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  • af Nuno Simoes Rodrigues, Ana Maria Lóio, Rodrigo Furtado & mfl.
    972,95 kr.

    The present volume marks the bimillennium of the death of the princeps with a selection of essays that offer new approaches to the Emperor Augustus and his reign. The essays cover a variety of subjects related to Augustan scholarship from a twenty-first century perspective. The studies brought together in this volume are based on papers delivered and discussed by archaeologists, philologists, and historians of ancient Rome at the conference on 'XIV A.D. SAECVLVM AVGVSTVM. The Age of Augustus' held in Lisbon (the Roman Olisipo) in September 2014. The title, Augustan Papers, is intended to commemorate the eightieth anniversary of the publication of Ronald Syme's Roman Papers (1939).

  • af Alev Masarwa
    316,95 kr.

    Mamayh ar-Rumi ad-DimaSqi was one of the most significant Damascan poets in the 10th/16th century, whose verses were sung from Damascus to Yemen. Based on the current results of the ongoing edition of Mamayh's diwan (Rawdat al-muStaq wa-bahgat al-'uSSaq "Garden of the ardent yearner and the joy of the lovers") this study discusses a selection of poems in which the poet converses with the literary past by not only using mimetic and emulative techniques (like tadmin, iqtibas, and tahmis poems) but also through the use of more modern styles, forms and topics (like 'atil verses, coffee poems, and vernacular poems). While the mimetic poems refer directly to the admired or canonized models of the past perpetuating the tradition into the poet's present, the focus of the contemporary topics in the diwan is on how the poet's present is connected to the poetic and aesthetic practices of the past. With the analysis of Mamayh's poetry, the study offers evidence of the impressive literary and intellectual background of an initially Ottomanized and then 'Syrianized' (former soldier-) poet, as well as his tremendous poetic creativity in melding together the 'old' and the 'new' in his verse.

  • af Angeliki Ziaka & Zhiming Fu
    644,95 kr.

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