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Bøger om Copenhagen

Her finder du spændende bøger om Copenhagen. Nedenfor er et flot udvalg af over 9 bøger om emnet.
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  • - A humorous guide for foreigners and their Danish friends
    af Kay Xander Mellish
    117,95 - 282,95 kr.

    Life in one of the world's most homogenous countries can be tough on foreigners. Why do Danish adults wear elf hats to parties? Should you wear one too? Why are Danish adults so kind and gentle around their friends, yet so vicious to strangers in bicycle lanes? Why is it OK in Denmark to talk openly about sex, but embarrassing to admit to ambition? 'How to Live in Denmark' is based on the podcast by Kay Xander Mellish, who has lived in Denmark since 2000. It answers these questions and many more about daily life as a non-Dane in 'the happiest country in the world'.

  • af Kasper Sierslev
    177,95 kr.

    Years back, when I was working in a big international company, we would often get visitors from abroad asking what to see and do in Copenhagen. I used to do these small hand-drawn maps with tips and tricks of what they should do. Both the touristy things and those that would take them a bit off the beaten path; small Copenhagener secrets.Copenhagen tops charts on all kinds of metrics around the quality of life and happiness. ECA International recently crowned The Danish capital as the world's top destination for European expats. And I hope you can see why. I am, of course, totally biased. But I just love Copenhagen. The city exudes gorgeous, northern European style architecture, cobbled alleyways, beautifully decorated shop windows, and flowing canals. Copenhagen feels exceptionally laid back, somewhat spacious, and charming.

  • - guía fotográfica completa (tidligere 9788770840576)
    af grønlunds
    87,95 kr.

    Over 330 imponerende fotos og en spændende tekst ligger til grund for denne bogsucces. Bogen indeholder et specialafsnit med oversigt over byens museer, lidt om den danske madkultur, Danish design, Øresundsregionen. Fås i 8 sprogudgaver.

  • - Sailing Distant Seas
    af Vinni Breuning and Carsten Breuning
    218,94 kr.

    Vinni and Carsten drop their careers; sell their house and everything they own so they can live out their dream of circumnavigating on their sailboat, Capri. They took in their landlines and sailed out of Copenhagen harbor May 29, 2016. In a detailed and capturing tale, they describe their adventure and their lives as cruising sailors. The authors are open and honest in their description and don’t paint a rosy picture of cruising. Instead, they mix the sweet with the sour, offering up a true-to-life depiction of their lives as “boat bums”. The book is not only a travel book but also a tale of their voyage of inner discovery as they discover new sides of themselves and their relationship. Their stressful daily life, filled with meetings and appointments is traded for a lifestyle where the days merge into one. Far from their previous experiences they meet challenges in strange environments and on threatening oceans. The book describes their first leg of the circumnavigation, the trip from Copenhagen over the Atlantic, up the east coast of the United States and their transit of the Panama Canal. Capri – Sailing Distant Seas can be enjoyed by not only sailors but also “landlubbers”. Excerpt from the bookCarsten orders me out in the bows to make a video of our entrance to New York Harbor. I pan with the camera, begin my narrative and feel a lump rising in my throat. I fight my tears back, but can hear my voice breaking as I try to describe this morning. When I swing the camera over and focus on the “Little Lady” (Statue of Liberty), the dam breaks, tears stream down my face and I cry aloud as I talk about sailing into New York. I’m overwhelmed that we have gotten here. Sailing into New York harbor is completely surrealistic for me. About the authorsVinni Breuning, (born 1959) registered nurse and MPA has been a hospital CEO for over 14 years, first at the private hospital Hamlet, thereafter for the hospitals in The Zeeland region of Denmark. Carsten Breuning, (born 1952) was born in Denmark, but grew up as an immigrant in the United States. He moved back to Europe as an adult. He has a BBA and has been General Manager and CEO for both Danish and American companies in Denmark and The Netherlands.

  • - The alternative guidebook
    af Eckhart Oehlens
    69,95 - 147,95 kr.

    This alternative guidebook has a different approach to the capital of Denmark. It focuses on topics and issues that are not already dealt with on the web: Basic facts that even Wikipedia fails to clarify, funny facts (trivia) on six topics, alternative sights, talk of the town, curious places, not that wonderful places, things to watch out for, general behaviour, suggested bicycle tours and walks. Apart from that, you will learn about what Copenhageners prefer themselves when it comes to recreational places, shopping destinations, the food scene and going out. Discover the Sound of Copenhagen, on location for films and tv-series, famous Copenhageners, recent city development as well as an essay.Whether you are a tourist, a student or an employee, this book will guide you through the pros and cons, things to appreciate and watch out for and help you how to enjoy one of the most livable cities in the world.

  • - and the metropolitan area
    af Annemette Rosenborg Eriksen
    69,95 - 167,95 kr.

    Here is your unique Danish guidebook with a twist of the bold Scandinavian spirit. Mr. Trunk will be your tourguide and show you some of the beautiful places around Copenhagen and the metropolitan area. He is a homemade and genuine rolemodel that shows what we all are under our mental masks, botox and designer´s clothes. Walk with him, all freethinkers.

  • - Eine Vollständige Fototour
    af grønlunds
    87,95 kr.

    Over 330 imponerende fotos og en spændende tekst ligger til grund for denne bogsucces. Bogen indeholder et specialafsnit med oversigt over byens museer, lidt om den danske madkultur, Danish design, øresundsregionen og naturligvis alt det andet man forventer at finde i en god turistbog. Findes i otte sprogudgaver.

  • - The inner City
    af Viktor Tegner
    227,95 kr.

    Københavns indre by har fået en ny fotobog på engelsk, en hyldest til en vidunderlig by set gennem et kamera. I bogen viser vi 90 af de prægtige syn, som fotografen har fanget med sin linse. Alle fotos er ledsaget af fortællende og informative tekster. Befinder man sig i denne by, har man uanede muligheder, uendeligt mange seværdigheder og utallige populære mødesteder at udforske. Denne bog kan hjælpe læseren med at forstå, hvorfor København er sådan et fantastisk sted, hvad enten man kender byen eller ej, hvad enten man er fra ind- eller udland.

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