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  • - The Power of Audio Branding
    af David Allan
    266,95 - 295,95 kr.

    Examines the best of the best of sonic logos from the people who gave them notes. Whether you consider them to be music to your ears or earworms, these are the ten most noteworthy sonic logos of all time and one future hall of famer.

  • - The Ultimate Self-Empowerment Guide to High Impact Negotiations
    af Kasia Jagodzinska
    162,95 kr.

    Negotiation Booster is the ultimate guide to winning negotiations through self-empowerment.To successfully conclude a business conversation, negotiation skills and tactics are not enough. If you enter a negotiation with fear, self-doubt or lack of conviction, you will not win no matter how well tactically you have been trained. Negotiation Booster is a novel approach leveraging the task related aspects of a negotiation with the underlying factors, such as emotions, ego, and stress. Negotiation Booster is the ultimate guide to winning negotiations through self-empowerment. By bridging the strategic aspects with a self-management booster, the book will help you develop strategies for thriving in your negotiations.Negotiation Booster draws from interdisciplinary sources. It equips the reader with cutting-edge insights into the key negotiation concepts, fundamental negotiation strategies, communication skills, perception and impression management techniques, the determinants of desired outcomes, and the issues that negotiators face internally and externally in the negotiation process.

  • - Comparing and Understanding Standards for ISA and PCAOB
    af Asokan Anandarajan & Gary (Monclair State University USA) Kleinman
    123,95 - 268,95 kr.

  • af Chris Clarke
    252,95 - 331,95 kr.

    Written in an accessible style, the fully revised second edition of this bestseller aims to show how much science there is in ice cream.

  • af Aurelio Prifitera
    487,95 kr.

    The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children: Fourth Edition (WISC-IV) is one of the most often used measures to assess intelligence and cognitive functions in children, ages 6-16 years. The second edition of the WISC-IV Clinical Assessment and Intervention will include new information obtained from the clinical use of the WISC-IV in practice. Information on the basic use of the assessment tool is condensed from three chapters into one, with four new chapters discussing how to use and interpret WISC-IV with additional clinical populations. These new populations include pervasive Developmental Disorders including autism, Social and emotional disorders, psychiatric disorders, and medical disorders that may affect intelligence. An additional new chapter discusses intervention planning across patient populations. Each of the chapters (revised original chapters and new chapters) will additionally include case studies including diagnosis and intervention. Overall, the material in the book is 65% changed, new, and updated. These changes make the second edition better able to meet a clinician's needs in using and interpreting this test. Inclusion of case studies illustrating the clinical applications of the WISC-IV in assessment and program planning Intervention recommendations following from assessment to diagnosis Introductory chapter illustrating the relationships between the WISC-IV index scores and intervention planning New chapters on Learning Disabilities, emotionally disturbed children, systematic illness, and Autism Spectrum Disorders Specialized chapters on neuropsychological applications, executive functioning, and cultural issues Additional information to aid test interpretation including extended norms for gifted children and the Cognitive Proficiency Index All chapters revised to reflect data obtained from the test in clinical use

  • af Zibiao Li
    1.694,95 - 1.808,95 kr.

    Nanotechnology is a promising technique that can facilitate sustainability across a wide range of areas. By fabricating materials into nanometre-scale, nanotechnology has facilitated an efficient, economically, and environmentally acceptable solution for waste treatment and energy production. This book illustrates how green nanotechnology is being used to promote sustainability, including applications in environmental remediation and energy optimization. First, a comprehensive discussion of the latest advances to address the global challenges in water purification, CO2 management, plastics issue, food waste valorisation, toxic chemical pollutes, and energy efficiency will be provided. This is followed by the new opportunities that have been created in the production of alternative renewable energy under the premise of low natural resource consumption and minuscule toxicity production. Offering an important reference for the research community to understand more about green nanotechnology and its applications in sustainable development and circular economy.  The book will be of interest to graduate students and researchers in nanotechnology, materials science, sustainability, environmental science, and energy.

  • af Akiko Obata
    1.594,95 kr.

    Inorganic glasses are successfully used in the biomedical field, in particular degradable glasses have found applications in tissue engineering, bone regeneration and tooth remineralisation. Silicate glasses are the most commonly used ones but phosphate and borate glasses are attracting more and more interest owing to their special properties, differing from those of silicate bio-glasses. Phosphate and borate glasses thus open up potential routes for new therapeutic applications. This book focuses on these emerging materials. Bridging the phosphate and borate glasses communities, this book provides a fundamental treatment of atomic structure and physicochemical properties before highlighting their current and potential future applications. Phosphate and borate glasses not only feature a broader range of glass formation than silicate glasses. Their ability to completely dissolve in water with the solubility varying over orders of magnitude with compositional changes, makes them exciting materials for delivering therapeutic agents into the human body. Biomaterials scientists working in glasses, hard tissue engineering and regenerative medicine will find this a must-have book to own, alongside their more traditional silicate glass tomes.

  • af Dorothy Klimis-Zacas
    1.694,95 - 1.808,95 kr.

    The area of research on the health benefits of berries, their bioactive compounds and their related metabolites has exploded in the last 20 years resulting in new knowledge in the understanding of their metabolism, molecular mode of action as well as their clinical significance in promoting health and preventing chronic disease.Berries and Berry Bioactive Compounds in Promoting Health, reviews state-of-the-art research findings on this exponentially growing area. This comprehensive book brings together international experts in their corresponding fields with cutting-edge reviews. Exploring the effects and mechanisms of action of berry bioactive compounds and their metabolites on different body systems and chronic diseases, including their role on gut microbiota and eventual effect on health is the focus of this book. Unique topics covered, include the chemistry and analytical methods of detection of berry bioactive compounds, bioavailability, metabolism and factors that affect them including individual variability, their interaction with the gut microbiome, and their role and mechanism(s) of action on chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and obesity-induced inflammation, and cancer as well as neuroprotection and wound healing.It will be of benefit to scientists conducting research in the area of berries and their bioactive compounds on health and disease and for health care professionals, nutritionists, dietitians and clinical researchers, nutraceutical and natural food product developers (industry) and food regulators.

  • af Geoffrey D Tovey
    1.694,95 kr.

    Formulation is a key step in the drug design process, where the active drug is combined with other substances that maximise the therapeutic potential, safety, and stability of the final medicinal product. Regulatory and quality demands, in addition to advances in processing technologies, result in growing challenges as well as possibilities for the field.Following on from Pharmaceutical Formulation, which covered traditional dosage forms such as tablets and capsules, this volume expands upon those formulations to cover a more diverse range of less common dosage forms. Novel routes of administration are covered from inhalational, dermal and transdermal formulations to ocular, oral suspensions, vaccines and nanoparticle drug delivery. The methods through which these formulations are processed and manufactured is also covered, providing essential knowledge to ensure quality, efficiency, and acceptable costing. Specialised Pharmaceutical Formulation is an essential, up to date resource for students and researchers working in academia and in the pharmaceutical industry and will equip readers with the ability to effectively and reliably produce products which can be approved, manufactured and made available to administer to patients.

  • af Chandrabhan Verma
    1.494,95 kr.

    Corrosion causes permanent damage to metal surfaces and is a major global challenge, spanning numerous fields including industrial sectors, construction materials, and surface treatments for metallic cultural heritage preservation. Nanomaterials and nanocomposites can be used as effective alternative corrosion inhibitors in the place of traditional environmentally toxic substances. This book provides readers with an overview of the properties and applications of nanomaterials and nanocomposites as corrosion inhibitors. Chapters first cover the basics of nanomaterials and the features that make them useful candidates, before highlighting recent advances from across the field for industry-oriented challenges. With a focus on cutting-edge research, this book is a valuable resource for chemists, chemical engineers, material scientists and environmental chemists in both academia and industry who want to learn more about corrosion inhibitors and mechanisms.

  • af Helene Pellissier
    1.234,95 kr.

    In a classical kinetic resolution, two enantiomers of a racemate are transformed into chiral products at different rates with a maximum theoretical yield of 50%. However, the need to reduce costs and waste in synthesis have led to efforts to develop novel resolution procedures proceeding beyond this 50% limited yield. This has led to the evolution of classical kinetic resolution into dynamic kinetic resolution (DKR), allowing a quantitative yield of one of the enantiomers. DKR combines the resolution step of kinetic resolution with an in-situ racemization of the chirally-labile substrate. It is only in the last two decades that chiral green organocatalysts have been demonstrated to be capable of promoting DKRs considerably expanding the synthetic scope of the powerful concept of DKR.Collecting all the developments in the field of DKR, this book shows that a wide variety of organocatalysts allow excellent levels of stereocontrol and yields in many types of transformations. It is a great resource for academics and industrialists interested in green enantioselective catalytic reactions.

  • af Ashutosh Kumar Shukla
    1.594,95 - 1.703,95 kr.

    The use of spectroscopy in food analysis is growing and this informative volume presents the application of advanced spectroscopic techniques in the analysis of food quality. The spectroscopic techniques include visible and NIR spectroscopy, FTIR spectroscopy and Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). A wide range of food and beverage items are covered including tea, coffee and wine. The chapters will highlight the potential of spectroscopic techniques to enrich the food quality analysis experience when coupled with artificial intelligence and machine learning and provide a good opportunity to assess and critically lay out any future prospects.Different chapters have been written using a bottom-up approach that suits the needs of novice researchers and at the same time offers a smooth read for professionals. The book will also be of use to those developing spectroscopic facilities providing a useful cross comparison of the various techniques.

  • af Gregory S. Makowski
    1.708,95 kr.

    Advances in Clinical Chemistry, Volume 108, the latest installment in this internationally acclaimed series, contains chapters authored by world-renowned clinical laboratory scientists, physicians and research scientists. The serial discusses the latest and most up-to-date technologies related to the field of clinical chemistry, with this new release focusing on Nephrinuria and podocytopathies, Extracellular vesicles in respiratory disease, Diabetes and cognitive decline, Testosterone analysis in prostate cancer, Mono/polyclonal free light chains as challenging biomarkers for immunological abnormalities, and more. Provides the most up-to-date technologies in clinical chemistry and clinical laboratory science Authored by world renowned clinical laboratory scientists, physicians and research scientists Presents the international benchmark for novel analytical approaches in the clinical laboratory

  • af Marta Benenti
    949,95 kr.

  • af Elena Ficara
    1.219,95 kr.

  • af Sam Mitchell
    949,95 kr.

  • af Tullio Viola
    896,95 kr.

  • af Nils Jäger
    0,00 - 1.113,95 kr.

  • af Eva-Maria Remberger, Natascha Pomino & Marc-Olivier Hinzelin
    899,95 kr.

  • af Martin Riedelsheimer
    1.113,95 kr.

  • af Paul Ibbotson
    1.113,95 kr.

  • af Karin Boklund-Lagopoulou & Alexandros Ph. Lagopoulos
    0,00 - 1.113,95 kr.

  • af András Bárány & Laura Kalin
    899,95 kr.

  • af Ingrid Biese
    774,95 kr.

  • af Christopher Melchert
    972,95 kr.

  • af Johannes Hein
    1.219,95 kr.

  • af Karen P. Corrigan
    1.324,95 kr.

  • af Margit Gaffal & Jesús Padilla Gálvez
    927,95 kr.

  • af Chris Domanski
    162,95 - 234,95 kr.

    The Cost is for those in the cost engineering field and everyone who is in a manufacturing business: engineers, buyers, sales reps, accountants, operations folks, and business consultants.The Cost is a story of a cost engineering consultant named Doug Benson who does his best to help companies understand and improve cost. When Doug arrives at Electronica, the company is on a verge of bankruptcy and hardly even knows why. He must use all his cost engineering knowledge and leadership skills amidst some considerable corporate drama all the while fighting his own personal demons in order to give Electronica a chance. The type of situations that he finds himself in are happening all over the world every day and the results are often dramatic with people losing jobs, stakeholders losing millions of dollars, and communities losing hope.The Cost is not only for those in the cost engineering field. This book is for everyone in a manufacturing business. It is for engineers, buyers, sales reps, accountants, operations folks, and business consultants. This book is also for anyone that is leading a business and has the power to employ cost engineering to make their company successful.

  • af W. Eugene Seago
    162,95 - 268,95 kr.

    This book explains and illustrates each of the requirements for a nontaxable corporate division and the methods for mitigating the tax consequences when those requirements cannot be satisfied.For a variety of reasons, corporations can achieve business efficiencies by dividing into two or more entities. The tax consequences of the division could be that both the corporation and the shareholders must recognize taxable income, which often renders the division unfeasible.In order to neutralize the tax effects of business-motivated decisions to divide the corporation, the tax law provides the means for the division to be accomplished without immediate tax consequences for the corporation and its shareholders. The enabling provisions are necessarily complex so as to prevent their exploitation and bring together several other corporate tax concepts dealing with dividends and reorganizations. Moreover, the rules have often changed.This book explains and illustrates each of the requirements for a nontaxable corporate division and the methods for mitigating the tax consequences when those requirements cannot be satisfied. The author also provides numerous diagrams that summarize actual transactions.

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