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  • af Kevin L Zadai
    135,95 kr.

    The supernatural visitation described in the book Heavenly Visitation: A Guide to Participating in the Supernatural happened in 1992. However, I felt that I could not speak of it openly until the "time was right," and that time is now! The prayer and confession guide is intended to enhance the readers prayer life from revelations brought forth during my HEAVENLY VISITATION. The time I spent in the presence of Jesus profoundly changed me! During this time, Jesus promised that the story of His visitation and the teaching He gave during my 45-minutes with Him has the capacity to radically change YOU too.After sharing my story with everyone through the book, Heavenly Visitation: A Guide to Participating in the Supernatural and the book Days of Heaven on Earth: A Guide to the Days Ahead, the Lord commissioned me to produce this book, Prayers and Confessions for HEAVENLY VISITATION: A Prayer Guide to Participating In The Supernatural. It is a detailed prayer and confession guide in the areas that Jesus reviewed and revealed to me during several visitations. This book will help your prayer life go to the next level and reveal the person of Jesus from a Biblical perspective. Kevin Zadai was called to ministry at the age of 10. He attended Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. Later, he received training in Missions at Rhema Bible College. At age 31, during a routine day surgery, he found himself on the ''other side of the veil'' with Jesus. For 45 minutes, the Master revealed spiritual truths before returning him to his body and assigning him to a supernatural ministry. Kevin holds a Commercial Pilot license and has been employed by Southwest Airlines for 28 years as a flight attendant. He and his wife, Kathi, reside in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • af Kat Kerr
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  • af Kat Kerr
    161,95 kr.

    "In Him, we live, we move, we have our being..."Acts 17. Come and learn where we all came from in Heaven, as the Father Reveals His heart! Revealing Heaven II takes you further into the mysteries of God and continues to unveil His home - HEAVEN! You will visit more amazing mansions, find out why God allows your pets to go there and learn about Higher Education. Kat also tells of the time when the Father caught her up to His throne and revealed His heart to His people! You can know the wonders of Heaven through her beautiful illustrations of the celestial realm. See where the little babies play and find out what the Valley of Falls is like as she continues her journeys to Heaven. Also be prepared for the Great Awakening that is about to be poured out on this earth. Jesus said it will be the most exciting time to be alive as a Believer! Kat Kerr, President of One Quest Intl, and author of Revealing Heaven series, has known the Lord for over 50 years. She walks on a foundation of holiness that started in the 1800's with her Great grandparents. Kat pours out her life for others while walking with eyes blinded by God's love! Hopelessly young at heart, she brings a message of HOPE and POWER while sharing (at the Lord's request) what she was shown when caught up by the Spirit of God and taken on tours of Heaven. Operating in a 'seer' anointing for over 25 years, Kat exposes the enemy's plans and shares how to create a habitation for Heaven in your home! Ministering nationally and internationally she brings the rhema breath of God which empowers Believers to become the manifested Sons of God!

  • - ПовЂсть временныхъ лЂтъ
    215,95 kr.

    The Primary Chronicle of Kyivan Rus' was authored by the early Christian monks of the Caves Monastery, and other monasteries, in today's capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv. It has been known by many different names including, "The Tale of Bygone Years", "Chronicle of Nestor", as well as other names. The Chronicle covers many centuries and was added to by many different monks. It tells about the founding of Kyiv and the origins of the Ukrainian people. This translation is based on the original Laurentian and Hypatian texts and is intended for the general reader who is interested in learning about the early history of Eastern Europe, in particular Ukraine. This modern English translation of the Chronicles of Kyivan Rus' will give the general reader and the student of Eastern Europe a good understanding of the times in which the two East European countries of Ukraine and Belarus and the Eurasian country of Russia were formed. It was a time of great change and major social upheaval, political, religious and cultural. This new translation of the history of Kyiv will give clarity to some of the misconceptions that are still prevalent in many political and academic circles around the world about Ukraine and Ukrainians. Dan Korolyshyn, born in Austria during the War, came to the States in 1947. Attended Public School in NYC on Manhattan's Lower Eastside. After school he went to Ukrainian school and studied Ukrainian history and culture. Later attended Ukrainian cultural courses at the Ukrainian resort, Soyuzivka, in upstate New York, continuing to study Ukrainian history. He took an upper level undergraduate history course on Kyivan Rus' at the University of Washington as a post graduate. Was a founding member of the Tidewater Ukrainian Cultural Association in Virginia and continues to study history and be involved in Ukrainian and Christian activities.

  • af Cheryl Rybarczyk
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  • af Jose Fontanez
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  • af Herman Saini
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  • af H Randy Hayes
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  • af Skip Ball
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  • - God's Final Declaration Heralding the Seven Year Tribulation
    af Bob Barber
    181,95 kr.

    Is the world heading towards an historic turning point by 2024? Learn how God gave an advanced warning through a series of signs over a 10 year period that commenced in 2014 and will end in 2024! Will it mark the end of America and the beginning of the Biblical Great Tribulation? Is Donald Trump's Presidency a major indicator? Why now? What are the signs and why are they so unique! How will God deliver His saints from this perilous time and who else will survive? Learn how God is currently separating the Heaven bound righteous from the Hell bound unrighteous, which fate will be yours, and how your DNA will determine your final destination for eternity. A Major convergence of signs in the heavens, on the Earth, and below the Earth's surface precedes an historic Biblical event in 2024. How Donald J. Trump's two term presidency of the United States is heralding the coming Biblical seven-year tribulation. How the 7 years of feast we're in right now leads to 7 years of famine. A unique DNA will save millions from this perilous time through a supernatural process. How to tell if you possess this unique DNA. Prophecies that foretold these times and world leaders involved. How this declaration was foretold in ancient days. See easy to read timeline charts and pictures that explains all of this in this book! How the Bible confirms all this and much more. Matthew 16:3 And in the morning, It will be foul weather today: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee.

  • af Sofia Q Holand
    231,95 kr.

    Tori never expected her dad to remarry. She never anticipated having to move from her childhood home into a new house with a new family. And as if that adjustment wasn’t tough enough already, Tori gained three new stepbrothers, three stepbrothers who happen to be the three most popular guys at school. BlakeΓÇè—ΓÇèthe athlete, ColeΓÇè—ΓÇèthe brain, and ShawnΓÇè—ΓÇèthe class clown. Commonly known as “The Parris Triplets.” After striking a deal to keep their newfound sibling relationship a secret, Tori must find a way to peacefully coexist with her extended family. A seemingly simple task becomes challenging as they all continuously pester and prank one another. She discovers that keeping this secret will be difficult since the triplets are not at all interested in accepting her as family. Tori must find a way to wiggle into the Parris’ Triplets hearts, but will their rivalry prove too strong to overcome? 

  • - A Faith Based Memoir of Living with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity.
    af Deborah A Hyatt
    204,95 kr.

    Can you imagine not being able to use a phone, watch television, prepare a meal using an electric stove, or simply drive under electric power lines without suffering a severe, even debilitating, allergic reaction? This is the reality for some who live among us, including Pluck: A Faith-Based Memoir of Living with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Author Deborah Hyatt who suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), an up-and-coming environmental illness.EHS, also known as electromagnetic field sensitivities (EMF) and electromagnetic sensitivities (ES), is a growing diagnosis throughout the world. In 2017, 10 percent of the population had already been diagnosed with the illness. What do you do when you can’t live daily life in a technology-dependent culture? You disconnect. In Pluck, Deborah takes you on her journey through sickness, eventual diagnosis, and detox to a simplified life. She writes now to share what she has learned and experienced with this illness, to offer encouragement to sufferers, and to caution everyone against overexposure to electronics, an unnoticed, seemingly innocent potential hazard that we depend on in everyday life. This book is a page turner. Readers will enjoy Deborah’s wisdom gained through experience, positive attitude, and sense of humor as they learn about EHS. Deborah’s story reveals a heart torn apart by life and patched by God. Her strong faith shines through in all the ways it sustains her.A note about the cover photo: “Pluck” swims daily (seasonally) in what she calls the healing waters of Lake Chatuge. This photo taken November 5, 2017 at the base of the dam depicts her happy place. It is symbolic of her diving in deeper, thirsty for more knowledge.Photography credit: R. A. Bond

  • af Deanna Hedegaard
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  • af Marion Siebert Jensen
    174,95 kr.

    When the Czar breaks his promise to respect the pacificist ideals of the Mennonite community, Katharina and Hoinz make the momentous decision to uproot their family to seek religious and economic freedom. They pack up their eleven children, a few material possessions, and one precious teapot, and leave behind their prosperous farm near the Vistula River, embarking on an adventurous but perilous journey that will take them to a new land - one where they hope to worship God as their conscience directs them. Their journey takes them across the steppes of Prussia, through the bustling ports of Europe, across the Atlantic, to the burgeoning metropolis of New York City, and then on to the vast prairie of a land called Nebraska. Along the way, they encounter unexpected challenges and hardships that test their faith and resolve. Facing each fear, these hardy and courageous immigrants step out in faith to grasp their dream of finding A Place to Call Home.Marion Siebert Jensen was born in 1929, in Hamilton County, Nebraska, where she grew up with nine brothers and sisters. Her ancestors'' story closely parallels the one depicted in this book. Mrs. Jensen began a teaching career in a one-room schoolhouse in Iowa in 1947; later, she taught in public school in Colorado. She returned to the one-room schoolhouse concept when she founded Centennial Christian Day School in Fort Morgan, Colorado, in 1976. She is now retired and lives in Broomfield, Colorado, within sight of her beloved Rocky Mountains. She and her husband have two children and three grandchildren. Like Katharina in A Place to Call Home, she has kept her faith and hope in Christ.

  • af Gary Henry
    135,95 kr.

    "Dad, you're wrong about Santa Claus! I can't sit on baby Jesus's lap or even see him! I can't send letters to Jesus! Santa Claus is the star of Christmas. He should be in the middle of our front yard!" Sammy is upset. He doesn't understand why his father makes Jesus the center of the Christmas decorations each year when Santa is the main focus everywhere else. Santa is just plain better! He's the one that brings the gifts, has the cool reindeer and makes everyone happy... or is he? Sammy is in for the surprise of his life when he finally meets Santa and learns what Santa really thinks about Christmas. When Santa Claus Prayed is a book that will really stay with you, whether you are young or old. See how we can celebrate both-Jesus in our hearts and Santa in our lives. This is a great book about the warm-hearted, but occasionally tense times that can take place at the end of each year. The memories we have and the ones we create will stay with us always; this book will be a great part of that. With this endearing short story, Gary Henry shows us we can celebrate the season just as much as the reason.

  • af Mary Lee Campbell-Towell
    140,95 kr.

    An autobiography of the author's experience with the fostering and adoption of a family of abused children.

  • af Jeff Booth
    169,95 kr.

    The Cost of Carelessness: Don''t Fail the Test by author Jeff Booth with Terri Booth is part Christian memoir and part spiritual reflection. The Cost of Carelessness tells the incredible story of Jeff''s travels to Japan for ministry work and his eventual arrest for an honest mistake, a five-year prison sentence hanging over his head. As readers watch Jeff get to know his cellmates, attempt to navigate the Japanese legal system, and wonder if he''ll ever get home, Jeff draws out spiritual truths to apply in our own lives. Connecting the theme of carelessness with deeper spiritual themes, Jeff Booth instructs readers in discipline and vigilance in their faith, discussing themes of spiritual testing, standing fast in faith during trials, battling spiritual forces, repentance, and mind renewal. The Cost of Carelessness will point readers to God''s faithfulness while renewing their fervor in faith. Christian nonfiction; Christian memoir.

  • af Donna F Barron
    152,95 - 226,95 kr.

  • af Charaine P Louis
    135,95 kr.

    Through this book of 365 inspirational quotes, you will experience a journey that will bless, refresh and stir up your faith. It will dare you to see your day from a different angle and will help you to be more ambitious about life. Charaine's quotes are uplifting, helpful, insightful and a big source of encouragement to those who read them. Whether you feel down or lost, her words will bring hope and healing to your soul. They also challenge the reader when it comes to their Christian walk. The quotes are an invitation to draw closer to God. They serve as a daily reminder that we need to depend on him. Reading them will cause the reader to switch the focus from their circumstance to Jesus Christ, the only one that can truly satisfy. Alexander Alfred Ottawa, On By reading Charaine's quotes, I was inspired to live a life by the standard of God, not by the standard of this world. Also to live each moment of my life in His presence by looking at the one true loving God. Joo Yeon Kim Seoul, South Korea CHARAINE P. LOUIS is a young professional who serves in Healing Ministries as a prayer intercessor in local churches in Ottawa, Ontario. She is passionate about creative writing and healing. Her dream is to encourage people to express their emotions through words.

  • af Kenneth R Wichorek
    169,95 kr.

    Many times in reciting the Rosary, it is difficult to meditate on each Mystery during their recitation. These series of Meditations allows a person to meditate privately for about 15 minutes on one of the Mysteries. Also, a person can pick a Mystery to meditate on prior to reciting the entire Rosary. Our Lady of Fatima requested a 15 minute meditation after reciting the Rosary on the First Saturday of each month. This book can provide such a meditation.Congratulation and praise to Kenneth R. Wichorek for his outstanding devotional meditations on the Rosary. These meditations are the inspiring insights of a faithful Catholic layman contemplating and sharing with others, his love for the Virgin Mary and her Rosary. Fr, Anthony M. Patalano, O.P., Pastor, Holy Family Cathedral, Anchorage, Alaska Ken was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He has a Civil Engineering degree from Purdue University and a Master degree in Engineering Management from the University of Alaska. He served two years in the Army where he met his wife Rita. Ken worked for private engineering firms in Ohio and Colorado until 1965. He then worked for the Alaska District Corps of Engineers in Anchorage, Alaska until his retirement in 1991. Ken has worked as a designer, planner, resident Engineer, teacher, baseball coach, project engineer, and supervisor. He has 4 children and 13 grandchildren.Ken coached youth baseball for 15 years and taught catechism for 15 years. He is active in church activities as a Eucharistic minister, reader, and sacristan. He authored two other books, Suffering Christ on the Cross and Our Third Life.

  • - I Died and Came Back from Hell
    af Grady Mosby
    169,95 kr.

    A "Near-Death Experience" is a true story highlighting one man's human life experience. It shows the results of how we might handle the voids and losses in our lives. It takes a raw look at our addictive behaviors; drugs, alcohol, sex, anger, depression, suicide, peer pressure and how hurting others can fill the emptiness created by loss. It is a good read for parents to help understand their children's behavior. It can also help people who have some type of addict in their lives and for the addict still suffering. This is a story about living, loving, failing and ultimate recovery. It includes intervention from Angels and demons. It will bring tears to your eyes, when reading a real suicide letter, and will also make you shudder from the sound of the life saving Voice yelling "Put your seatbelt on!" A graphic description of two "near-death" experiences, are included. Once I died and saw Heaven. The second time I died and saw hell. This is an "R- rated" story with a great "PG" dramatic ending. Conclusion: Heaven and hell both exist. I know because I've been there AND I made it back to tell you about it! I graduated Cum Laude with Honors from the University of Missouri-Rolla, School of Mines and Metallurgy with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering. I have a Minor in Communications: Mass Media and Public Speaking. I have also earned a PhD, through self-study, from the School of Hard Knocks, USA I've had a successful career in sales and sales training. I am a grateful recovered drug addict and alcoholic and a member of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. My desire is to provide a fresh outlook on recovery to help families with addiction problems. Never give up!

  • af REV James A Solomon
    172,95 kr.

    Rev. James A. Solomon is the President of Jesus People''s Revival Ministries Inc., as well as the General Overseer and Senior Pastor of Jesus Family Chapel, with 28 branches in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and several other countries. The international headquarters for both ministries is based in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America.Rev. Solomon is a man who is truly gifted with an extraordinary anointing on the subject of Spiritual Warfare, Healing and Deliverance. In his efforts to serve the body of Christ beyond his own ministries, he also serves as director for the West African Regional Directorate of the International Accelerated Missions (I.A.M.), a network of missionary churches based in New York.Rev. Solomon started from very humble beginnings in his native country of Nigeria, West Africa, way back in the 1980s. With his team of ministers and due to popular demand, he has taken the revelation of Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance to massive venues such as the stadium domes in the major cities of Nigeria. He has also conducted a series of conferences, and organizes quarterly Deliverance Night Services in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Japan and all over the United States. Many have received freedom from satanic bondage and oppression at these quarterly deliverance services. He is in high demand as a guest minister in many crusades and conferences.He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his family. He is married to Rev. Mrs. Florence A. James and they are blessed with 4 children

  • af M D Harrell
    249,95 kr.

  • - Keys to the Kingdom Series
    af Virginia Ann Work
    164,95 kr.

    Sirocco Wind from the East is a stunning saga that sweeps from the valleys of the Loire River in France to the high desert plateaus of northern Israel. Prince Arthur of Brittany, King Richard's nephew and heir apparent to the throne, loses his bid for the kingdom and almost loses his life. He is rescued from John's prison and takes a new identity -- Adrian D'Arcy. Yet he never forgets who he is or what he wants. To finance a campaign against John and regain his kingdom, he sets out for France in company with a Benedictine monk, Brother Louis, and a beautiful Jewesss, Judith Itzchaki. These three unlikely traveling companions are cast together on a quest. Judith is seeking her lost father and a secret from her past. She gives her heart over to hatred when she witnesses the cruel death of her mother. Cast into a world that gives no mercy, Judith falls prey to wicked men. But before she can find peace and love, she must deal with her heart issues.Brother Louis, who is on a mission to deliver an important letter to the crusade leaders, tries to remember how his mother died and find absolution from guilt. Will they find their heart's desires or will they be destroyed in a world that is torn by injustice, hatred and war? Find a new understanding of God's grace, joy for your journey, and hope for your lost causes in the pages of this book.Sirocco Wind from the East, the first book in a four-book series, is a story you don't want to miss.

  • - 奥迪尔.库杜 著
    af Odile Koudou
    147,95 - 226,95 kr.

    在贫穷和绝望的世界中,有时似乎上帝离我们很遥远。是的,总有一种强大的力量可以在您的中间揭示上帝的同在,并使您踏上令人振奋的繁荣之旅-一种信仰行为。作家奥迪尔-库杜(Odile Koudou)在她的新作品中,充满了坚定不移的神秘之河,分享了父亲的故事,这些故事塑造了她自己的人生,从他们在非洲农村的卑微开始到摆脱家庭的匮乏,以及对上帝的神圣供应充满信心。与Koudou一起经历冒险之旅,在面对最具挑战性的考验和艰辛的过程中发现上帝的良善,这是定义她家庭过去的经历---在父亲勇敢的精神的启发下,这成为了美好的未来。Koudou的父亲带着热忱的信念,改变了上帝对他的青睐,从恐惧的阴影迈向了充满希望的早晨。这位忠实虔诚的父亲不允许贫困成为他一生的最终命运;通过坚持对上帝的信任,他相信自己将看到基督所赢得的胜利。靠着上帝的力量,Koudou的父亲将目光投向了不可动摇的神秘之河,一条充满生机的大河,使他的家人从悲痛中走向成功。强大的信仰之河可以移动阻挡你前进的最大山脉。如果您相信上帝对你的应许,那么你是否正在努力克服贫穷的失望、损失或遗弃。无论你遇到什么艰难险阻,终会看到胜利的曙光。现在是你的机遇,希望上帝给你的生活充满永恒的希望。潜入不可动摇的神秘之河! 奥迪尔-库杜Odile Koudou女士在银行业和抵押银行业界拥有多年经验,曾担任股票经纪人,银行经理,投资贷款经理人,目前是房地产投资者。她和她的家人因风变而如此幸运。

  • - A Family's Fight for Survival with Inspiration and Hope for the Future
    af Jo Ellyn Lock
    132,95 kr.

    In life's journey, we are sometimes blessed to know someone that makes us a better person; Eric Lock was that special friend/ football teammate in my own life. I am a better son and brother, a better husband and father, and a better physician and surgeon for the times I shared with Eric. His spirit, determination and childlike enthusiasm continues in the lives of those he touched. - Enrico Stazzone, M.D. Orthopaedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Before our son Eric's catastrophic wrestling accident on December 11, 1980, the Lock's were an average family who lived in Glendale, Arizona. Vern taught Industrial Arts, and had even built our family home. In the summers, Eric and Vern cut down trees and were building a three-story log cabin in the cool mountains. My name is Jo, and I was proud to be the mother of our ordinary family. At the time, I was teaching at elementary schools. Eric was fifteen years old, Julie was twelve, and both teenagers were doing well in school and participating in extra-curricular activities. We were active members of our church, and we were blessed. All of this changed just thirty-three seconds into Eric's first high school wrestling match. Our once active son was immediately paralyzed, unable to speak, move, or even breathe on his own. Vern immediately rushed from the bleachers toward our unmoving son. At that time, paramedics did not attend wrestling matches, so Vern frantically shouted into the crowd for a doctor. Miraculously, there was a neonatal respiratory doctor present who was attending his son's wrestling match. Dr. Daley instantly came forward, and after a quick medical assessment, immediately called the paramedics and Eric was helicoptered to the hospital. His quick action saved Eric's life. However, our battles were just beginning. This book is full of the stories of our trials and tribulations, the people who helped us and those who stood in our way, and the excitement and heartbreak of the 29 years is detailed in these pages. I hope that these stories will inspire you, move you, and encourage you to never, ever give up.

  • af &#20811, &#29747, &#36798 & mfl.
    126,95 kr.

    《去警告众人》记述了我在一次祷告后神数次带我探访天堂与地狱的经历 在祷告中我说:"神啊,如果你是真的,请向我显现 你不只是一个'宗教的神' 你曾真正把许多人带出埃及,行了许多神迹奇事 那个神就是我想认识的神!"启示录4:1 此后,我再观看,见天上有一扇门开了,又听见刚才那个像号角般响亮的声音对我说:"你上这里来,我要把以后必发生的事指示给你看"在那次祷告后,神开始把我带到天堂和地狱,向我展示如果我们背叛神会发生什么,以及只有十字架能带来拯救和永生我见到了两棵大树的异象 在这两棵树之间,有一个十字架形状的彩虹的轮廓;从那十字架中射出一道亮光这两棵树象征着生命树和分别善恶的树 如果我要得到生命,我必须在十字架前放弃旧我,跟随世界的光--耶稣,吃生命树的果子得以存活《去警告众人》是关于救赎的信息 它警告我们--末日已近,当及早归向神,以免为时太晚 琳达 玛丽 林克去过世界上许多地方,与人们分享她所见所闻,帮助人们信靠那永生的神 在她信仰的不同阶段,她与耶稣有多次超自然的相遇:她曾被带到天国、曾在泰国曼谷的祷告室里见到天使、曾在尼泊尔加德满都塔美尔区看见耶稣走进她的家 神曾九次带她去地狱,在那里,她经历了巨大的恐惧 如今,她走遍世界各地,

    465,95 kr.

    內容簡介:倪柝聲於二十世紀上半葉在中國所開展的地方教會運動,不僅深遠地影響著中國基督教會,還延及海外廣大地區的中外信徒和教會,至今不衰。對於這段重要的歷史資料,理應予以收集、梳理和認識理解。然而長年以來,地方教會關閉自守,把自己裹在重重濃霧之中,成為一個不解謎團。這就使試圖探索或進言者面臨極大的阻力。作者在2011年的初作《難泯歲月》中介紹了倪柝聲的生平和上海地方教會,而在新作《警鐘長鳴》中除上述內容以外,對他的著作講述、全國地方教會的創建與發展以及地方教會運動的經驗教訓,作出比較詳盡的闡述和剖析。作者是以原地方教會成員的親身經歷,痛定思痛,進行客觀探索和分析,為今日及以後的基督教會和神的兒女們提供重要啟迪和警戒,是具有獨特的意義和價值。 For Whom the Siren Wails - Watchman Nee and the Local Church in China During the first half of the 20th century, the Local Church Movement launched by Watchman Nee, not only has profoundly influenced Chinese Christian churches, but also spread abroad. For years, the Local Church has been an exclusive group shrouded in secrecy, and outsiders found it puzzling. Attempts to explore the Local Church have been met with great resistance. In 2011, the debut author's book - My Unforgettable Memories - was about Nee's life and the Shanghai Local Church. Her new book - For Whom the Siren Wails - included Nee's writings, messages, lessons learned from the initiation and development of Local Churches in depth also. Being a past member of the Local Church, the author shares her grief, objective discoveries and analyses with the present-day churches and believers. With unique significance and value, this book will serve as an inspiration and warning to God's children.

  • - 一本关于非洲,关于父亲的信仰, 以及实现命运安排的ও
    af Odile Koudou
    158,95 - 236,95 kr.

    一本关于非洲,关于父亲的信仰,以及实现命运安排的回忆录"让我来告诉你一个真实的故事。作为我的亲身经历......" 随着这部《上天的馈赠》---- 一本关于非洲,关于父亲的信仰,以及实现命运安排的回忆录开篇文字的展开,一位年轻女性从象牙海岸崛起的故事就此娓娓道来,也说出了她父亲是如何用他信仰的力量来教导女儿永远要怀揣伟大的梦想并且不畏惧挑战。奥迪尔.库杜Odile Koudou带着我们一同回到了她生长的小村庄,来体验那里的景色、声音、和非洲最原生态的自然风光,以及向我们描绘了一个伟大而出色的男人是如何启发她称为她从前不敢奢望成为的人。有他的声音在她的脑海中低语,她从她平凡无奇的出身一步步走向了在美国生活的容满荣誉与财富的人生地位,嫁入了一个声名赫赫的家族,并且现在渴望用她生命中的"恩赐"来帮助其他的人。通过她的例子,任何身处贫困当中苦苦挣扎的人都能够明白"扭转命运的诅咒"是可能的,并且会一路通向非比寻常的成功人生。

  • - 以基督为中心的疗愈冥想
    113,95 kr.

    In "Qigong for Christians: A Christ-Centered Healing Meditation," author Sylvia offers twelve steps of meditative healing associated with Qigong shown through a biblical perspective. With scriptural insight of the Bible and an in-depth look at spiritual healing, Sylvia explores how believers can practice Qigong, a Chinese meditation that utilizes a person's heart, mind, body, and spirit. The Chinese people are God's people; Embrace your own life transformation as you connect with God through this Jesus-centered healing meditation.

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