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  • af Cang Wu Bin Bai
    51,95 kr.

    "As the bond between Fu Shen and Yan Xiaohan deepens, the looming threat above the empire of Great Zhou remains omnipresent. After the settlement of the Kuangshan Academy case, Yan Xiaohan accompanies Prince Qi southward to Jingchu. However, an unexpected storm traps Prince Qi's party inside a mysterious temple and leads Yan Xiaohan into a hidden lion's den. Meanwhile, the investigation on Fu Shen's injury continues to reveal deeper mysteries that enshroud the imperial court. To protect their loved ones and establish peace in this turbulent land, Fu Shen and Yan Xiaohan must conquer the impending danger and uncover he truths of the nation in the final conclusion of this epic chronicle."--Provided by publisher.

  • af Carla L Rueckert
    282,95 kr.

  • af Da Feng Gua Guo
    212,95 kr.

    Song Yao ascended to immortality by pure mistake, and now the Jade Emperor has ordered him back down to the mortal realm to supervise a trial between two gods guilty of an affair. Yet, things keep straying from the script...

  • af Shelley Husband
    422,95 kr.

    Are you ready to take your crochet to new places?Inspired by experienced crocheters saying, 'I never thought to do it that way, Shelley,' Granny Square Academy 2 gives you everything you need to master crocheting your granny squares.Over 12 lessons, you'll know what you need to do, why it's important, and how you can apply it to other parts of your crocheting. Whether you're new or already know me, you can feel confident that I've created every design with you in mind-making each step easier and moving you closer to being a granny square expert.Even after almost 10 years of workshops, books, and hundreds of granny square designs, I'll be honest, it still gives me the warm and fuzzies to hear, 'When I work through your patterns, Shelley, it feels like you're standing there with me' and, 'The videos are such a great help' and, 'I actually finished it!'I share with you everything you need to enjoy your granny squares even more...I know, I didn't know it was possible, either!Each lesson in Granny Square Academy 2 has:+ a design with all you need to know about the techniques and stitches+ charts for left and right-handed crocheters+ videos, again for left and right-handers, and+ UK and US pattern formats.Granny Square Academy 2 is a companion book to Granny Square Academy, so it's highly recommended that you have both-and, yes, beginning as a confident crocheter makes it easier to dive into this book.So, if you don't feel like a confident crocheter just yet, then start with Granny Square Academy, and you'll have everything you need to join us here soon enough.

  • af Jane Roberts
    255,95 kr.

    Inspired by Jane Roberts’ own experiences as the author of the immensely popular "Seth" books, these three novels — now collected in one volume — are one of the most imaginative tales ever written. Jane Roberts’ beloved character, Oversoul Seven, an ageless student of the universe, explores the entire framework of our existence. . . . As we follow Seven’s education, our own beliefs about life, death, dreams, time and space are challenged and stretched, leaving us with a refreshing and provocative perspective on the true nature of reality. In The Education of Oversoul Seven, Seven explores the true nature of his being as he learns to communicate with four of his "incarnations" — four all-too-human people whose lives are separated by centuries, yet who also coexist. In The Further Education of Oversoul Seven, the adventure continues with Seven facing new lessons as his human incarnations struggle with the problems of sanity, free will, and even godhood. In the third saga of this exuberant adventure, Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time, Seven is instructed to take up residence in a human body while also journeying to the Museum of Time in search of the "Codicils." The Codicils are eternal truths that bring about the greatest opportunities for vitality, understanding, and fulfillment. The adventures of Oversoul Seven, are at once an intriguing fantasy, a mind-altering exploration of our inner being, and a vibrant celebration of life.

  • af Alio Publishing Group
    87,95 kr.

    El Librito Azul is now in English! Conny Mendez firmly believed in metaphysics for everyone, and dedicated a significant portion of her life to teaching spiritual truths in plain simple terms that anybody can begin to apply in everyday life. One of her most important, prized, and popular books is El Librito Azul, or The Little Blue Book. It is a compact, concise read that is designed to be carried and read easily on a regular basis, until its laws and principles become second nature. This book can teach even a young child how to combine laws of thought with spiritual truth, producing the fruits of what can best be described as "a life truly worth living." By popular demand, The Little Blue Book has been revised & updated for busy 21st century readers while painstakingly preserving Conny's masterfully-written legacy as faithfully as possible. Order today to find out how simple life's truths can be!

  • af Jin Shisi Chai N/A
    212,95 kr.

    "Mu Kun has returned. In the midst of the scramble to hunt down the feared drug lord, Xie Lanshan receives a sudden suspension from his post. He finally finds the answer to his persisting question, but the truth costs him everything. Shen Liufei leaves the country, and Xie Lanshan chases after him in desperation. A friend's disappearance coincides with an idol's kidnapping case overseas, and members of the Blue Fox make their appearance in the same country. Fueled by the desire to solve this case and reclaim his captain's honor, Chi Jin makes contact with the enemy in an attempt to break the stalemate. With the secret of his identity unveiled, only one thing remains that holds Xie Lanshan's spirit together. He must find out who killed his father"--

  • af Jin Shisi Chai N/A
    212,95 kr.

    "A chance encounter separates Xie Lanshan from Shen Liufei. Though physically apart, a mysterious letter to the police department entangles them in the same case involving a years old murder and a current hostage situation. Seeking a way out of the dire situation, their hearts become inexplicably drawn toward each otherMeanwhile, Xie Lanshan's former teammates arrive to investigate the sudden proliferation of drugs in the city. Although they used to fight alongside one another, not everyone is convinced of their unsung hero's loyalty. Adding to the stakes is Song Qilian. Unable to let go of the man from her past, she conducts her own investigation into Xie Lanshan's identity, Hidden memories grow ever clearer, and Xie Lanshan comes ever closer to answering his question, "Who am I?"--

  • af Jin Shisi Chai
    212,95 kr.

    "A young police officer searches for the truth behind hidden memories plaguing him since the end of an undercover operation. Along the way, his post at the homicide unit entangles him in perilous schemes, as well as a strange relationship with an enigmatic forensic artist."--Provided by publisher.

  • af Shisi
    172,95 kr.

    "With the retrieval of his spore, An Zhe is closer than ever to being discovered as a xenogenic in the Northern Base. As dissident thorns borne from the Garden of Eden pierce through civilization's peaceful faðcade, An Zhe takes this opportunity to escape the human base once and for all. Just one last obstacle stands in his way: Lu Feng. Facing against each other now as human and xenogenic, the two soon find their fates intertwined in this desolate land. Meanwhile, despite all adversities, scientists are slowly unraveling the mystery behind the xenogeneic mutations and the nature of their apocalyptic world--will this become the key to saving mankind or a damnation sealing its fate? In this decaying universe, it is the tiny little mushroom who will witness humanity's final trial...."--

  • af David Kyle
    276,95 kr.

    Rocket®Yoga: Your Guide to Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa is a stunningly photographed journey of Rocket yoga—its background, its benefits, detailed instruction for 90+ asanas, explanation of the sequences used in the Rocket yoga system, and teaching tips for instructors.

  • af Kristen Ashley
    122,95 kr.

    A prequel to Kristen's Rock Chick series, Rock Chick Reawakening shares the tale of the devastating event that nearly broke Daisy, an event that set Marcus Sloan-- one of Denver's most respected businessmen and one of the Denver underground's most feared crime bosses --into finally making his move to win the heart of the woman who stole his.

  • af David Smith
    132,95 kr.

    The puzzle a 16 x 16 grid made up of 4 x 4 subgrids (called "regions"). Some cells already contain numbers, known as "givens." The goal is to fill in the empty cells, one number in each, so that each column, row, and region contains the numbers 1 through 16 exactly once. Each number in the solution therefore occurs only once in each of three "directions," hence the "single numbers" implied by the puzzle's name.

  • af Meir Liraz
    122,95 kr.

    This guide will walk you step by step through all the essential phases of developing a results driven marketing plan.The marketing plan is a problem-solving document. Skilled problem solvers recognize that a big problem is usually the combination of several smaller problems. The best approach is to solve each of the smaller problems first, thereby dividing the big problem into manageable pieces. Your marketing plan should take the same approach. It should be a guide on which to base decisions and should ensure that everyone in your organization is working together to achieve the same goals. A good marketing plan can prevent your organization from reacting to problems in a piecemeal manner and even help in anticipating problems.My name is Meir Liraz and I'm the author of this book. According to Dun & Bradstreet, 90% of all business failures analyzed can be traced to poor management. This is backed up by my own experience. In my 31 years as a business coach and consultant to businesses, I've seen practically dozens of business owners fail and go under -- not because they weren't talented or smart enough -- but because they were trying to re-invent the wheel rather than rely on proven, tested methods that work. And that is where this book can help, it will teach you how to avoid the common traps and mistakes and do everything right the first time.

  • af Layla Hagen
    177,95 kr.

  • af Shisi N/A & Molly Rabbitt
    172,95 kr.

  • - A Teen's Guide to Managing Social Anxiety
    af Aya Wang
    115,95 kr.

    Guess who's stronger - you or your anxiety? It's YOU! And you're about to discover why. Does the idea of going to a party make you break out in a cold sweat? Do you look for reasons to get out of school events or big social gatherings? Perhaps the idea of talking to a new group of people makes your heart race and your hands tremble. If this sounds like you, you might have been called 'shy'... and you might spend most of your life feeling awkward and uncomfortable. But what you're going through is far more common than you probably think. There's a name for it, and there's a lot more to it than simply being shy. You have social anxiety... and while that's not a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination, the good news is that you can manage it and unlock a powerful sliver of confidence you had no idea you had. Did you know that Johnny Depp - Captain Jack Sparrow himself - has social anxiety? This is someone who's constantly in the public eye and spends much of his life in high-profile social situations. His secret is that he has developed ways to manage his social anxiety so that it doesn't get in his way... and you can too. This book is your secret weapon... and before you think of school textbooks and feel your heart sinking, don't worry - this book will have you laughing and challenging yourself in the most fun way possible... all the while giving you the tools you need to triumph over your anxiety. Inside, you'll discover: An exciting and enlightening journey with Isa and Jeremy, two teens who face, battle, and overcome a host of social challenges and show you how you, too, can handle social anxiety with ease and confidenceThe science and symptoms of social anxiety - complete with a quiz so you can be sure it's what you're dealing withCommon myths about social anxiety... dispelledHow to recognize your triggers and why it's important to do soWhat your 'safety behaviors' are and how they affect youThe natural superpowers your mind already has - and how you can harness them to gain control over your anxiety (ever heard of CBT?)How you can tell when your mind is playing tricks on you... and how to beat it at its own game with science-based hacksWhy your breathing has a bigger role to play than keeping you alive... and what to do to access its full potentialA powerful self-soothing toolkit - how to use every part of your mind and body to calm you down and reduce your anxiety in any situationWhy it's so important to reframe panic attacks and identify cognitive distortions, so you can respond to triggers more positivelyA panic attack cheat sheet that works every time!How to have a standoff with your anxiety - win every battle through Exposure Therapy!The 4 Rs that will help you get better and better at facing your anxiety every day6 simple yet significant habits you can start building today to make sure Future You is calmer and more confidentHow you can talk to your loved ones about what you're experiencing (and why you should)Practical exercises, quizzes, and quests to make the whole process fun... and a lot more effective than reading a dry textbookPerhaps you've tried reading self-help books and ended up more confused or anxious than you were when you started... This time, it's going to be different. This time, you're going to build your confidence by stealth, all the while absorbing the information that will help you in a fun, engaging, and relatable way. The science is still there, but your experience is at the forefront... and once you've mastered these tools and strategies, you'll never look back!

  • - La maraude tend la main
    af Djamal Hamadache
    148,95 kr.

    Plongez dans le coeur caché de Paris avec "La Maraude Tend la Main", le premier roman captivant de Djamal Hamadache dans la série "Les Misérables de l'An Deux Mille...". Cette oeuvre poignante dévoile une facette méconnue de la Ville Lumière, où la grandeur de Paris se heurte à la réalité crue des sans-abris. Chaque page vous transporte dans un univers où les destins brisés et les espoirs évanouis des SDF se mêlent à des actes de résilience inattendue.Djamal Hamadache, ancien technicien d'intervention d'urgence sociale (Maraudeur professionnel) au SAMU Social, tisse ce récit avec l'authenticité de quelqu'un qui a marché aux côtés des invisibles de la ville. Ses années passées dans les rues, à la rencontre des âmes égarées, infusent chaque histoire de vérité et de compassion.Innovant dans sa forme, ce roman fusionne poèmes, images capturées et récits, créant un collage narratif riche et profond. La collaboration unique avec une Muse numérique, une Intelligence Artificielle avant-gardiste, transforme ces témoignages en une symphonie d'histoires humaines, offrant aux lecteurs une immersion totale dans ces vies souvent négligées."La Maraude Tend la Main" est un hommage aux maraudeurs et aux associations qui oeuvrent inlassablement pour un monde plus juste. Ces gardiens de la nuit sont célébrés pour leur courage face à l'indifférence, éclairant les rues des villes de leur humanité et de leur amour.Ce livre est bien plus qu'une simple lecture; c'est une fenêtre ouverte sur le monde, un appel à la réflexion, et un défi à nos préjugés. À travers son récit émouvant et sa narration empathique, Djamal Hamadache nous rappelle l'importance de chaque histoire humaine et la valeur de chaque vie.À propos de l'Auteur: Djamal Hamadache, aujourd'hui en retraite après des années consacrées à aider les plus vulnérables, est un artiste multidisciplinaire dont le talent s'étend de la poésie à la photographie, en passant par le théâtre et la comédie musicale. Sa passion pour la narration, couplée à son engagement pour les causes sociales et son utilisation novatrice de l'intelligence artificielle, font de lui un auteur unique dont les oeuvres résonnent profondément dans le coeur et l'esprit des lecteurs.

  • af Susie Choi
    260,95 kr.

    John, the only human or 'monster' in a world full of foxes is sent on a mission to find a magical statue in the human world to save the king of the foxes from a deadly disease. However, living amongst humans proves just as difficult. There's Ron, his unfriendly, suspicious boss in the human world, and Ben, a boy who hardly ever talks to him despite begging John to adopt him. Wait up. These guys can't possibly have been John's creators, could they?

  • - 《枯萎的玫瑰》
    af Sophy Chen
    106,95 kr.

    Sophy Chen's First E-C Original Poetry Collection苏菲首部英汉诗歌原创集 Sophy Chen's First Original E-C Poetry Collection 苏菲首部英汉诗歌原创集 CONTENTS 目 录 Preface 自 序 Sophy Chen's Some Words Before A Wizened Rose Published 1苏菲写在《枯萎的玫瑰》出版前的几句话 3Review 评 论从露珠到溪流,诗思明快向外的自然流露 / [中国] 大 藏 5From The Dew To The Stream, Poetry Is Flowing Out Naturally/ [China] Dazang Chen 7 Poems From Sophy Chen's Original E-C Poetry Beijing Poetry Series苏菲原创英汉诗歌 北京诗歌系列节选 A Wizened Rose 18枯萎的玫瑰 19北京的月 20The Moon In Beijing 21失 眠 22Sleeplessness 23 Poems From Sophy Chen's Original E-C Poetry Hometown Poetry Series苏菲原创英汉诗歌 故乡诗歌系列节选 荞麦花开 26Buckwheat Flowers Blooming 27苏菲走过的羊肠小道 28The Narrow Path Walked By Sophy Chen 30我将用什么来挽救你,记忆中的绝美 32What Will I Use to Save You, The Beauty of Memory 33一颗奇异的星星 34A Strange Star 35原来呀,月亮就藏在冷冷的山崖边 36It Turns Out That The Moon Is Hidden By The Cold Cliff 37溪 荪 38Siberian Iris 39迎春花开了 40Winter Jasmine Is Blossoming 41瘦溪水 42Thin Stream 43野樱桃花 44Wild Cherry Blossoms 45 Poems From Sophy Chen's Original English Sonnets苏菲原创 英语十四行诗节选 After Ten Years 48十年之后 49Tuberose 50晚香玉 51We Met on a Cross Road 52邂逅十字路 53As if I'd Fallen in Its Waves 54仿若跌入你的浪涛 55 Poems From Sophy Chen's Original E-C Poetry Xiaoguwei Island Poetry Series苏菲原创英汉诗歌 小谷围岛诗歌系列节选 夜 58Night 59你不睡,我不敢入眠 60You Do Not Sleep, And I Dare Not Sleep 61紫荆花 62Bauhinia 63两束光的距离...... 64Distance Between Two Beams of Light 65满是阳光的味道 66Full of the Smell of Sunshine 67母语情结 68Mother Tongue Complex 70面对恐怖主义,诗歌是一无是处的是处 72Faced With Terrorism, Poetry Is Nothings' Nothing 73蝉 鸣 74The Song of Cicadas 75In These Three Days, I Don't Want to Do Anything 76这三天,啥也不想干 78I'm Full of Poetry 80我装满了诗意 81境 界 82Spirituality 83沉 默 84Keep Silence 85你我的圣诞夜 86Christmas Eve For You and Me 87遥望蛇口夕阳 88Looking At Sun Setting of Shirko 89

  • - Cinque Lettere a Vespasiano
    af Mario Barbaglia
    157,95 kr.

    La Giudea è in fiamme, rivolte e massacri si susseguono sotto lo sguardo costernato di cinque personaggi che osservano increduli l'ascesa e il declino del re dei Giudei, Simone bar Giora: forse un messia, forse un mistico, forse un mago, di certo un rivoluzionario e un nemico dell'Impero. Tito, il fratello Domiziano, un maestro di cerimonie, un cospiratore ebreo e uno scanzonato vagabondo scrivono all'imperatore Vespasiano, interrogandosi su Simone, l'uomo che sta guidando i Giudei alla rivolta. Dalla sua apparizione tra le fila della guerra giudaica, fino alla sua crocifissione a Roma, la figura di Simone bar Giora si compone e si ricompone lettera dopo lettera, attraversando come un fantasma le maglie della nostra tradizione. In un mosaico caleidoscopico di citazioni, Cinque Lettere a Vespasiano intesse un giallo storico che scandalizza, rapisce e che riscrive una pagina ancora sconosciuta della nostra antichità. Mario Barbaglia, architetto e designer milanese, è nato nel 1950. Ha firmato diverse lampade di conclamato successo internazionale, ma i suoi interessi sono molteplici. Mario Barbaja, cantautore prog, è il suo alter ego musicale

  • - Le testament jamais publié de l'ancien chef d'Etat-Major de Lon Nol
    af Songthoul Fernandez
    147,95 kr.

    De 1970 à 1975, pendant cinq longues années, le Cambodge a été le théâtre d'une guerre dévastatrice, qui a été qualifiée à tort de "guerre civile". Curieusement, cette guerre meurtrière - qui a fait 5 à 600 000 morts selon les estimations actuelles - n'a été étudiée méthodiquement dans aucun ouvrage, alors que de très nombreux livres ont été publiés sur la guerre du Vietnam qui s'est achevée aussi en 1975. On appréciera donc d'autant plus l'ouvrage que le Général Sosthène FERNANDEZ, ancien Commandant en chef des Forces Armées Nationales Khmères, a consacré à l'étude de cette guerre du Cambodge, bien mal connue jusqu'à présent.

  • af Najat Larbi Najari
    107,95 kr.

    Les aventures de trois grenouilles musulmanes espiègles, bienveillantes et pleine d'Amour

  • af Thomas Clearlake
    205,95 kr.

    Il y a d'un côté le monde réel, la société humaine civilisée, politiquement correcte.De l'autre, ces univers virtuels où l'on évolue derrière un pseudonyme, un avatar qui peut si aisément franchir les portes de l'interdit, et assouvir ses désirs, jusqu'aux plus extrêmes.D'un côté, il y a Bruno Loubet, capitaine à la crim' de Lyon. De l'autre, sa fille, Léa, qui a disparu.Pour la retrouver, il va franchir le seuil, et découvrir que l'enfer existe. Il suffit de s'y connecter. _____________________Thriller policier suspense - 534 pages - Moonlight editionsAprès Sans retour, Avides, et Signatures, plongez dans le dernier thriller de Tom Clearlake !Êtes-vous prêts à passer de l'autre côté ?

  • af Nikola Tucakov
    94,95 kr.

    An easy read for a very complex subject. This pocketbook introduces three forward ideas regarding our evolution and our ancient past. 1 - Humans are a product of the environmental change associated with the start of the glacial cycles. 2 - There have existed not just one, but many other ancient civilizations, in various pockets of time, separated by major global disasters, all likely unaware of each-other's existence. 3 - Using pyramid cardinal deviations, glacial cycles and Earth's precession, the construction time of the Egyptian pyramids is calculated and argued to be about sixteen-thousand years ago.

  • - a collection of fictitious book titles and bizarre musings on life
    af Sergio Sturino
    146,95 kr.

    A long time ago, in a world far far away, I used this material I for my stand-up comedy act.It is a collection of strange and comical book titles that I created. None of which should beused as any kind of how-to help book. If you enjoy a good laugh, and even sometimes at myown expense ( I poke fun of myself here too ) then have a good laugh on me.

  • af Gnb
    129,95 kr.

    Aprender inglês - AnimaisLivro ilustrado para crianças bilíngues - Português / Inglês - com pronúncias

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