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  • - An Assured Victory: An Assured Victory
    af Padresito Ricky
    203,95 - 286,95 kr.

  • af Dr Child & Vivian Usborne
    288,95 kr.

  • af Russel Huggon
    164,95 kr.

    This guidebook to a healthier and happier life is just that. A guide book with a program to follow. After spending years reading self help books, spiritual teachings, manifestation guides, and having a book shelf full of information to change ones life, Not to mention hours with counsellors and therapist. only to come out more confused and lost. But in none of those teachings and sessions is their a practical human guide and program to help us achieve these goals. This is why I've created "e;you are limitless"e;You will now have in your hands a step by step program that will guide you to an elevated state of consciousness, a whole new awareness of self and let you be the conscious creator you chose to be here on earth. It will guide you a step by step with tools and new habits that will be exactly what your soul has Been craving for. You truly are limitless and I so badly want for you to live the life I know is there for all of us.

  • af LaRhonda Mack
    151,95 kr.

  • - The Science Behind the Deaths of Famous People
    af Milman PhD Harry A. Milman PhD
    183,95 - 265,95 kr.

  • af Frederick Gilliam
    156,95 - 263,95 kr.

  • - A Guide to over 100 Obscure 19Th and Early 20Th Parlor Games
    af Adam Shefts
    193,95 - 276,95 kr.

  • - Easy Macrobiotic Cooking for Students and Busy People
    af Melanie Waxman
    240,95 - 325,95 kr.

  • - Yes They Were
    af Erwin Kostomai
    226,95 - 347,95 kr.

  • af Anthony, DipProMan Banfield & FRICS
    201,95 - 274,95 kr.

  • - Mga Letra
    af Lenmil D Matugas
    162,95 kr.

    Bisaya Ta means, we are Bisaya. Bisaya is one of the dialects in the Philippines. This book will introduce the letters with illustrations that are commonly used by the Filipinos.

  • af MD Malik D Absm & Junaid
    220,95 kr.

    This book was initially started to help with understanding and organizing what I needed to know about the two most common NIMV (noninvasive mechanical ventilation) units, ie. Trilogy and Astral. As I presented this information at various lectures, it was clear to me that there was no guide that could be used in the setup of these machines. The most common mode of ventilation in each was AVAPS and iVAPS, respectively. Most of the initial difficulty is getting into the main menus of the machines. Once this is accomplished, one can easily change and adjust each of the machines. My hope is to impart the knowledge I have gained out of necessity to others. The hope is to have a step-by-step method of entering the menu and then moving through the various settings. I have concentrated on the two main modes of ventilation on each of the machines as the other modes available are variations on the two main modes. As one understands and allows for more experience with these machines, it will hopefully allow for more expertise in these field.In the NIMV clinic, I have patients sit in a recliner and then I place them on these machines with a mask of the patient's choosing. Then based on trial and error, start adjusting the pressures. Once the pressures and settings feel right to the patient, I allow the patient to recline and take a small nap. While they are napping, I have a continuous pulse oximetry, which can be added to these machines, to monitor the oxygen saturation. By the end of the clinic, I have the exact settings and give this to the DME (Durable Medical Equipment) company. In follow up, I know exactly what the settings are and if they are tolerable to the patient.

  • - 21St Century Conflict in Urban Centers and Megacities-A Small Wars Journal Anthology
    af Robert Bunker
    251,95 kr.

    Blood and Concrete: 21st Century Conflict in Urban Centers and Megacities provides a foundation for understanding urban operations and sustaining urban warfare research. This Small Wars Journal (SWJ) Anthology documents over a decade of writings on urban conflict. In addition to essays originally published at SWJ it adds new content including an introduction by the editors, a preface on "Blood and Concrete" by David Kilcullen, a foreword "Urban Warfare Studies" by John Spencer, a postscript "Cities in the Crossfire: The Rise of Urban Violence" by Margarita Konaev, and an afterword "Urban Operations: Meeting Challenges, Seizing Opportunities, Improving the Approach" by Russell W. Glenn. These essays frame the discussion found in the collection's remaining 49 chapters. Blood and Concrete continues the legacy of Small Was Journal's coverage of urban operations, conflict and combat.

  • af Gbelee Sumo
    224,95 kr.

  • af D C S
    40,95 kr.

    My name is Dora Crystal Solis and I have lived in Superior, AZ with family and friends my whole life. I have always been fascinated with science fiction ever since I''ve seen Star Wars and I have always been a fan of Anne McCaffrey''s books and characters. She has been my inspiration for writing science fiction. On the fantasy side mainly reading and hearing the different versions of fairy tales and reading stories of knights, princesses, princes, all the mythical creatures and the like have been my inspiration for that form of writing as well as dreaming about this kind of stuff. This story officially took off when my cousin Brittney (who I co-wrote this with) both decided that we wanted to turn this into a full fledged book which at first turned into a story she wrote for school, and then the characters and the plot changed and blossomed to what is now about five years later.I currently have another book out: Finding My Way to the Lord this is my first Christian Inspirational book, with some more to come. I even have a journal out entitled Question & Answer Journal with some more journals to come, more like it possibly and some dream ones that I''m almost done with. They are available at the following websites:, and

  • af Jerlene Crawford Hales
    288,95 kr.

  • af McDougal Griffiths
    218,95 - 314,95 kr.

    LOVE JAMAICAN STYLE is an exciting and very original manuscript which will be enjoyed greatly. The author has presented an unusual novel which centers around the life and experiences of a young man, Merv. Although Merv already has a woman, a classmate of his (Angie) is deeply in love with him. After graduation, Angie arranges a job for Merv at an importing firm with the hope that he will return herlove. Merv goes to work and soon discovers that this company is actually a front for a drug smuggling operation. When his boss realizes that he has learned the truth, he makes plans to killhim. The plot becomes further complex when Angie saves Merv; only to be murdered herself. It is only then that Merv realizes that Angie has always loved him, and he now seeks revenge by bringing the smugglers to justice!A true story of passion and sizzling patriotic adventure as two collegegraduates find themselves thrown together in a deadly triangle of love, need, and greed..Merv was unaware of the intensity of her passion all through the semesters until ... she got him his first job and gave a lot more until she could give no it was histurn.Angie reached out for Merv in the cell; their bodies touched and passionate sparks flew as their lips met. All protests were silenced by the fires of their hungry kisses and urgent embraces.Theirs was mutual need..."Oh Merv. Love me please, right now, right here. I don't care, just love me."

  • af Al Katar
    166,95 kr.

    Short Stories is a collection of four situations that anyone may find themselves in during their life's travels, whether it may be spiritual or comical. This book is written to take the reader to a place that they may not be able to visit or imagine, but the content and experiences of each character can be relative to the reader or to people they may know.

  • - A View from the Other Side
    af Carolyn V Reid
    207,95 - 306,95 kr.

    Many Faces One Spirit: A View from the Other Side reflects some of my many past lives and how my conscious presences broke the cycle of identifying with my pathological ego and how this affected my present life today and future lives to come. For many lifetimes, I have been on a journey to rediscover who I indeed am by undergoing positive and negative karmic lessons. These lessons enabled me to release blocks, helped me understand the larger picture, and gave me the clarity to seek a way out of adverse situations and grow into a peaceful state of being. On the day of my spiritual awakening, a spirit communicated information that I needed to know and acted upon quickly. It was imperative that I decided whether to remain or depart from this dimension. My past inner psychic knowing helped me decide to stay and learn more about the spirit world and its relationship to me, others, and the universe. It is essential that I articulate my journey to self-awareness, the rediscovery of my many incarnations, and how I use this knowledge to be of service to others. My near-death experience (NDE) triggered an intuitive knowing of my past lives. This NDE was the bridge between my spirit and my conscious mind. Please take the journey of my liberation from conscious thought to unconscious awareness. What a beautiful adventure into the spirit realm. The light in all of us will shine bright, and its wisdom will be our beacon of hope and not fear.

  • af Albert Vitales Cruz
    118,95 - 274,95 kr.

  • af Martin Wasserman
    172,95 kr.

  • af Marquel Partee
    164,95 kr.

  • af Jacqueline Michelle McQuaig
    172,95 kr.

  • af Jacqueline Michelle McQuaig
    162,95 kr.

  • af Gordon Schwerzmann
    296,95 kr.

  • af Sha Sekhmet Ankh Maat
    141,95 kr.

  • af Russ Doyle
    286,95 kr.

  • af Rita Fidler Dorn
    164,95 kr.

    No information available at this time. Author will provide once available.

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