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Her finder du spændende bøger om Denmark. Nedenfor er et flot udvalg af over 18 bøger om emnet.
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  • - A European Story of Beauty and Freedom
    af Lene Rachel Andersen & Tomas Björkman
    100,95 - 267,95 kr.

    Folkeoplysningens historie i Danmark, Norge og Sverige. Hvordan blev de nordiske landes succes skabt? Hvad er dannelse? - How do societies go through major technological, economic and structural changes peacefully? The ways in which Denmark, Norway and Sweden went from feudal agricultural societies to industrialized democracies were exceptionally peaceful. In the process, they climbed from the bottom of the European economy around 1860 to the very top as of the 1930s and have remained prosperous and progressive ever since. Finland made a similar journey after 1918 in just 30 years. They also invented Scandinavian design and are often ranked among the world's happiest peoples. This book explores how they did it.

  • - A humorous guide for foreigners and their Danish Friends
    af Kay Xander Mellish
    167,95 kr.

    An updated version of the popular book based on the "How to Live in Denmark" podcast, with 8 new chapters.In this fun, easy-to-read book, Kay draws on her own experience as a foreigner in Denmark when it comes to learning Danish, trying to find a job in Denmark, and looking for a place to live in Copenhagen. She also touches on dating in Denmark, Danish drinking culture, Danish childraising, and how you can guess a Danish person's age from their first name alone. This entertaining look at life as an outsider in Denmark draws on gentle humor and can be enjoyed by both foreigners and their Danish friends.

  • - Sjælland - Møn - Bornholm
    af Frank Berben-Groesfjeld
    269,95 kr.

    360 DANMARK bøgerne tager dig med på en rejse på 2 eller 4 hjul langs Danmarks smukkeste og mest spændende veje. De 3 bind i 360 DANMARK-serien indeholder næsten 30 ruter i hele Danmark – ruter, der er skræddersyet til passionerede motorcyklister, bilister og landevejscykelryttere, men som samtidig også er yderst relevante for familier på dagsudflugt og turister på ferie.Via bøgernes onlineindhold får du adgang til turene mens du er på farten, og ruterne kan nemt downloades til mobilen. Ruterne og seværdighederne byder på årevis af udforskning og oplevelser.Bøgerne er et must-have for enhver person, der elsker at opdage nye steder.360 DANMARK - Bind 1 - Sjælland-Møn-Bornholm indeholder 11 flotte og spændende ruter i følgende områder:#1 KONGERNES NORDSJÆLLAND#2 ODSHERRED – VEDDINGE BAKKER – LAMMEFJORDEN#3 NATURPARK ÅMOSEN – DE SJÆLLANDSKE ALPER#4 SKJOLDUNGERNES LAND – ROSKILDE – SKJOLDENÆSHOLM#5 SORØ – TYSTRUP-BAVELSE SØERNE – SLAGELSE#6 STEVNS#7 KARREBÆKSMINDE – SKÆLSKØR – KORSØR#8 NÆSTVED – RØNNEDE#9 VORDINGBORG – PRÆSTØ#10 MØN#11 BORNHOLMRuterne har en samlet længde på 1.465 km og der beskrives mere end 160 seværdigheder til hele familien. Ruterne og seværdighederne byder på mange års oplevelser på Sjælland, Møn og Bornholm.Bogen er rigt illustreret med 215 billeder, hvoraf mange i stort format.- The 360 DANMARK books will take you on a journey along Denmark’s most beautiful and engaging roads. Experience the best Denmark has to offer on two or four wheels.The three volumes of 360 DANMARK offer almost 30 routes throughout Denmark - routes that are ideally suited for passionate motorcyclists, drivers, and road cyclists but are still highly relevant for families on a day trip and tourists on holiday as well.The books' online content gives you access to the trips while you are on the road, and the routes can easily be downloaded to your mobile phone.The routes and points of interest offer years of exploration and experiences.These books are a must-have for everyone who loves discovering new places. 360 DANMARK - Vol 1 - Sjælland-Møn-Bornholm includes 11 exciting and scenic routes with a total length of 1,465 km. More than 160 points of interest are included in this book.

  • - A humorous guide for foreigners and their Danish friends
    af Kay Xander Mellish
    117,95 - 282,95 kr.

    Life in one of the world's most homogenous countries can be tough on foreigners. Why do Danish adults wear elf hats to parties? Should you wear one too? Why are Danish adults so kind and gentle around their friends, yet so vicious to strangers in bicycle lanes? Why is it OK in Denmark to talk openly about sex, but embarrassing to admit to ambition? 'How to Live in Denmark' is based on the podcast by Kay Xander Mellish, who has lived in Denmark since 2000. It answers these questions and many more about daily life as a non-Dane in 'the happiest country in the world'.

  • - Tips for finding a job in Denmark, succeeding at work, and understanding your Danish boss
    af Kay Xander Mellish
    197,95 kr.

    Denmark is a great place to work - if you know the unwritten rules of Danish working culture. The Danish "flat hierarchy" means that you may find yourself interacting with top management even as a junior employee. Your Danish boss will expect you to be proactive, work independently, and quickly admit mistakes when you makethem. This book explains some of these unstated assumptions of the Danish workplace, as well as how to find a job in Denmark.- Is learning to speak Danish necessary?- How can you promote your skills in a job interview without breaking "The Jante Law"?- Is it true that Danish bosses encourage you to disagree with them?- Why is it so important to take a break and eat cake with your colleagues?- What's it like to be an international boss leading a Danish team?

  • - Keep Growing
    af Lene Rachel Andersen
    67,95 - 167,95 kr.

    Bildung is moral and emotional maturity. Bildung is also to have the education and knowledge necessary to thrive in your society; bildung is to be deeply embedded in culture and community while having the autonomy to carve your own path in life. Bildung is always personal and unique. Bildung is a German word that has no word in English. Beginning in the 1770s, German philosophers explored bildung as a secular form of inner development and it became popular among the bourgeoisie. In Denmark, a pastor realized in the 1830s that the peasants needed bildung too, and he envisioned a new kind of school: the folk-high-school. In 1851, a Danish teacher, Christen Kold, figured out how to teach in such a way that young farmhands learned to think for themselves: he told them moving stories and let them ask questions. Once he had their attention, he could teach them new farming techniques, science, philosophy, history, religion, literature, art, economic theory, and political science. Norway, Sweden and Finland copied the folk-high-school concept in the 1860s and by 1900, a critical mass of youngsters in the Nordic countries had upgraded their skills and their thinking, and the Nordics had gone from being among the poorest countries in Europe to being among the richest. This development and the bildung that carried it also meant that the Nordics made the transition from agricultural feudal societies to modern, democratic, industrialized nation-states peacefully. As we are facing new challenges from digitization, globalization, a pandemic and environmental changes we need bildung for the 21st century and the book concludes by exploring what that might look like.

  • - Everyday Tennis by Everyday People
    af Rick Louis
    172,95 - 359,95 kr.

    A tennis match is an amazing journey where the outcome is all too uncertain. Naturally, experience, skills, dedication, focus, agility, training and so on can provide a certain advantage but they don't offer a guarantee of winning. Simply put, whoever gets the most balls inside the court wins.Tennis is a frustrating, challenging, exhausting, motivating yet deeply satisfying sport.Whether you are a fan, sports fanatic, casual player, observer or generally unfamiliar with tennis, come along and enjoy the ride.

  • - Meaning and hope in a complex world
    af Lene Rachel Andersen
    67,95 - 161,95 kr.

    Technological development, climate change, and globalization are challenging the national institutions and modes of governance we created during the industrial era. Our old knowledge and general understanding of the world do not provide sufficient answers anymore. To maintain meaningful lives, social calm, and liberal democracy, we need to upgrade our meaning-making to match the complexity of the world we are creating.Polymodernity is an alternative to both modernity and postmodernism, a cultural code that presents itself as an opportunity if we work deliberately towards it. Polymodernity provides us with a framework for understanding ourselves and our societies in a much more complex way. It contains indigenous, premodern, modern, and postmodern cultural elements and thus provides social norms and a moral fabric for intimacy, spirituality, religion, science, and self-exploration, all at the same time. It is a way of strengthening local, national, continental, and global cultural heritage among all and thus has the potential to dismantle the fear of losing one’s culture as the economy as well as the internet and exponential technologies are disrupting our current modes of societal organization and governance. Polymodernity will thus allow us to be meaning-making at a deeper emotional level and a higher intellectual level compared to today; it will allow us a more complex understanding, which may match the complexity of the problems we need to solve. Appropriate meaning-making is the best prevention against the frustrations that generally lead to authoritarian ideologies and societal instability. Using polymodernity as the filter through which we see the world and as a template, we can create, among other things, new and appropriate education, politics, and institutions for our societies of the 21st century. A vision such as this may even give hope.

  • af Andrej Sivertsev
    117,95 - 167,95 kr.

    I believe, that one of the best adventures which one can experience, is not travelling to far and exotic destinations, but integration into a new society, and one of the best rewards which you can achieve, is the admiration of being accepted as a full member of it. I call it a voyage, and this voyage will apparently never stop for me, as there will always be something new to learn along the way.

  • - Growth or Decline?
    af Bent Okholm
    187,95 - 312,95 kr.

    The Future of Freemasonry in Denmark talks about what Freemasonry is, but also what it is not . Read about what it is that attracts more than 6 million men around the world, and read about the valuesof Freemasonry, its attitudes and relationship with today's society.Danish Freemasonry differs in important respects from international Freemasonry. Despite a ban on political and religious interference which has been in place for many years, these two areas have had a profound impact on the situation in Denmark today. Things in Denmark have gone wrong. The reader will gain an understanding of why this is and what can happen when people who do not have the right skills are given power.The second part of the book deals with the development of Freemasonry in Denmark with an emphasis on the last 60 years - including an introduction to someone who was both a great asset to the development of Freemasonry, but who also the focus of newspaper headlines here and abroad, including an article in The Telegraph under the headline, "The mysterious Mr Larsen: MI5 spy, terrorist or Walter Mitty fantasist?"Finally, the book raises the question of whether Freemasonry, as we know it and as it has been present in Denmark for the past 273 years, faces growth or decline.

  • - Turistguide og vejledning til migranter og flygtninge i Danmark - Kenne die dänische Gesetzgebung und dänische Normen - Touristguide – learn about Danish legislation and Danish norms
    af Villy Rinddahl Lauridsen
    147,95 kr.

    Denne turistguide henvender sig til turister, der ønsker at holde ferie i Danmark uden at møde ubehagelige overraskelser.Samtidig er bogen en vejledning til migranter og flygtninge, der har behov for at kende danske normer, love, holdninger og livsværdier.—Diese Touristenführer richtet sich an ausländischeTouristen, die in Dänemark einen Urlaub ohne negative Überraschungen genießen möchten.Das Buch vermittelt eine gute Grundlage zum Verständnis der Mechanismen und Regeln der dänischen Gesellschaft.—The tourist guide is aimed at foreign tourists, who visit Denmark and want a trouble-free holiday.The book provides a solid basis for understanding the mechanisms and ”rules of the game” of the Danish society.

  • - in Danish and Global Welfare at the Dawn of the 21st Century
    af Bjarne Hastrup
    277,95 kr.

    Major Trends in Danish and Global Welfare at the Dawn of the 21st Century provides an analysis of the dramatic changes that have taken place in the Danish welfare system during the past century.Denmark still has superstar status as the world's most notable welfare society. At the same time, Danes have had to reform and adapt their welfare model, which experienced both a very exorbitant success at the beginning of the period covered and a shocking setback thereafter - a crisis the country has just recently recovered from. Amid these events, the Danes decided to reform the design of their welfare state to suit globalization and a new demographic. This was the first time that conditions far into the future were crucial to the organization of welfare today. A new orientation was created in welfare thinking; one that went from help and support to help to self-help, and to jobs and the procurement of labour with strong incentives via support policies and pensions to remain in the labour market for longer. Through these reforms, Denmark became the most digitized society in the West, but it did not solve its ever-growing integration problems, and likewise inequality grew in the otherwise so equal Danish society.

  • af Kasper Sierslev
    177,95 kr.

    Years back, when I was working in a big international company, we would often get visitors from abroad asking what to see and do in Copenhagen. I used to do these small hand-drawn maps with tips and tricks of what they should do. Both the touristy things and those that would take them a bit off the beaten path; small Copenhagener secrets.Copenhagen tops charts on all kinds of metrics around the quality of life and happiness. ECA International recently crowned The Danish capital as the world's top destination for European expats. And I hope you can see why. I am, of course, totally biased. But I just love Copenhagen. The city exudes gorgeous, northern European style architecture, cobbled alleyways, beautifully decorated shop windows, and flowing canals. Copenhagen feels exceptionally laid back, somewhat spacious, and charming.

  • af Marina Kvist
    177,95 kr.

    What is it like to leave everything behind and follow the person you love to a different country? What does it mean to be Danish and how does one integrate into the Danish environment? What makes the Danish different from other Scandinavians and why do they take first places in happiness ratings? What is worth seeing in Denmark and which events should one visit? You will find answers to these questions and more in "Married to Denmark".

  • - guida fotografica completa
    af Grønlund & Per Eilstrup
    127,95 kr.

    Omkring 375 billeder fra hele Danmark. Kongefamilien, Grønland, Færøerne, slottene, landskaberne, byerne og alle de andre seværdigheder samlet på 128 sider i paperback indbinding. Findes i seks sprogudgaver. En oplagt gave ved udenlandsbesøg og til værtsfamilien. Vægt 590 gr.

  • - An Autobiography and commentary on our world of today
    af Paul A. Jensen
    69,95 - 237,95 kr.

    The son of a Danish immigrant tells the story of his life and times, from the beginning of the Second World War to the state of the world today. He questions the wisdom of religious belief and the ever increasing growth of civilization. Will mankind be able to survive when confronted with a shortage of essential resources and over population, in the near future? Has the time come for nations to implement much needed limits to growth? Have governments failed to respond, due to political inaction or fallacy? Paul's family move to the countryside in northern California in 1941, for the duration of the war. Later in life, Paul begins to worry about the future of the world that he knows and cares about. He asks difficult questions and expects intelligent answers.

  • - - after 2nd Vatican Council
    af Jakob Munck
    76,95 - 210,95 kr.

    This book is a critrical review of some of the tendencies, that is seen in the Catholic Church’s theology and practice after 2. Vatican Council (1962-65). Is is about political opportunism, fillosemitism and a number of teaching issues, that is preventing the Church to unite with the Christian Churces in the East. Did Virgin Mary had a free will? Is Holocaust a Catholic Dogma? Is the pope infallible? What must catholics believe? The book is a pretext for debate.

  • - Four Hundred Years of Jews in Denmark
    af Martin Schwarz Lausten, Cecilie Felicia Stokholm Banke, Signe Bergman Larsen, mfl.
    157,95 kr.

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