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  • - Enabling Access to the Baccalaureate
    af Barbara Townsend
    340,95 kr.

  • af Kerry Ann O'Meara
    473,95 kr.

    Examining a number of academic institutions, this book highlights how they have broadened their promotion policies in order to weigh faculty professional service equally with scholarship.

  • - Mission-Centered Change at Three Liberal Arts Colleges
    af Matthew Hartley
    592,95 - 1.701,95 kr.

    A decade ago, the majority of liberal arts colleges, suffering from a decline in resources, drifted from their traditional missions. This study looks at three insitutions and suggests that a clear mission is more than a common goal.

  • - Years of US Policy on International Higher Education
    af Nancy L. Ruther
    1.701,95 kr.

    Internationalising higher education requires significant institutional and academic change. This book addresses how the US federal government affected the development, institutionalisation and diffusion of this change process from 1958-1988.

  • - Faculty Reflections on their Experiences and Pedagogical Practices of Teaching Diverse Populations
    af Carmelita Rosie Castaneda
    1.582,95 kr.

    This study describes how faculty who participated in the Teaching and Learning in Divers Classroom Faculty and TA Partnership Project (1994-2000) reflected on their experiences and pedagogical practices as instructors in diverse classrooms.

  • - The Institutionalization of Women's / Gender Studies in Taiwan's Universities
    af Peiying Chen
    1.463,95 kr.

    Concerns the strategies of action that have been used by feminist scholars to attain the institutionalization of women's/gender studies in universities.

  • - Jill Ker Conway at Smith, 1975-1985
    af David A. Greene
    1.463,95 kr.

    This study analyses how Jill Ker Conway, first woman president of Smith College, Massachusetts, US, implemented programmatic initiatives and changes to Smith's institutional culture that fitted with her vision for higher education.

  • - Catholic Higher Education in China
    af John S. Chen
    412,95 kr.

    This text tells the story of the rise and fall of Fu Ren University (1925-1952) and provides an analysis of a key Catholic higher education institution in China.

  • af Charles Outcalt
    567,95 - 1.523,95 kr.

    The 275,000 community college instructors in the United States teach over one-third of all US college students. This book presents the results of an unprecedented national study of the community college professoriate.

  • - External Assistance and National Needs
    af Damtew Teferra
    1.701,95 kr.

    Teferra focuses on scientific research and communication in Africa. Included are chapters on scientific journals, secondary avenues of scientific communication, and funding issues. There is also a focus on the challenges and opportunities of scientific communication in African universities.

  • - The Higher Education Policy Network in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1948-1998
    af Cesare Onestini
    1.582,95 kr.

    An interesting study of the german higher Education system, examining the development of higher education policies from the post-war years, to the post-unification period.

  • - Pressure, Expectation, and Organizational Response in the Postsecondary Setting
    af David J. Siegel
    1.701,95 kr.

    This book explores the constellation of external and internall factors that contribute to organizational responses to diversity in post-secondary education.

  • - Constraints of Reform in Post-Apartheid South Africa
    af M. T. Sehoole
    1.463,95 kr.

    As South Africa moved into a new era of its history, there were major challenges facing the post-apartheid government with regard to the reform of higher education. This book analyzes these challenges, highlighting key constraints in the reform process. It is presented in a narrative style.

  • - International Students Write on U.S. College Life and Culture
    af Jay Davis & Andrew Garrod
    497,95 kr.

    This publication features the impressions and experiences of 12 foreign exchange students who have written about their sojourn at Dartmouth College in the U.S.A. They convey a perspective on American college life not seen by most American students.

  • - Access, Mobility, & Resilience Among Latino Youth
    af Alexander Jun
    377,95 kr.

  • - Different Systems, Different Perspectives
    545,95 kr.

  • - Case Studies of Change in Faculty Appointment Policies
    af William Mallon
    330,95 kr.

  • - International, Intercultural, and Multicultural Perspectives
    1.463,95 kr.

  • - Desegregating South African Universities
    af Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela
    1.463,95 kr.

    Examines how programs and structures at historically white universities have responded to the increasing enrollment of black students since the enactment of the Universities Amendment Act in 1983.

  • - Organization and Change at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
    af Imanol Ordorika
    497,95 kr.

    Drawing from a case study of the Universidad Nacional Aut'onoma de Mexico, this work analyses the connection between political processes and change in higher education.

  • - Collaboration Among Academic Couples
    449,95 kr.

    This book explores the influence of collaborative relationships among dual career couples on innovation and productivity. It proposes a new definition of egalitarianism.

  • - The Case of the Foreign High Technology Electronic Industry in Mexico's Silicon Valley
    af Maria Isabel Rivera Vargas
    1.821,95 kr.

    This book examines the technology that is transferred in Mexico's Silicon Valley and the role that institutions of higher education and foreign electronics companies play in the process.

  • - Different Systems, Different Perspectives
    1.523,95 kr.

    A comprehensive analysis of higher education in Canada describing its development since 1945 according to provincial/territorial jurisdiction. The 20 contributors discuss the evolution of postsecondary education within the contexts of political, cultural, and social dimensions, highlighting the dif

  • - A Century of Cultural Conflict
    af Ruth Hayhoe
    1.463,95 kr.

    A comprehensive account of Chinese higher education during the modern period in the GARLAND STUDIES IN HIGHER EDUCATION. The author examines the first 100 years of the development of Chinese universities, emphasising the cultural patterns that shaped them in contrast to the development of Western universities.

  • - Development and Sustainability
    af Matthew S. McMullen, James E. Mauch & Bob Donnorummo
    473,95 kr.

    Using an interdisciplinary approach, this book analyzes the relationship between higher education, the economy, and government in the development of a democratic and market economy society in select emerging market countries.

  • - Tradition and Adaptation
    af Namgi Park & John Weidman
    1.523,95 kr.

    These essays describe the Korean higher education system, provide data heretofore unavailable in the English language, and present a fundamentally Korean view of the important issues in that country's higher education system.

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