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  • af Billie Northcutt
    140,95 kr.

  • - A Discovery Book for Children
    af Jeanne B O'Brien M Ed
    172,95 kr.

    The Finding Shapes in Nature book uses a unique method of introducing children to the concept of shapes while fostering an interest in the natural world surrounding them. The book encourages children to look for shapes on the wings of birds, on land animals, in the woods, and in other natural settings. The captivating photos encourage children to dialogue about basic creature facts. The notation on each page indicating where the picture was taken exposes children to geography concepts. Parents and teachers are encouraged to further the learning experience by introducing children to maps and globes.Teachers describe the book as wonderfully inspiring for young learners. They report the following: (a) that the book ties directly into the math curriculum and is a valuable resource for learning, (b) that students were immediately interested in the brightly colored photos of different plants and animals, (c) that following a Finding Shapes workshop students traveled the hallways looking for shapes and getting excited about making connections to the lesson, and (d) that there is a world geography aspect to the book. Student interest piques at the mention of familiar geographical locations.

  • - The True Story of the Big Dan's Gang Rape Victim
    af Karen Curtis
    173,95 kr.

    Cheryl Ann Araujo is The Accuser. In 1983, she was victimized by men, the judicial system, the Government, the media, and the Portuguese mob because she stood up against them all in the Big Dan's rape trial in New Bedford, Massachusetts.In 1988, Jodie Foster portrayed a character loosely based on Cheryl Araujo in the Hollywood movie The Accused for which she won an Academy Award. Foster's character was gang raped on a pinball machine, rather than a pool table.But, by the time the movie was released Cheryl was already dead. After the rape trials, she was run out of Massachusetts due to death threats and in 1986, died in a single-car accident in South Florida. Her two young daughters were with her in the car and survived. They recall what happened that fateful day in this book.This is the true story about what the government and Hollywood do not want you to know regarding one young woman's fight as an accuser to tell her true story to a jury and to the world without being "victim blamed." Cheryl was one of the first accusers to face a camera in the courtroom shaping the way the media and judicial system covers rape trials today. Her grueling experience also planted the first seeds of today's burgeoning #MeToo movement.The book contains never before published information, interviews, and photographs about the life and death of Cheryl Araujo, one of the most tragic accusers and heroines in American history.

  • af Alan R. Martin
    197,95 kr.

  • af "Doc" Martenson
    237,95 kr.

  • af Cherie Leigh
    252,95 kr.

    ></p></p></p></p>If it were not for my creativity, imagination, obsession with love, and my compulsion to write about it, I would be forced to live in "e;the real world."e; I simply can never let that happen. It would be the death of me and everything I believe in. I seek only those things that surround me with beauty and where love's reign inspires.</p></p>

  • af Cheryl Blanchard
    172,95 kr.

    I would like to dedicate this book to my kids and all of their cousins.Many of these stories are based on facts and experiences with several family members. Some are true, and some could not be true.I would like to thank The Maine Historian for inspiring me to write about the house I lived in as a child and the whole neighborhood block.Thank you for all your support on writing my childhood story, allowing me to share a lot of memories in a little girl's mind.

  • af Brooke Heberling
    227,95 kr.

    Brooke Heberling is a shining force of love, truth, humor, and hope. Her story is a testament to the power of an unbreakable spirit and steadfast faith.--Jessica Flint, Founder and CEO of Recovery WarriorsA must-read: Ruby Blue's dive into darkness is heart wrenching; her journey to find peace within herself painful and relatable, but worth the struggle as her rise into the light is inspiring!--Rita Herron, USA Today Bestselling AuthorRuby Blue is as fascinating as a storm rolling in through a majestic mountain range: powerful, reckless, and remarkably beautiful to witness. She's fought her way through two life-altering heartaches, a sixteen-year battle with a debilitating eating disorder, and a running addiction that nearly took her life. However, it's her husband's simple, promiscuous proposition to her best friend that makes her question everything. As a mother, she wants to continue to do what's best for her two children, but with her marriage dangling by a thread, right now, she's just desperately trying to stay afloat in her recovery and not fall back into the comforting arms of the disorders that almost killed her years ago.Although the odds of success are tremendously stacked against her, Ruby refuses to give up. Her strength, bravery, and intentionality are a reminder that we all have the capability to overcome incredible obstacles. Her humanity, humility, and humor are proof that we don't have to navigate them perfectly to succeed in living our truth. Ruby Blue's not just a character in a book. She's the embodiment of anyone who's ever been brave enough to go toe-to-toe with their childhood traumas, defy the toxic body image ideals of society, and fight for freedom from addiction.Brooke Heberling's first novel will make you laugh, cry, swoon, and applaud, all while inspiring you to fight to protect your own peace.

  • af Eli Martin
    252,95 kr.

  • af Dorothy Carle
    197,95 kr.

    In her seventeen years, they have moved so often she gives up on ever making friends. Not only does she feel lost and alone, but her parents always argue about her. The constant fighting makes her believe the family will be happier if she were never born. As these thoughts bounce around in her mind, she is falling into deep, dark despair. The only thing that helps her cope is to retreat into her imagination.Her mother and father inform her and her sisters that they are moving. She thinks this will be a new start, which causes her heart to sing. Everyone else is anxious about the move. For her, this is a promise of new beginnings. With their things packed, they head to the docks to board the ship that will take them to their new home.She spends as much time as possible on deck, loving the sway of the ship and the spray of the sea on her face. Her parents and sisters spend most of the time in their rooms due to being seasick.One morning, she is on deck watching the dolphins, mesmerized by the beauty of their dance. Suddenly, there is something in the water with the dolphins. She rubs her eyes, thinking this cannot be real. She stares harder. Swimming with the dolphins is a man. She looks around, wondering where he has come from. There is no land or other ships in sight. Just as she is about to yell at the men on deck that there is a man overboard, he jumps over a dolphin, and she sees that he is not a man at all. The thing looks human, but instead of legs, it has a long green-and-purple fishtail with iridescent scales.

  • af Erin Colvin
    172,95 kr.

    Strawberry, a cute little field mouse, accompanies you as you turn the pages of this fun, lighthearted book, suitable for all ages--a celebration of the exciting things to do as you take a journey through each of the seasons of the year.Just when you think you've decided on a favorite, you start to contemplate the best things about the next season. By the end of the book, you've come to appreciate all the unique things each season holds. What will your favorite season be?

  • af Jason J. Andrew Ma Lpc-S
    147,95 kr.

    In this book, Relationship Sanity, my main point is to help people considering the marriage relationship really understand why they are getting married and also think about the bigger picture about being married. In other words, what is the purpose of this marriage for each person? It is my hope that this book would help somebody be more prepared when considering marriage. For me, the first thing to consider is to do a self-evaluation as to the reason you want to get married. Second, make sure you understand how complicated divorce is. In the book, I share some personal thoughts with hope to wrap up the book and allow the reader to have a better understanding of relationships. It is my desire to help people understand the reason they want to get married and help readers be more prepared for things when they consider getting married.

  • af Jamel Nicot
    172,95 kr.

    As we learn to grow, some stay boys, some grow to be men. I wrote this book to introduce myself to the world and to show people that no matter what you go through, you can always change.In Death of a Boy, Birth of a Man: Blue Sky, Heavy Rain, not every day is going to be perfect. But every day you wake up is a new challenge, a chance for new opportunities, a chance to forget about yesterday's dramas and focus on newer and better things. We are human. We fear. We fall. But the one thing that makes us different is that we never give up.Honestly, we've all been there. Hopefully, my writing this and sharing it with everyone can make a change in someone's life and help them refocus. As I said earlier, the book was made not only to introduce myself but also to remind both men and women that life is about growth. I hope everyone loves it, and I thank you for giving me this opportunity.Look for my next book, White Roses, Red Wine--another book of poetry for the grown and the love seekers.

  • af Tmartindale
    147,95 kr.

    The delightful antics of five enthusiastic kids from Poplar Bluff, Missouri: Mackenzie, fifteen; Sasha, twelve; Booka, ten; Amariyah, eight (Mari the Munchkin); and YzaBella, six (Bella the Muffin). Along with their somewhat offbeat pets: Tanglefoot the Superdog, Hssss the Wondercat, and Walt-Hare (Rex), an Oryctolagus cuniculus (American rabbit). Bella said, "e;I asked for a puppy. They thought I said something 'fluffy.' All who communicate by holding up signs."e; (This is referred to as sign language.)Follow them on their daily treks, offering their views, opinions, and somewhat less-than-useful advice on topics ranging from family to friends, school to everyday life.

  • af Charles Adair Burnett
    172,95 kr.

    This book is one of many to come from me. I'm hoping that this will lead me to be successful in the book world of readers and to the success of my new life. The poems are dedicated to everyone as something that was on my mind at that time of me dreaming. The songs--I'm hoping to have an artist sing them so that some of the proceeds can go to my company, One Nation Donation charity, and I can further my life with helping others in need. The first book is part of more to come, like my life experiences growing up. The hope and experience of music and poems give people a sense of joy and happiness. Always love family and friends.The author is interested in partnering with musicians to produce his songs.

  • af Steven Roof
    137,95 kr.

    This book is about my life before I lived on the road, what happened to me and all my mistakes when it came to doing drugs, and how a music artist named Colicchie and his music with such deep lyrics got me out and away from drug addiction. This book and the advice in it can get addicts off drugs no matter what the addiction is. It's also for people who don't do drugs but must read this, which is important.The main point of this book is vital to the world, and it teaches people that sometimes, you don't need a rehab center to get off drugs. The best therapy I ever got when it came to doing drugs was Colicchie's music, the song "e;Drug Addiction"e; parts 1 and 2. I pray that these will open more eyes when heard because without these two songs, I would not be here today. Being homeless and lost for so long, I would have been dead and never would become the man I am today. I'm proud to tell my story of how Colicchie's music saved my life and many others as well, and how to help people lost in addiction. I'm proud to give the world Colicchie's helping hand.

  • af Paul Lapelusa
    147,95 kr.

    This is a collection of poems. I have written these pieces with heavy thought, trying to cover our most important gift--emotion. These works will take you on rides of love, lust, loneliness, fantasy, and nature. Some of these works are fictional, but you'll find most of them come from the heart to the pen.

  • af Mark H. Dumm
    162,95 kr.

    An able and ambitious woman from French Polynesia, Maeva Sopo makes her way to America. First Utah and then Colorado. After paralegal school, she becomes a valuable assistant to the principal attorney in a major Denver metropolitan injury-defense law firm.Maeva meets David Richards, a widowed and disillusioned plaintiff's injury attorney. They encounter each other professionally and develop a mutual respect and trust from some courtroom experiences. A shared strong emotional and sexual attraction evolves. This relationship is challenged by professional jealousy, violence, sudden death, criminal detention, COVID-19 spread, and separation by thousands of miles of the Pacific Ocean.

  • af Erin E. Hall
    212,95 kr.

    she was unexpected. part strips of paper, part shards of glass, she was a delicate step between two very different yet familiar fragile edges. the contrast between the two is comparable to the vastly differing interpretations of the color yellow. on one hand, it can represent deceit and betrayal while on the other hand, it may symbolize optimism and joy. it can be intense and bold, pointed and piercing. or like the stripes on a winding back road, it can change our mood and calm us down.we are not defined by our circumstances but by our choices. in this book, you will encounter and endure the hurt and the healing those choices can create. from the author of vulnerable beauty comes the story of one that could easily be that of many. through vibrant and raw poetry, experience one woman's transformation from broken to brave. from the infatuation of a new relationship, the damage caused by abuse and the regret it festers, to finally finding true love and an even more genuine acceptance of herself, she chooses her worth over her worry. it does not happen overnight but with every turn of the page.perhaps you will find yourself in her story and see that even if knocked down, there is always a bottom from which to push off and rise. often, what is perceived as final simply becomes a new beginning. if by several miles or only one step at a time, she moves forward, trusting and believing in little yellow promises.

  • af David Alan
    197,95 kr.

    Born with a disability, Rory wasn't allowed to play like her siblings. Coming across two humans using a strange bouncing thing, Rory sets out to make her own in hope of being able to finally play too.

  • af Francis W. Vanderwall
    147,95 kr.

    32 Healing Meditations for a wounded world - Deep within us resides the dwelling place of the Divine Healer- found in our own psyche or soul. Reaching this place appears often elusive and beyond our grasp amidst the distractions and lures of daily living.This book offers a choice of 32 portals through which, when entered, gives access to that place of healing that can bring a lasting peace to our often anxious, fearful, and so wounded lives. Welcome to the Healing Place!

  • af Kathryn Gormandy
    147,95 kr.

    This soil-focused book shows sustainable growing through a child's eyes. David learns how to care for the land alongside his mother in the field. It's more than dirt. Soil will continue to provide food and beauty for generations if we care for it all along the way.

  • af Julie Cheng
    197,95 kr.

    Written to provide hope to people hiding from their fears. It goes deep into the spirit which keeps us alive in our darkest moments. But more than that, it will empower you to dominate the darkness and be fearless. Each short thought was written after a big struggle. The best thing you can do is improve the thought of someone in need of healing, much like giving a cup of cold water to the thirsty. Give others hope.

  • af Ray D. Morgan
    212,95 kr.

    Jacob Kelly is the only white man recognized by his neighbors, the Comanche, as being of one spirit with the horse.Will his Comanche name Squaw Pony be enough to protect his young family and the families of his closest neighbors?It's thirty miles to his closest neighbor and his only sister...He can't just holler help!

  • af Judith Kay Shroyer Dimmick
    187,95 kr.

    DARE TO DISCOVER!ForewordTo best describe my reasons for writing this book and why I hope many will read it, I chose the journalists' old standbys, 'Who, What, When, Where and Why:WHO -- YOU, of course! And, yes, ME. Because of my amazing success, which I owe, first of all, to my Grandmother Alda for keeping obituaries, which included Keziah Antrim's that you'll read more about in this Opening segment. YOU because I want more people to study their ancestry and become aware of their own unique history, of which 'story' is an important ingredient--one it takes dedication and persistence to discover as many individual stories as possible.WHAT -- 'What' can refer to your goal, i.e., how much do you want to include? 'What' may mean 'What do I do to get started,' or "e;What can I expect to learn? --both initially and as time goes by. Of course, the main reason to study genealogy is to document data concerning your ancestors. However, I am amazed at how much I am learning about history, and along with local and world history, the discovery of interesting and scenic places is an added blessing. Something I didn't expect is awareness of connections among surnames and residents, many even moving long distances together is both fascinating and helpful to the story you are able to create.WHEN -- Once you have established your first family tree, the question of when ancestors came to our great country, when descendants were born and died, etc. will become your concern; and as you add earlier ancestors, you will discover how many people of a certain surname share similar names. The comparison of birth and death dates then becomes critical.WHERE -- You might ask where a certain surname was first recorded; or where you can find profiles of particular family units--My Heritage helped greatly by sending matches of other clients' profiles that help us learn something one of us has discovered that is news to the other!WHY -- The most common answer to 'why?' is probably so you can pass family history on to your children or other family members. Since I've accumulated more than I ever thought possible, a thought came to me just this week. I'll share it with you, hoping if you are blessed with a great deal to share, you'll remember this advice--WRITE WHAT IT WOULD TAKE TOO LONG TO TELL! However, many more answers are equally important. One I wouldn't have expected to be so important to me is how much I'm learning about history! A simple one is that you may plan to travel somewhere in the world, and now you know which areas could mean most to you. A deeper result is being inspired by what your ancestors were able to accomplish even though life was much harder in earlier times than ours are today. HOW --Like most people, I would imagine, I started my family tree on paper only. Just by asking family members for their input, I was able to create a Family Tree with around 75 individuals. When my Grandma Alda died, however, I discovered she had obituaries of not only her own ancestors but those of my Grandpa Walter. You'll read more about his ancestors in the vignette entitled "e;About Those Antrims,"e;after the "e;How-To "e;section. It will give you a preview of what's in store for you in the vignettes that follow this "e;Opening"e; to "e;Dare to Discover"e;. I do hope you'll be inspired to leave a legacy to your descendants that they can leave for future generations. Judy Dimmick

  • af Elise Campbell
    187,95 kr.

    True love is not magical. It is hard work. When you lose your first love, it haunts you forever. So find love. Hang on to it. Work at it. This is about a young woman's determination to love and be loved. Sometimes you have more than one love: the one you are meant to be with and the one who lives forever in your soul.

  • af Roy Blackburn
    197,95 kr.

    Over one hundred different gospel principles with more than two thousand Bible verses explaining them, a great resource for planning a Bible lesson, gives insight into important overlooked principles, and contains short biographies of notable apostles and authors of the New Testament.Are we literally children of a loving Heavenly Father?Is baptism a necessary ordinance?Do we need to follow God's commandments?Did an apostasy from the original teachings of the gospel take place?Must a restoration of Jesus Christ's true church take place before the Second Coming?Many people today seem more interested in what the footnotes in their study Bibles or some written commentary teaches them rather than the scriptures themselves. The verses of the Bible teach so many simple and beautiful principles that much of the Christian world does not believe or understand today. This book covers them all.

  • af Wyatt Dave Henderson
    262,95 kr.

    Yahoo! Gather round for a collection of stories from my youth in a world long gone. You will come along with me and my family in exciting tales of survival in Indian Territory, now known as Oklahoma. I know that you, the sophisticated readin' public, may not believe that many of these adventures actually happened, but they did! I know because they happened to me! Although I'll be honest, the modern and acceptably civilized man that I am now barely believes a word of it, that it isn't possible to live through these adventures and to tell the stories. But I did! And they are all true. So here it is. My first book of stories about incredible human strength, farmin', fires, tornados, famous outlaws, and wildlife, including a fair bit about snakes! And all of this told through the eyes of a young and mischievous me, growing up in the same rough area where famous outlaws like Belle Starr and the James Gang roamed! It sure was exciting! Shoot fire! So put down your phones and turn off your TV. You won't need them for a few hours because you are holding in your very hands a time machine. A time machine that will take you to a wild and rowdy, somewhat less than a modern, civilized life while introducing you to my young Hairy Wyatt Dave Henderson farmin' self and my whole farmin' family. So come sit a spell. We are all inside, waiting for you!

  • af Paul Kamzelski
    137,95 kr.

    This book is written for Christians in America (or worldwide) that are upset with how arising situations in America are turning their back on God.This is not the time to turn the other cheek. It is a time to stand up and have the Third Great Awakening in America or remain silent as a majority and feel God's wrath.With a proven formula for success--how to return to God by one person, one family, one community, one city, one county, one state and one nation--you'll learnthe power of morning prayer,no more compromising,"e;Just call me when you need me"e; Jesus,God is love, and you can love like Him,to be alert as to the signs,recognizing you (we) have a defeated enemy,how to begin this battle at home,about God and His people, andmuch more.Featuring easy-to-follow one-day reading with a lifetime of transforming from individual to a nation.If you, as a confirmed Christian, don't agree with how our nations is headed, then this is a must-read book to keep our nation we love transformed back to the country we were.

  • af Oso Avon
    147,95 kr.

    Some secrets don't just destroy the person holding them, but everyone they touch is affected. Hajji consumes the darkest parts of Xena's past to show her the only way to have a bright future is to follow and trust the light of true love.

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