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  • af Kathy Fawcett
    25,95 kr.

  • af Kobo Husky
    103,95 kr.

    Welcome to "Fun Dog Stories: Tales from Dogs," a collection of heartwarming and entertaining tales narrated by our four-legged friends themselves. This book is a tribute to the joy, companionship, and occasional mischief that dogs bring into our lives. Each story in this collection is told from the perspective of a different dog, giving readers a glimpse into the adventurous, humorous, and sometimes surprisingly insightful world as seen through their eyes. Dogs have always held a special place in the human heart. They're not just pets; they're family members, loyal companions, and sources of unconditional love. They have a unique way of looking at the world, and this book aims to capture that essence through various tales that span from the thrill of backyard adventures to the mysteries of the night and the excitement of new experiences. In this book, you will meet a diverse cast of canine characters. There's Charlie, the playful Golden Retriever who embarks on a backyard journey filled with wonder and surprises. The brave German Shepherd, Luna, takes us on a thrilling nighttime adventure. Sandy, the energetic Border Collie, shares a day of fun at the beach, and Max, the curious Pug, explores the bustling cityscape with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Each story is not just a narrative; it's an experience, a slice of life from a dog's perspective. These tales are filled with humor, adventure, and, sometimes, the simple joys of everyday life. From the excitement of a snowy day as seen by Bella, the fluffy Samoyed, to the lazy, laid-back musings of Ziggy, the Bulldog, these stories celebrate dogs' diverse personalities and experiences. But these stories are more than just entertainment. They remind us of the lessons we can learn from our canine friends: the importance of courage, friendship, loyalty, and the ability to find joy in the smallest things. Dogs live in the moment, and through their stories, we are invited to take a break from our busy lives and appreciate the world from their refreshing viewpoint. As you turn the pages, we invite you to immerse yourself in these tales, laugh at the playful anecdotes, and maybe even shed a tear at the touching moments. Whether you're a dog owner or simply a dog lover, these stories are a testament to the special bond between humans and their canine companions. So, get comfortable, maybe with a furry friend by your side, and prepare to embark on a journey through the eyes of some delightful dogs. Each story is a paw-print on the heart, and we hope you enjoy reading these tales as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you.

  • af Temple
    136,95 kr.

    My name is Gillian and I have three problems:A fallen tree through the roof of my family's remote island cottage.A sister trying to sell said cottage out from under me.A dead body in the living room. Sadly, it's not my sister's.Actually, make that four problems: my ex, Amanda, just showed up uninvited. Apparently, she's a spy, undercover to investigate the luxury wine auction hosted by my conniving sister.We've got no connection to the mainland and a murderer on the island, so tonight Amanda and I have three missions:Find the killerStay aliveEscape by sunriseActually, make that four missions: Do not fall in love, because apparently Amanda and I are far from over.

  • af Emma Hamm
    319,95 kr.

    When a demon gets a taste for his own subjects, only one woman will offer herself to stop him.Gluttony has existed in the shadows for centuries. He's consumed everything possible. Food, wine, magical substances, even the sweet kisses of maidens. But when he realizes the one thing he's never consumed is a human itself, his kingdom spins into chaos.Katherine lives in the shadows of her village. Injured as a child, she isn't a suitable match for marriage. So instead, she dedicates herself to having some purpose in the town. Stitching people up after Gluttony has his way with them makes her realize that she could be more of a solution than a problem.So she makes the trek up to his castle and offers him a deal he cannot refuse. Her blood, unlimited, if he will leave the rest of her town alone.Though he's never even considered such a deal, Gluttony finds himself obsessed with this new human pet. He cannot get her honey scent out of his nose, or the kindness of her touch out of his mind. And swiftly he realizes that she soothes an ache in his chest he had forgotten existed.This little human has reminded him how lonely he is. And now he'll do anything to keep her.

  • af Emma Hamm
    314,95 kr.

    Can a dragon and an elf really save an entire kingdom?Lore has spent years dedicated to one purpose. Save the kingdom. Give her people the freedom they deserve, and show the humans that they were in the wrong. But when she finally returns with her dragon at her side, she realizes that some things are not so black and white.The kingdom they return to is not the one they have seen before. The elves have taken over, the throne is now theirs, and the humans they left behind are nowhere to be found. Umbra is a husk of what it once as, with the same mistakes repeating by the hands of a different species.Abraxas keeps his eyes on his elf and nothing else. She's turned into something new, and Umbra changes her even more. A goddess reborn, with many names and many titles, and he fears she could fall to the power that is so tempting. But he will be there. By her side. No matter what happens.Because this dragon and elf were the stuff of legends. And legends never die.

  • af Pam Godwin
    376,95 kr.

    Abducted and taken to a remote cabin in Alaska, Frankie finds herself at the mercy of four feral men, each with his own dark secrets and twisted desires.

  • af Demola Allen
    180,95 kr.

    Adino has a huge, vivid imagination and often uses it to envision himself working in all the businesses and occupations he finds interesting. Everything from an airplane pilot to an optician to being a principal. Adino wants to do it all. Hopefully his mother, father, and sister can keep up!

  • af Jane Kim Yu
    126,95 kr.

    Descubra el camino menos transitado en "Viaje al despertar y la conciencia superior", una guía que trasciende lo ordinario y le impulsa al corazón de la iluminación espiritual. Sumérjase en la experiencia única y extraordinaria de Jane Kim Yu, una Rumi moderna, cuyo viaje al profundo silencio desveló las verdades de la dicha, el cielo y el nirvana. Su estancia de seis meses en un estado de puro ser reconfiguró su comprensión de la existencia, llevándola de vuelta a la esencia misma del amor. "Viaje al despertar y a la conciencia superior" no es solo un libro; es un portal a una experiencia transformadora que entrelaza la paz y la pasión de nuestras almas y espíritus. Es una narración profundamente enraizada en nuestra experiencia universal, pero distinta en su revelación de lo que significa ser humanamente divino y divinamente humano.>Imagínese: Un viaje que ilumina la mente y enriquece el corazón y el alma.Vivir con profunda paz interior y propósito, trascendiendo el ego y el miedo.Experimente la profunda conexión entre el amor y la iluminación, transformando su vida y el mundo.Despertar a una vida de amor y espiritualidad sin límites, yendo más allá de lo ordinario hacia lo extraordinario.Comience hoy mismo su viaje transformador con "Viaje al despertar y a la conciencia superior". Adéntrese en la luz radiante de la conciencia superior, donde su corazón y su alma están listos para despertar. No espere a embarcarse en este viaje que le cambiará la vida: le espera su camino hacia el amor profundo y la iluminación espiritual.

  • af Marc Bekoff
    192,95 kr.

    A Loving Tribute from Jane Goodall's Family and Friends to a Most Amazing, Iconic, and Indefatigable Woman-and Much More In this wide-ranging collection of tributes and photographs from numerous time zones and continents, we celebrate Jane Goodall's 90th birthday with ninety wonderful "candles." Family, friends, current researchers, former students, other scientists, philosophers, animal and environmental activists, conservationists, JGI colleagues, CEOs, and actors share their love for this most amazing woman. New stories are included such as how her first scientific lecture in 1962 was received, how she brought a message of hope to the Democratic Republic of Congo amid impending shelling, her love for dogs, chimpanzees, pigs, rats, dolphins, spiders, lobsters, and many other animals, how translators were moved to tears as she spoke her heart, and her incredible sense of humor-Dr. Jane loves having fun-and unending globe-trotting quests for adventure, and Jane pretending to be a prairie dog. There are many surprises in these heartfelt reflections in addition to what just about everyone knows about this iconic and indefatigable woman who offers hope to everyone she meets no matter where they are. We can hear people saying, "I didn't know that!" All in all, these stories and photographs represent who we call the "real Jane". A few of the contributors include Anne Pusey, Anthony Collins, Sir Brian May, Craig Foster, Dave Matthews, Emmanuel Mtiti, Grub van Lawick and grandchildren Angel, Merlin, and Nick, Jae Choe, JGI colleagues, Josphat Ngonyo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Marc Benioff, Mary Lewis, Peter Singer, Rhett Butler, Richard Wrangham, Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix, Satish Kumar, and Shadrack Mkolle Kamenya.

  • af Bill McCurry
    181,95 kr.

    A reluctant, aging assassin. An angry dragon hitting puberty. A realm about to go up in flames...Bib the sorcerer fears his marriage is on the rocks. But while the cynical forty-something and his wife attempt to restore her magically erased memories, a powerful magician enspells him with a command to kill a king. And while he wracks his brain for a loophole to avoid committing regicide, a ravenous teenage dragon shows up demanding answers.Using the flame-throwing beast to prop up his waning physical prowess, Bib reluctantly slays the local ruler... and then hunts down the man who forced him into the deed. But traveling across the land with an acne-ridden sidekick has his past life flashing before his eyes in a worrying stream of questionably selfish decisions.

  • af Michael R Lane
    274,95 kr.

    Daniel "Dan" Bluford is the Director of Polar City Single Organism Research Lab Facilities. A business he helped to create. The world's leading architect of sustainable, ecologically conscious products for energy, manufacturing, water treatment, waste management, and environmental clean-up equipment. A company whose mission statement read in part, "Better environment through industry."Unable to stay awake on his drive home after work, the loving husband and father stopped for coffee at a familiar coffee shop. The place was empty, aside from a lone barista. A young woman with a sacred Maori chin tattoo and an infectious smile.Dan decides to stay and drink some of his pick-me-up before heading back on the road. He has a seat and sends a text message to his wife to inform her of his intentions. Toni responds that she understands, adorned with hearts and kisses emoji. Shortly afterward, Dan awakens in a strange hospital room on a distant planet, where he is informed that he is part of an exchange student program between his world and theirs.

  • af Ty'ron W C Robinson
    262,95 kr.

    After The World of Heroes Trilogy, with the heroes' revealed to humanity and beyond, yet the villains have surfaced. Elsewhere, other heroes have their own adventures to confront.

  • af Gordon F Brunner
    464,95 kr.

    Do you you recognize products like TIDE, PAMPERS, ALWAYS, BOUNTY, CHARMIN, CREST, PANTENE, SWIFFER, FEBREZE, PRINGLES, & OLAY. The stories of these highly innovative products of Procter & Gamble, the skilled inventors behind them, and the challenging development paths they faced provide truly engaging reading. SUPERIOR PRODUCTS is a unique, FIRST-EVER coverage of the technical innovation behind the world's greatest leadership consumer well as the systems, culture, and leadership principles that produced the products and sustained innovation . Everyone pays lip service to the importance of product superiority. But words won't cut it. Product superiority must be demanded. It must be rewarded. It must be celebrated. And organization structures and processes need to be conceived and implemented to achieve it. This has to be led by senior line and R&D leadership, but importantly starting with the CEO and Board of Directors. Brunner and James spent their entire careers encompassing 75 years in active research and top level management of Research & Development at P&G. They were colleagues from their career beginnings, and crossed paths throughout the decades ahead. Brunner was a legendary head of R&D under four CEO's, the first and only R&D employee on the Company's Board of Directors, and recounts their individual influence on product innovation. The essential role of the CEO on product innovation, and the importance of R&D having a "seat at the table" are vividly clear. The authors established the Company's first recognition society for researchers, as well as a widely acclaimed technologist career path. Both had major influence on acquiring, retaining and motivating top researchers to pursue careers focused on major product innovations. This book with its engaging stories of the innovation of products we all use, and the keys to achieving a sustained company innovative culture will have broad appeal.

  • af Anjeanette Alexander
    145,95 kr.

    In "Breaking Free from the Root of Rejection: A Deliverance Roadmap to Spiritual Freedom, " Dwann Holmes unveils the insidious nature of the spirit of rejection and its pervasive impact on prophets and prophetic voices. With over two decades of experience as a seasoned prophet and apostle, Holmes shares profound insights into how this destructive force attempts to thwart prophetic destinies, infiltrate sacred spaces, and sow discord within churches and organizations.This transformative guide goes beyond mere recognition, offering readers a practical roadmap to break free from the clutches of rejection. Holmes draws from personal experiences, candidly sharing the challenges faced and mistakes made during her own journey. With a compassionate and empowering approach, she reassures readers that they need not endure similar struggles."Breaking Free from the Root of Rejection" is a beacon of hope for those oppressed by the spirit of rejection, providing spiritual tools and wisdom to navigate processes, transitions, and elevations with resilience. As Holmes guides readers through the deliverance process, she empowers them to emerge victoriously, unlocking a path to spiritual freedom and a renewed sense of purpose.

  • af Jeannette Haley
    215,95 kr.

    Angelus Assignments is the combination of Interview in Hell and its sequel, Interview on Earth. In the first book you will be swept into an action-packed journey with Caree Collins, a young, free-lance writer, and Maschil, her angelic guide. This journey is an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experience that may challenge, enlarge and even surprise you. Caree's unusual adventure is an answer to her prayer to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that hell is real. There is a thread of love and romance throughout the book, as well as insight into the "mystery of iniquity" in these latter days, along with sound biblical principles. In the second book, Interview on Earth we once again follow Maschil who is posing as Luke Obed Solomon, a mysterious man who is assigned to meet and assist different individuals in different situations as well as confront certain religious leaders, pastors, and false workers. This book is full of contrasts as to what biblical Christianity should be and how modern mindsets, movements, and trends are changing the course Jesus and the apostles set for the Church. Although adventurous and fast-moving, this book contains insights, lessons and principles that will hopefully "fan the flame" and set hearts on fire for Jesus and His Word.

  • af Rachel Rabatin
    119,95 kr.

    Healing is never easy, but there's a powerful way to transform your experience, and light the pathway to peace. We all have a reservoir of peace within us, and no matter what hardship we've experienced, we can use our pain to help us find and embrace that peace. Loss is an intrinsic part of life, and nothing will take away the pain of that... but we can use it to help us grow and move forward into a place of peace and power. Rachel Marie Rabatin's unique take on grief and healing looks not just at how to manage that pain, but at how to turn it into a powerful force that supports growth and inner peace. Treasures waiting to be discovered inside include: Dealing with grief that results from our own choices.The importance of feeling and processing our most difficult emotions.The powerful role of tears in the healing process.Using radical acceptance as a tool for navigating pain and growth.The value of self-care for unlocking inner power.The power of positive self-talk and the art of rewriting negative internal dialogues.Becoming an 'emotional alchemist' to invite positive energy in and turn pain into power.Handling painful reminders of lost loved ones and the emotional blows that come with surprise triggers.The magic of developing armor to reduce the debilitating effect of grief triggers.Forging a secret weapon out of rituals and routines.Balancing moving forward with honoring lost loved ones and past relationships.Practical guidance and raw personal stories that illustrate the hope ahead.The pain of grief can be devastating, even years down the line... but we can find a place of peace and invite joy back into our lives. This book is your ticket to that transformative journey. Discover the joy that's hidden all the way down the rocky road of healing and access your reservoir of peace.

  • af Anthony Botti
    144,95 kr.

    Where It Will probes the struggle for acceptance, the tension and disconnection with his gay partner and friends at pivotal times and one's place in the family, coupled with the loss connected to the past.

  • af Jermaine A Lyles
    123,95 kr.

    Get ready for the most fierce jam session around with "Jay the Jazz Playing Jaguar"! Jay is the coolest cat in town who has brought out the jungle elite for an Independence Day celebration you'll never forget. This J letter-themed story is filled with excitement for all ages to enjoy. So let's get jiggy with "Jay the Jazz Playing Jaguar and His Jungle Friends"!

  • af Michael B Kofford
    392,95 kr.

    Filled with mild lunatics and coffee fueled adventurers since the Lewis and Clark expedition, Oregon has begun wrestling a flood of new comers while seeking a happy medium between the new and the old. Only a fraction of those who rose from distant pioneers that risked everything to travel the Oregon Trail, now must deal with street violence, homelessness, and out-of-state arrivals wanting their piece of Oregon's many environments. Challenges to traditional social mores and community livability have left locals struggling to maintain something of their "Oregon-ness."After a ten year absence from his home state, author Michael Kofford returned to the farming conditions endured by his relatives in La Grande, to settle in the cozy wine country of the Willamette Valley. Thus began a journey encountering family history, old stories, and little adventures that renewed his love of a complex state. Seeking places, people, and things that told a story, he searches (with his brother) for a family relic, the state's best cup of coffee, and the elusive aurora borealis in the Northern Cascades. Follow one man's loving tribute to the state where he was born, and returns to embrace everything he once took for granted.One moment representative of many experienced in the work..."I am reminded of why I walk cities. The odd personalities, the random encounters, the kids jumping bikes off poorly constructed plywood, the street person grumbling to himself about trains, the waitress filling saltshakers at 5 a.m. A different kind of texture from that found at the pond during my early morning meditations on the farm, but then, Oregon is alive with texture."

  • af Bryn Weaver
    173,95 kr.

    TO MY READERS: Remember, this is about my life and your life! Our journey! Our choices! Our decisions!Embark on a unique journey through the geographical seasons of life with thoughtful consideration, humor, gratitude, and joy. This book is a testament that challenging early years will not ruin your path, as my life has been a marvelous tapestry of learning and love.Choosing a different path and extending a caring hand to others is not only possible, compatible, and important, but also a source of profound joy. Discover how embracing the twists and turns of life can lead to unexpected joys. Welcome to a narrative that resonates with the beating hearts of those who dance to the rhythm of their own, unique drummers.

  • af Karen Hanson
    188,95 kr.

    My Satori is a beautiful written and heartfelt book that invites readers to a profound journey of self discovery and unity. A poetic and contemplative writing style, combined with powerful messages of love, justice, and peace, make it is a must read for those seeking inspiration and connection to the universe.

  • af J P Prag
    255,95 kr.

    As humanity begins to tame the stars above, at what point do a group of colonists turn into a unique, indigenous people who will band together to protect their homeland... no matter what?Lilit Sarkisian was an average young woman who made a living welcoming new immigrants to the floating city of Aestas, soaring high above the clouds on Venus. Then, one day, she met her new clients Ahmad Al Zaheri and Durojaiye Yakubu. From that moment onward, her life irreparably changed and forever altered the course of the place she had always known as home. Somehow, these two became her best friends in the whole universe, and her most loyal coconspirators.Aestas appeared to be a successful colony, much more so than places like Mars where terraforming had ultimately failed. Yet the powers-that-be, both on Venus and Earth, refused to do anything to alleviate the pressures caused by its exploding population. To fully resolve these issues, Lilit found herself evolving from an unknown civil servant to the leader of a revolution to a dangerous interplanetary symbol. Her story did not end there, though, nor did the machinations of those who had other plans for her birthplace.With the help of her most trustworthy companions Ahmad and Durojaiye, was Lilit able to save the irreplaceable Venusian society from forces far more powerful than her?

  • af Juan Valencia
    150,95 kr.

    People are holes waiting to be filled.People are sharp, nervous blades dancing across skin and bone.People are hungry, desperate, empty maws waiting to be fed.Juan Valencia's Poking Holes is a collection of nine tales seeking to explore that emptiness, that volatile monstrosity and dangerous hunger that prevails through our encounters and self-destructions. Across bodies, across borders, across species, holes, gashes, and mouths open, letting fear and anger flow free.

  • af Janet Roberts
    163,95 - 273,95 kr.

  • af Sophie Thurn
    80,95 kr.

    In the heart of the Hamptons, amidst the luxurious houses and lifestyles of the ultra-rich two souls collide in a passionate and redemptive romance.Dr. Alexander Knight, a billionaire doctor to the stars exuding dominant charisma, has always commanded control over his life-until he encounters Emma Lowe. Emma, a brilliant and resilient single mother and flight nurse is determined to break free from a toxic past and forge a brighter future for her daughter, Lily.Their worlds collide in a swirling hurricane, creating a connection that neither can resist. As Emma worries about the storm, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to the magnetic Dr. Knight. Boundaries blur, professionalism wavers, and love blossoms amidst the pounding rain and punishing winds that could tear them apart.Yet, with Emma's haunting past and Alexander's commitment to non-commitment, can their burgeoning romance withstand the complexities of their lives? Will love conquer all, or will their worlds collide, leaving them shattered once more?In "Healing Hearts: A Stormy Love Story," passion, resilience, and the irresistible force of love converge in a tale of second chances. Join Emma and Dr. Knight as they navigate a path of healing, trust, and the promise of a happily ever after.

  • af Vermilion H Baine
    207,95 - 328,95 kr.

    A mysterious inn, hidden away on the western coast of Washington, has asked for help.Avalon, sent to restore the failing reputation of the Refuge on the Moor, carries a secret that could lead to her own destruction. A secret she's kept since birth, and one that the grumpy, short-tempered innkeeper becomes the first to discover.Elden is the unwilling manager of a once great, and magical, hotel-that is failing under his inexperienced hand. When he reluctantly requests the help of a hotel management company, he's introduced to Avalon-someone that has more in common with him than either of them knows.They fight their past and one another, but the pair must learn to work together-not only to save the inn, but to save everyone they love.The Fey Hotel is a slow-burn, forced proximity, portal fantasy romance. Perfect for Gilmore Girls fans and lovers of fairy tales and mythology.This is the first book in a series of standalone fantasy romances, Enchanted with the Enemy. Each book features new characters, but their stories exist in the same world and around the same time.Please see the author's website for a full list of content

  • af Michael R Lane
    217,95 kr.

    From "Case 121" and "Silver Anniversary" to "Coma," "The Last Serious Man," and "Fogbound," Long Journey Home takes the reader on distinctive, eclectic, winding journeys through the astonishing complexities of devotion, relationships, longing, lust, and love with a dash of detective mysteries tossed in for additional spice.

  • af W Dale Jordan
    172,95 kr.

    Since the first death, humans have tried to understand it. We have sought answers to what is next. Are our loved ones gone forever? Or do they stand just on the other side of some flimsy, yet seemingly impenetrable membrane, waiting for the bravest of us to reach out?No one may ever truly know until they make the journey themselves, but that hasn't stopped us from telling each other stories, late at night, about the spirits and ghosts and demons who just might share our world, and of those who have been fortunate--or unfortunate--enough to make contact with them.MAKE YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN is an anthology for those who have ever pondered those questions, for those who seek to understand, and for those who enjoy those chilling stories of fiends and friends who speak to us from the other side.

  • af Paul Dunion Edd
    197,95 kr.

    In Dr. Paul Dunion's Family: In Search of Genuine Belonging, readers are taken on a journey to explore the many different ways that love can be derailed within a family dynamic. From the surface-level facade of the Looking Good Family to the emotionally Enmeshed and Estranged Families, Dunion provides insightful guidance on how to identify and break free from toxic patterns that may be holding us back.Through examining childhood roles and family expectations, readers are encouraged to step out of limiting beliefs and find their own path towards a healthy, whole love story. Dunion explores the concept of Enmeshment, where the family unit becomes the primary focus at the expense of individual interests, and the Estranged Family, where independence is valued above all else.But the real power of Family lies in its ability to guide readers towards a more complete understanding of love, one that cherishes both the self and others. With practical advice on how to navigate emotional intimacy and address relational breakdowns, Dunion's work is a profound invitation to find acceptance for where we come from while charting our own path towards individuation.Whether you come from a family that embraces or rejects individuality, Family: In Search of Genuine Belonging is an essential read for anyone looking to create a more authentic, fulfilling life. Dunion's insights and guidance offer a roadmap towards a whole love story that values both deep connections with others and a strong sense of self.

  • af Kira Metzger
    192,95 - 282,95 kr.

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