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Bøger i Non-State Actors in International Law, Politics and Governance Series serien

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  • - Understanding Decision Making in Humanitarian Aid NGOs
    af Liesbet Heyse
    1.463,95 kr.

    Provides an empirical account of organizational decision making and combines insights of organizational decision-making theory and organization theory. The central question in this book is how non-governmental humanitarian aid organizations initiate, terminate and extend their project activities.

  • - How do States Respond?
    af Claudia Kissling
    1.463,95 kr.

    Addresses the topic of civil society participation in the nuclear non-proliferation regime. This book examines the question of whether civil society can contribute to the evolution of regimes in the security field, especially when it comes to security cooperation.

  • - Indigenous Peoples, the United Nations and Human Rights
    af Rhiannon Morgan
    1.463,95 kr.

    Describes, analyses, and evaluates the efforts of the global indigenous movement to engender changes in UN discourse and international law on indigenous peoples' rights and to bring about certain institutional developments reflective of a heightened international concern.

  • - Norm Construction in a Globalizing World
    af Lisbeth Segerlund
    1.463,95 kr.

    Theoretically driven by the 'norm life cycle model' and using an interesting range of case studies; Nike, the anti-apartheid movement to name a few, this title traces the development of corporate social responsibility as an international norm, and how this norm has become an issue on the international agenda.

  • - From Law-Takers to Law-Makers
    af Cedric Ryngaert
    1.463,95 kr.

    Non-state actors have always been treated with ambivalence in the works of international law. This book examines the position of non-state actors in international law as law-makers and law-takers and questions whether these different positions can or should be separated from each other.

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