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  • af Imogen Binnie
    192,95 kr.

  • af Elliot Page
    195,95 kr.

    Introducing 'Pageboy', a riveting masterpiece crafted by the brilliant Elliot Page. Published in 2023, this book has already started making waves in the literary world. It's a unique blend of genres that promises to keep you hooked from start to finish. The story unfolds in a way that only Elliot Page can narrate, making it a must-have addition to your collection. 'Pageboy' is brought to you by Random House UK Ltd, a publishing house renowned for its diverse and high-quality publications. This book is available in English. Don't miss out on the chance to dive into this captivating world created by Elliot Page. Grab your copy of 'Pageboy' today!

  • af Hannah Gadsby
    117,95 - 195,95 kr.

    'There is nothing stronger than a broken woman who has rebuilt herself.' Hannah Gadsby, NanetteHannah Gadsby's unique stand-up special Nanette was a viral success that left audiences captivated by her blistering honesty and her ability to create both tension and laughter in a single moment. But while her worldwide fame might have looked like an overnight sensation, her path from open mic to the global stage was hard-fought and anything but linear. Ten Steps to Nanette traces Gadsby's growth as a queer person from Tasmania - where homosexuality was illegal until 1997 - to her ever-evolving relationship with comedy, to her struggle with late-in-life diagnoses of autism and ADHD, and finally to the backbone of Nanette - the renouncement of self-deprecation, the rejection of misogyny and the moral significance of truth-telling. Equal parts harrowing and hilarious, Ten Steps to Nanette continues Gadsby's tradition of confounding expectations and norms, properly introducing us to one of the most explosive, formative voices of our time.

  • af Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
    167,95 kr.

    "The Reverend of Empty Words, a monster that feeds off the fears of the fortunate, is hunting Xie Lian's friend, the Wind Master Shi Qingxuan. Knowing that his abysmal luck inoculates him from the creature's power, Xie Lian doesn't hesitate to throw himself into harm's way--to Hua Cheng's horror and panic. But another one of the Four Calamities may be closer than anyone knows, and even a ghost as powerful as Hua Cheng can lose control under the right circumstances. With his inhibitions gone, will desire overtake him?"--Back cover.

  • af Nicola Dinan
    117,95 kr.

  • af Lisa Marchiano
    212,95 kr.

    "Explores the rise in gender-questioning children, looks at what is currently known about interventions for children with gender dysphoria, offers best strategies for parenting children who question their gender identity, and offers advice to parents on how to navigate the various treatment and therapeutic choices for such children"--

  • af Heather Walter
    127,95 kr.

  • af Elliot Page
    182,95 kr.

    Introducing 'Pageboy', a captivating novel by the talented author, Elliot Page. Published in 2023 by Transworld Publ. Ltd UK, this book has quickly become a must-read in its genre. Pageboy takes you on a journey like no other, immersing you in a world that captivates your imagination and leaves you yearning for more. Elliot Page's skillful writing will keep you engaged from the first page to the last. Don't miss out on this masterpiece. Get your copy from Transworld Publ. Ltd UK today.

  • af Jamie Raines
    185,95 kr.

    Hey, I'm Jamie, a 29-year-old trans guy from the UK. I've been transitioning for 12 years now after realising I was trans (by accident!) at sixteen years old. I knew I was a boy since the age of four, but realised whilst growing up that I was different. It was only in my teens that I found the words to express who I was and what I needed to do. Since then, I've been on testosterone for more than a decade - I know, I can't believe it either - I've also had top and bottom surgery and legally changed my sex, so I know a few things about the transitioning process and being trans!I want to welcome you to The T in LGBT where you can explore and learn about so many topics surrounding gender identity: realising you're trans, starting hormones, considering surgery, and everything in between. Whether you're questioning your own identity and are looking for advice on certain stages of transition, or whether you're wanting to learn about the trans experience to support someone or understand allyship, I hope this book can be your one-stop guide to everything trans related.And don't just take my word for it either - this book is packed full of advice, tips, and the personal stories of a range of trans voices, because no one journey is the same.

  • af Melanie Gillman
    147,95 - 207,95 kr.

  • af Nagabe
    137,95 kr.

    "Hachi the cat finds most things monotonous, especially high school kingen Aoi the lizard-a quiet, high-achieving transfer student-arrives, Hachi catches a glimpse of a more colorful life. If Hachi can help Aoi open up, unlocking new feelings in the process, maybe life won't be so dull after all."--

  • af Robyn Gigl
    155,95 kr.

    At first, the death of millionaire businessman Charles Parsons seems like a straightforward suicide. There's no sign of forced entry or struggle in his lavish New Jersey mansion--just a single gunshot wound from his own weapon. But days later, a different story ermerges. Computer techs pick up a voice recording that incriminates Parsons' adoptive daughter, Ann, who duly confesses and pleads guilty. Erin McCabe has little interest in reviewing a such a slam-dunk case--even after she has a mysterious meeting with one of the investigating detectives, who reveals that Ann, like Erin, is a trans woman. Yet despite their misgivings, Erin and her law partner, Duane Swisher, ultimately can't ignore the pieces that don't fit. As their investigation deepens, Erin and Swish convince Ann to withdraw her guilty pleas. But Ann clearly knows more than she's willing to share, even it if means a life sentence. Who is she protecting, and why? Fighting against time and a prosecutor hell-bent on notching another conviction, the two work tirelessly--Erin inside the courtroom, Swish in the field--to clear Ann's name. But despite Parsons' former associates' determination to keep his--and their own--illegal activities buried, a horrifying truth emerges--a web of human exploitation, unchecked greed, and murder. Soon, a quest to see justice served becomes a desperate struggle to survive... --

  • af Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
    165,95 kr.

    "Wei Wuxian was once one of the most outstanding men of his generation, a talented and clever young cultivator who harnessed martial arts, knowledge, and spirituality into powerful abilities. But when the horrors of war led him to seek a new power through demonic cultivation, the world's respect for his skills turned to fear, and his eventual death was celebrated throughout the land. Years later, he awakens in the body of an aggrieved young man who sacrifices his soul so that Wei Wuxian can exact revenge on his behalf. Though granted a second life, Wei Wuxian is not free from his first, nor the mysteries that appear before him now. Yet this time, he'll face it all with the righteous and esteemed Lan Wangji at his side, another powerful cultivator whose unwavering dedication and shared memories of their past will help shine a light on the dark truths that surround them."--Back cover of Volume 1.

  • af Lars Kramhøft & Jam Aden
    227,95 kr.

    ”M-men er du en dreng eller en pige?” ”Måske er jeg ingen af delene. Måske er jeg bare … mig!” En videnskabsmand plaget af sorg skaber et Frankensteins monster, han kalder Stine. Da den ulykkelige videnskabsmand begår selvmord, efterlades Stine helt alene i en verden, hvor ikke alle er venligt stemt over for dem, der er anderledes. Tegneserien ’Frankenstine’ er en young adult gyserkomedie om køn, venskab og sort magi. Om at finde sig selv midt i, og på trods af, alle andres forventninger.

  • - How We Talk about Gender and Why It Matters
    af Schuyler Bailar
    317,95 kr.

    Now in paperback--the essential, urgent guide that changes the conversation about gender. National Bestseller Winner, 2023 Porchlight Business Book Awards Longlisted, 2024 Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Nonfiction Forbes 30 Under 30 Anti-transgender legislation is being introduced in state governments around the United States in record-breaking numbers. Trans people are under attack in sports, healthcare, school curriculum, bathrooms, bars, and nearly every walk of life. He/She/They clearly and compassionately addresses fundamental topics, from why being transgender is not a choice and why pronouns are important, to more complex issues including how gender-affirming healthcare can be lifesaving and why allowing trans youth to play sports is good for all kids. With a relatable narrative rooted in facts, science, and history, Schuyler helps restore common sense and humanity to a discussion that continues to be divisively coopted and deceptively politicized. He/She/They is more than a book on allyship; it also speaks to trans folks directly, answering the question, "does it get better?" with a resounding yes, celebrating radical trans joy. Myth-busting, affirming, compassionate, and fierce, He/She/They is a crucial, urgent--and lifesaving--book that forever changes the conversation about gender.

  • af Benjamin Vahldiek
    231,95 kr.

    Edwin ist plötzlich schwul - und das in seinem Alter! Robert heißt die neue Liebe. Und um Edwins Sohn Micha und den Rest der Familie kennenzulernen, lädt Robert alle an die Ostsee ein. Es könnte ein so schöner Urlaub sein - doch da verschwindet Edwins Enkel Niklas mitsamt seinem Mitschüler Jay, dessen Vater ausgerechnet Michas Chef ist. Für die bunte Reisegruppe beginnt eine Suche, die auf einen besonderen Campingplatz führt ...

  • af Em North
    287,95 kr.

    "A dazzling and inventive exploration of the many people we might become, the possibilities we might discover, and the heartbreak we can't run from. This novel is a breathtaking introduction to a brilliant new voice."--Danielle Evans, author of The Office of Historical CorrectionsFor fans of Emily St. John Mandel and Kelly Link, a profoundly imaginative debut novel set in numerous universes, which follows a queer physicist's search for belonging across time and space.Raffi works in an observational cosmology lab, searching for dark matter and trying to hide how little they understand their own research. Every chance they get, they escape to see Britt, a queer sculptor who fascinates them for reasons they also can't--or won't--understand. Despite years of professors scoffing at the link between the many-words interpretation of quantum mechanics and alternative lives, Raffi can't help but dream of a universe where they mean as much to Britt as Britt does to them. And just like that, Raffi and Britt are thirteen years old, best friends and maybe something more... In Universes is a mind-bending tour across parallel worlds, each an answer to the question of what Raffi's life would be like if things had happened just a little differently. Across lives Raffi--alongside their sometimes-friends, sometimes-lovers Britt, Kay, and Graham--reaches for a life that feels authentically their own.The universes grow increasingly strange. Women fracture into hordes of animals, alien-possessed bears prowl apocalyptic landscapes. But Raffi's divergent existences all lead back to the summer of Britt: the terrible thing Raffi did and the guilt that continues to chase them across realities.Blending realism with science fiction, In Universes explores the thirst for genius, the fluidity of gender and identity, and the desire to lead a meaningful life. Part Ted Chiang, part Carmen Maria Machado, part Everything Everywhere All At Once, In Universes insists on the transgressive power of hope even in the darkest of times.

  • af Victor Lodato
    337,95 kr.

    The award-winning author of Matilda Savitch and Edgar and Lucy introduces an unforgettable woman as tenacious as Elizabeth Strout's Oliver Kitteridge and as irresistible as Andrew Sean Greer's Arthur Less in this brilliant, poignant literary breakout about a glamorous octogenarian--the daughter of a notorious New Jersey mobster--who returns to the home she'd long ago rejected, a world very different from the one she left behind.Though she's already led a wonderful life in Los Angeles for more than half a century, Honey Fasinga's days continue to get better and better. A spry 82, she's blessed with robust health and a girlish figure and enjoys good wine, fine clothes, financial security, romance, and well-protected peace. Long ago she broken ties with her New Jersey mobster family and moved west. Now it's time to go home, make her peace, and come to terms with the tragedies of her past--even though she still remembers where all the bodies are buried.But Honey's best intentions frizzle when her lover suddenly dies, her great-nephew Michael bursts into her life in what appears to be a drug-fueled frenzy, and her Lexus gets jacked. Why has Michael's mysteriously appeared--only to disappear even more suddenly? Honey is curious to find the answer--in between navigating the awkward social labyrinths of funerals for old friends and enemies. Complicating matters, her overly friendly young neighbor seems to have gotten herself involved with an unsavory character who promises nothing but trouble.In the twilight of her life, Honey thought she was done with the world. Maybe, though, it still needs her to teach it some lessons about goodness, self-respect, and grace under pressure. An ardent exploration of love in all its forms and at any age, Honey is a funny, charming novel that will break your heart and piece it back together again.

  • af Gia Maria Marquez
    174,95 kr.

    Ten futa tales to keep you up all night! When you grab your copy of this tantalizing anthology, you're getting the following fantastic futa stories: Futanari Phone Booth, Futa Girls Repopulate the Planet, Futa Hits the Gym, Team Futanari and the Magic Basketball, Futa in the Mirror, Fanny's Futa Makeup Mirror, Pregnant by Her Futa Friend, Fertile Futa and the Masters of Impregnation, Futanari Ghost Butt, and Futa Farmgirl. This collection contains the first five books in the mouthwatering Futa Duets series by Gia Maria Marquez.

  • af Bernard Shore
    152,95 - 282,95 kr.

  • af Sierra Burke
    177,95 kr.

    Lesley weaves the story of three women and their chance friendship as they journey through their respective transitions and find a kinship bound through their journeys. The story is bound together around Lesley's romance with Betsy, a CIS woman, who gains the trust and compassion of not only Lesley but the entire covey of women and their tight-knit group. Enter their circle and join them on their escapades across the western United States as they grow both as people, friends, and partners.

  • af Ricky Martin
    257,95 kr.

    The New York Times bestselling memoir-now available as an enhanced paperback edition with a new Introduction and never-before- seen photos! In this New York Times bestseller, international superstar Ricky Martin, who has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide, opens up for the first time about memories of his early childhood, experiences in the famed boy band Menudo, struggles with his identity during the Livin' la Vida Loca phenomenon, reflections on coming to terms with his sexuality, relationships that allowed him to embrace love, and life-changing decisions like devoting himself to helping children around the world, and becoming a father. Me is an intimate memoir about the very liberating and spiritual journey of one of the most iconic pop-stars of our time.

  • af LJ Slovin
    292,95 - 990,95 kr.

    "A look at the labor trans and gender-nonconforming youth perform in high school as they navigate their relationships with teachers, peers, the curriculum, and policy in order to create other, queerer worlds in which to exist"--

  • af Tiffany Lange
    287,95 - 397,95 kr.

  • af Bettina Papenburg
    222,95 kr.

    Popular culture encompasses and draws on a rich history of works by musicians, filmmakers, writers, photographers, and performers who question the contours of traditional sexual and gender identities, including but not limited to members of LGBTQIA* communities. When encountered on the stage or screen, for instance, in the guise of drag performances, forms of sexual ambiguity often spark fascination. Yet in everyday life in various socio-cultural contexts, sexual and bodily difference in all its forms is still met with hostility, rendering vulnerable those human beings that deviate from the white, male, straight, able-bodied norm. Queer artists today respond to social stigma in multiple creative ways, for example, by transforming negative affect, fostering a politics of care, and rewriting history. This volume considers how feminist, queer, and trans* musicians, filmmakers, curators, and performance artists contribute to popular culture. It explores the many ways of relating to difference, however this is conceived, that their contributions enable. What affects do their works engender? How do they rouse their audience, and to what ends? How do they fabricate and circulate provocative messages about new forms of gender, race, class, and desire? What other visions do they inspire?

  • af Landa Mabenge
    237,95 kr.

    In April 1981, Landa Mabenge enters this world, trapped in a girl's body. From the start, Landa is aware that he does not relate to his female form, despite being socialised as a girl. At age 11 his world is shattered, when an angry woman and her zombie-like husband arrive in Umtata to force him to accompany them to Port Elizabeth. Life in PE with 'The Parents' soon morphs into a Dickensian nightmare. Landa is subjected to horrific abuse as he descends into a world of isolation and shame.At 18 Landa is finally able to escape PE to study at UCT, where he tries to embrace life as a butch lesbian, but he remains tortured by his female body. After a close-to-death break down, Landa finds strength to embark on an arduous four-year-long journey to physically and legally become "Him". In 2014, he makes history by becoming the first known transgender man in South Africa to successfully motivate a medical aid to pay for his surgeries. Both heartbreaking and uplifting, Becoming Him is a groundbreaking story of torture and triumph, bravely opening the lid on cultural shame and abuse against those who choose a path less travelled.

  • af Rei Rosenquist
    127,95 kr.

    This is a collection of short stories all set in the Redemption Universe.Wait, but what is the Redemption Universe?I'm glad you asked.Redemption is the title of my upcoming novel series featuring the characters you see traveling roads and riding horses in these pages. Think of these stories as a teaser, a bird's eye view into a universe that is about to explode with romance, intrigue, adventure, betrayal, and...well, of course, redemption.Wait, but why now?I decided to publish these shorts prior to releasing the novels because I fell in love with them, and I'm sure you will too!The slow burn of these stories captures what I love so much about building the universe around the Redemption Series. The tangled way in which characters are led to explore their even-more tangled world speaks to the heart of not just the soon-to-be novels, but it speaks to the world in which they're all set. And it speaks to the world we are living in.They're raw and real, full of trauma and healing, full of difficult choices and hard lessons. These are the stories of broken people living in a broken world, trying their hardest to live unbroken lives and never giving up.I hope, with the current climate of the world, these stories bring us all a little glimmer of hope that no matter what goes wrong, there is always a redemption arc waiting for us.

  • af Isle McElroy
    113,95 kr.

  • af Henry Hoke
    117,95 - 145,95 kr.

  • af A. A. Fairview
    102,95 kr.

    Under the full moon, the town doctor Levi finds none other than Camron Coinin with a silver bullet in his gut. Being a vampire moonlighting as a doctor has never been easy. Levi, in nursing Camron back to health, uncovers his feelings for the man. Though Levi is undead he feels alive with Camron in his bed. He took an oath, do no harm, but an exception must be made. Monsters need to stick together and Levi knows this attack means they're both in danger.An erotic queer novella A Doctor's Touch is sensual, soft, and at times humorous in exploring in its exploration of two monster men's lonely existence.

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