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  • af W. John Coletta
    1.394,95 kr.

  • af Jesper Hoffmeyer
    2.542,95 kr.

  • af Jonathan Hope & Yogi Hale Hendlin
    1.209,95 kr.

  • af Morten Tønnessen & Alexei Sharov
    963,95 - 1.099,95 kr.

  • af Pauline Delahaye
    1.474,95 kr.

  • af Ji¿í Klouda
    722,95 kr.

  • - A Biosemiotic Perspective
    1.209,95 kr.

    This edited volume provides a biosemiotic analysis of the ecological relationship between food and medicine. Human abilities to distill and extract the living world into highly refined foods and medicines, however, have created substances far more potent than their counterparts in our historical evolution.

  • af Timo Maran
    1.133,95 kr.

    The author further discusses interpretations of mimicry in contemporary semiotics, analyses mimicry as communicative interaction, relates mimicry to iconic signs and focuses on abstract resemblances in mimicry.

  • - Howard Pattee's classic papers on the physics of symbols with contemporary commentary
    af Howard Hunt Pattee & Joanna Raczaszek-Leonardi
    2.597,95 - 2.717,95 kr.

    The early, now classic, papers of Howard Pattee are often difficult to find. This book makes these papers readily available and features a contemporary introduction which links them to current discourse in biosemiotics and the cognitive sciences.

  • - People, Paths, Ideas
    af Dario Martinelli
    1.554,95 kr.

    This book is the first attempt to systematise the study of animal communication and signification through its most important and/or problematic terms and concepts. It attempts to cover the entire range of key terms in the growing field of zoosemiotics.

  • - The Discovery of the Umwelt between Biosemiotics and Theoretical Biology
    af Carlo Brentari
    1.125,95 - 1.394,95 kr.

    The book is a comprehensive introduction to the work of the Estonian-German biologist Jakob von Uexkull. After a first introductory chapter by Morten Tonnessen and a second chapter on Uexkull's life and philosophical background, it contains four chapters devoted to the analysis of his main works.

  • - Anthology and Commentary
    af Donald Favareau
    2.201,95 kr.

    1.258,95 kr.

    The first international volume on the topic of biosemiotics and linguistics. It aims to establish a new relationship between linguistics and biology as based on shared semiotic foundation.

  • - Zoosemiotics 2.0
    878,95 kr.

    1.477,95 kr.

    What philosophers of mindand cognitive scientists can contribute to the growing interdiscipline are insights into how thebiosemiotic weltanschauung applies to complex organisms like humans where such signs andsign processes constitute human society and culture.

  • - A Guess at the Riddle of Life
    1.221,95 kr.

    This volume discusses the importance of Peirces philosophy and theory of signs to the development of Biosemiotics, the science that studies the deep interrelation between meaning and life.

  • - The Rules of Macroevolution
    1.665,95 kr.

    Building on a range of disciplines - from biology and anthropology to philosophy and linguistics - this book draws on the expertise of leading names in the study of organic, mental and cultural codes brought together by the emerging discipline of biosemiotics.

  • - Darwin's Origin and Western Thought
    af Anton Markos, Filip Grygar, Laszlo Hajnal, mfl.
    1.776,95 kr.

    Darwin's theory of natural selection still ignites debate between evolutionists and creationists, but this seminal work in the field of Biosemiotics offers a new angle, one that focuses on the life of living beings, treating them as co-creators of their world.

    1.554,95 kr.

    Based on the Symbolic Species Conferences I, II, which took place in 2006, 2007, this volume offers contributions from a wide variety of scholars. Topics include emergence in evolution, the origin of language, the semiotic 'missing link', Peirce's semiotics in evolution and biology, and more.

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