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  • - Translating Research into Clinical Practice
    af Anne Shumway-Cook & Marjorie H. Woollacott
    750,95 kr.

    Motor Control, 5th Edition remains the only book available that bridges the gap between current and emerging motor control research and its application to clinical practice. Written by leading experts in the field, this now classic resource prepares readers to effectively examine and treat patients with problems related to postural control, mobility, and upper extremity function using today's evidence-based best practices. To make information easier to understand and follow, chapters follow a standard format: normal control process issues, age-related issues, research on abnormal function, and clinical applications of current research, including methods for examining and treating patients with motor dyscontol in each area. Featuring new pedagogy, new videos, and separate lifespan chapters on development of mobility and aging and mobility, the Fifth Edition reflects the current explosion of research in the field of motor control.

  • af Dr. T.W. Sadler
    579,95 kr.

  • af Joseph Ivan Krajbich
    3.621,95 kr.

    Now in one convenient volume, Atlas of Amputations and Limb Deficiencies: Surgical, Prosthetic, and Rehabilitation Principles, Fifth Edition, remains the definitive reference on the surgical and prosthetic management of acquired and congenital limb loss. Developed in partnership with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and edited by Joseph Ivan Krajbich, MD, FRCS(C), Michael S. Pinzur, MD, FAAOS, COL Benjamin K. Potter, MD, FAAOS, FACS, and Phillip M. Stevens, MEd, CPO, FAAOP, it discusses the most recent advances and future developments in prosthetic technology with in-depth treatment and management recommendations for adult and pediatric conditions. With coverage of every aspect of this complex field from recognized experts in amputation surgery, rehabilitation, and prosthetics, it is an invaluable resource for surgeons, physicians, prosthetists, physiatrists, therapists, and all others with an interest in this field.

  • af Richard Buckley
    1.751,95 kr.

    Derived in part from the iconic Surgical Exposures in Orthopaedics: The Anatomic Approach, the fully revised second edition of Surgical Exposures in Foot and Ankle Surgery: The Anatomic Approach provides a clear view of orthopaedic anatomy from the surgeon's perspective using easy-to-follow descriptions and more than 300 superb, full-color illustrations. Co-authored by Dr. Richard Buckley and Piet de Boer, this edition carries on the legacy of Dr. Stanley Hoppenfeld (1934-2020), offering unique, time-tested coverage of orthopaedic approaches to the ankle, the hindfoot, the midfoot, and the forefoot. New approaches, descriptions, and high-quality illustrations make this an ideal resource for both orthopaedic surgeons and podiatrists.

  • af Robin R. Preston
    448,95 kr.

    Selected as a Doody's Core Title for 2022 and 2023!  Enhanced with new Clinical Cases, new practice questions, and additional animations, Lippincott ® Illustrated Reviews: Physiology, 3rd Edition, brings physiology clearly into focus, detailing who we are, how we live, and, ultimately, how we die.   By first identifying organ function and then showing how cells and tissues are designed to fulfill that function, this engaging resource decodes physiology like no other text or review book. Tailored for ease of use and fast content absorption, the book’s straightforward outline format, visionary artwork, clinical applications, and unit review questions help students master the most essential concepts in physiology, making it perfect for classroom learning and preparation for course and board exams.

  • af Alan J. Detton
    461,95 kr.

    A go-to dissection resource for generations, Grant’s Dissector, 18th Edition, provides comprehensive, step-by-step guidance for the dissection of the human cadaver, empowering users to recognize important anatomic relationships and ensure successful outcomes in the anatomy lab. This updated 18th Edition is easy to use and exhaustive in scope, offering the perfect balance of foundational coverage and the latest approaches to broaden your understanding of key dissection procedures and ready you for success in healthcare practice.   Each chapter is consistently organized beginning with a Dissection Overview that provides a blueprint of what needs to be accomplished during the dissection session and includes relevant surface anatomy. Dissection Instructions offer a logical sequence and numbered steps for the dissection. The Dissection Follow-up emphasizes important features of the dissection and encourages you to reflect on and synthesize the information for the most accurate and effective outcomes.

  • af Anne M. R. Agur & Arthur F. Dalley
    627,95 - 665,95 kr.

    For more than seventy years, Grant's Atlas of Anatomy has continually adapted to meet the needs of each generation of students, while maintaining the Grant's tradition of excellence. The meticulously updated Fourteenth Edition is a visually stunning reference that delivers the accuracy, pedagogy, and clinical relevance you've come to expect from this classic text, with new features that make it even more practical and user-friendly.

  • af Patricia Slachta Albano
    262,95 kr.

    Rich with real-life, full-color images, Wound Care Made Incredibly Easy, 4th Edition, presents a lighthearted approach to complex concepts and takes the stress out of mastering the skills and treatments essential to positive wound care outcomes.

  • af Renee R. Taylor
    783,95 kr.

  • af Lee E. Rubin
    1.638,95 kr.

    In recent years, the direct anterior approach (DAA) has become a fundamental component of hip reconstruction in modern orthopaedic surgical practice. The Direct Anterior Approach to Hip Reconstruction, Second Edition is a comprehensive and highly practical guide that addresses patient anatomy, surgical techniques, and emphasizes risk avoidance when using the DAA. Continuing the pioneering work of Dr. Kristaps J. Keggi, this entirely new and expanded edition, offers the world’s most definitive single reference for surgeons aiming to improve patient care and enhance outcomes by expanding their technical capabilities for hip reconstructive surgery with the DAA.

  • af Carol J. Huston
    614,95 kr.

    Combining an equal focus on leadership and management with a proven experiential approach, Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing: Theory and Application, 11th Edition, delivers the knowledge, understanding, and realistic leadership experience today’s students need to confidently transition to nursing practice. This best-selling text clarifies theoretical content with a wealth of application-based learning exercises that put students into nursing leadership roles and challenge them to think critically, solve problems, and make sound clinical decisions before embarking on their nursing careers. The updated 11th Edition reflects the latest evidence-based content and incorporates engaging online resources that help students establish a foundation for successful nursing practice in any role or clinical setting.

  • af Arthur F. Dalley II
    755,95 kr.

    Renowned for its comprehensive coverage and engaging, storytelling approach, the bestselling Moore's Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 9th Edition, guides students from initial anatomy and foundational science courses through clinical training and practice. A popular resource for a variety of programs, this proven text serves as a complete reference, emphasizing anatomy that is important in physical diagnosis for primary care, interpretation of diagnostic imaging, and understanding the anatomical basis of emergency medicine and general surgery. The 9th Edition reflects the latest changes in the clinical application of anatomy as well as preparation for the USMLE while maintaining the highest standards for scientific and clinical accuracy.

  • af Lynn S. Bickley
    553,95 kr.

    Widely used by both students and practitioners, Bates' Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking provides authoritative, step-by-step guidance on performing the patient interview and physical examination, applying clinical reasoning, shared decision-making, and other core assessment skills-all based on a firm understanding of clinical evidence. This highly regarded text includes fully illustrated, step-by-step techniques that outline the correct performance of the physical examination and an easy-to-follow two-column format featuring examination techniques on the left and abnormalities (clearly indicated in red) with differential diagnosis on the right. Bates' also includes a unit on special populations, covering special stages in the life cycle-infancy through adolescence, pregnancy, and aging.

  • af Scott P Bruder
    2.372,95 kr.

    Developed in partnership with the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and edited by internationally renowned experts Drs. Scott P. Bruder and Roy K. Aaron, Orthobiologics: Scientific and Clinical Solutions for OrthopaedicSurgeons provides authoritative, comprehensive coverage of this fast-growing field. This one-stop reference is an ideal resource, covering technology and basic science through specific clinical applications.

  • af Russell Vang, Anna Yemelyanova & Jeffrey D. Seidman
    1.963,95 kr.

  • af Anne M. R. Agur & Arthur F. Dalley II
    532,95 kr.

  • af Alan J. Detton
    501,95 kr.

    Grant's Dissector, Sixteenth Edition, now revised to meet the needs of today's gross anatomy dissection courses, remains the go-to guide for dissection in the anatomy lab. This classic manual provides step-by-step dissection procedures with the instruction and anatomical detail you need to recognize important relationships revealed through dissection. Each chapter is consistently organized beginning with a "e;Dissection Overview,"e; followed by detailed "e;Dissection Instructions,"e; and concluding with a "e;Dissection Follow-up."e;

  • - Effect on Occupational Performance
    af Ben Atchison & Diane Dirette
    595,95 - 1.377,95 kr.

    Lippincott(R) Connect Featured TitleThe only text covering the pathophysiology of common diseases specifically relative to Occupational Therapy practice, Conditions in Occupational Therapy: Effect on Occupational Performance, 6th Edition, combines the most up-to-date insights and an engaging approach to ready students for success from the classroom to clinical settings.This updated 6th Edition is fully aligned with the most current DSM-5 and Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, 4th Edition, and adds new chapters reflecting recent advances in the management of infectious diseases, general deconditioning, musculoskeletal pain, amputations, and sickle cell anemia. Each chapter follows a consistent format, presenting an opening case followed by descriptions and definitions, etiology, incidence and prevalence, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, course and prognosis, medical/surgical management, impact on occupational performance, and two case illustrations.Rounded out with robust instructor resources and new full-color imagery, this bestselling resource is an essential tool for today's occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant students.

  • af Dr. Jeffrey Potteiger
    879,95 kr.

  • af Edward A Bittner
    691,95 kr.

    With concise, full-color coverage of this rapidly enlarging field, Critical Care Handbook of the Massachusetts General Hospital, Seventh Edition, is your go-to guide for practical, complete, and current information on medical and surgical critical care. Edited by Drs. Edward A. Bittner, Lorenzo Berra, Peter J. Fagenholz, Jean Kwo, Jarone Lee, and Abraham Sonny, this user-friendly handbook is designed for rapid reference, providing reliable, hospital-tested protocols that reflect today's most advanced critical care practices. An at-a-glance outline format and portable size make it an essential manual for medical students, residents with rotations in ICUs, and physicians and nurses who work in critical care.

  • af Elizabeth Edwards
    1.315,95 kr.

  • af Dr. Nancy L. Halliday & Dr. Harold M. Chung
    491,95 kr.

  • af Marilyn Oermann
    598,95 kr.

    As the need for high-quality nursing programs, new programs, and new delivery methods continues to grow, systematic and ongoing program evaluation is increasingly critical to the success of nursing schools at all levels of education. A Systematic Approach to Evaluation of Nursing Programs, Second Edition, equips nurse educators, administrators, and others involved in program evaluation with truly transformative strategies for conducting ongoing formative and summative evaluation of nursing programs.   This approachable resource combines in one concise volume detailed coverage of the concepts nurse educators must understand to engage in program evaluation and accreditation as well as examples and practical strategies for successfully applying those concepts. Updated with the latest perspectives from respected authorities across the field of nursing education and new chapters, this second edition provides the current, comprehensive support needed to confidently engage in program evaluation and build stronger nursing education programs.

  • af Diane Kawamura
    585,95 kr.

    Designed to accompany the 5th Edition of the companion text, Workbook for Diagnostic Medical Sonography: A Guide to Clinical Practice, Abdomen and Superficial Structures,5th Edition, by Diane M. Kawamura and Tanya D. Nolan, offers a full complement of self-study aids for active learning that enable you to assess and build your knowledge as you advance through the text. Most importantly, it helps you get the most out of your study time, with a variety of custom-designed exercises to help you master each objective.

  • af Susan Stephenson
    534,95 kr.

    Designed to accompany the 5th Edition of Susan Raatz Stephenson and Julia Dmitrieva's text, Workbook for Diagnostic Medical Sonography: A Guide to Clinical Practice, Obstetrics and Gynecology, 5th Edition, by Barbara Hall-Terracciano and Susan R. Stephenson, offers a full complement of self-study aids for active learning that enable you to assess and build your knowledge as you advance through the text. Most importantly, it helps you get the most out of your study time, with a variety of custom-designed exercises to help you master each objective.

  • af Ann Marie Kupinski
    561,95 kr.

    Designed to accompany the 3rd Edition of Anne Marie Kupinski's text, Workbook for Diagnostic Medical Sonography: A Guide to the Vascular System, 3rd Edition, by Rachel Kendoll, offers a full complement of self-study aids for active learning that enable you to assess and build your knowledge as you advance through the text. Most importantly, it helps you get the most out of your study time, with a variety of custom-designed exercises to help you master each objective.

  • af Thoru Yamada
    1.315,95 kr.

    Focusing on the technical aspects of clinical neurophysiologic testing, Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing: EP, LTM/ccEEG, IOM, PSG, and NCS/EMG 2nd Edition, offers comprehensive guidance on neurophysiologic testing that picks up where the companion Practical Guide for Clinical Neurophysiologic Testing: EEG ends. Dr. Thoru Yamada and Elizabeth Meng provide advanced content on evoked potentials, intraoperative monitoring, long-term EEG monitoring, epilepsy monitoring, sleep studies, and nerve conduction studies. All chapters have been updated to incorporate recent advancements and new studies and articles.

  • af Jerome Engel
    1.880,95 kr.

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