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  • - The Benin Bronzes, Colonial Violence and Cultural Restitution
    af Dan Hicks
    147,95 - 245,95 kr.

    A call for western museums to wash their hands of colonial blood

  • - Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic
    af Ariel Dorfman & Armand Mattelart
    165,95 - 1.084,95 kr.

    Censored and condemned, this is a Marxist critique of how our favourite cartoons are vehicles for capitalist ideology.

  • - Another Football is Possible
    af Natxo Parra & Carles Viñas
    167,95 kr.

    From German unification to the birth of the Bundesliga and beyond, this book tells the history of Germany's cult football club and its famously left wing fan base

  • - The CFA Franc Story
    af Ndongo Samba Sylla & Fanny Pigeaud
    222,95 - 1.709,95 kr.

    How the CFA Franc enabled France to continue their colonies in Africa

  • af Thomas Hylland Eriksen & Finn Sivert Nielsen
    222,95 - 1.038,95 kr.

    This is the first book to cover the entire history of social and cultural anthropology in a single volume. Beginning with a summary of the discipline in the nineteenth century, exploring major figures such as Morgan and Tylor, it goes on to provide a comprehensive overview of the discipline in the twentieth century.The bulk of the book is devoted to themes and controversies characteristic of post First World War anthropology, from structural functionalism via structuralism to hermeneutics, cultural ecology, discourse analysis and, most recently, globalization and postmodernism. The authors emphasise throughout the need to see changes in the discipline in a wider social, political and intellectual context. This is a timely, concise history of a major discipline, in an engaging and thought-provoking narrative, that will appeal to students of anthropology worldwide.

  • af Isabelle Fremeaux
    167,95 kr.

    In 2008, as the storms of the financial crash blew, Isabelle Fremeaux and Jay Jordan deserted the metropolis and their academic jobs, traveling across Europe in search of post-capitalist utopias. They wanted their art activism to no longer be uprooted.They arrived at a place French politicians had declared lost to the republic, otherwise know as the zad (the zone to defend): a messy but extraordinary canvas of commoning, illegally occupying 4,000 acres of wetlands where an international airport was planned. In 2018, the 40-year-long struggle snatched an incredible victory, defeating the airport expansion project through a powerful cocktail that merged creation and resistance.Fremeaux and Jordan blend rich eyewitness accounts with theory, inspired by a diverse array of approaches, from neo-animism to revolutionary biology, insurrectionary writings and radical art history.Published in collaboration with theJournal of Aesthetics & Protest.

  • - Hume, his Monetary Project, and the Scottish Enlightenment
    af George Caffentzis
    252,95 - 1.084,95 kr.

    An engaging and unique study of Enlightenment philosopher David Hume's understanding of money and his role in the rise of capitalism

  • af Olufe mi (Georgetown University) O. Taiwo
    147,95 kr.

    A powerful indictment of the ways elites have co-opted radical critiques of racial capitalism to serve their own ends

  • af Françoise Vergès
    157,95 - 1.084,95 kr.

    A vital feminist manifesto from one of our most inspiring political voices

    187,95 kr.

    A watershed moment in transgender theory

  • af David Harvey
    165,95 - 1.084,95 kr.

    A primer for how to be an anti-capitalist in the 21st century

  • - Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Work
    252,95 kr.

    Artificial intelligence should be changing society, not reinforcing capitalist notions of work

  • - Posadism, UFOs and Apocalypse Communism
    af A.M. Gittlitz
    187,95 - 1.287,95 kr.

    Aliens, nuclear war and talking dolphins; this book is a study of the weird and wonderful world of the Posadists

  • - Disrupting Power
    af Lola Olufemi
    147,95 kr.

    It's time to reclaim a rebellious, radical feminism.

  • af Bell Hooks
    230,95 kr.

    A provocative and inspiring book on the culture and politics of black women's rights

  • - Masculinity Redefined
    af Jj Bola
    137,95 kr.

    From Blurred Lines to gang signs, how does society cause toxic masculinity?

  • af Christian Fuchs
    392,95 - 1.282,95 kr.

    In order to fight capitalism in the digital age, we must understand Marx!

  • - A Palestinian Story
    af Ramzy Baroud
    193,95 - 1.084,95 kr.

    An evocative history of Palestine, told through the stories of the people who have survived the conflict.

  • - Selected Writings
    af Rosa Luxemburg
    225,95 kr.

    Rosa Luxemburg's writings reveal one of the most brilliant and passionate minds drawn to the revolutionary socialist movement. Through the letters, pamphlets and theorising, we see an outstanding social and economic theorist, a dedicated political activist and a devoted confidant. *BR**BR*Providing an extensive overview of her writings, this volume contains a number of items never before anthologised. Her work was broad in scope tackling capitalism and socialism; globalisation and imperialism; history; war and peace; social struggles, trade unions, political parties; class, gender, race; the interconnection of humanity with the natural environment. The editors provide an extensive and informative introduction outlining and evaluating her life and thought.*BR**BR*This is the most comprehensive introduction to the range of Rosa Luxemburg's thought.

  • - Gaza's Untold Story
    af Ramzy Baroud
    397,95 - 1.038,95 kr.

    This book is a personal account of the daily lives of the people of the frontline of the Palestine / Israel conflict, giving us an insight into the deadly, seemingly never-ending rounds of violence.*BR**BR*Ramzy Baroud tells his father's fascinating story. Driven out of his village to a refugee camp, he took up arms and fought the occupation at the same time raising a family and trying to do the best for his children. *BR**BR*Baroud's vivid and honest account reveals the complex human beings; revolutionaries, great moms and dads, lovers, and comedians that make Gaza so much more than just a disputed territory.

  • af Fawwaz Traboulsi
    327,95 kr.

    -- A stunning history of Lebanon over five centuries --"e;Skillfully weaving together social, political, cultural and economic history, this deeply informed and penetrating study provides a rich understanding of the vibrant, tragic, but ever hopeful Lebanese 'door to East and West', tracing the intricacies of this fascinating society. It closes with the observation that 'a new period in the history of Lebanon had begun' in 1990, a period that has been marked by achievements and horrors, but with the promise for the better future that its people surely deserve."e; Noam Chomsky"e;Fawwaz Trabulsi puts Lebanon's long war into a context that makes it comprehensible and, perhaps, inevitable. Everyone who is curious about that beautiful and tormented country should read his history, one of the best yet."e; Charles Glass, author of The Northern Front and The Tribes TriumphantThis is the first comprehensive history of Lebanon in the modern period. It is entirely unique, as the last history of Lebanon was published over forty years ago. Written by a leading Lebanese scholar, and based on previously inaccessible archives, it is a fascinating and beautifully-written account of one of the world's most fabled countries.Starting with the formation of Ottoman Lebanon in the 16th century, Traboulsi covers the growth of Beirut as a capital for trade and culture through the 19th century. The main part of the book concentrates on Lebanon's development in the 20th century and the conflicts that led up to the major wars in the 1970s and 1980s. Lebanon in the 20th century has seen turbulent times, the results of which we still see today.This is a rich history of Lebanon that brings to life its politics, its people and the crucial role that it has always played in world affairs.

    165,95 kr.

    The stories of women who lived, worked and struggled in Kurdistan

  • - Black Feminism in Europe
    212,95 kr.

    In a divided continent, Black women and women of colour come together to undertake creative resistances and imagine radical new futures.

  • - Remapping Class, Recentering Oppression
    222,95 kr.

    How do childcare, healthcare, education, family life and the roles of gender, race and sexuality affect our lives under capitalism?

  • - Passionate Politics
    af Bell Hooks
    228,95 kr.

    A concise argument for the enduring importance of the feminist movement today by one of the world's leading feminist writers

  • af Kalbir Shukra
    482,95 kr.

    A look at the politics of race in Britain over the last 50 years

  • af Carles Viñas
    167,95 kr.

    Mistrusted and derided, instrumentalised and adored - the story of football in Tsarist and early Soviet Russia is as wild and intriguing as that of the country itself. In many ways it is the same story...Football in the Land of the Soviets offers a fresh perspective on a momentous chapter in modern political history. Carles Vias shows how the Russian game was transformed in just a few decades: from a minor migr pastime, to a modernising driver of society, to a vanguard for Soviet diplomacy and internationalism, and finally, with the first championship of the Soviet League in 1936, into a truly mass phenomenon.So exactly how did a bourgeois game end up as the collective passion of the Soviet working class? And why does it matter? Football in the Land of the Soviets brings these questions to the fore in this thrilling, unorthodox account of the fall of an imperial dynasty and the rise of the world's first socialist state.

  • af John Holloway
    1.211,95 kr.

    Hope lies in our richness, in the joy of our collective creativity. But that richness exists in the peculiar form of money. The fact that we relate to on another through money causes tremendous social pain and destruction and is dragging us through pandemics and war towards extinction.Richness against money: this battle will decide the future of humanity. If we cannot emancipate richness from money-capital-profit, there is probably no hope. Money seems invincible but the constant expansion of debt shows that its rule is fragile. The fictitious expansion of money through debt is driven by fear, fear of us, fear of the rabble. Money contains, but richness overflows.In this final part of his ground-breaking trilogy, John Holloway expertly fuses anti-capitalism and anti-identitarianism, and brings hope into the critique of political economy and revolutionary theory, challenging us to find hope within ourselves and channel it into a dignified, revolutionary rage.

  • af Peter Sedgwick
    222,95 kr.

    'A powerful and impassioned defence of psychiatry, urging the Left to confront the harsh realities of mental illness' - William Davis, author of The Happiness IndustryA new editionof one of the most significant and credible critiques of the anti-psychiatry movement.As relevant today as it was when first published in 1982, the book changed the conversation on mental health and illness, demanding that we assess its relationship to the wider decay of social institutions. Dissecting the work of popular anti-psychiatric thinkers, Erving Goffman, R.D. Laing, Michel Foucault and Thomas Szasz, Sedgwick exposed the conservative undercurrents and false hopes represented by the alternative psychiatry of the sixties and seventies, challenging the very real impact it had on our collective responsibility to look after the mentally ill.With a new introduction that highlights the relevance of Sedgwick's demands for modern mental health movements, the practice of psychiatry and for left-wing activists, this new edition further cements PsychoPolitics' cult classic status.

  • af Azfar Shafi
    112,95 kr.

    Antiracist movements are more mainstream than ever before. Liberal democracies boast of their policies designed to stamp out racism in all walks of life. Why then is racism still ever-present in our society?This is not an accident, but by design. Capitalism is structured by racism and has relentlessly attacked powerful movements. Race to the Bottom traces our current crisis back decades, to the fragmentation of Britain's Black Power movements and their absorption into NGOs and the Labour Party.The authors call for recovering radical histories of antiracist struggle, championing modern activism and infusing them with the urgency of our times: replacing anxieties over 'unconscious bias' and rival claims for 'representation' with the struggle for a new, socialist, multi-racial organising from below.

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