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Bøger i Studies in American Popular History and Culture serien

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  • - Empathy and the Writing of Medical Journal Articles
    af Mary Ellen Knatterud
    426,95 kr.

  • - Gender and Religious Culture in the American Colonies, 1630-1700
    af Leslie J. Lindenauer
    1.463,95 kr.

    Exploring gender and religion in the 17th century in three American Colonies, with a dominant religious tradition, this book shows how women who were denied access to formal political structures found ways to assert themselves in public spheres.

  • af John J. Fry
    1.463,95 kr.

    At the turn of the twentieth century, the Midwestern farm press made recommendations to farmers, but farmers ultimately decided whether or not they would follow the advice. This in-depth look at producers and readers of Midwestern farm newspapers offers a facinating insight into rural American life.

  • - Phyllis Diller, Lily Tomlin and Roseanne
    af Suzanne Lavin
    1.463,95 kr.

    This work examines the dramatic changes in American women's comedy performance in the years 1955-1995. The study focuses on the stand-up of Phyllis Diller and Roseanne, and on the character comedy of Lily Tomlin.

  • - Crime, Urban Legends and the Internet
    af Pamela Donovan
    545,95 kr.

    This book examines both 'old media' treatment of crime legends: news reports, fictional film and television depictions, as well as 'new' media interactive discussions of them via the Internet and electronic mail.

  • - Pregnant Brides and Unwed Mothers in Seventeenth Century Essex County, Massachusetts
    af Else L. Hambleton
    1.463,95 kr.

    A study of cases of fornication, bastardy, and paternity cases brought before the courts in Essex County, Massachusetts between 1640 and 1692. Prosecution and conviction rates, sentencing patterns, and socio-economic data were analysed to determine that women who bore illegitimate children were punished more severely than their male partners.

  • - The Lusk Committee and New York's Crusade Against Radicalism, 1919-1923
    af Todd J. Pfannestiel
    545,95 kr.

    Re-evaluates the Red Scare that followed World War One in light of the new methods of political repression developed in New York, methods that established a pattern for future episodes of intolerance.

  • - American Army Officers' Wives and Material Culture, 1840-1880
    af Robin D. Campbell
    1.463,95 kr.

    An exploration of the ways in which mid-19th Century American army officers' wives used material culture to confirm their status as middle-class women. It is a must-have book for anyone interested in women's history, social history, military history or material culture.

  • - The Transformation of Domestic Service in Twentieth Century New York
    af Alana Erickson Coble
    1.463,95 kr.

  • - How the Grey Nuns Changed the Social Welfare Paradigm of Lewiston, Maine
    af Susan P. Hudson
    449,95 kr.

    Recognizes the achievements by a nineteenth-century community of women religious, the Grey Nuns of Lewiston, Maine. This book tells how their hospital was significant in its time as the first hospital in that factory city; and is still significant if one desires a more accurate and inclusive history of women and healthcare in America.

  • - Identity in Contemporary U.S. Writings
    af John Christopher Cunningham
    1.463,95 kr.

    This book examines the intersections of representations of race and gender identity in writings by contemporary US men.

  • - The Northeast Corner
    af David Smith
    545,95 - 1.463,95 kr.

    Drawing on primary documents such as farmer's diaries, small rural newspapers of the 19th century and the publications of state agricultural societies, this provocative study presents an overview into the driving forces of that shaped American history in the Northeast.

  • - Changing Perceptions of Childhood
    af Nancy Hathaway Steenburg
    509,95 - 1.463,95 kr.

    This title analyses changing opinions about the attitudes concerning the nature of children and the legal capacities of children using criminal court records, legislative petitions and actions and public perceptions.

  • - Experts, Collegiate Youth and Business Ideology, 1929-1941
    af Mary C. McComb
    1.463,95 kr.

    Explores how middle-class college students navigated the rocky terrain of Depression-era culture, job market, dating marketplace, prospective marriage prospects, and college campuses.

  • af Heather Addison
    1.463,95 kr.

    This study examines the relationship between cinema and physical culture, including activities such as dieting and muscle-building. Hollywood's long-standing prominence on the world stage makes it an ideal place to begin such an examination.

  • - The Literature, Art, Jazz, and Architecture of an Emerging Global Capital
    af Robert Bennett
    509,95 - 1.463,95 kr.

    Situating post-WWII New York literature within the material context of American urban history, this work analyses criticism of the spatial restructuring of post-WWII New York City.

  • - Weapons in the War of Ideas
    af Patti Clayton Becker
    1.463,95 kr.

    This work examines how libraries could respond to their communities need through the use of numerous primary and secondary sources during World War II in America.

  • - Audience, Patriarchy and Charles Brockden Brown's Editorship of the Monthly Magazine and American Review
    af USA) Slawinski & Scott (Western Michigan University
    1.463,95 kr.

  • - A Case Study from Massachusetts
    af USA) Ouellette & Susan (Saint Michael's College
    1.463,95 kr.

    Explores the development of a provincial textile industry in colonial America. This study examines the promotion of domestic textile manufacture from the level of the Massachusetts legislature down to the way in which individual communities organized individual productive efforts.

  • - Marriage and Free Love in the Late 1800s
    af USA) Schroer & Sandra (Muskingum College
    509,95 - 1.463,95 kr.

  • - Women's Bookstores in the United States
    af USA) Onosaka & Junko (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
    509,95 - 1.463,95 kr.

  • - Authority and Dissent in Puritan Massachusetts, 1630-1655
    af Timothy L. Wood
    1.463,95 kr.

    Reconciles two conflicting schools of thought within the historiography of American Puritanism. This book contends that under the threat of social and intellectual chaos on the frontiers of America, there emerged a core Puritan mission that was either embraced or spurned by New England's founders, but widely understood by all.

  • - HUAC and the Evolution of the Red Menace, 1935-1950
    af USA) Gladchuk & John J. (College of Charleston
    509,95 kr.

  • af USA) Stoneham & Michael (United States Military Academy
    449,95 kr.

    Focuses on how John Brown - radical abolitionist and freedom-fighter - inspired America's most significant intellects, such as Whittier, Whitman, Melville, Howells, Emerson and Thoreau, to take a public stand against the inertia of moral compromise and social degeneracy, bringing the nation to the brink of civil war.

  • af USA) Alves & Jaime Osterman (Bard College
    1.463,95 kr.

    Seeking to understand how literary texts both shaped and reflected the century's debates over adolescent female education, this book examines fictional works and historical documents featuring descriptions of girls' formal educational experiences between the 1810s and the 1890s.

  • - Thomas Paine and the American Revolution
    af Vikki J. Vickers
    1.463,95 kr.

  • af USA) Strand & Amy Dunham (Aquinas College
    545,95 kr.

    Creating connections between language and literary studies and exploring the intersection of ideologies of language, gender, and nation, this book shows how American discussions of language in various forms have often disguised deeper social and political concerns about the voices of women, African Americans, and immigrants in national life.

  • - Cultural and Political Expressions of Africa
    af USA) Archer, Jermaine O. (SUNY & College at Old Westbury
    1.463,95 kr.

  • af USA) Jones & Megan Sanborn (Brigham Young University
    449,95 kr.

    In the late nineteenth century, melodramas were spectacular entertainment for Americans. They were also a key forum in which elements of American culture were represented, contested, and inverted. This book focuses on the construction of the Mormon villain as rapist, murderer, and Turk in anti-Mormon melodramas.

  • - Becoming White, Becoming Other, Becoming American in the Late Progressive Era
    af Linda Joyce Brown
    1.463,95 kr.

    This work examines early twentieth-century literature about women immigrants to reveal the differing ways that American racial categories and identities were textually and socially constructed at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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