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    593,95 kr.

    Sales PointsThe first comprehensive book dedicated to a visionary black-and-white photographerAn exquisite publication that brings new attention to a key figure in Norwegian art A must-have for lovers of Hiroshi Sugimoto, Edward Weston, and Minor WhiteAdditional Comp TitlesAmerican Winter, by Gerry Johansson. 978912339020, £180.00 GBP (MACK, 2018)

  • - 307 Assignments and Ideas
    af Jason Fulford & Gregory Halpern
    194,95 kr.

    Over 250 inspiring and fun photography assignments from leading photographers and educators, including John Baldessari, Elinor Carucci, Sandra Phillips, Stephen Shore, and Alec Soth

  • af Mark Holborn & Marvin Heiferman
    396,95 kr.

    493,95 kr.

    Sales PointsTen years of work by a luminary in contemporary art, gathered for the first time in a single volumeRevelatory contributions by Joyce Carol Oates and Cate Blanchett Includes never-before-published, behind-the-scenes images and commentary from the artistAdditional Comp TitlesGregory Crewdson: An Eclipse of Moths. 9781683952213, $250.00 USD (Aperture, 2020)Beneath the Roses. 9780810993808, $70.00 USD (Abrams, 2008)Todd Hido: House Hunting. 9781590055052, $75.00 USD (Nazraeli Press, 2019)Gregory Crewdson. 9780847840915, $150.00 USD (Rizzoli, 2013)Sanctuary. 9780810991996, $60.00 USD (Abrams, 2010)Twilight. 9780810910034, $50.00 USD (Abrams, 2002)

    375,95 kr.

    Kwame Brathwaite (born in Brooklyn, New York, 1938) is represented by Philip Martin in Los Angeles. Beginning in the early 1960s, Brathwaite photographed stories for black publications such as the New York Amsterdam News , City Sun , and Daily Challenge , helping set the stage for the Black Arts and Black Power movements. By the 1970s, Brathwaite was one of the era¿s top concert photographers, shaping the images of such public figures as Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, James Brown, and Muhammad Ali. Recent acquirers of Brathwaite¿s work include the Museum of Modern Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery at Skidmore College. Tanisha C. Ford (essay) is associate professor of Africana studies and history at the University of Delaware. She is the author of Liberated Threads: Black Women, Style, and the Global Politics of Soul (2015), which won the 2016 Organization of American Historians¿ Liberty Legacy Foundation Award for best book on civil rights history. She was featured in Aperture ¿s Fall 2017 issue, ¿Elements of Style,¿ among many other publications. Ford is a cofounder of TEXTURES, a pop-up material culture lab, creating and curating content on fashion and the built environment. Deborah Willis (essay) is an artist, writer, and curator, as well as professor and chair of the Department of Photography and Imaging at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. She has been a Richard D. Cohen Fellow of African and African American Art History at the Hutchins Center, Harvard University (2014), a Guggenheim Fellow (2005), a Fletcher Fellow (2005), and a MacArthur Fellow (2000). Willis received the NAACP Image Award in 2014 for her coauthored book Envisioning Emancipation: Black Americans and the End of Slavery (2013).

    443,95 kr.

    Part memoir, part document of the DIY, punk-infused subculture of skateboarding as it came of age in the 1990s and early 2000s, Ed Templeton’s Wires Crossed pulses with the raw, combustive energy of Templeton’s image-making from the last twenty-plus years.Illustrated by photographs, collages, texts, maps, and other ephemera from Templeton’s journals, Wires Crossed offers an insider’s look at a subculture in the making and reflects the unique aesthetic stamp that sprang from the skate world he helped create. Templeton occupies the rare position of having been a professional skateboarder, a two-time World Skateboarding champion, as well as a photographer and artist working within the skateboard community as it gained increasing cultural currency in the 1990s and beyond. His work first gained recognition as part of the Beautiful Losers collective loosely gathered around Aaron Rose’s Alleged Gallery on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.This work, much of it previously unpublished and unseen, explores Templeton’s own journey as an image maker, as well as the lives of professional skateboarders as they spent long hours crisscrossing the world on tour, reveling in their newfound status as rock star–like figures and the eternal search for new terrain to skate. Interviews between Templeton and fellow pro-skaters and friends add compelling detail about the pressures and pleasures of life on the road, and what it’s like to obsessively pursue an art form—whether on their decks or behind the camera.

  • af Justine Kurland
    394,95 kr.

    Sales PointsKurland¿s photographs of rebel girls in the American landscape are stirring and iconicThis radical vision of community and feminism is highly relevant todayA book for anyone captivated by the American road and 1990s youth cultureAdditional Comp TitlesSam Contis: Deep Springs. 9781910164860, $45.00 USD (MACK, 2017)Mike Brodie: A Period of Juvenile. 9781936611027, $75.00 USD (Twin Palms, 2013)Lise Sarfati: She. 9781936611003, $95.00 USD (Twin Palms, 2012) Girl Pictures also featured in: The Financial Times, Forthcoming May 2020 Vogue Italia, Forthcoming May 2020

  • af Todd Hido
    317,95 kr.

    In this book, Todd Hido explores the genres of landscape, interiors, and nude photography, with an emphasis on creating images from a personal perspective. Through words and photographs, he reveals insight into his own practice and discusses a wide range of creative issues, including mining one¿s own memory and experience as inspiration; using light, texture, and detail for greater impact; exploring the narrative potential activated when sequencing images; and creating powerful stories with emotional weight and beauty. Gregory Halpern, a student of Todd Hido, provides the introduction.

  • af Alex Webb
    215,95 kr.

    Distills the worlds top photographers' creative approaches, teachings, and insights on photography. In this book, the authors offer their expert insight into street photography and the poetic image.

    587,95 kr.

    Judith Joy Ross: Photographs 1978–2015 is an illuminating retrospective that explores the life and career of a revered American photographer, illustrated by two hundred of her images, many never before seen or published.The work of Judith Joy Ross marks a watershed in the lineage of the photographic portrait. Her pictures—unpretentious, quietly penetrating, startling in their transparency—consistently achieve the capacity to glimpse the past, present, and perhaps even the future of the individuals who stand before her lens. Adolescents swim at a local municipal park, ordinary people are at work and play. From immigrants and refugees, to tech workers and students, military reservists and civilians—all are incisively rendered with equal tenderness in Ross’s black-and-white, large-format portraits. Published alongside the largest exhibition to feature Ross’s work to date, and drawn from her extensive archive of photographs made over the span of more than thirty-five years, Judith Joy Ross: Photographs 1978–2015 encompasses the best work of this influential photographer.

  • af Sarah Greenough
    547,95 kr.

    For fifty years, Robert Adams has made compelling, provocative, and highly influential photographs that show us the wonder and fragility of the American landscape, its inherent beauty, and the inadequacy of our response to it.American Silence: The Photographs of Robert Adams examines Adams’s reverential act of looking at the world around him and the almost palpable silence of his photographs. It includes works that capture the sense of peace and harmony that the beauty of nature can instill in us, created through what Adams calls “the silence of light” of the American West (as seen on the prairie, in the woods, and by the ocean), as well as pictures that question our moral silence to the desecration of that beauty by consumerism, industrialization, and lack of environmental stewardship. The book features some 175 works from Adams’s most important projectsand includes pictures of suburban sprawl, strip malls, highways, homes, and stores, as well as rivers and skies, the prairie and the ocean. While Adams’s photographs lament the ravages that have been inflicted on the land, they also pay homage to what remains.

  • - From the 1900s to the Present
    af Martin Parr & Wassink Lundgren
    723,95 - 1.252,95 kr.

    In the last decade there has been a major reappraisal of the role and status of the photobook within the history of photography. This book focuses on key volumes published as early as 1900, as well as contemporary volumes by emerging Chinese photographers.

  • af Diane Arbus
    443,95 kr.

  • af Sasha Wolf
    194,95 kr.

    Sasha Wolf represents emerging and midcareer fine-art photographers as a private practice, following a decade of running Sasha Wolf Gallery. Prior to her work in the fine-art photography world, Wolf was a writer, director, and producer in the film and television industries and an award-winning short filmmaker. Her short film Joe(1997) was nominated for the Palme d¿Or du court m¿age at Cannes.

  • af Jason Fulford
    182,95 kr.

    Aimed at children aged five and up, this clever and surprising picture book by artists and collaborators, this book takes young viewers on a whimsical journey while teaching them associative thinking and visual language, as well as colors, shapes, and numbers.

  • - The Bikeriders
    af Danny Lyon
    319,95 kr.

    A hardcover facsimile edition based on the 1968 original, printed with new reproductions from Lyon's vintage photographs

    493,95 kr.

    "First published in 1967, Ernest Cole's House of Bondage has been lauded as one of the most significant photobooks of the twentieth century, revealing the horrors of apartheid to the world for the first time and influencing generations of photographers around the globe. Reissued for contemporary audiences, this edition adds a chapter of unpublished work found in a recently resurfaced cache of negatives and recontextualizes this pivotal book for our time"--

    537,95 kr.

    ¿Montgomery¿s photographs capture the reality of Americans in crisis, in all our flawed, tragic, ridiculous glory.¿ ¿Patrick Radden Keefe, author of Empire of Pain: The Secret History of the Sackler DynastyAmerican Mirror is award-winning photographer Philip Montgomery¿s dramatic chronicle of the United States at a time of profound change. Through his intimate and powerful reporting and a signature black-and-white style, Montgomery reveals the faultlines in American society, from police violence and the opioid addiction crisis to the COVID-19 pandemic and the demonstrations in support of Black lives. Yet in his unflinching images, we also see moments of grace and sacrifice, glimmers of solidarity and tireless advocates for democracy. Like Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans before him, Montgomery has made an unforgettable testament of a nation at a crossroads.

  • - The Tenth Anniversary Edition
    495,95 kr.

    Sales PointsReissue of a best-selling, out-of-print contemporary classic Illuminance defines the compelling lyricism of contemporary Japanese photography If you buy only one book by Rinko Kawauchi, this is itAdditional Comp TitlesRinko Kawauchi: Ametsuchi. 9781597112161, $80.00 USD (Aperture, 2013)ZZYZX. 9781910164655, $50.00 USD (MACK, 2016)Justine Kurland: Girl Pictures. 9781597114745, $50.00 USD (Aperture, 2020)

  • af Sara Cwynar
    495,95 kr.

    A feminist-inflected investigation of color and image-driven consumer culture, Glass Life brings together Sara Cwynar's multilayered portraits and stills from the films Soft Film (2016), Rose Gold (2017), and Red Film (2018). Glass Life is Cwynar's first major publication, synthesizing her work into a single volume and functioning as a sourcebook for understanding the artist's complex practice.

  • af Richard Misrach
    297,95 kr.

    Sales PointsThe wisdom of one of the most influential photographers working today, in book form Teaches readers about using visual beauty to address social and environmental concerns A new title in the popular Aperture "workshop in a book" seriesAdditional Comp Titles Larry Fink on Composition and Improvisation: The Aperture Workshop Series. 9781597112734, $29.95 USD (Aperture. 2016)Petrochemical America, by Richard Misrach. 9781597112772, $39.95 USD (Aperture, 2014)The Mysterious Opacity of Other Beings, by Richard Misrach. 9781597113274, $80.00 USD (Aperture, 2015)Destroy This Memory, by Richard Misrach. 9781597111638, $65.00 USD (Aperture 2010)

  • af Jacqueline Hassink
    112,95 - 700,95 kr.

    Captures the work of women who are employed to embody the corporate identities of international auto companies.

  • - Photography Between Art and Fashion
    af Antwaun Sargent
    394,95 kr.

    Fifteen artist portfolios and a series of conversations feature the brightestcontemporary fashion photographers whose images and stories chart the historyof inclusion (and exclusion) in the creation of the Black fashion image.

  • af Gail Albert Halaban
    595,95 kr.

    Gail Albert Halaban (born in Washington, D.C., 1970) received an MFA in photography from Yale University. She has taught at the Pasadena Art Center and International Center of Photography, and at Yale, among other notable institutions. She has been included in both group and solo exhibitions internationally. Her previous books include Out My Window (powerHouse, 2012) and Gail Albert Halaban: Paris Views (Aperture, 2014). Francine Prose (born in Brooklyn, N.Y., 1947) is the author of twenty works of fiction. Her previous books include the novels My New American Life, Goldengrove, A Changed Man and Blue Angel, which was a finalist for the 2001 National Book Award.

  • af Francis Hodgson
    677,95 kr.

    Comprehensive survey featuring both popular and unpublished workThe evolution of a provocative and cutting-edge, beloved artistAccompanying a world-traveling retrospective exhibition, launching in February 2019 I Am also featured in: i-D, April 19, 2019 Vogue Italia, April 17, 2019The Guardian, April 17, 2019 Aesthetica, April 15, 2019 Photograph Magazine, March issue (Print) Aesthetica, March 13, 2019 PDN, February 28, 2019 New York Times, February 13, 2019

  • af Michael Famighetti
    194,95 kr.

    More than two million people are currently incarcerated in the United States. While the country accounts for 5 percent of the global population, it is home to 25 percent of the world's prison population. How can photography help us understand this vast system, and the lives shaped-and disrupted-by mass incarceration? From a reflection on the origins of the mug shot to stark aerial views of supermax prisons to recent projects focused on everyday life in New York's Riker's Island, Louisiana's Angola Prison, and California's San Quentin Prison, this issue considers the visual record, and human toll, of a national crisis that is often removed from public view. Prison Nation is organized with contributing editor Nicole Fleetwood, author of the forthcoming book, Carceral Aesthetics: Prison Art and Public Culture.

  • af Jonas Bendiksen
    443,95 kr.

    Imagined as a sequel to the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, The Last Testament features visual accounts and stories of seven men around the world who claim to be the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Building on biblical form and structure, chapters dedicated to each Jesus include excerpts of their scriptural testaments, laying out their theology and demands on mankind in their own words. Jonas Bendiksen takes at face value that each one is the true Messiah returned to Earth, to forge an account that is a work of apocalyptic journalism and compelling artistic imagination.

  • - A Kid's Guide to Looking at Photographs
    af Joel Meyerowitz
    184,95 kr.

    Suitable for children between the ages of nine and twelve, this is an introduction to photography that asks how photographers transform ordinary things into meaningful moments. It takes readers on a journey through the power and magic of photography: its abilities to freeze time, tell a story, combine several layers into one frame, and more.

  • af Erik Kessels
    493,95 kr.

  • af Chika Okeke-Agulu & Phyllis Galembo
    467,95 kr.

    Maske is an album of Phyllis Galembo's powerful and thrilling masquerade photographs, from Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Zambia, and Haiti. Introduced by art historian Chika Okeke-Agulu, Galembo's pictures describe traditional masqueraders and carnival characters and are themselves works of vivid artistic imagination.

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