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  • - A Text and Video Guide to Neurotoxins and Fillers
    839,95 kr.

  • af Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher, mfl.
    683,95 kr.

    686,95 kr.

    An updated edition of the most comprehensive guide to spine surgeryHandbook of Spine Surgery, Second Edition, is a completely updated and comprehensive reference that distills the basic principles of contemporary spine surgery. Its coverage of both principles and techniques makes it an excellent refresher before surgery or a valuable daily companion for residents and surgeons caring for patients with spinal disorders.Key Features of the Second Edition:New chapters on adult degenerative deformity, pediatric scoliosis and radiographic principles of deformityExpanded spinal trauma section now includes separate chapters on cervical, thoracolumbar, and sacropelvic injuriesCommon clinical questions (with answers) at the end of each chapter highlight topics frequently encountered in the operating room and on board examsEasy-to-read bulleted formatThe second edition of this handbook is the go-to guide for all those involved in spine surgery.

  • af Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher & mfl.
    610,95 - 617,95 kr.

  • af Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte & Udo Schumacher
    640,95 kr.

    640,95 kr.

    The quintessential clinical guide for audiologists on tinnitus and hyperacusis patient managementSince publication of the first edition in 2005, new developments have impacted the treatment paradigm for tinnitus, such as sensory meditation and mindfulness. Tinnitus Treatment: Clinical Protocols, Second Edition, by world-renowned tinnitus experts and distinguished authors Richard S. Tyler and Ann Perreau provides comprehensive background information, up-to-date strategies, essential tools, and online supplementary materials grounded in years of clinical experience and research. It fills a gap in graduate education and available materials to empower audiologists to effectively treat patients suffering from bothersome to severely debilitating symptoms associated with tinnitus or hyperacusis.The textbook includes 15 chapters, starting with three chapters on tinnitus models, treatment approaches, and self-treatment options. The next three chapters summarize counseling approaches for audiologists and psychologists, including introduction of the three-track psychological counseling program for managing tinnitus. Chapters 7 and 8 discuss the use of hearing aids in patients with hearing loss-related tinnitus and sound therapy using wearable devices. Chapter 9 covers smartphone apps for tinnitus assessment, management, and education and wellness, including discussion of limitations. The last six chapters provide guidance on tinnitus management topics including treating children, implementing outcome measures, hyperacusis treatment, and future directions.Key FeaturesNew relaxation/distraction tactics including meditation, mindfulness, guided imagery, biofeedback, progressive muscle relaxation, art and music therapy, exercise, and exploration of new hobbiesTreatment guidance for patients with tinnitus associated with Meniere's disease, vestibular schwannoma, unilateral sudden sensorineural hearing loss, and middle ear myoclonusDiscussion and research-based evidence covering Internet-delivered self-help treatment strategiesNew supplemental videos, brochures, handouts, questionnaires, and datasheets enhance knowledge, scope of practice, and incorporation of effective approaches into clinical practiceThis is a must-have resource for every audiology student and advanced courses, as well as essential reading for all audiologists who feel underprepared in managing tinnitus and/or hyperacusis.This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on

  • - A Primer
    af Luis Manuel Tumialan
    1.897,95 kr.

  • - Practical Guides in Interventional Radiology
    af Felipe Collares & Salomão Faintuch
    992,95 kr.

  • af Justis P. Ehlers
    862,95 kr.

  • - Concepts & Techniques
    af Elizabeth J. Hall-Findlay
    2.483,95 kr.

    1.107,95 kr.

    The quintessential neurosurgical text review for acing the ABNS written exam!Since its publication nearly 20 years ago, Comprehensive Neurosurgery Board Review has garnered legendary status as the leading high-yield review for neurosurgical residents preparing for the American Board of Neurological Surgery (ABNS) primary exam. The updated third edition by Jonathan S. Citow and associate editors R. Loch Macdonald, Ross C. Puffer, Syed I. Khalid, Bob S. Carter, Alan R. Cohen, Robert J. Spinner, and Daniel Refai reflects technological advances made in the past decade. Seven comprehensive, systematically formatted chapters succinctly cover the tested core topics: anatomy, physiology, neuropathology, neuroradiology, neurology, neurosurgery, and critical care.Key Highlights:The streamlined outline format and handy tables enhance memorization and retention of knowledgeMore than 1200 high-quality illustrations and images, many in full color, detail impacted anatomy and processesEach chapter has concise sections encompassing important concepts, disease states, diagnostic criteria, and treatment approachesAs with prior editions, this reader-friendly textbook does a remarkable job summarizing the vast data and knowledge required to ace the ABNS exam. The new edition is destined to build on its legacy as an indispensable resource for every young neurosurgeon sitting for the exam.This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on

  • af Nitin Agarwal
    294,95 kr.

    The quintessential guide providing a one-stop roadmap to a neurosurgical career!Neurological surgery is a complex, highly selective specialty. For medical students and residents, navigating a huge array of neurosurgical information can be overwhelming. Neurosurgery Fundamentals by Nitin Agarwal is a portable reference enabling swift assimilation of neurosurgical care essentials. The book starts with a roadmap to a career in neurosurgery. It concludes with Advice from the Masters, featuring invaluable resources and insights from prominent neurosurgeons.Comprehensive technical overviews are provided on the neurological exam, neuroanatomy, neuroradiology, neurocritical care, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury, degenerative and deformity spine, neurovascular surgery, neurosurgical oncology, pediatric neurosurgery, functional neurosurgery, stereotactic radiosurgery, neurological infectious diseases, and interdisciplinary care. Socioeconomic topics include training, licensure, credentialing, and advocacy.Key FeaturesFundamental diseases, tests, and operative approaches are summarized.Top Hits feature the most salient questions, aiding in retention of knowledge.High-yield resources are highlighted to augment reader identification.Neurosurgical Pearls offer advice from the masters relevant to each chapter.High-quality illustrations, photographs, and radiographs enrich understanding.Aspiring neurosurgical providers will benefit from the easy-to-digest wealth of information in this concise, yet comprehensive guide.

    457,95 kr.

    Neuro Imaging Second Edition from Roy Riascos, Eliana Bonfante, and Susana Calle features 100 new cases along with two board-type multiple choice questions for each. This latest edition features state-of-the-art imaging technologies including perfusion techniques, spectroscopy, nuclear medicine, and 3D reconstructions. Updated and new classification systems have been integrated into brain tumor, traumatic spine injury, and intracranial aneurysm cases. For maximum ease of self-assessment, each case begins with the clinical presentation on the right-hand page; study that and then turn the page for imaging findings, differential diagnoses with the definitive diagnosis, essential facts, pearls and pitfalls, and more.Key Features- New to this edition, a question-and-answer section for each case reinforces key concepts- Easy-to-read bulleted formatting and concise, point-by-point presentation of the Essential Facts enables learning and retention of high-yield facts and skill-building in neuroradiologic diagnosis- Online access to additional cases enables residents to arrange study sessions, quickly extract and master information, and prepare for specialized neuroradiology conferencesThieme's RadCases means cases selected to simulate what you will see on your exams, rounds, and rotations. RadCases helps you to identify the correct differential diagnosis for each case, including the most critical.The series comprehensively covers the following specialties:Breast Imaging · Cardiac Imaging · Emergency Imaging · Gastrointestinal Imaging · Genitourinary Imaging · Head and Neck Imaging · Interventional Radiology · Musculoskeletal Radiology · Neuro Imaging · Nuclear Medicine · Pediatric Imaging · Thoracic Imaging · Ultrasound ImagingEach RadCases second edition has a code allowing you one year of access to Thieme's online database of 350 cases: the 100 cases in this book plus 250 cases more.Master your cases, pass your exams, and diagnose with confidence: RadCases!

  • af Robert F. Spetzler, Peter Nakaji, Elad I. Levy, mfl.
    1.567,95 kr.

    Neurovascular medicine has emerged as an established, semi-independent subspecialty of neurology and neurosurgery. Decision Making in Neurovascular Disease focuses on the challenging process of determining the best approach for managing patients with intracranial atherosclerosis, carotid artery disease, stroke, aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, arteriovenous fistulae, cavernous malformations, and hypervascular tumors. Leonardo Rangel-Castilla, Robert Spetzler, esteemed coauthors, and an impressive cadre of experts discuss highly divergent modalities including medical management, open cerebrovascular, endovascular, radiosurgery, and combined/multimodality alternatives.The book is organized into seven sections: Ischemic Stroke and Vascular Insufficiency, Aneurysms – Anterior Circulation, Aneurysms – Posterior Circulation, Aneurysms – Other, Arteriovenous Malformations and Fistula, Cavernous Malformations, and Hypervascular Tumors. Chapters include an introduction, decision-making algorithm, whether to treat, conservative management, anatomical considerations, clinical and imaging evaluation, differential diagnosis, treatment options, images, clinical and radiographic follow-up, and suggested reading.Key highlights:Simple algorithms accompanying 71 chapters supported by the latest, most updated information in the literatureMore than 300 radiologic images help elucidate disease-specific treatment decision makingStep-by-step guidance, clinical pearls, surgical nuances, complication avoidance, and evidence-based outcomes provide in-depth understandingPoint/counterpoint expert commentary on each case provides balanced insights on potential implications of specific treatmentsThis essential step-by-step book is a must-have for residents and fellows in neurosurgery, neurology, endovascular, interventional radiology, vascular neurology, and neurocritical care, as well as veteran clinicians in these specialties.

  • af Harvey Dillon
    724,95 kr.

  • af Mark S. Greenberg
    879,95 kr.

    Preceded by Handbook of neurosurgery / editor, Mark S. Greenberg. 7th ed. 2010.

  • af Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher & mfl.
    683,95 kr.

  • af Suzanne H. Kimball & Marc Fagelson
    512,95 kr.

    Tinnitus and sound disorder case studies provide invaluable guidance on enhancing quality and scope of patient careTinnitus affects nearly one in 10 people around the world and tinnitus-related disabilities are considered among the most common chronic conditions reported. Historically, many patients with these conditions have been ignored, misunderstood, or misguided by medical, audiological, and/or online communities. Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity Casebook by renowned audiologists and educators Suzanne H. Kimball and Marc Fagelson provides evidence-based strategies for clinical management of patients with tinnitus as well as sound intolerance disorders, based on a diverse array of case studies drawn from clinics.The book is divided into three sections and 29 chapters, with insightful clinical pearls from 24 multidisciplinary authors. The first section includes 15 cases on a full spectrum of underlying medical conditions, patterns of occurrence, and tinnitus with normal hearing, followed by two cases covering hyperacusis associated with an acoustic shock and diplacusis. Section two details psychological correlates for tinnitus and disorders of sound intolerance, with practical treatment strategies and coping skills for misophonia, fear hyperacusis, hyponatremia, pediatric cases, psychogenic tinnitus and dizziness, and PTSD. The final section, "Additional Considerations," includes two areas of practice currently growing in importance: patients with COVID who notice hearing changes and the co-occurrence of sound intolerance with normal pure-tone thresholds.Key HighlightsBackground, references, and examples of specific conditions and interventions support audiology's scope while providing options for the practitioner who works with an otherwise underserved patient populationEach case study demonstrates the complexity of audiologic rehabilitation associated with tinnitus and disorders of sound tolerance, including challenging and unsuccessful outcomesClinical history, test results, diagnosis, outcomes, questions, answers, items to support both patient and clinician self-efficacy, and key points enhance acquisition of knowledge, while encouraging problem-solving skillsThis is an important textbook for every graduate course in the area of clinical audiologic practice that addresses patient management related to tinnitus and sound tolerance. It is also a must-have reference for practicing clinicians to improve management and outcomes of patients with tinnitus, hyperacusis, and misophonia.This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on

  • - The Essentials with MR and CT
    af Val M. Runge
    979,95 kr.

  • af L.Scott Levin, Günter Germann & Randolph Sherman
    2.187,95 kr.

  • af Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher & mfl.
    640,95 kr.

    Translation of: Innere Organe / Michael Scheunke; Erik Schulte; Udo Schumacher. 3., euberarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage. 2012.

  • af Andrew Blitzer, Joel Guss & Brian Benson
    1.174,95 kr.

  • af Mark Shaya, Remi Nader, Jonathan Stuart Citow, mfl.
    437,95 kr.

    The ideal guide to pimping -- Nine succinct chapters fully cover the basic and clinical neurosciences in a convenient Q&A format that is ideal for self-study. Short answers and explanations appear directly below the questions to enable easy reading on the go.

  • - Head and Neck Surgery
    af David Goldenberg & Bradley Goldstein
    1.162,95 kr.

  • - A Clinical Guide
    af Abass Alavi
    952,95 kr.

    Presenting oncological and nononcological applications for PET and PET/CT for a full range of clinical scenarios, this edition features new chapters on PET/CT for pediatric patients; the use of FDG PET in the evaluation of infection and inflammation; and the role of PET and PET/CT in radiation therapy planning.

  • af Roy R. Casiano
    1.277,95 kr.

  • af Michael Valente & L. Valente
    1.042,95 kr.

  • - Volume E10c/2: Organo-Fluorine Compounds- Methods index II
    7.346,95 kr.

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