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Her finder du spændende bøger om Children. Nedenfor er et flot udvalg af over 10 bøger om emnet.

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  • - Beretninger fra voksne og børn under pandemien
    af Dorthe Holm Jacobsen
    105,95 - 166,95 kr.

    ”Stemningen er trykket. Vi er alle nervøse, og ingen af os siger noget. Vores læber er spændt sammen, og vores arme er lagt over kors. Vi sidder i vagtrummet på intensiv afdeling hvor vi ellers plejer at dele vores anekdoter og ugens sjove påfund med hinanden. Græd soldaterne ved fronten? Måske.””Det der har været mest mærkeligt for mig har været at komme ud blandt andre mennesker, alt er forandret på en ubehagelig måde, alle er påpasselige i et stort omfang, at de hverken smiler eller ser på hinanden, der bliver derimod holdt godt øje med om man overholder regler og hele stemningen føles trykket””At jeg kan høre livsmodet hos ham bliver mindre for hver dag! At han tænker på at hive sit PVK (Perifer Vene Kateter) i halsen ud, så han forbløder, så er dette ikke kritisk nok til at jeg må få lov til at se min elskede far, og hjælpe ham over den hurdle han står overfor - som han har hjulpet mig millioner af gange.Jeg er ved at gå til i sorg og savn – nu hvor Danmark er ved at åbne op igen og komme ud af sin ”pausetilstand”.”Mit hjerte forelskede sig”.

  • - How we survived years of fertility treatments and the adoption process to finally hold you in our arms
    af Pelle Hvenegaard
    157,95 - 198,95 kr.

    When one summer evening, on a blind date that is almost cancelled, Pelle Hvenegaard meets Caroline, he knows right away: This woman will be the mother to his children. Their first meeting grows into a blazing romance, and it is quickly clear that the two of them want to have a family together – but biology toys with them. Dear Zoe Ukhona is Pelle Hvenegaard’s honest, comic, tragic and heartwarming tale of the six-year fertility and adoption hell he and his partner had to go through before they could open the door to their apartment in Copenhagen with little Zoe Ukhona in their arms. We follow Caroline and Pelle’s arduous inner journey, but we are also with them when – to keep themselves going – they travel to five continents before climbing to the top of Kilimanjaro to call out to their coming child, unaware that she had in fact been born just twenty days earlier in South Africa. This is a story of love and of dealing with life when it doesn’t go the way you planned. A story about searching for happiness and meaning – and the joy of finding them both. From the foreword by Zindzi Mandela: "... on top of being a book about battling childlessness, it's a story of hope, a story of love, a story of fighting for happiness ... it's a story about the meaning of life."PELLE HVENEGAARD became world famous as a twelve-year-old when he played the lead role in Bille August’s Oscar-winning film Pelle the Conqueror. He has a degree in journalism and has worked in the TV industry for many years.

  • af Eliska Mauleova
    60,95 - 99,95 kr.

    Welcome to Eliska's fantasy world where everything is possible. Let's have fun with fabulous creatures and use your fantasy to draw, doodle and colour. In Eliska's Fantasy World of Doodling and Colouring, there are nearly 50 pages of funny drawings with fabulous animals and strange creatures but it is not only a colouring book: there's loads of space for doodling and adding your own pictures. It is not only children of all ages who can develop their fantasy with this book, but adults too, and the fun is guaranteed for the whole family.

  • af Pia Brandt Danborg
    58,95 - 181,95 kr.

    Benjamin starts to take Ritalin to treat ADHD symptoms at age four. We follow Benjamin for 15 years, as he experiences worsening of symptoms, psychoses, more medication to get better, forced treatment, until he finally meets a psychiatrist, that is able to help him withdraw from psychiatric drugs. The book was written in the hope of creating debate about the way we use psychiatric drugs. Do we consider potential harms thoroughly enough? What happens during polypharmacy? Is it even ethically sound to do forced treatment?

    30,95 - 60,95 kr.

    The story about the little girl and the fish - is a real adventure with a witch and much more.Never wish if the witch is evil.The little girl goes through a lot in the story.

    45,95 - 163,95 kr.

    The Story About Little Troll is a book with 10 adventures about Little Troll and what he is doing out in the forest with troll mother and troll father. In the book there are a lot of questions to the child, which can be answered in the bobbles I have made - futhermore all illustrations are blank and can be painted by the child.

  • - My very first english
    af Tony Kroun
    155,95 kr.

    Ages 3 - 7. Very simple English. Perfect if you want to start teaching your kids English at home. Storyline: Mister Blue has a problem with his car, and Madam Pink has a problem with her dress. They go to Mister Magic. He can help them. But something goes wrong. Very wrong...

  • af Sylvia Mwanza Hansen
    151,95 kr.

    The Acacia Trees At Broken Hill - Divorce Metamorphosis carries you through some of the stages one experiences during a divorce, a topic a number of researchers and authors have shed light on before. My experience invites you on a personal and subjective journey. This book must not be misunderstood as an encouragement for anyone to leave their partner, nor to have a divorce, but more as a guide to prevent it, or to deal with it in a decent manner. The idea behind this book is also to enlighten those considering, or going through, a divorce, as well as those who have overcome the stages, on how to get beyond them with positivity.

  • af Helgi Valgeirsson
    194,95 kr.

    The Christmas festivities are over, and in the diminishing firelight flickering in the cave The Yuletide Lads wants a bedtime story before they fall in long sleep to come, which will take them to their next Christmas. They want to know from where the children come. Mother Ogress immediately falls asleep hearing the question leaving Ragjerk in despair as how to answer such a question. Luckily the white raven Sparky knows many things and comes to rescue. Learn everything about the Pirate Captain tricked with his crew to go searching the greatest treasure in life, and how that adventure develops until all The Yuletide Lads have fallen asleep.

  • af Birgit Winther
    111,95 kr.

    Kirja kertoo Sita-nimisestä aasista ja asioista joissa hän on hyvä

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