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  • af Alexander Govorov
    550,95 kr.

    This Brief presents a historical overview of the Förster-type nonradiative energy transfer and a compilation of important progress in FRET research, starting from Förster until today, along with a summary of the current state-of-the-art. Here the objective is to provide the reader with a complete account of important milestones in FRET studies and FRET applications as well as a picture of the current status.

  • af Zhengbing Hu
    411,95 kr.

    This book presents experimental investigations and digital image processing, highlighting the interaction of polarized radiation with phase-inhomogeneous and optically anisotropic biological layers. The promising and efficient use of vector-parametric description of the formation of polarization-inhomogeneous object fields is noted. Applications of a set of Mueller-matrix polarimetry methods are highlighted. The book includes- structural and logical scheme of multi-parameter (singular, interference and layer-by-layer Stokes-polarimetric), polarization-correlation study of the structure of distributions of the number of singularities, maps of local contrast of interference distributions and layer-by-layer maps of microscopic polarization azimuth and ellipticity; determination of relationships between changes in the magnitude of statistical parameters characterizing polarization-correlation distributions and pathology of prostate tumors.

  • af Rabiu Muazu Musa
    502,95 kr.

    This brief highlights the factors associated with good goalkeeping techniques and their impact on goalkeepers¿ performance in elite European football leagues. The goalkeeping performances of 1600 goalkeepers from five consecutive seasons across the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, and German Bundesliga are studied. The findings from this brief are useful for identifying the success metrices of top-class goalkeepers that help stakeholders to devise strategies to further enhance their performances and empower talent identification experts with pertinent information for mapping out future high-performance goalkeepers.

  • af Lorrie Molent
    455,95 kr.

    Fatigue occurs under cyclic loading and can significantly degrade the operational capability and safety of metallic aircraft components and structures. This book provides summaries of some metallic aircraft structural integrity issues, innovative but established examples of maintaining operational capability¿airworthiness, and assessments of safe in-service fatigue lives. These topics are based on a through-life fatigue management philosophy that ensures safe and continued operation, including during life extensions that are almost inevitably required. This philosophy is underpinned by observations of the behaviour of fatigue cracks in actual structures subjected to realistic service loading conditions. The book includes topics like aircraft design requirements, individual aircraft fatigue loads monitoring, airframe fatigue testing, sources of fatigue-nucleating discontinuities, and prediction of fatigue crack growth from these discontinuities. All these aspects contribute to discussing methods of assuring the structural integrity and operational capability of realistically cracked structures. The book also discusses the exponential behaviour of lead or dominant cracks¿those leading to first failure¿and the practical significance of differences between fatigue fracture topographies produced under constant amplitude and variable amplitude loading. The book can be a valuable reference for researchers and professionals interested in aircraft fatigue management and allied fields.

  • af Rachid Ababou
    458,95 kr.

    This book highlights several methods and quantitative implementations of both probabilistic and fuzzy-based approaches to uncertainty quantification and uncertainty propagation through environmental subsurface pollution models with uncertain input parameters. The book focuses on methods as well as applications in hydrogeology, soil hydrology, groundwater contamination, and related areas (e.g., corrosion of nuclear waste canisters). The methods are illustrated for a broad spectrum of models, from non-differential I/O models to complex PDE solvers, including a novel 3D quasi-analytical model of contaminant transport, and a site-specific computer model of dissolved contaminant migration from a DNAPL (Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquid) pollution source.

  • af Fadzli Mohamed Nazri
    411,95 kr.

    This book represents a significant step toward a new contribution in the process of developing the seismic vulnerability index. This is accomplished by releasing or reducing the role of the rapid visual screening that is created by the opinions and decisions of experts, which depend on observations made while investigating the vulnerability damages caused by earthquakes. Alternatively, the computational analytical technique is preferable since it can be effective in determining the seismic vulnerability index before the occurrence of an earthquake by modeling the most affected influencing parameters that regulate the building performance. In addition, the seismic vulnerability index is supported by the vulnerability curves, which describe the probability of damages and are used to estimate the economic damage grade for each building which is the topic of inquiry. In the end, this helps to establish a clear vision and sort of recommendations for engineers and specialists to follow inorder to take into consideration certain indices and factors before designing any specific structure. Because of this, the simplified work is utilized to manage and put into action measures that will protect against the effects of seismic events before an earthquake really occurs. In addition to this benefit, the work that has been done is of significant assistance to the authorities that are accountable for the restoration of the preexisting buildings and the cultural heritages.

  • af Suzairi Daud
    504,95 kr.

    This book highlights a comprehensive understanding of the fabrication and growth of carbon nanostructures via the arc discharge process. Its content is designed to benefit academicians, students, researchers, scientists, and readers who are interested in gaining knowledge in this area. The book presents findings on the arc discharge process and provide detailed information on the optimal state and energy of carbon ions in arc discharge plasma, observed under different pressures and ambient environments. The contents presented here can be applied to enhance the performance of various applications. This book provides a valuable resource for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of the arc discharge process and the growth of carbon nanostructures, with practical applications in industries such as electronics, semiconductors, and energy storage.

  • af V. L. Vasyuk
    332,95 kr.

    This book highlights the effectiveness of differential diagnosis in the degree of severity of joint pathology from a clinical, biophysical, and informational point of view. It includes the following information blocks:¿ Two-dimensional digital polarization microscopy of polycrystalline films of synovial fluid and determination of the coordinate distributions of the orientation and phase parameters of the microscopic image from a set of parameters of the Stokes vector.¿ Mueller-matrix mapping of polycrystalline films of synovial fluid and determination of a set of coordinate distributions (Mueller-matrix images (MMI)) of azimuthal-invariant elements that characterize manifestations of optical activity and linear birefringence.¿ Development of algorithms for polarization reproduction of distributions of linear and circular birefringence of polycrystalline films of synovial fluid.¿ Identification of digital statistical, correlation and wavelet criteria of polarization and Mueller-matrix differential diagnosis of the degree of severity of joint pathology.¿ Determination of maps of laser-induced fluorescence of synovial fluid polycrystalline films.¿ Identification of statistical and correlational criteria for fluorescent differential diagnosis of the degree of severity of joint pathology.¿ Operational characteristics of the power of the methods of azimuth-invariant polarization, Mueller-matrix and laser autofluorescence microscopy of polycrystalline films of synovial fluid.

  • af Zhengbin Hu
    504,95 kr.

    This book presents numerical computer-aided smart-methods as part of a comprehensive statistical, correlation and fractal analysis of laser polarimetry data. It highlights relationships between polarization (azimuth distributions, polarization ellipticities, Stokes vector parameters, Mueller matrix elements) parameters of laser images of biological tissues of a human corpse in different spectral ranges and temporal dynamics of their postmortem morphological changes. The book discusses the effectiveness of correlation analysis of two-dimensional distributions of polarization inhomogeneous images of histological sections of the main types of biological tissues in determining the time of death. It also discusses the development of basic principles of phase measurements (phasometry) of microscopic images of biological tissues to determine the age of death and the time of hematoma formation. Also presented in the book are possibilities of complex laser spectral photopolarimetry images ofhistological sections of biological tissues of human corpse in different spectral regions, with the simultaneous development and substantiation of a set of statistical and correlational criteria for objective determination of the time of death.

  • af Zhengbin Hu
    507,95 kr.

    This book highlights the results of numerical computer-aided smart methods as part of a comprehensive statistical, correlated, and fractal analysis of laser polarimetry. It includes a comprehensive approach to differentiation of lifelong or postmortem origin of injuries and determination of their antiquity based on the analysis of statistical and spatiotemporal frequency evolution of photometric, polarization, and phase parameters of laser images of histological sections of the skin of biomannequins. It discusses the relationship between the coordinate distributions of the intensity of laser images from skin tissues of biomannequins and the nature of its damage. It presents the analysis of relationships between changes in the mean and variance of coordinate distributions of azimuths and ellipticity of polarization images of histological skin sections and the time intervals after injury. Complex differentiation of lifelong and postmortem skin injuries of biomannequins and establishment of their time intervals throughout the entire monitoring interval of changes in the mean and variance of coordinate distributions of phase shifts between orthogonal components of the amplitude of laser images of a series of corresponding histological sections are also presented in this book.

  • af Lilia Trifonyuk
    411,95 kr.

    This book highlights the analysis of new azimuth-independent methods of Stokes polarimetry and Mueller-matrixreconstruction of distributions of optical anisotropy parameters using spatial-frequency filtering of manifestations of phase (linear and circular birefringence) and amplitude (linear and circular dichroism) anisotropy for diagnosing changes in the orientational-phase structure of fibrillar networks of histological sections of biological tissues and polycrystalline films of biological fluids.

  • af Jianhang Chen, Yongliang Li & Junwen Zhang
    393,95 kr.

  • af Jianting Zhou
    394,95 kr.

    This is an open access book. The aim of this book is to provide a thorough grounding in rainfall-induced landslides from three aspects: the coupling effect of hydraulic and mechanic; the analytical, numerical, and physical simulation methods, and the controlling factors underlying the problem of rainfall-induced landslides. The improved numerical methods, nonlinear, and linear iterative methods which can be used to address the related unsaturated infiltration problems are also presented. This book is an essential reading for researchers and graduate students who are interested in rainfall infiltration, landslides, slope stability, and geohazards in fields of civil engineering, engineering geology, and earth science. The book is written to guide professional engineers and practitioners in slope engineering and geohazard management. This book can enhance their understanding of rainfall-induced landslides, help them analyze a specific problem, prevent landslides, and design engineering slopes according to the local soil and climate conditions.

  • af Songlin Sun
    454,95 kr.

    This book introduces PYNQ, a Python-based framework from Xilinx® that makes it easier for users to build electronic systems on Xilinx platforms. The book covers the architecture of PYNQ, the design tools and methods, software and hardware design approach, as well as rich experiment cases on communications, multimedia, and deep learning. This book serves as a useful guide for those getting starting with, or working with PYNQ and enables the learners to have a thorough understanding of the hardware/software co-design approaches in the area of the communication, multimedia, and other information system components.This book is organized based on the teaching materials of ¿hardware comprehensive experiments¿ which is an experimental course in BUPT, for both undergraduate and graduate students, and domestic and international students. This course has more than ten years of teaching experience and has taught hundreds of students.

  • af Azmi Ibrahim, Rohana Hassan & Zakiah Ahmad
    412,95 kr.

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