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  • af Lee Ralph
    192,95 kr.

    "Death was not uncommon on the western frontier....... Many pioneers lost their lives in their trek westward...Among those taking this risk were the Benders. A family of German immigrants who settled on the barren prairie, in the early 1870s. When the brother of Col. Alexander M. York, a Kansas Senator, went missing, the Colonel and his posse set-out to locate him, at all costs. He was not prepared for the EVIL that he found. Cold-blooded murder, fueled by robbery, fame and twisted Spiritualism. Age nor gender mattered. None were spared! The Benders appeared out of nowhere onto the prairie.....until now. For the first time published, FRESH evidence and facts are documented to tell the true story of The Bloody Benders. Cutting through the hype, myths and fabrications... The Benders, their history, and origins are finally revealed. Justice has finally come for the victims of this family's devilish deeds"--

  • af Bonnie Dornes Hanni
    277,95 - 397,95 kr.

  • af Diane Capri
    577,95 kr.

    FBI Special Agent Kim Otto handles the fallout from Lee Child's The Midnight Line. She chases clues from Chicago deep into Mexico where she fights to the death in the gripping conclusion. Will Jack Reacher be there when she needs him?

  • af Nathan Hill
    260,95 kr.

    1993. To unge forelsker sig. Jack er flygtet fra de snævre rammer ude på landet i Kansas og går på kunstakademiet. Elizabeth har vristet sig fri af sin velhavende Østkystfamilie og studerer kognitiv psykologi, adfærdsøkonomi og evolutionsbiologi. Og så lige neurovidenskab oveni …Jack og Elizabeth bliver gift, får en søn. Men slumrende konflikter dukker op til overfladen, da Jack må opgive sine kunstneriske ambitioner til fordel for et lærerjob, og Elizabeth involveres i et tvivlsomt forskningsprojekt på centeret Wellness. Skjulte familietraumer afdækkes lag for lag med chokerende afsløringer til følge …Wellness er en skarp, satirisk og morsom, men også kærlig fortælling om familie, kunst, moral, fupdiæter, forstadsliv, forældres perfekthedssyndrom, åbne ægteskaber samt det moderne menneske, der snurrer rundtosset rundt i nettets afkroge og fanges ind af algoritmer og digitale plattenslagere. Ny stor roman af amerikanske Nathan Hill, forfatteren til Niksen.

  • af Amy Engel
    106,95 - 165,95 kr.

  • af Camilla Bruce
    97,95 - 157,95 kr.

  • af Kathleen Wilford
    122,95 kr.

  • af Larry Verstraete
    267,95 kr.

    Driving across the North American Heartland, surrounded by prairie, it is almost impossible to imagine that once this was once a huge inland sea. The Western Interior Seaway, which split the entire continent of North America in half, once teemed with predatory creatures - fanged fish and turtles the size of small cars; prowling sharks and giant squid; hungry plesiosaurs and immense crocodiles. At the top of this prehistoric food chain, stretching up to nearly 15 metres (50 feet) and weighing a hefty 50,000 kilograms (50 tonnes), ruled the mighty mosasaur, the T-Rex of the sea. Through a cooperative partnership with the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre (CFDC), home to 'Bruce', the world's largest mosasaur skeleton, author Larry Verstraete and illustrator Julius Csotonyi combine fascinating facts, astonishing discoveries, and the latest paleontological information to bring the ancient marine creatures of the Seaway to vivid life.

  • af Juliet Patterson
    242,95 kr.

    Finalist for the 2023 Minnesota Book AwardA sublimely elegant, fractured reckoning with the legacy and inheritance of suicide in one American family. In 2009, Juliet Patterson was recovering from a serious car accident when she learned her father had died by suicide. His death was part of a disturbing pattern in her family. Her father‿s father had taken his own life; so had her mother‿s. Over the weeks and months that followed, grieving and in physical pain, Patterson kept returning to one question: Why? Why had her family lost so many men, so many fathers, and what lay beneath the silence that had taken hold?In three graceful movements, Patterson explores these questions. In the winter of her father‿s death, she struggles to make sense of the loss‿sifting through the few belongings he left behind, looking to signs and symbols for meaning. As the spring thaw comes, she and her mother depart Minnesota for her father‿s burial in her parents‿ hometown of Pittsburg, Kansas. A once-prosperous town of promise and of violence, against people and the land, Pittsburg is now literally undermined by abandoned claims and sinkholes. There, Patterson carefully gathers evidence and radically imagines the final days of the grandfathers‿one a fiery pro-labor politician, the other a melancholy businessman‿she never knew. And finally, she returns to her father: to the haunting subjects of goodbyes, of loss, and of how to break the cycle. A stunning elegy that vividly enacts Emily Dickinson‿s dictum to “tell it slant,â€? Sinkhole richly layers personal, familial, political, and environmental histories to provide not answers but essential, heartbreaking truth.

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