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  • af Athina Paris & Patti Lee
    197,95 - 267,95 kr.

  • af Athina Paris & Mark Everglade
    197,95 - 322,95 kr.

  • af Athina Paris & J L Hill
    197,95 - 297,95 kr.

  • - Alpha and Omega
    af Myron Edwards
    192,95 - 282,95 kr.

  • af Hill J L Hill
    177,95 - 282,95 kr.

  • - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
    af G C Rosenquist
    197,95 - 292,95 kr.

  • af Mark Everglade
    192,95 - 312,95 kr.

  • - The Crescent And The Cross
    af Zack Varkaris
    240,95 - 377,95 kr.

  • af John L Ford
    192,95 - 312,95 kr.

  • af J L Hill
    192,95 kr.

  • - A Journey To New Eden
    af James Hill
    162,95 kr.

  • af J L Hill
    212,95 kr.

  • af Barbara Harrison
    162,95 - 297,95 kr.

  • af James L. Hill
    292,95 kr.

    A futuristic world where technology has replaced God and mankind struggles to retain its humanity. A mind blowing drama, Pegasus: A Journey To New Eden is a psychological thriller that show how wrong society can go when technology is uncontrolled. It is a dark time of power and greed set against the desolation of space exploration.

  • af Myron Edwards
    187,95 - 287,95 kr.

    Richard Cole, ex-veteran of the First Gulf War, returns to the Island of Cyprus twenty years later for a vacation with his wife, Julie. A chance discovery places him in a dilemma, as he learns that Greek Gods and mortals should never mix. 'The Mistress of the Rock is a very possessive spirit; she does not give her affections lightly.'

  • af Athina Paris
    212,95 - 317,95 kr.

    Benjamin Powell believes he has begun an empire. He has three sons and owns a successful construction company. But it all begins to crumble when he chooses to manipulate their lives. Three women enter this world and fall in love with the Powell men - Sofia, Christie, and Gloria. Can one or all find their way back to happiness?

  • af Athina Paris
    192,95 - 317,95 kr.

    Stranded on the side of a highway, Dani, a young fashion designer and IT expert, calls to reschedule an important interview, only to discover that her future boss is in the hospital. Nicholas, playboy and heir to Galfrey's, can't help but be intrigued by the young woman's voice on the phone and races to her rescue.

  • af James L. Hill
    342,95 kr.

    Killer With Three Heads is the second book in the Killer series. Bulletproof Morris Mojo Johnson returns to New York after a 10 years' absence to find the people responsible for kidnapping his daughter, Maria. He was recruited by the NSA to train commandos to fight the War on Drugs in Columbia. Will his past cost the life of his little girl?

  • af James L. Hill
    342,95 kr.

    Nicky 'Nails' Rocci's gang is thick as thieves, but stealing mob money leads to murder. However, failing to kill Morris 'Mojo' Johnson is a costly mistake for the Banoa family that adds to Morris' mystique. Maria Marino is a bewitching beauty, a sexy firebrand that has captured the heart of the feared warlord, Morris.

  • - Jessie
    af Athina Paris
    192,95 - 297,95 kr.

  • - The Revenge
    af Myron Edwards
    187,95 - 267,95 kr.

    She's back and this time she brought a friend…The story continues: the sequel to The Mistress of the Rock, is The Revenge.Still smarting from Richard Cole's rejection, Aphrodite plans a series of events that will bring about his return to the island. Only this time, his welcome will not be so warm, as he will have to battle bureaucracy and the islanders' contempt for the devastating aftermath of his chance discovery and his sudden departure. In addition, he confronts his internal demons, and with his return to Cyprus, might completely consume him.For Aphrodite is set upon a path of cold vengeance and summons the Scylla, a legendary cryptid of the deep, to do her bidding. The creature wreaks havoc on the once idyllic coast of Cape Greco and the tourist resorts of Ayia Napa, Protaras, and Paphos.Richard must not only face his devils but also the goddess, if he is to stop the terror that now lurks in the Mediterranean's crystal-clear waters.But how is he going to do it?

  • af James L Hill
    192,95 - 297,95 kr.

    A fantasy Pirate/Mermaid love story set in the golden age of Pirates of the 17th and 18th centuries.Jeremy Simmons is a midshipman on the commercial vessel, Rummy Gale. An honorable young man, he believes in the science of the day not age-old superstitions of the sea. But a hurricane will do more than sink his ship; it will forever change his world.Shera, a mermaid, rescues him; they fall in love and in her attempt to return him to his world, she approaches her sisters at Usea Maya for assistance. The Maiden Queen forbids her from giving any further aid, condemning the man to a watery tomb. But Shera, a free spirit, defies the orders, goes it alone and inadvertently causes a tragedy.Infuriated by Shera's defiance and Jeremy's steadfast defense and willingness to take the punishment meted out to her, the Queen curses them both. She locks Shera in human form and binds Jeremy's life to hers. A fate so cruel it will cause a split in the realm of Mermaids and turn good men into Pirates.

  • af Athina Paris
    192,95 - 317,95 kr.

    After losing her mother, Gabrielle swears off love. She travels to Africa to meet her father, a rogue, and before long there is a baby sister who needs protecting. Gabrielle meets Jonathan Knight, a man who amuses and confuses her. Soon she finds herself in a sticky situation and unwittingly sinks into a morass of danger.

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