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  • - Street Photographer
    af Vivian Maier
    376,95 kr.

    A collection of discovered street photography from post-war America.

  • - 100 Years of Traditional Tattoos from the Collection of Jonathan Shaw
    af Jonathan Shaw
    614,95 kr.

    Vintage Tattoo Flash is a one-of-a-kind visual exploration of the history and evolution of tattooing in America. A luscious, offset-printed, hardcover tome-a beautiful and serious addition to the understanding of one of the world's oldest and most popular art forms. Electric tattooing as we know it today was invented in New York City at the turn of the 19th century. In the first days of American tattooing, tattoos were primarily worn by sailors and soldiers, outlaws and outsiders. The visual language of what came to be known as "traditional tattooing" was developed in those early days on the Bowery and catered to the interests of the clientele. Common imagery that soon became canon included sailing ships, women, hearts, roses, daggers, eagles, dragons, wolves, panthers, skulls, crosses, and popular cartoon characters of the era. The first tattooists also figured out that using bold outlines, complimented by solid color and smooth shading, was the proper technique for creating art on a body that would stand the test of time. In the over 100 years since then, techniques and styles have evolved, and the customer base has expanded, but the core subject matter and philosophy developed at the dawn of electric tattooing has persisted as perennial favorites through the modern era. While most tattoos are inherently ephemeral, transported on skin until the death of the collector, a visual record exists in the form of tattoo flash: the hand-painted sheets of designs posted in tattoo shops for customers to select from. Painted and repainted, stolen, traded, bought and sold, these sheets are passed between artists through one channel or another, often having multiple useful lives in a variety of shops scattered across time and geography. The utility of these original pieces of painted art has made it so that original examples can still be found in use or up for grabs if you know where to look. Vintage Tattoo Flash draws from the personal collection of Jonathan Shaw-renowned outlaw tattooist and author-and represents a selection of over 300 pieces of flash from one of the largest private collections in existence. Vintage Tattoo Flash spans the first roughly 75 years of American tattooing from the 1900s Bowery, to 50s Texas, through the Pike in the 60s and the development of the first black and grey, single-needle tattooing in LA in the 70s. The book lovingly reproduces entirely unpublished sheets of original flash from the likes of Bob Shaw, Zeke Owen, Tex Rowe, Ted Inman, Ace Harlyn, Ed Smith, Paul Rogers, the Moskowitz brothers, and many, many others relatively known and unknown.

  • af Ari Seth Cohen
    336,95 kr.

    This follow-up to the bestselling Advanced Style features more senior street style and inspiration from all over the globe. In this new edition Ari Seth Cohen shares his work from the past few years including some of the world's best-dressed older gentlemen. Similar in format to the original, with dozens of images from cities all over the world including: Los Angeles, London, Cape Town, Rome, Florence, Tokyo, San Diego, Palm Springs, Melbourne, Sydney, New York, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Stockholm, and Geneva, the book will also feature 22 short essays (by the subjects of the book) distilling the wisdom and lifestyle secrets of some of Cohen's favorite Advanced Style ladies. Plus an introduction from the always fabulous and witty Simon Doonan makes for a celebration of smashing senior style! "...I must tell you that I am not really an old lady; just cleverly disguised as one. Art and color keep me young, keep me sane. Working as I do as an untutored 'outsider' artist is my therapy, my medicine, my joy, and my purpose in life.Color surrounds me: I revel in it, splash it everywhere, gulp it with a spoon. I am immersed in art. I make it, collect it, it fills and defines my existence. Childish, shamanistic, wild and anarchic, it is as far outside the box as it is possible to be. Box?? There is no box!Be bold, be adventurous. Do profound things, dazzle yourself and the world. Don't wear beige: it might kill you. Contribute to society, and live large. Life is short, make every moment count. It is never too late to find your passion." -- Sue Kreitzman

  • af Peter Mendelsund
    425,95 kr.

  • af Ari Seth Cohen
    376,95 kr.

  • - The Workshop, 1930-1970
    af Clemens Kois & Patrick Parrisch
    547,95 kr.

  • - Behind the Scenes 1964-1980
    af Gideon Lewin
    697,95 kr.

    This monograph on the work of Gideon Lewin, master printer and assistant to Richard Avedon, reveals moments never told, stories never heard, and a life that only a few ever experienced. It is a story of a close working relationship and collaboration with a master. Avedon: Behind the Scenes, 1964-1980 relates Lewin's personal experiences working with Richard Avedon for 16 years. It is about the hard work, the intrigues, the energy, the mysteries, the humor, and the commitment to creating images that were larger-than-life and will last for generations. This book illuminates many details about preparations for Avedon's major exhibitions, the master classes he was a part of, and many behind-the-scenes stories working on fashion collections in Paris and in New York for Harper's Bazaar and Vogue, photographing the world's most famous personalities and most beautiful women: Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve, Cher, Jean Shrimpton, Veruschka, Twiggy, Rene Russo, Patti Hansen, and Lauren Hutton. Finally, this book opens a window on the lighter side of Richard Avedon, as well as his total dedication to the art of photography in his determination to leave a legacy unlike that of any other photographer. With about 200 photographs Avedon: Behind the Scenes, 1964-1980 is a singular and remarkable journey.

  • - The First Instrument
    af KRS-One
    286,95 kr.

    The Gospel of Hip Hop: First Instrument, the first book from the I Am Hip Hop, is the philosophical masterwork of KRS ONE. Set in the format of the Christian Bible, this 800-plus-page opus is a life-guide manual for members of Hip Hop Kulture that combines classic philosophy with faith and practical knowledge for a fascinating, in-depth exploration of Hip Hop as a life path. Known as "The Teacha," KRS ONE developed his unique outlook as a homeless teen in Brooklyn, New York, engaging his philosophy of self-creation to become one of the most respected emcees in Hip Hop history. Respected as Hip Hop's true steward, KRS ONE painstakingly details the development of the culture and the ways in which we, as "Hiphoppas," can and should preserve its future. "The Teacha" also discusses the origination of Hip Hop Kulture and relays specific instances in history wherein one can discover the same spirit and ideas that are at the core of Hip Hop's current manifestation. He explains Hip Hop down to the actual meaning and linguistic history of the words "hip" and "hop," and describes the ways in which "Hiphoppas" can change their current circumstances to create a future that incorporates Health, Love, Awareness, and Wealth (H-LAW). Committed to fervently promoting self-reliance, dedicated study, peace, unity, and truth, The "Teacha" has drawn both criticism and worship from within and from outside of Hip Hop Kulture. In this beautifully written, inspiring book, KRS ONE shines the light of truth, from his own empirical research over a 14-year period, into the fascinating world of Hip Hop.

  • af Jeffrey Henson Scales
    475,95 kr.

  • af Len Prince
    475,95 kr.

  • af Margot Mifflin
    256,95 kr.

  • af Boogie
    406,95 kr.

  • af Naomi Danis
    167,95 kr.

  • af Simen Johan
    622,95 kr.

    Simen Johan—an award-winning, internationally exhibiting artist, and a pioneer in digital image-making is publishing his third monograph. Representing 15 years of the artist’s career, and gathered here for the very first time in this deluxe volume, are his celebrated uncanny animal portraits, otherworldly landscapes, and psychologically-charged narrative natural scenes.With a unique creative process that combines candid wildlife photography with digital manipulation, cinematic drama and a painterly approach, Simen Johan summons a metaphorically dense world into being where human fantasy and nature collide. In a catalogue essay, David E. Little, Executive Director of the International Center of Photography, writes: “Johan’s photographs underscore the importance of the creative act in photography, not as an act in itself, but as a means towards a conceptual and narrative goal.” Traveling both near and far to photograph his source material, Johan can find inspiration anywhere from the local zoo to the jungles of Costa Rica, or the lava fields of Iceland. He then spends countless hours assembling his images captured in these far-flung locations into a unifying whole. The result is an often-unsettling sense of placelessness. We see in this collection images of pigeons flocking toward light like moths (or angels); stripes on a dazzle of Grévy’s zebras mesh with the fronds of geographically incongruent palms; two hapless caribou glazed with ice, frozen in a scene that is both tranquil and brutal. Each image reveals poetic and often unexpected relationships that speak to the illusory and multifaceted nature of existence. Tensions between what is revealed and what is concealed, what is alluring and what is menacing, what is fact and what is fiction, both shape and unsettle the scenes. Johan presents us with paradoxical photographic worlds that echo uncanny versions of our own.

  • af Sarah McColl
    177,95 kr.

    A story that playfully portrays how difficult it can be to put your best foot forward when you've woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Poor Rue wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. Nothing makes her happy. Even her socks aren't cooperating. When she gets to school all her friends want to play, but she's not in the mood. Instead, she invites everyone to join her in a pout party. "No games, no cake. Don't be happy or excited." Unfortunately, everyone thinks Rue's party sound fun and they all come to show off their biggest pouts. In no time at all, everyone is laughing, but will Rue find the humor when all she wants to do is grumble? Illustrated in beautiful, bright pastels, Pout Party is a sweet, funny story for every kid who has ever felt out of sorts and needs a smile.

  • af Leslie Jamison & Ryan Spencer
    376,95 kr.

  • af Harry Benson & Hilary Geary Ross
    717,95 kr.

  • af Chris Hondros
    425,95 kr.

  • af Scott Lipps
    336,95 kr.

  • af Lily Mandelbaum
    286,95 kr.

    177,95 kr.

    Irreverent, cultishly adored, and dearly missed, the music writers at cokemachineglow produced some of the greatest, weirdest, funniest, sharpest criticism of the 21st century, and have gone on to write for major publications.In that sweet spot online before streaming and social media, people discovered music on blogs and webzines. A few have gone corporate, and nearly all the rest have disappeared. None are more missed than cokemachineglow - founded by a Canadian music writer in 2002, it grew to encompass a motley crew of brilliant, idiosyncratic writers and draw an intense readership of music fans. These critics have now published books and written for outlets like The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Guardian, Village Voice, Film Comment, Pitchfork, Esquire and GQ, among many other accomplishments, but there's never been - and never will be - another masthead so beloved and anarchic, writing that isn't just describing music but creating a culture, a narrative, a way of speaking that is hugely influential in how we hear, talk and tweet online. Featuring a brand new introductory essay by editor Clayton Purdom. CONTRIBUTORS include: Brent Ables, Mark Abraham, Christopher Alexander, Conrad Amenta, Alan Baban, Corey Beasley, Chet Betz, Adam Downer, Joel Elliott, Jessica Faulds, David Goldstein, Kaylen Hann, Calum Marsh, Maura McAndrews, Colin McGowan, Chris Molnar, Aaron Newell, Andre Perry, Clayton Purdom, Scott Reid, Eric Sams, Dom Sinacola, Robin Smith, and Lindsay Zoladz.

  • af Anastasia Keegan
    177,95 kr.

    Two children who have grown tired of oatmeal, concoct a wild, hilarious excuse for why they can't join their grandmother for breakfast.Luna and Milo's grandmother believes that everyday should start with a hot bowl of oatmeal, but her grandchildren are tired of it. Rather than suffer through another bowl, the sneaky siblings write her a letter of apology, explaining the incredible, hair-raising, hilarious, and unbelievable occurrences that are preventing them from joining her at the breakfast table; including, suddenly being swept out to sea, getting inside a giant ant farm, and even floating adrift in space! Breakfast will never be the same, but hopefully Luna and Milo will make it back in time for lunch! Filled with page after page of hilarious, colorful illustrations guaranteed to make kids and parents roll with laughter.

  • af E.V. Starkey
    177,95 kr.

    A young girl unapologetically decides to focus all her energy on the things that make her the happiest.A young girl knows the world is calling for her, but she decides to make today a "me" day, focusing all her energies on a list of things that make her happy. And, oh what a list it is! She'll pack the day lunching with her teddy bear, brewing wild teas, and even working on her warrior pose. Combined with gorgeous handmade collage work by the founders of Finland's Polka Paper.

  • af Brantly Martin
    127,95 kr.

    Highway B: Horrorfest is a collection of 32 (short) short stories and one longer story. These stories explore the author''s philosophy that we exist within an infinite number of diagonal dimensions that, to varying degrees, are aware of and influenced by one another. Readers are guided through simulation gulags and simulation resorts, introduced to a bestiary, brought into sex parties and brothels that might be myths and might be extinction events, and given a curated history of the tribes, artificial intelligence, religions, iconoclasts, scientific and spiritual illusions that shape this dimension.

  • af Jamel Shabazz
    376,95 kr.

    Once upon a time before crack, Jamel Shabazz was on the scene, working the streets of New York City, capturing the faces and places of an era that have long since disappeared.Once upon a time before crack, inner city communities were blighted by poverty and unemployment-but not by the drug wars that tore families apart, destroying lives with needless violence and mindless addiction. Once upon a time before crack, pride and style were as inseparable as a beatbox and mixtape, or as a pair of shoes and matching purse. Once upon a time before crack, Jamel Shabazz was on the scene, working the streets of New York City, capturing the faces and places of an era that have long since disappeared. Best known as Hip Hop's finest fashion photographer for his blockbuster best-selling monograph, Back in the Days (powerHouse Books, 2001), Shabazz revisited his archive and unearthed an extraordinary collection of never-before-published documentary photographs collected for his third powerHouse Books release, A Time Before Crack, a visual diary of the streets of New York City from the mid-seventies to the mid-eighties, Shabazz's distinctive photographs reveal the families, the poses, and the players who made this age extraordinary.

  • - How to Build Brands by Fulfilling the Consumer Quest for Meaning
    af Emmanuel Probst
    256,95 kr.

    Every year, brands spend over $560 billion (and counting) to convince us to buy their products. Yet, as consumers we have become insensitive to most advertising. We easily forget brands and may switch to another product on a whim. There are ways for brands to break this cycle. Brands that succeed are the ones that help us find meaning. In this process, the brands become meaningful in and of themselves. Brand Hacks takes you on an exploratory journey, revealing why most advertising campaigns fail and examining the personal, social, and cultural meanings that successful brands bring to consumers' everyday lives. Most importantly, this book will show you how to use simple brand hacks to create and grow brands that deliver meaning even with a limited budget. Brand Hacks is supported by in-depth research in consumer psychology, interviews with industry-leading marketers, and case studies of meaningful brands, both big and small.

  • - The Shifting Poetry of the Great American Landscape
    af John Mack
    692,95 kr.

    In A Land Between Worlds, poet and photographer John Mack shares his vision on that part of the human condition which brings about our disconnection from nature, its further disconnection through smart devices, and provides clues that might lead us back to our natural unity with it. Covering nearly fifty of the most iconic U.S. National Parks, Mack uses poetry, landscape photography, and an interactive augmented reality app to invite us into a deep conversation about the encroaching digital landscape, our attachments to it, and the uncertain fate of our nature.After a four-year journey-flying more than 300,000 air-miles aboard over 200 flights, driving over 15,000 miles with the aid of over 25 car rentals, including hiking over 220 miles, 7 helicopter charters, 6 seaplane charters, 8 grizzly sightings, and 1 husky sled-poet and photographer John Mack returns with evidence of some of America's most iconic, natural sites and their current state of deterioration vis a vis the proliferation of smart devices and the encroaching virtual environment. In an attempt to shed light on the current state of our nature, Mack completes what he calls a "reconaissance mission," having crisscrossed the entire United States of America. Covering a land with length from Maine to Hawaii, a depth from the southern bend of Texas to the far reaches of Alaska's arctic circle, A Land Between Worlds shares Mack's vision of who we are in relation to our environment and looks for clues as to whether or not a balance between nature and today's increasingly seductive technology can be attained. Writes Mack, Today's world finds the human caught in a balancing act between technology and nature unlike ever seen before. With the invention of the smartphone, human beings across the planet are increasingly experiencing life through their screens. With the simple click of the on button, what was once intended to serve as a mere tool now serves as our reality. Caught in this maneuver is the fate of the human soul. As artificial as modern technology may seem, history has shown technology to be a natural and essential part of the human journey. Are we reaching a point, however, where this part of the journey might be taking over the journey's entirety? In these modern times of increasing dependence on digital devices, it behooves us to ask ourselves what, exactly, would allow such an overtaking to occur. Are the programmed lenses of the app-environment-gaming, social networking, news, lifestyle-so mesmerizingly colorful as to take precedent over the vibrant colors of life itself? Or, rather, is there a program already running inside our heads-one that first disconnects us from life's vibrance and only then finds us reaching for our screens to restore the vibrance for us? Comprised of gatherings from nearly fifty iconic U.S. National Parks, Mack uses poetry, landscape photography, and an interactive augmented reality app to invite us into a deep introspection about what it means to be human: What, if anything, can our National Parks teach us about the nature within us? A Land Between Worlds is evidence of hope in a world where nature, freedom, love, democracy, and reality itself are under attack. It's interactive juxtaposition of natural sanctuaries and their digital versions reveals the encroaching digital landscape, our attachments to it, and the uncertain fate of our nature. Available in signed, limited collector's editions and standard editions, A Land Between Worlds includes a "making of" video, reminding us of the art of human craft in an ever more digitized world. A Land Between Worlds is the official book of A Species Between Worlds: Our Nature, Our Screens, the exhibition showcased in New York City in January of 2022. The month-long exhibition attracted some of the most influential voices at the forefront of the battle to defend human awareness from the threats that unchecked use of computer-based technologies pose to our humanity. Available in signed, limited collector's editions and standard editions, the poetry book includes not only all of the exhibition's U.S. National Park images but also the project's entire collection of poems, many of which were not on display to the public.

  • af Various
    157,95 kr.

    An exciting new anthology of autofiction featuring a wide range of today's best writers, both established and up-and-coming.Collected autofictions from mainstays of literary, art, and internet avant-garde writing. The contributors in this anthology produce a contemporary, subversive primer of works engaging the relationship between the writer and the text. Featuring: Aiden Arata Nathan Dragon David Fishkind Rindon Johnson Aristilde Kirby Tao Lin Chris Molnar Vi Khi Nao Elle Nash Gina Nutt Brad Phillips Sam Pink Darina Sikmashvili BR Yeager

  • af Kyaw Lin
    167,95 kr.

    Children learn the alphabet and practice gratitude with this dazzling ABC book of every-day wonders.There are endless things to be thankful for, but let's start with 26. This delightfully illustrated picture book takes young readers (and adults) on an alphabetical adventure of abundance, positivity, and joy. D is for dancing. Thank you, dancing. I shake my hips and swing them side to side. Life is a dance, so dance and feel alive. E is for evening. Thank you, evening. A gorgeous sunset floods the golden sky. I lie on sunlit grass till stars come by. ABC Thankful Me, written in gentle, rhythmic rhyme, is an ideal read-aloud book and a perfect bedtime meditation on life's many blessings.

  • af E Taylor
    147,95 kr.

    E Taylor''s Bimboland is an astute and confident debut, balancing, in their blistering and tender style, their life as a sex worker and socialist politics. The poems are full of desire and vulnerability, insight and calls to action, both personal and societal. You can get lost in the insatiable pace of their words and the way in which you feel, as they feel, ''powerful yet somehow / nothing.''

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