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  • - A Glossary and Guide to Scholarship
    af Gary K Wolfe
    977,95 kr.

    The critical vocabulary of the mainstream often give short shrift to the fantastic, and scholars of the fantastic have often had to look elsewhere for their critical termionology. Such scholars will find Wolfe's work an excellent resource. Choice.

  • - A Bio-Bibliography
    af James A Grymes
    977,95 kr.

    As a result of both his political reputation--destroyed by false charges of Nazism after World War II--and his rejection of avant-garde techniques, the recordings and compositions of Ernst von Dohnányi went largely ignored for most of the 20th century. In recent years, however, musicians have begun to revise their interpretations of 20th century music to include compositional and performance styles that, like Dohnányi's, adhered more closely to 19th century aesthetics. Although performers and audiences worldwide have started to rediscover his musical legacy, scholarship has not kept pace with their growing interest. This bio-bibliography corrects that. As the first scholarly examination in English of Dohnányi's life and work, it serves as the perfect introduction to an unfairly neglected 20th century artist. A brief but insightful biography is followed by a list of works that reflects the most current research of Dohnányi's creative output. It includes nearly 200 entries, each of which collects such information as the date of composition, the instrumentation of the work, the publisher of its first edition, the location of the manuscript, and the date and location of its premiere. The discography lists 400 sound recordings of the composer's work, and the annotated bibliography includes 500 entries, emphasizing performance reviews that offer substantial information about Dohnányi's works and style.

  • - An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic [2 Volumes]
    af Lilia Fernández
    2.077,95 kr.

    Latinos--people of European, Indigenous, and African descent--have had a presence in North America long before the first British settlements arrived to the Eastern seaboard. The encounters between Spanish colonizers and the native peoples of the Americas initiated 500 years of a rich and vibrant history--an intermingled, cultural evolution that continues today in the 21st century.50 Events that Shaped Latino History: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic is a valuable reference that provides a chronological overview of Latino/a history beginning with the indigenous populations of the Americas through the present day. It is divided into time period, such as Pre-Colonial Era to Spanish Empire, pre-1521-1810, and covers a variety of themes relevant to the time period, making it easy for the reader find information. The coverage offers readers background on critical events that have shaped Latino/a populations, revealed the conditions and experiences of Latinos, or highlighted their contributions to U.S. society. The text addresses events as varied as the U.S.-Mexican War to the rise of Latin jazz. The entries present a balance of political and cultural events, social developments, legal cases, and broader trends. Each entry has a chronology, a main narrative, biographies of notable figures, and suggested further readings, as well as one or more primary sources that offer additional context or information on the given event. These primary source materials offer readers additional insight via a first-hand account, original voices, or direct evidence on the subject matter.

  • - [2 Volumes]
    af Evelyn B Kelly
    1.987,95 kr.

    Modern science has unlocked many of the mysteries of genetics, providing a blueprint for understanding the origins behind previously mysterious ailments and conditions, both common and uncommon. A complete understanding remains elusive, however: geneticists are still refining theories about what causes chromosomes to mutate, and genetic diseases remain difficult to diagnose and challenging to treat. This fascinating reference explores the scientific and human aspects of this complex field of science.Encyclopedia of Human Genetics and Disease features nearly 400 entries, including well-known genetic diseases, rare and lesser-known genetic diseases, and the genetic factors that may contribute to common diseases and health conditions, such as breast cancer and obesity. The author presents in-depth discussions of concepts essential to understanding genetic disease in 18 entries that provide background on key topics, such as "Genetics 101," the genome and the foundations of genetics, genetic counseling, and newborn screening. Each of the 355 disorders profiled provides the history of the condition, its prevalence, causes, treatment (if any), and further reading. Interesting sidebars and compelling photos that help inform content accompany many entries.

  • - A Worldwide Encyclopedia of Food with Menus and Recipes [2 Volumes]
    af Melanie Byrd
    2.337,95 kr.

    Food culture has been central to world civilizations since prehistory. While early societies were limited in terms of their resources and cooking technology, methods of food preparation have flourished throughout history, with food central to social gatherings, celebrations, religious functions, and other aspects of daily life. This book surveys the history of cooking from the ancient world through the modern era.The first volume looks at the history of cooking from antiquity through the Early Modern era, while the second focuses on the modern world. Each volume includes a chronology, historical introduction, and topical chapters on foodstuffs, food preparation, eating habits, and other subjects. Sections on particular civilizations follow, with each section offering a historical overview, recipes, menus, primary source documents, and suggestions for further reading. The work closes with a selected, general bibliography of resources suitable for student research.

  • - From the American Revolution to the Iraq War [3 Volumes]
    af Christopher R Mortenson
    3.227,95 kr.

    What was life really like for U.S. soldiers during America's wars? Were they conscripted or did they volunteer? What did they eat, wear, believe, think, and do for fun? Most important, how did they deal with the rigors of combat and coming home? This comprehensive book will answer all of those questions and much more, with separate chapters on the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, the Civil War, the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II in Europe, World War II in the Pacific, the Cold War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, the Afghanistan War and War on Terror, and the Iraq War.Each chapter includes such topical sections as Conscription and Volunteers, Training, Religion, Pop Culture, Weaponry, Combat, Special Forces, Prisoners of War, Homefront, and Veteran Issues. This work also examines the role of minorities and women in each conflict as well as delves into the disciplinary problems in the military, including alcoholism, drugs, crimes, and desertion. Selected primary sources, bibliographies, and timelines complement the topical sections of each chapter.

  • af Bonnie Greenwood Grant
    147,95 kr.

    Drew Richardson's grandmother is in trouble again. After an appearance on national TV to plug her holistic health clinic, she has angered the Hexal drug company's CEO. He wants that 'old lady' out of the way. Gran runs her clinic and thwarts two murder attempts while Drew struggles with her own demons. When Drew finally drops to her knees in prayer for divine intervention and gets it, she concedes that there might be a God who cares about mere mortals.

  • - An Encyclopedia of the Stories That Speak to Our Deepest Fears [2 Volumes]
    af Matt Cardin
    2.177,95 kr.

    Many of today's horror story fans--who appreciate horror through movies, television, video games, graphic novels, and other forms--probably don't realize that horror literature is not only one of the most popular types of literature but one of the oldest. People have always been mesmerized by stories that speak to their deepest fears. Horror Literature through History shows 21st-century horror fans the literary sources of their favorite entertainment and the rich intrinsic value of horror literature in its own right. Through profiles of major authors, critical analyses of important works, and overview essays focused on horror during particular periods as well as on related issues such as religion, apocalypticism, social criticism, and gender, readers will discover the fascinating early roots and evolution of horror writings as well as the reciprocal influence of horror literature and horror cinema.This unique two-volume reference set provides wide coverage that is current and compelling to modern readers--who are of course also eager consumers of entertainment. In the first section, overview essays on horror during different historical periods situate works of horror literature within the social, cultural, historical, and intellectual currents of their respective eras, creating a seamless narrative of the genre's evolution from ancient times to the present. The second section demonstrates how otherwise unrelated works of horror have influenced each other, how horror subgenres have evolved, and how a broad range of topics within horror--such as ghosts, vampires, religion, and gender roles--have been handled across time. The set also provides alphabetically arranged reference entries on authors, works, and specialized topics that enable readers to zero in on information and concepts presented in the other sections.

  • - Everyday Products and Ideas from the Space Program
    af Marjolijn Bijlefeld
    797,95 kr.

    What do anthrax protection, golf clubs, and cordless power tools have in common? Each was invented or improved with technology first developed for the space program. Since NASA's inception 45 years ago, hundreds of everyday devices and products have emerged from the research and development required to put rockets into space and humans on the moon. To expand our knowledge of the universe, scientists and engineers with the space program constantly confront new challenges in vehicle design, life support, communications, and astronaut health and well-being. The solutions to these challenges have often benefited those of us who remain on Earth. This book tells the story of 67 of the most consumer-friendly products born of space-related research. Discover the fascinating histories of commonplace items that we now take for granted. One model of ergonomic chairs was based on the position of astronauts at rest in Skylab. Improvements in health-rate monitors resulted from the need to track changes in an astronaut's heart rate. Even swimsuits and ballpoints pens have been improved by space technology. This book also includes extensive information on the history of NASA, and on the technology-transfer centers that help make such product improvements happen. Lesson plans and resources offer additional sources of information on this remarkable subject.

  • - An Encyclopedia of Causes, Effects, and Treatments [2 Volumes]
    af Jean Kaplan Teichroew
    2.172,95 kr.

    Chronic diseases and their consequences are among the foremost problems faced by the U.S. health care system, accounting for untold distress and mounting personal and societal costs. Bringing together an unprecedented array of detailed data and facts, this unique two-volume encyclopedia provides information that will help readers understand what they can do to avoid these diseases, as well as how to best manage chronic conditions that may affect them or their families.Designed for high school, public, and university libraries, this three-volume set covers an extensive range of disorders, including diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney disease, Alzheimer's disease, HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis. Depression and anxiety are covered, as are violence and injury, drug use and abuse, and tobacco as a health hazard. Much more than just a list of diseases, this encyclopedia enables readers to easily research terminology, symptoms, methods of diagnosis, medical treatments and alternative medicine, risk factors, associated conditions, and preventive approaches. The work is consistent with Healthy People 2010 national goals and objectives and with National Health Education Standards.

  • - An Encyclopedia of Orchestral Recordings Made by the Acoustical Process
    af Claude G Arnold
    1.612,95 kr.

    In the history of sound recording, the years from 1896 to 1926 mark the transformation of a carnival toy into a serious means of musical reproduction. This work documents for the first time an index of this transformation: the expansion of the repertoire from the marches and potpourris of the 1890s to the symphonic recordings of the late acoustical period. The data assembled bring together and organize materials that have lain scattered in archives, private collections, catalogues, trade journals, and in the research of more than three dozen discographers to provide as complete a survey of classical and light classical orchestral music recorded acoustically on cylinders and discs as sources allow. In this work, band records are excluded (except in the case of works originally written for winds). Where it is known and where it is pertinent to the recordings, biographical information about conductors and historical information about orchestras are added, as are all available discographic data, including reissues. The work is fully indexed. Of interest to historians and students, private collectors, archivists, and discographers.

  • - Greenwood Milestones in African American History [2 Volumes]
    af Peter Hinks
    2.012,95 kr.

    The emergence of a sophisticated antislavery ideology and the rise of organized opposition to slavery in the Atlantic World in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries represented nothing less than one of the great intellectual and social revolutions in the history of the world. An institution which by the early eighteenth century was near axiomatically accepted as necessary, useful, and thoroughly in accord with Judaeo-Christian tenets and virtues and which profoundly informed the lives of millions of people had by the mid-nineteenth century come increasingly to be viewed as the chief vector of evil and the Devil in the world, the very quintessence of evil as some called it, and the chief repository of all that was socially, politically, and especially economically archaic and stagnant. This encyclopedia is organized around three principal concerns: the illustration and explication of the various forms of antislavery and its emergence as an organized movement; the immediate precipitants of abolition and the processes of its passage; and the enactment of emancipation and its consequences. While the earliest expressions of antislavery may have only comprised one or a few isolated voices, the antislavery most commonly reviewed here is that animated by a systematic and ardent opposition to slavery and intended to mobilize large numbers of people to attack and end the institution. A wide variety of people and organizations nurtured and extended this antislavery: religious figures, political economists, slaves, sailors, artisans, missionaries, planters, captains of slave ships, democratic enthusiasts, and others were all involved along with the various organizations-secular, religious, or otherwise-with which they were associated. Antislavery was by no means exclusively or even principally the work of an intellectual elite and the force of all, from the lowly and unlearned to the privileged and prominent, is represented. The presence of slavery continued to be attacked in the contracting Ottoman Empire in the early twentieth century, in Liberia in the 1930s, in Saudi Arabia in the mid-twentieth century, and even in the latter years of the century in countries like Sudan, Pakistan, India, and others in Southeast Asia.The entries have a worldwide focus, covering antislavery movements and important developments in slavery abolition and slave emancipation in many places around the globe. Other entries cover individuals, groups, events, documents, and organizations related to the history of abolition and emancipation over the last two centuries. Coverage also address a wide range of topics, issues, and ideas related to the broad topic of ending historical systems of slavery and human bondage.Besides over 400 cross-referenced entries, most of which conclude with lists of additional readings, the encyclopedia also includes an Introduction tracing the history of abolition and emancipation, a selected general bibliography, a guide to related topics, numerous illustrations, and a detailed subject index.

  • - The Definitive Encyclopedia from Theory to Practice [4 Volumes]
    af David A Dieterle
    4.592,95 kr.

    As the global economy becomes increasingly complex, interconnected, and therefore relevant to each individual, in every country, it becomes more important to be economically literate--to gain an understanding of how things work beyond the microcosm of the economic needs of a single individual or family unit. This expansive reference set serves to establish basic economic literacy of students and researchers, providing more than 800 objective and factually driven entries on all the major themes and topics in economics. Written by leading scholars and practitioners, the set provides readers with a framework for understanding economics as mentioned and debated in the public forum and media. Each of the volumes includes coverage of important events throughout economic history, biographies of the major economists who have shaped the world of economics, and highlights of the legislative acts that have shaped the U.S. economy throughout history. The extensive explanations of major economic concepts combined with selected key historical primary source documents and a glossary will endow readers with a fuller comprehension of our economic world.

  • af John L Smith
    1.157,95 kr.

    A prime source of one of country music's greatest, this closely-documented history follows the musical career of Waylon Jennings--from his early days as a member of Buddy Holly's group, The Crickets, through his sometimes combative relationship with the Nashville musical establishment and his emergence as a viable force in the country music scene, to his current status as a superstar. Popular music scholars and students as well as country music fans will find this a valuable source of information, not only on Jennings, but on the country music industry. In his foreword to this volume, Johnny Cash describes his friend as an American original. A prime source for one of country music's greatest, this closely-documented history follows the musical career of Waylon Jennings--from his early days as a member of Buddy Holly's group, The Crickets, through his sometimes combative relationship with the Nashville musical establishment and his emergence as a viable force in the country music scene, to his current status as a superstar. Popular music scholars and students as well as country music fans will find this a valuable source of information, not only on Jennings, but on the country music industry. In his foreword to this volume, Johnny Cash describes his friend as an American original. In addition to his relationship with the Holly organization (he gave up his seat on the plane that would crash shortly after take-off from Mason City, Iowa, in February 1959 killing Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. Richardson, The Big Bopper), the Sessions section shows Waylon's association with Willie Nelson, his partnership with Nelson, Cash, and Kris Kristofferson in forming the Highwaymen group, and his success in the rejuvenated country music world. Uncompromised, he continues to produce his own brand of Waylon Music. The Discography numbers 360 pages, including extensive Releases and Billboard Chart sections, making this a comprehensive reference work. Johnny Cash and Johnny Western both contributed forewords for their great friend and colleague.

  • - Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture [2 Volumes]
    af Robert J Hoss
    1.907,95 kr.

    Whether good or bad and whether we remember them or not, each night every one of us dreams. But what biological or psychological function do dreams serve? What do these vivid images and strange storylines mean? How have psychologists, religions, and society at large interpreted dreams, and how can a closer examination of our dreams provide useful insights?Dreams: Understanding Biology, Psychology, and Culture presents a holistic view of dreams and the dreaming experience that answers these and many other questions. Divided thematically, this two-volume book examines the complex and often misunderstood subject of dreaming through a variety of lenses. This collection is written by a large and diverse team of experts and edited by leading members of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) but remains an approachable and accessible introduction to this captivating topic for all readers.

  • - Understanding Causes, Controversies, and Treatment [2 Volumes]
    af Justine J Reel
    2.067,95 kr.

    While many people may reflexively imagine an anorexic or bulimia teenage girl upon being asked to think about eating disorders, eating disorders are a form of mental illness that can take many forms and affect individuals of all genders, ages, and ethnic backgrounds. In fact, an estimated eight million people in the United States struggle with an eating disorder, making eating disorders one of the most prevalent forms of mental illness in America. This two-volume encyclopedia comprehensively examines eating disorders as the forms they can take; their causes and potential complications; and how they can best be treated and prevented. It also examines the influence had by cultural factors such as the fashion industry, television and movies, and social media. More than just a simple A-to-Z reference, Eating Disorders: Understanding Causes, Controversies, and Treatment also includes valuable features such as Q&A interviews with those affected by and working to combat eating disorders, case studies, scholarly essays that voice opinions in key debates, and a directory of resources for individuals seeking help.

  • - An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being [3 Volumes]
    af Len Sperry
    3.562,95 kr.

    A three-volume ready-reference encyclopedia, this up-to-date work supplies a holistic introduction to the fields of mental health and mental disorders that is written specifically for high school students and college students. Covering the full continuum of mental health, the set describes typical functioning, including biology and neurology of the brain, emotions, and the traits and characteristics of mental well-being. It also addresses mental disorders and conditions, from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to phobias and schizophrenia. Mental Health and Mental Disorders: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being highlights important concepts and phenomena, key individuals, treatment techniques, organizations, and diagnostic tools to give readers a complete view of this broad field of study. It also investigates all sides of wellness, exploring what it means to be "normal" and consistently identifying the links between lifestyle and mental health. The encyclopedia is consistent with the goals of AP psychology curricula and addresses the various disorders classified in the new edition of the APA Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V-TR).

  • - An Encyclopedia [2 Volumes]
    af Christopher A Snyder
    2.012,95 kr.

    This period of British history saw dramatic social, political, and cultural changes, characterized by the great movement of peoples. The Stone Age peoples, Bronze Age peoples, Celts, Scots, Picts, Irish, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Danes and Normans all arrived, settled, and (to some degree) intermingled. Each of these peoples has a complex history partly separate and partly shared, sometimes obscure, sometimes distorted in the popular imagination, and the purpose of the encyclopedia is to both highlight specific details and clarify the overall picture.The geographic scope of the encyclopedia is Britain and Ireland, and chronologically covers everything from the Neolithic period to 1154. A section of longer essays on key themes is followed by an A-Z section of shorter entries on specific topics. Entries vary in length from about 400 words to about 7,500 words. Each entry includes a brief bibliography. This encyclopedia will be a useful reference for nearly every level of research, from general background information on a select topic for the lay reader to the latest and best research and historiographic trends for advanced researchers

  • - From Ancient Plagues to Modern-Day Threats [2 Volumes]
    af Joseph P Byrne
    2.962,95 kr.

    From the Black Death that ravaged Europe in the 14th century to the influenza pandemic following World War I and the novel strain of coronavirus that made "social distancing" the new normal, wide-scale disease outbreaks have played an important role throughout human history. In addition to the toll they take on human lives, epidemics have spurred medical innovations, toppled governments, crippled economies, and led to cultural revolutions.Epidemics and Pandemics: From Ancient Plagues to Modern-Day Threats provides readers with a holistic view of the terrifying--and fascinating--topic of epidemics and pandemics. In Volume 1, readers will discover what an epidemic is, how it emerges and spreads, what diseases are most likely to become epidemics, and how disease outbreaks are tracked, prevented, and combatted. They will learn about the impacts of such modern factors as global air travel and antibiotic resistance, as well as the roles played by public health agencies and the media. Volume 2 offers detailed case studies that explore the course and lasting significance of individual epidemics and pandemics throughout history.

  • - From Black Is Beautiful to Urban Uprisings [2 Volumes]
    af Akinyele Umoja
    1.982,95 kr.

    Unlike the Civil Rights Movement's emphasis on the rhetoric and practice of nonviolence and social and political goal of integration, Black Power was defined by the promotion of Black self-determination, Black consciousness, independent Black politics, and the practice of armed self-defense. Black Power changed communities, curriculums, and culture in the United States and served as an inspiration for social justice internationally. This unique two-volume set provides readers with an understanding of Black Power's important role in the turbulence, social change, and politics of the 1960s and 1970s in America and how the concepts of the movement continue to influence contemporary Black politics, culture, and identity.Cross-disciplinary and broad in its approach, Black Power Encyclopedia: From "Black Is Beautiful" to Urban Uprisings explores the emergence and evolution of the Black Power Movement in the United States some 50 years ago. The entries examine the key players, organizations and institutions, trends, and events of the period, enabling readers to better understand the ways in which African Americans broke through racial barriers, developed a positive identity, and began to feel united through racial pride and the formation of important social change organizations. The encyclopedia also covers the important impact of the more militant segments of the movement, such as Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers.

  • - From Air Pollution to Zoonotic Diseases [2 Volumes]
    af Richard V Crume
    2.072,95 kr.

    As technology enables better insight into the world we live in, we are increasingly aware of environmental health concerns and risks, from contaminated air and water to infectious diseases and light and noise pollution. Because the quality of our lives depends on the quality of our environment, everyone should be informed about issues in environmental health. Environmental Health in the 21st Century: From Air Pollution to Zoonotic Diseases presents hundreds of encyclopedic entries written by expert researchers and practitioners, a history of environmental health, and interviews with subject experts that broadly survey the field of environmental health. The set covers myriad subjects in environmental health, including all types of environmental pollution; the spread of communicable diseases and other issues in the health sciences; waste management practices; the effects of climate change on human health; children's environmental health concerns; environmental health problems unique to the urban environment; and emerging threats such as the Zika virus and hospital-acquired infections. Readers will learn about steps they can take to reduce their environmental risk, understand the effects of key international treaties and conventions and the contributions of key figures in environmental health, and also reflect on potential solutions for global challenges in environmental pollution, health sciences, energy and climate, waste management, and the built environment. No other book on the market today addresses the environmental health field in such a comprehensive manner, with the latest information provided by expert practitioners, all packed into two concise volumes.

  • - An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic [2 Volumes]
    af Jamie J Wilson
    2.132,95 kr.

    This two-volume encyclopedia offers a unique look at the African American experience, from the arrival of the first 20 Africans at Jamestown through the launch of the Black Lives Matter movement and the Ferguson Protests. It illustrates subjects such as the Jim Crow period, the Brown v. Board of Education case that overturned segregation, Jackie Robinson's landmark integration of major league baseball, and the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States. Drawing from almost 400 years of U.S. history, the work documents the experiences and impact of black people on every aspect of American life.Presented chronologically, the selected events each include at least one primary source to provide the reader with a first-person perspective. These range from excerpts of speeches given by famous African American figures, to programs from the March on Washington. The remarkable stories collected here bear witness to the strength of a group of people who chose to survive and found ways to work collectively to force America to live up to the promise of its founding.

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