomotor Problems in Horses
    375,95 kr.

    An expanded and updated edition of this bestselling book which provides a unique blend of basic biomechanics and practical physical therapeutic techniques, to relieve pain and improve performance, particularly in the sporting horse.

  • af UK) Mead, UK) Robertson, West Sussex, mfl.
    358,95 kr.

    Covers the prevention, management and treatment, including exercise plans. Sections on anatomy and physiology , movement and muscles; exercise; preparation for sports performance; rehabilitation techniques; massage and physical therapy; common relevant pathologies affecting dogs.

  • af Omar P. Sangueza, Tammie Ferringer, Whitney A. High, mfl.
    135,95 - 504,95 kr.

    Now in softcover, this book aims to provide a pictorial guide to the diagnosis of common bacterial, fungal, and viral skin infections, as well as recognition of arthropods of medical importance.

  • - Investigation, Diagnosis, Treatment
    af Alasdair Hotson-Moore & Peter E. Holt
    442,95 - 853,95 kr.

    A concise, systematic guide to all medical and surgical aspects of urological diseases and disorders affecting dogs and cats, fully referenced and illustrated throughout by colour photographs, imaging, and diagrams of the highest quality; now in softcover.

  • af USA) Schwab & Larry (International Eye Foundation
    440,95 kr.

    The handyman's guide to delivering eye services to low-resource populations, whether they are pockets of poverty in otherwise affluent countries or broadly deprived populations living in the developing world.

  • af Bryan G. Bowes
    1.059,95 kr.

    This colour atlas has been conceived to integrate the dual botanical themes of plant propagation and conservation. Various texts deal with propagation, in vivo and in vitro, and with aspects of conservation, but none marries the two themes, let alone a book which uses the concise, focused colour atlas approach.

  • af Bruce W. Andrus & John C. Baldwin
    1.571,95 kr.

    Reflects rapid advances in the study and treatment of valvular heart disease (VHD); dramatic improvements in understanding, non-invasive assessment, surgical an interventional management. Extensive citation of European and US clinical guidelines conforming to evidence-based practice. Succinct text and colour illustration thoughout.

  • - A Color Handbook
    af Louisiana, MD, Pennsylvania, mfl.
    442,95 kr.

    Covers the diagnosis and treatment of all the main cutaneous conditions of the anogenital region, with a special focus on those diseases considered to be STDs.

  • - Self-Assessment Color Review
    af Anna (University of Edinburgh, UK) Meredith, Roslin, mfl.
    440,95 kr.

    Veterinarians increasingly encounter wildlife casualties in practice and have a duty of care for the welfare of the animals. This comprehensive and easy-to-use self assessment book contains some 208 clinical cases with 325 illustrations.

  • af UK) Allen, Bournemouth, UK) Vassallo, mfl.
    288,95 kr.

    This book presents clinicians with a series of cases on which to base discussion of the investigation and management of patients, and provides the trainee, or established doctor, with a medium to help prepare for post-graduate examinations and clinical practice.

  • - Clinician's Desk Reference
    af Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, UK) Douglas, Charlottesville) Elward, mfl.
    1.878,95 kr.

    This book, which is the first of the series of Clinician's Desk Reference, has been written for healthcare professionals caring for patients with asthma, in primary care and in hospital. Current evidence-based guidelines have been used and the text is illustrated with a large number of diagrams and clinical photographs.

  • - A Problem-Oriented Approach
    af Glasgow, UK) Greene, Department of Neurology Southern General Hospital, mfl.
    377,95 kr.

    A problem-oriented approach to the evaluation of common symptoms presenting to medical students, including case histories and a section of MCQ's.

  • - Self-Assessment Color Review
    af Michigan State University, University of Nottingham, USA) Patterson, mfl.
    412,95 kr.

    A wide variety of cases and clinical situations which relate to diseases caused by parasitic agents primarily in small animals and domestic livestock, illustrated in full colour.

    1.649,95 kr.

    In this book the authors aim to help veterinarians to improve the outcome for all equine patients presented for emergency treatment. It is system-based and contains descriptions of common procedures performed in emergency medicine. The book also has a section on recovery and critical care.

  • af France) Denoix, Goustranville & Jean-Marie (Centre for Imaging and Research in Locomotor Problems in Horses
    473,95 kr.

    The ideas presented in this book cast new light on the best ways of training and exercising the horse in preparation for competition, by focusing on biomechanics and precise anatomical analysis.

  • - Self-Assessment Color Review
    af Florida, USA) O'Brien, Emergency Medicine, mfl.
    412,95 kr.

    This Self-Assessment Color Review covers all aspects of adult emergency medicine. It appeals to a wide readership, ranging from trainees to practitioners in emergency medicine or primary care, for examination revision and continuing education.

  • - A Color Handbook
    af USA) Moore, USA) Cannella, University of Nebraska Medical Center, mfl.
    473,95 kr.

    A complete and concise introduction to rheumatic illness. It covers epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of each condition. The book will be useful for recently qualified physicians/residents, general practitioners, medical students and other healthcare professionals involved in the care of patients with rheumatic disease.

  • - Identification, Biology and Control: A Colour Handbook, Second Edition
    af France) Blancard & Dominique (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
    1.776,95 kr.

    Following the successful first edition, this revised edition of Tomato Dieases, contains 680 pages and 900 color photos and diagrams, covering every imaginable symptom, pest and disease affecting the tomato. This is the definitive work on the diseases and disorders of the tomato, a worldwide crop of significant economic importance.

  • af United Kingdom) Sturgess, Kit (Vet Freedom Ltd, Brockenhurst & mfl.
    371,95 kr.

    A concise, problem-oriented and accessibly designed rapid reference guide and revision aid for students and practitioners, focusing on the essentials of medicine and surgery of the dog and cat.

  • af Julie Levy, Germany) Hartmann, Katrin (Medizinische Kleintierklinik & mfl.
    391,95 kr.

    Diese buch umfasst Infektionen, die von Viren, Bakterien, Parasiten und Pilzen verursacht werden. Die 199 klinischen Falle werden wie in der Praxis nach dem Zufallsprinzip prasentiert. Die breite Auswahl der Falle sorgt dafur, dass alle Organsysteme der Katze vorkommen, die von Infektionen befallen werden.

  • - A Colour Handbook
    af California, USA) Niemiec, Brook A. (Academy of Veterinary Dentistry & mfl.
    617,95 kr.

    A fully illustrated rapid reference to the practical clinical aspects of small animal dentistry, now in paperback with revised text and references, which offers real-life insights into the progression of oral disease.

  • - A Color Handbook
    af CO, USA) Mazzaferro, Elisa M. (Wheat Ridge Veterinary Specialists & mfl.
    1.767,95 kr.

    This fully illustrated book provides guidelines for the safe implementation of fluid and transfusion therapy in clinical practice, first describing the physiologic fluid compartments of the body, followed by clinical chapters and cases to reinforce the principles and concepts described.

  • - Diagnosis, pathology, management, and public health
    af The Netherlands) van der Kolk, JH (Utrecht University, The Netherlands) Veldhuis Kroeze & mfl.
    1.571,95 kr.

    A thorough and balanced account of infectious diseases affecting horses, this book evaluates the latest diagnostic aids, including rapid developments in molecular biology, while emphasising that they are no substitute for clinical observation and skills.

  • - A Colour Handbook, Second Edition
    af David V Alford
    2.002,95 kr.

    Fully revised and updated for the 2nd edition, containing over 60 new pests and almost 90 new colour photographs. Provides a unique source of permanent reference for all involved in the recognition, biology and control of the pests of ornamental crops, including professionals, scientists and students.

  • af Paul Selden, The University of Manchester, UK) Nudds, mfl.
    448,95 kr.

    This book, widely praised for its coverage and approach in describing and illustrating 14 well known fossil sites from around the world, is now full updated with 6 new chapters and many new colour illustrations. A beautifully illustrated study of fossil sites from different periods providing a picture of the evolution of ecosystems down the ages.

  • af Coventry, Washington DC, Department of Medical Microbiology, mfl.
    535,95 kr.

    This concise, highly illustrated case-based guide will help community-based primary care physicians and nurses, and laboratory-based microbiologists, better understand each other's requirements in collecting and interpreting specimens, and thus to improve the quality of patient care.

  • - A Color Handbook
    af Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA) Nelson, mfl.
    647,95 kr.

    This clinically oriented volume reviews the signs, symptoms and treatment of common ocular diseases and disorders in infants and children. This book is useful for all those who care for affected children, including paediatricians, primary care and emergency physicians, trainee ophthalmologists, optometrists and medical students.

  • af Clay Cockerell & Antoanella Calame
    1.776,95 kr.

    This book is designed to help dermatologists and nondermatologists alike to recognise the cutaneous manifestations of HIV infection and AIDS. Latest treatments are described including Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART).

  • - A Clinical Guide
    af University of Texas, Dallas, India) Ram, mfl.
    576,95 kr.

    This book explains the fundamental and practical aspects of hypertension - epidemiology, risk, diagnosis, treatment and secondary causes. It will be valuable for physicians, nurses and allied health professionals with an interest in hypertension whether in primary care, in hospitals or in training.

  • af Ames, USA) Ware & Wendy (Iowa State University
    862,95 kr.

    Focuses on common cardiovascular diseases and their management, including therapy for congestive heart failure and arrhythmias, reflecting the main developments in cardiology and in practice.

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