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  • af Jennifer Mackewn
    333,95 - 438,95 kr.

    `In this eminently sensible, practical and thought-provoking book, Jennifer Mackewn takes gestalt light years forward towards a synthesis and integration of psychological styles and away from what she describes as "e;Perlism"e;. I agree with her: this is a book for therapists, not principally for gestaltists... In inviting the reader to "e;pick and choose"e; from the many and varied, always practical, hands-on approach chapters... Jennifer Mackewn hopes we will both enjoy her book and find it of use. This reader, commending the book to you all, has no doubt that both her hopes will be fulfilled' - Self & SocietyDescribing contemporary integrative Gestalt counselling and psychotherapy, this book addresses 30 key issues which will help both trainee and practising counsellors examine and improve crucial areas of their work.The field theoretical and relational model which underpins the book suggests that therapy is a complex process which requires therapists to be intuitive and self-aware while engaging in a number of interrelated therapeutic tasks. The importance of meeting clients person-to-person in a meaningful relationship is highlighted. Jennifer Mackewn encourages counsellors to focus on areas that they may feel need special attention, and shows them how to blend their skills into a subtle and versatile art form. The book covers vital aspects of Gestalt counselling and psychotherapy, such as: appreciating the significance of beginnings; understanding the client's context; the dialogic relationship; contact and awareness; exploring life themes and support systems; and experimental and creative methods.

  • af Campaign for Social Science
    158,95 kr.

  • af David A. Sousa
    836,95 kr.

  • - Assam and the Politics of History
    af Nani G. Mahanta
    476,95 kr.

    476,95 kr.

  • - Domestic Violence in India
    af Rinki Bhattacharya
    247,95 - 309,95 kr.

    This powerful book deals with the complex problem of domestic violence in India. Based on the narratives of 17 women from diverse socioeconomic and caste backgrounds, the author locates the problem in the larger societal context and analyzes a range of physical, psychological, non-physical, social and cultural aspects of the abuse of women.

  • af Tushaar Shah
    332,95 kr.

  • - A Comprehensive Overview by IDEA Disability Category
    af Tara S. Guerriero, Mary A. Houser & Vicki A. McGinley
    600,95 kr.

    Special education students often learn about the characteristics of disabilities, but can lack an understanding of the relationship between diagnostic assessment and eligibility for special education services. The Special Educator's Guide to Assessment: A Comprehensive Overview by IDEA Disability Category focuses on the role that assessment plays in the diagnosis of a disability, determination of eligibility for special education services, and education of students with disabilities to provide a meaningful interconnection between assessment concepts and classroom application for teachers. Authors Tara S. Guerriero, Mary A. Houser, and Vicki A. McGinley want to ensure that future special education teachers have the preparation to provide comprehensive instruction to P-12 students through this text.While special education teachers are often not the ones conducting comprehensive evaluations, it is paramount that they understand their students' individual characteristics, and understand how assessment is used to determine diagnosis and eligibility. Framing the text around The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) provides students with concrete standards by which all disabilities are evaluated and regulated in our public educational system.Part I introduces the basic topics of assessment, ethics, and assessment types. Part II moves on to provide diagnostic and eligibility criteria according to IDEA categories that are most commonly diagnosed in an educational setting while Part III describes the criteria for IDEA categories most commonly diagnosed in a medical setting. Features like case studies and sample comprehensive evaluations help bring to life assessment and how it applies in real classrooms.

  • af Salkind Neil J. Salkind & Frey Bruce B. Frey
    1.121,95 kr.

  • - Politics, Analysis, and Alternatives
    af Kraft Michael E. Kraft & Furlong Scott R. Furlong
    1.284,95 kr.

  • - Concepts and Practice
    af Northouse Peter G. Northouse
    883,95 kr.

  • - The Changing Life Course
    af Hutchison Elizabeth D. Hutchison
    996,95 kr.

  • - Strategies for Development and Implementation
    af Glatthorn Allan A. Glatthorn, Boschee Floyd Boschee & Whitehead Bruce M. Whitehead
    1.246,95 kr.

  • af Robert R. Perkinson
    354,95 - 359,95 kr.

    The Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Client Workbook by Robert R. Perkinson is an evidence-based program that uses treatments including motivational enhancement, cognitive-behavioral therapy, skills training, medication, and 12-step facilitation. It provides a venue for clients to write down their thoughts and experiences as they progress through treatment. The Third Edition of the workbook takes the patient through all 12 steps of recovery and continues to include chapters on honesty and preventing relapse.

  • - A Practical Guide
    af Robert R. Perkinson
    950,95 - 953,95 kr.

    The best-selling Chemical Dependency Counseling: A Practical Guide provides counselors and front-line mental health professionals with the information and skills they need to use evidence-based treatments, including motivational enhancement, cognitive behavioral therapy, skills training, medication, and 12-step facilitation. Guiding the counselor step by step through treatment, author Robert R. Perkinson presents state-of-the-art tools, forms, and tests necessary for client success while meeting the highest standards demanded by accrediting bodies. The Fifth Edition of this landmark text has been updated to include coverage of current topics of concern for counselors, including full compliance with DSM-5, new coverage of steps 6 12 in 12-step facilitation, discussions on synthetic and designer drugs, new psychotherapeutic medications, new survey data on patterns of use and abuse, a list of online recovery support groups for clients, and a new section on Recommendations for a Successful First Year in Recovery.

  • af G. Tomas M. Hult, Marko Sarstedt, Christian Ringle & mfl.
    354,95 - 394,95 kr.

    A Primer on Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) by Joseph F. Hair, Jr., G. Tomas M. Hult, Christian Ringle, and Marko Sarstedt is a practical guide that provides concise instructions on how to use partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM), an evolving statistical technique, to conduct research and obtain solutions. Featuring the latest research, new examples using the SmartPLS software, and expanded discussions throughout, the Second Edition is designed to be easily understood by those with limited statistical and mathematical training who want to pursue research opportunities in new ways.

  • - A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Change for Good
    af Nedra Kline Weinreich
    717,95 - 960,95 kr.

    This book shows students and practitioners how to develop social marketing programs through a simple, six-step process of strategic planning and design. Nedra Kline Weinreich starts by introducing the concept of social marketing and then walks the reader through each of the six steps of the process: analysis, strategy development, program and communication design, pretesting, implementation, and evaluation and feedback.The Second Edition incorporates developments in marketing practice over the last 10 years and focuses on how to apply the design approach to campaigns to effect behavior change. All organizations can do social marketing, Weinreich insists, if they follow the steps and start to think from a social marketing perspective.

  • - Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
    af Catherine A. Sanderson
    953,95 kr.

    Catherine SandersonsHealth Psychologypresents balanced coverage of cutting edge research, real world application, essential theories and foundational research in health psychology. The text is written at an accessible level yet employs a strong emphasis on the scientific principlesand scientific processes underlying the field of health psychology. Additionally,Health Psychologyfocuses on the impacts of both developmental and cultural factors across its chapters. With her third edition, Sanderson aims to engage student readers through personally relevant content and real world examples, helping them to master concepts across chapters and to apply their learning to live healthy, long and vibrant lives.The third edition ofHealth Psychologywill hone and improve its rich, student-oriented pedagogical program to capture and retain student attention while supporting student learning and understanding. Sanderson plans to heavily revise her text to remove superfluous and outdated materials, as well as to include new and updated content, from recent studies to attention grabbing, pop culture references to cutting edge neuroscience coverage.

  • af William J. Chambliss & Daina S. Eglitis
    600,95 kr.

    Discover Sociology: Core Concepts explores sociology as a discipline of curious minds, with the theoretical, conceptual, and empirical tools needed to understand, analyze, and even change the worldall in a more streamlined format. It is adapted from Discover Sociology, Third Edition and offers in-depth coverage of 12 high-priority topics that are at the core of almost all introductory sociology courses.Core Concepts maintains its reader-friendly narrative and the hallmark themes of the parent book, including the unequal distribution of power in society (Inequality Matters), the sociological imagination (Private Lives, Public Issues), and career skills (What Can I Do With a Sociology Degree?). A new feature, Discover and Debate, shows students how to take effective, evidence-based positions on important social issues, and how to argue in a respectful manner that recognizes the value of different perspectives.

    262,95 kr.

  • af Derek Haylock & Ralph Manning
    279,95 - 342,95 kr.

    Get access to an interactive eBook* when you buy the paperback! (Print paperback version only, ISBN 9781446285879)A Unique Blend of Digital and Print Learning Resources!5 Star student reviews:';A must have for teachers-to-be, especially those who are a bit shaky on their maths knowledge!'';Not many maths books keep me fixated but this is one that is definitely worth the money.'';It is a book I will be using even when in the classroom.' Mathematics Explained for Primary Teachers develops your understanding of mathematical concepts and processes, and how children learn them, so you can confidently teach mathematics to primary children. Tried and tested, the fifth edition of Derek Haylock's much loved textbook matches the 2014 curriculum requirements for England. Every chapter integrates children's learning, classroom practice, and teacher's own requirements for subject knowledge, making this the ideal text to guide you through your studies and beyond. More than just a book! The new edition is supported by FREE access to an interactive eBook and a companion website allowing you to use a wealth of teaching and learning resources. You can use the eBook to study where and when you want, and read, annotate and search the book on a tablet, laptop or PC. You can also visit to access: Videos by the author introduce core themes of each section and explain key mathematical processes. Links to the National Curriculum specify the statutory requirements for primary schools in England that relate to the mathematical content of each chapter. Learning and Teaching points highlight important issues you may face in the classroom and provide practical guidance for teaching. Self-assessment questions help check your understanding and provide immediate feedback to see how well you have done. Select SAGE journal articles to support literature reviews and wider reading. Lesson Plan Activities by Ralph Manning support content-focused chapters and contain creative mathematics tasks across the primary age range. A Student Workbook is also available to accompany this book, including over 700 practice problems to help you understand, apply and teach primary mathematics. Derek Haylock is an education consultant and writer with a background in mathematics teaching, teacher education and classroom-based research in mathematics education. Ralph Manning is an independent consultant in primary education. He has worked as a primary teacher and as a lecturer in primary teacher education for 18 years, following a career in IT. *interactivity only available through Vitalsource eBook

  • af Geoff Payne & Judy Payne
    279,95 - 363,95 kr.

    `This clearly written and user-friendly book is ideal for students or researchers who wish to get a basic, but solid grasp of a topic and see how it fits with other topics. By following the links a student can easily and efficiently build up a clear conceptual map of social research' - Malcolm Williams, Reader in Sociology, Cardiff University`This is a really useful book, written in an accessible manner for students beginning their study of social research methods. It is helpful both as an introductory text and as a reference guide for more advanced students. Most of the key topics in methods and methodology are covered and it will be suitable as a recommended text on a wide variety of courses' - Clive Seale, Brunel UniversityAt last, an authoritative, crystal-clear introduction to research methods which really takes account of the needs of students for accessible, focused information to help with undergraduate essays and exams. The key concepts discussed here are based on a review of teaching syllabi and the authors' experience of many years of teaching. Topics range over qualitative and quantitative approaches and combine practical considerations with philosophical issues. They include several new topics, like internet and phone polling, internet searches, and visual methods. Each section is free-standing, can be tackled in order, but with links to other sections to enable students to cross-reference and build up a wider understanding of central research methods.To facilitate comprehension and aid study, each section begins with a definition. It is followed by a summary of key points with key words and guides to further reading and up-to-date examples. The book is a major addition to undergraduate reading lists. It is reliable, allows for easy transference to essays and exams and easy to use, and exceptionally clearly written for student consumption. The book answers the needs of all those who find research methods daunting, and for those who have dreamt of an ideal introduction to the subject.

  • - Dimensions of Inequality and Identity
    af Ferguson Susan J. Ferguson
    839,95 kr.

  • - Freedom on the Airwaves
    40,95 kr.

    As modern technology multiplies radio's reach, the June issue of Index on Censorship examines the medium and its messengers. Includes contributions from Joe Queenan, Alexei Venediktov and Shirazuddin Siddiqi.

  • - A Guide to Theory and Practice
    af Joep Cornelissen
    429,95 kr.

    Written specifically for students interested in knowing more about the organizational and management context of communications, and to get more hands-on learning, practical experience and skills to help them get off to a flying start in their career, this book is a guide to corporate communication that will help students and practitioners navigate the area, understand the main theories and put these into practice through examples and case studies.Academically grounded, it covers the key concepts, principles and models within corporate communication by bringing together academic knowledge and insights from the subject areas of management and communication. At the same time, it combines this academic base with a clear practical outlook practical cases illustrate the theory and each chapter also focuses on models and exercises that equip students with practical expertise and skills. The international scope of the book, featuring cases from around the globe has been instrumental in its success and has now been used by nearly 20,000 students across over 50 different countries from New York to Helsinki, Tokyo to Rio de Janeiro for students studying Corporate Communication, Organizational Communication, PR and Marketing Communications and as an invaluable source for reflective practitioners.The new fourth edition has been revised and updated with new cases and covers developments is areas such as reputation management, leadership communication and CSR communication. It features: A new chapter on social media and increased coverage of new media in existing chapters New up-to-date material on emerging CSR standards, transnational governance and corporate citizenship Extended focus on media relations, internal communications and leadership and change communication New full-length and shorter international case studies Enhanced companion website material including new case studies and video material available on publication at

  • af Nick Wilton
    429,95 kr.

    Get 12 months FREE access to an interactive eBook when purchasing the paperback*Reflecting the global nature of the workplace with its use of real world examples and case studies, Nick Wilton's book is not another 'How to' of HRM in practice, but goes beyond the prescriptive approach to the practice of strategic HRM and encourages critical reflection to prepare students for the issues and dilemmas they could face in their careers. Providing an introduction to the management of people in work organizations, it seeks to outline the purpose and operation of HRM activities in the 'real world', whilst situating practice in the context of associated debates and controversies played out in the parallel field of academic study. It adopts a critical perspective on the study and practice of HRM to provide the reader with an understanding not only of the potential for HRM to contribute to both improved organizational performance and individual well-being in the workplace, but also why it very often fails to achieve either of these positive outcomes and suggests that the management of people is not the exclusive preserve of HR specialists, but an area of interest or concern for all organizational actors.The new edition comes packed with features that encourage readers to engage and relate theory to practice including:- Management skills and attributes boxes outlining the required competencies of line managers and HR practitioners- HR in practice boxes illustrating how HRM theory works in real world practice- Ethical insights presenting ethical considerations for budding practitioners - Global insights highlighting practices around the world- Research insights inviting students to explore further academic research- Case Studies and Examples offering a more in-depth look at HRM across a variety of organizations- A free interactive eBook* featuring author videos, web-links interactive multiple choice questions, free SAGE journal articles, extended case studies and other relevant links, allowing access on the go and encouraging learning and retention whatever the reading or learning style.Aimed at students across the academic spectrum, whether studying on a specialist HRM or CIPD program of study, a generalist business and management programme or studying HRM as part of a programme in an unrelated discipline (such as engineering or humanities).*Interactivity only available through Vitalsource eBook included as part of paperback product (ISBN 9781473954199). Access not guaranteed on second-hand copies (as access code may have previously been redeemed).

  • - A Value Creation Approach
    af Stewart R. Clegg, Torgeir Skyttermoen & Anne Live Vaagaasar
    482,95 kr.

    Project management is an essential life and workplace skill that everyone must develop. Following the popular style and format of other textbooks by Stewart Clegg, this brand new co-authored textbook on project management provides a much needed European perspective to the subject. Drawing on the latest research and practice, the authors guide students on an active learning journey through the project lifespan, promoting a critical and reflexive approach to studying project management, as well as one that creates value for all project stakeholders and emphasizes people and not just process.Case studies and examples discussed in the text cover a wide range of projects from large to smaller across different industries and sectors, both public and private, including: megaprojects (HS2); mega events (Olympics); political projects (Brexit); health-related project implementation (LEAN); tech-related projects (Google); building and restoration projects (housing/Sagrada Familia); and arts and cultural projects (European Capital of Culture).Incorporating a host of learning features both in chapters and via the supporting online resources, this textbook is essential reading for all students/managers completing a course unit in project management at either undergraduate or postgraduate level.

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