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  • af Troels Kløvedal
    43,94 - 121,95 kr.

    Troels Kløvedal tager læseren med ud på sit livs drømmerejse i de polynesiske farvande. Togtet med Nordkaperen handler ikke kun om at sejle og dykke, men også om at gå i land i lange perioder, leve sig ind i kulturen, og med den særlige Kløvedalske åbenhed og glæde være sammen med og lære af nye mennesker og anderledes livsformer. "Troels Kløvedal kommer vidt omkring. Naturligvis løser forfatteren ikke gåden om polynesernes oprindelse, men rigtige sprællevende havfruer har han dog mødt. Det er en fascinerende bog." - Holger Ruppert, B.T.

  • af Daniel Dencik
    180,95 - 222,95 kr.

    Alicia Købke er 19 år. Hun er efterkommer af guldaldermaleren Christen Købke og den yngste, der nogensinde er kommet ind på filmskolen i København. Hun vælter rundt i sit eget liv og har flere partnere af vekslende køn, et par affærer plus det løse. Hun er opsætsig og grænsesøgende og har slået sig op på at gøre det helt private til kunst. Nu trækker det højpotente Hollywood i hende.Trevor er gammel nok til at kunne være far til Alicia. Han vil gerne være filminstruktør, han ved bare ikke, hvad han skal instruere. Hollywood trækker ikke i ham, men han har noget særligt kørende med øgruppen Samoa langt ude i Stillehavet. Der har han engang forsøgt at blive fri for verden. Nu vil han score Alicia og drage tilbage med sin eneste ene ved sin side. Og en dag i Hollywood er hun blevet gravid.Kan Alicia og Trevor finde sammen? Kan de finde et fælles paradis? Vil man overhovedet sætte et barn i verden, hvis denne verden er uden fremtid? Bærer selve ideen om kernefamilien en stor del af ansvaret for verdens udarmede forfatning? Og findes der andre samlivsformer og fællesskaber, der muliggør en smukkere og mere bæredygtig fortsættelse af menneskeslægten?

  • af Gregory Forth
    145,95 - 217,95 kr.

    A remarkable investigation into the hominoids of Flores Island, their place on the evolutionary spectrumand whether or not they still survive.While doing fieldwork on the remote Indonesian island of Flores, anthropologist Gregory Forth came across people talking about half-apelike, half-humanlike creatures that once lived in a cave on the slopes of a nearby volcano. Over the years he continued to record what locals had to say about these mystery hominoids while searching for ways to explain them as imaginary symbols of the wild or other cultural representations. Then along came the ';hobbit'. In 2003, several skeletons of a small-statured early human species alongside stone tools and animal remains were excavated in a cave in western Flores. Named Homo floresiensis, this ancient hominin was initially believed to have lived until as recently as 12,000 years ago possibly overlapping with the appearance of Homo sapiens on Flores. In view of this timing and the striking resemblance of floresiensis to the mystery creatures described by the islanders, Forth began to think about the creatures as possibly reflecting a real species, either now extinct but retained in ';cultural memory' or even still surviving. He began to investigate reports from the Lio region of the island where locals described ape-men as still living. Dozens claimed to have even seen them. In Between Ape and Human, we follow Forth on the trail of this mystery hominoid, and the space they occupy in islanders' culture as both natural creatures and as supernatural beings. In a narrative filled with adventure, Lio culture and language, zoology and natural history, Forth comes to a startling and controversial conclusion. Unique, important, and thought-provoking, this book will appeal to anyone interested in human evolution, the survival of species (including our own) and how humans might relate to ';not-quite-human' animals. Between Ape and Human is essential reading for all those interested in cryptozoology, and it is the only firsthand investigation by a leading anthropologist into the possible survival of a primitive species of human into recent timesand its coexistence with modern humans.

  • af W. D. Westervelt
    76,95 - 100,95 kr.

    Legends of Maui (1910) is a collection of Hawaiian folktales and myths anthologized by W. D. Westervelt. Connecting the origin story of Hawaii to the traditions of other Polynesian cultures, Westervelt provides an invaluable resource for understanding the historical and geographical scope of Hawaiian culture. Drawing on the work of David Malo, Samuel Kamakau, and Abraham Fornander, Westervelt, originally from Ohio, became a leading authority on the Hawaiian Islands, publishing extensively on their legends, religious beliefs, and folk tales. "The Maui legends possess remarkable antiquity. Of course, it is impossible to give any definite historical date, but there can scarcely be any question of their origin among the ancestors of the Polynesians before they scattered over the Pacific Ocean. They belong to the prehistoric Polynesians." Paying homage to the importance of Maui across Polynesian cultures, Westervelt introduces his groundbreaking collection of legends on Hawaii's founding deity. A trickster figure, the demigod Maui was said to have convinced his brothers to take him fishing. Having let his line fall to the ocean floor, he claims to have caught an enormous fish, causing them to paddle away with all their might. As they strain to bring their catch to the surface, the islands are pulled from the bottom of the ocean, creating a new land to live on. In Westervelt's telling, Maui was also a protean figure, able to shapeshift into different animals in order to discover new places and wreak havoc on friends and foe alike. Central to Hawaiian history and religion, Maui continues to be celebrated in Hawaii and across the Pacific today. With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of W. D. Westervelt's Legends of Maui is a classic of Hawaiian literature reimagined for modern readers.

  • af Lili'uokalani
    118,95 kr.

  • af Jeanne Cooper
    138,95 kr.

    Portable, up-to-date, and to-the-point,Frommers Honolulu and Oahu day by dayis all about maximizing the time you have to spend in Hawaiis liveliest slice of paradise. This itinerary-based book, written by long-time resident Jeanne Cooper, hits all of Oahus highlightsand its hidden gemsfrom soaking up rays on world-famous Waikiki Beach to hiking through rainforests, visiting Pearl Harbor and catching the sunrise over Diamond Head.The guide contains:Full-color photos and useful maps, including a tear-resistant foldout mapDaily itinerariesfor seeing the sights in a limited amount of timeOutdoor adventuresfor travelers of all ages to explore Oahus beaches, mountains, and junglesRewarding experiencesfor families, couples, food lovers, and those interested in Hawaiis culture and rich history, from indigenous customs to World War IIReliable reviewsof the best shops, restaurants, nightlife, and hotels, in all price ranges (from budget to luxury)Helpful planning tipsfor getting there, getting around, and getting the most from your tripFully updated post lockdowns.About Frommers:Theres a reason that Frommers has been the most trusted name in travel for more than sixty years. Arthur Frommer created the best-selling guide series in 1957 to help American servicemen fulfill their dreams of travel in Europe, and since then, we have published thousands of titles became a household name helping millions upon millions of people realize their own dreams of seeing our planet. Travel is easy with Frommers.

  • af George Cupples & Anne Jane Cupples
    197,95 kr.

  • af Catharine Coleborne & Katie Pickles
    274,95 kr.

  • af Matthew Lauer
    258,95 - 665,95 kr.

  • af Dr. Adrian (Lecturer in Music Renzo & Dr. Liz (Senior Lecturer in Communication Giuffre
    184,95 - 674,95 kr.

  • af Jennifer Corrin & Vergil Narokobi
    1.017,95 - 1.201,95 kr.

  • af Angela Wanhalla & Ryan Tucker Jones
    357,95 kr.

  • af Osorio, Tammy Haili&&pua Baker & C. M. Kaliko Baker
    252,95 kr.

  • af Ernest Rhys
    287,95 kr.

  • af George S. Wasson
    282,95 kr.

  • af Nicolas Garnier
    929,95 kr.

  • af Thomas Evans
    172,95 - 352,95 kr.

  • af William Willder Wheildon
    233,95 - 332,95 kr.

  • af Ned Buntline & Edward Zane Carroll Judson
    172,95 - 362,95 kr.

  • af Leonard Swain
    227,95 - 332,95 kr.

  • af M. Ion
    172,95 - 342,95 kr.

  • af Joseph Holt Ingraham
    172,95 - 342,95 kr.

  • af A. W. Howitt
    335,95 - 391,95 kr.

  • af Edmond Neukomm
    282,95 kr.

  • af John Bunyan Jr.
    172,95 - 342,95 kr.

  • af Otto Wilhelm Thome & Hermann Joseph Klein
    327,95 - 542,95 kr.

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