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  • af Lara Goitein
    287,95 kr.

    This book is for ICU patients' families, suddenly immersed in an alien and intimidating world. It clearly explains intensive care ranging from the details of the equipment and environment, to decisions about end-of-life care, focusing on how the reader can become an effective advocate for their loved one.

  • - A Practical Guide to Maintenance and Prevention
    af William E. Mansbach, Jodi L. Lyons & Steven P. Simmons MD
    171,95 - 304,95 kr.

    Have you ever spent 10 minutes looking for your reading glasses, and they were on the top of your head? Or, have you walked into a room and forgotten why you went there? Most people, even younger ones, have had these experiences but when should such instances be something of concern? What are the normal signs of aging? Is there anything you can do to maintain your brain health as you age?Brain Health as You Age provides useful, achievable actions you can take to reduce your risk of brain function decline, accurate information about identifying problems, and real solutions. The authors offer useful anecdotes and scientifically validated information -- important tools in separating myth from reality. The authors separate fact from fiction to ensure that recommendations are evidence-based, practical, useful, achievable, and measurable.Written by a world-renowned cognitive specialist, an extraordinary house call physician, and an award-winning author on eldercare issues, this book addresses both normal and abnormal decline and best practices for addressing both. Brain health, cognitive impairment, and mood disorders are serious issues. This book is an accessible starting point for understanding healthy brain aging and when to seek help. It's never too soon to start preventing cognitive decline, or understanding it once it's begun, and this book offers the perfect entry point for readers young and old.

  • af Mike Veseth
    177,95 kr.

  • af Matthew Restall & Amara Solari
    247,95 - 639,95 kr.

    Driven by a clear and compelling argument, this engaging book traces apocalyptic thinking in two civilizations-Western and Maya. Looking both back and forward, Matthew Restall and Amara Solari build on their previous study, 2012 and the End of the World, to explore the persistence of our civilization's end-of-times anxiety and anticipation.

  • af Diane P. Tuccillo
    746,95 kr.

  • af Samuel Aymer
    343,95 - 746,95 kr.

  • af Jeffrey L. Buller
    277,95 - 668,95 kr.

    This book addresses why higher education currently has a faculty retention problem and then explores the strategies needed to address that problem.

  • af Brian Patrick Green
    333,95 - 856,95 kr.

    An introduction to the basic issues of space ethics: the technology, the impact on society, and the frontiers of thinking about space exploration from theory to practice.

  • - Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in the United States
    af Eduardo Bonilla-Silva
    283,95 - 701,95 kr.

    The first edition of this best-selling book showed that alongside the subtle forms of discrimination typical of the post-Civil Rights era, new powerful ideology of 'color-blind racism' has emerged. Bonilla-Silva documented how beneath the rhetorical maze of contemporary racial discourse lies a full-blown arsenal of arguments, phrases, and stories that whites use to account for and ultimately justify racial inequities. In the new edition Bonilla-Silva has added a chapter dealing with the future of racial stratification in America that goes beyond the white / black dichotomy. He argues that the U.S. is developing a more complex and apparently 'plural' racial order that will mimic Latin American patterns of racial stratification. Another new chapter addresses a variety of questions from readers of the first edition. And he has updated the book throughout with new information, data, and references where appropriate. The book ends with a new Postscript, 'What is to be Done (For Real?)'. As in the highly acclaimed first edition, Bonilla-Silva continues to challenge color-blind thinking.

  • - The Best There Ever Was
    af Tony Castro
    131,95 - 168,95 kr.

    I really do believe I would be way up at the top of everything if I hadn't been injured. When I was healthy, I really believe I was the best of anyone I ever saw play.Mickey Mantle, reflecting on his careerMickey Mantle is one of baseball's all-time greats. Playing for the New York Yankees for his entire professional career, Mantle was named to the All-Star team for 11 consecutive seasons, won three MVP awards, and was a seven-time World Series champion. He quickly became an icon who achieved hero status even while playing through injuries for most of his career.In Mantle: The Best There Ever Was, Tony Castro makes the impassioned argument that Mickey Mantle truly was the greatest ballplayer of all time. Acclaimed by the New York Times as the definitive biographer of baseball's fabled number 7, Castro shares many of his personal conversations with Mantle, demystifying the legend and revealing intimate, never-before-published details from Mantle's personal life. In addition, Castro offers illuminating new insights into Mantle's extraordinary career, including the head-turning conclusion based on the evolution of analytics that the beloved Yankee switch-hitting slugger may ultimately win acclaim as having fulfilled the weighty expectation once placed on him: being even greater than Babe Ruth. Drawing from hundreds of interviews with ex-teammates, friends, and family, Castro masterfully blends Mantle's public and private selves to present a fully rounded portrait of this complex, misunderstood national hero.

  • af John "Jack" Hampton
    336,95 - 707,95 kr.

  • af Marck Abraham
    336,95 - 707,95 kr.

    What Success Looks Like is a one-of-a-kind book providing secondary principals and aspiring principals with practical strategies to increase the graduation rates for Black and Brown males.

  • af Chris Edwards
    333,95 - 701,95 kr.

    Feminism is world history's most significant historical force and should be presented in classrooms as the central narrative in world history from the Protestant Reformation to the present. Democratic ideals created both the American congress and the feminist movement, but which is more important?

  • af William Teale, Junko Yokota & Miriam G. Martinez
    306,95 - 668,95 kr.

    This book provides research-based information about the many ways in which teachers can use read alouds to foster children's literacy development;

  • - Issues and Cases
    af Lee Wilkins, Philip Patterson & Chad Painter
    668,95 - 785,95 kr.

    Media Ethics, Ninth Edition is a diverse, classroom tested compilation of 60 diverse cases that will help students prepare for the ethical situations they will confront in their media careers. Ninety percent of the cases are based on actual events, and authors from many institutions and media outlets contributed both real-life and hypothetical cases. There is a strong focus on ethical theory and practice throughout the book, which works well as both a main text in a media ethics course, and in an across the curriculum approach in other media courses.Every chapter has been revised to include the most significant research and thinking about the individual topics in the field, including more attention to emerging ethical theory in the areas of privacy, truth telling, and the political role of the news media.Key updates to the Ninth Edition:A new chapter devoted to the theory and practice of social justice25 new cases covering current topics as diverse as ';weedvertising,' ';Doxxing,' drones, and sexual harassment in the newsroom The implications of digital content throughout multiple media industries and platformsFake newsTechnological invasions of privacyThe blending of entertainment, infotainment, and news

  • - A Philosophical Guide
    af Frank Chouraqui
    333,95 - 924,95 kr.

  • - Leading Peer Tutoring Programs in Higher Education
    af Michelle Steiner & Daniel R. Sanford
    343,95 - 856,95 kr.

    The only comprehensive, practical resource for successfully establishing and administering a campus learning center.

  • - Fundamentals of Professional Practice
    af William Saffady
    440,95 - 886,95 kr.

    This is the "go to" book for newly appointed records managers, as well as experienced records and information management (RIM) professionals who want a review of specific topics. The approach here is practical rather than theoretical and emphasizes best practices and published standards.

  • af Kelly Nicole Czarnecki & Marie L. Harris
    294,95 - 599,95 kr.

    Connecting Teens with Technology at the Library presents a balanced view of the often complex relationship between teenagers and their technology. The authors share more than a dozen full lesson plans for technology-based programs, scalable for any library budget, that will help the reader to engage with their teenaged patrons.

  • - Tactics that Work for Principals
    af Richard D. Sorenson
    294,95 - 595,95 kr.

    This is purposefully written to aid the campus leader in answering the school leadership call when confronting teacher resistance as related to essential, if not critical change.

  • - A Planning Guide and Grade Book
    af Andrea L. Ray
    401,95 - 779,95 kr.

    This planning guide provides an element that is often missing from traditional planning guides; links to future learning. This guide allows readers to go confidently where few teachers have gone before.

  • - Beyond Fundraising
    af Ronald J. Schiller
    294,95 - 595,95 kr.

    This is a guide not only to those preparing for or serving in the role of CDO but also to those charged with selecting, appointing, and supporting CDOs.

  • - Experiencing and Resisting Racism in Stores, Restaurants, and Beyond
    af Michelle Dunlap
    275,95 - 304,95 kr.

  • - How Taiwan Propelled China's Economic Rise
    af Shelley Rigger
    260,95 - 624,95 kr.

  • - How School Funding Is Misdirected, Disconnected, and Ideologically Aligned
    af John Ellis, Jeff Swensson & Lynn Lehman
    296,95 - 599,95 kr.

    The purpose of this book is to put in focus the contemporary disparities, and future possibilities, of funding for US public education.

  • - China Views the World
    af Yong Deng
    362,95 kr.

  • - U.S.-Latin American Relations since 1889
    af Michael J. LaRosa, Mark T. Gilderhus & David C. LaFevor
    365,95 kr.

    This completely revised and updated text focuses on U.S. relations with Latin America from the advent of the New Diplomacy late in the nineteenth century to the present. Providing a balanced perspective, it presents both the U.S. view that the Western Hemisphere needed to unite under a common democratic, capitalistic society and Latin American countries' response to U.S. attempts to impose these goals on its southern neighbors. The authors examine the reciprocal interactions between the two regions, each with distinctive purposes, outlooks, interests, and cultures. They also place U.S.Latin American relations within the larger global political and economic context.

  • - A Source Reader
    af Jurgen Matthaus & Emil Kerenji
    228,95 - 648,95 kr.

  • - Educators Share Successful Techniques
    af Anna Johnson, Kimberly A. Huber, Melissa Bingmann, mfl.
    443,95 - 444,95 kr.

  • - 101 Essential Tools and Resources
    af John W. Jacobsen
    785,95 kr.

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